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SNM033: The Magical Art of Emailing For Money

There is something magical the first time you send an email and watch the money start rolling into your account.  I'll never forget the first time I sent an email and made over a thousand bucks.  It's so magical that it almost doesn't seem real until it happens to you.

Living La Vida List life

Establishing, building and cultivating a list will unlock your finances from location and external control.  When you have a strong relationship with your list, you can generate revenue at will.  This unlocks an amazing freedom that will definitely allow you to Serve No Master.

Choosing the Right Tools

There are two main tools designed for beginners, GetResponse and Aweber.  They are very similar and both let you have a free month to kick the tires.  It's worth trying both to see which one works for you.  They have slightly different workflows and it's best to use the one that matches your thinking style.

Cultivate Your Following

The key to maintaining a list is cultivation.  You can think about the money you can generate from your list, but that mindset will shorten the amount of time people spend reading your emails.

Instead, focus on giving as much value as possible first.  Give them information, content and advice without asking for anything in return.  Recommend products, training and tools that will actually benefit your followers.  When deciding if you will promote an offer, ensure that the benefit to your readers is the driving force.

When you treat readers with love and affection they will stick with you for a very long time.

Key Points:

  1. A mailing list can release you financially
  2. Use the right tool to automate the process
  3. Treat your list with love and affection

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