SNM077: 3 Ways to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Copywriting is my greatest weakness.

For a long time, it has held me back.

I was just talking to my publisher the other day about the Networking Empire Salesletter.

This is the first letter I've ever written 100% on my own.

In the past, I've reverse engineered a competitor or worked from a similar template and had help from my copy mentors.

When we first started working together, I couldn't write a headline, let alone create an entire sales letter all on my own.

Is it an obstacle of an opportunity?

There are going to be areas in your business where you are weak.

Some things you just have to learn and it becomes critical.

For years copywriting was my Achilles heel, and I have paid copywriters as much as ten thousand dollars for a sales letter that flopped.

I had to learn the hard way.

Now people pay me thousands of dollars and more to write sales letters for them.

I've written copy for some of the biggest products on Clickbank, and I write my own letters now.

When you find an area of weakness you can give up, or you can become strong.

Learning something hard makes you tougher

It makes you believe in yourself.

Get Paid to Learn

Most skills that you have to learn can make you money along the way.

I got paid to learn SEO (search engine optimization) by taking on local clients and using their fees to pay for my own courses and software.

I started taking ANY copywriting job I could get my hands on to fund my copy training.

It's a much better motivator when you are getting paid to learn.

Even if the project is paying less than an area where you are strong, the money feels so much sweeter.

You really earn it because you are getting paid to do something you would have done for free.

Some people will pay you to write articles, write emails, make videos, set up their Skype and even to install their blog.

All of these tasks can earn you money while you learn.

Find the Right System

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With anything, you want to learn, start by choosing the right teacher and system.

If you need advice choosing a program, feel free to email me for some guidance.

Once you have the right path, you simply need to walk it.

To learn anything great takes time and effort.

I'm still not the greatest copywriter in the world, but I will continue to work hard and improve my skillset until I become a 10-20k per letter writer.

Learn more about turning your weaknesses into strengths on today's episode…

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Key Points:

  1. Why do you live where you are now?
  2. Why wait to move?
  3. What is holding you back?

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Turning weakness into strength on today's episode episode brought you by convert To find out how convert it to help you grow your business save money and increase relationship with your email list head over to\convert kit right now are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated to make it online to start living your retirement dreams now you come to the right place welcome to serve no master five how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house the marker is a leader as a girl it's very hard to be public about my failures or weaknesses there's this idea and most gurus and most marketers subscribe that you should never show any weakness he should never admit you've ever had a hard day the have to seem like you've always been perfect and it's just not something that I subscribe to anymore because for me what I try to follow someone like that I find very un-relatable as I know it's not true the more people that I meet more people I spent time with the more I find out that every business has ups and downs even some of the biggest products going have had bad years and bad days and ups and downs and that's reality so today what I really want to dig into is turning weaknesses into strengths taking those bad days and turn them into something great I know we've had a couple of similar topics recently but today the resume and philosophical's can be very practical so one of my greatest weaknesses is copywriting and for a long time my inability to write copy define my business and there's a couple of reasons this happened when I was a learning network allows learning out of social as well as learning how to become popular and apply that to men and women and start to make friends and learn how that system worked and this is something I cover great detail in networking Empire talk about my entire journey as I was learning this process I got very good at speaking in a way that communicate strong in a way that's like sales when you're talking a person you're selling yourself is a product of the ability to make friends is really the ability to do face-to-face person-to-person verbal sales and it's very hard for me to then take that same ability and translated into copywriting which is written writing down something is very different for me than speaking I can speak back and chat copy pretty well over the phone and this is why I've always been able to talk to someone else during copy help them but I've never been able to do anything myself and this is a great weakness and affect my business dramatically when I wrote my very first big product when I wrote Grogan's ring the publisher said this book is amazing but who wrote these chapter titles how can you be so good at content but your chapter titles are terrible and that's the beginning of my journey and so for a long time I always hire copywriters I worked outside companies IP to copyright as much as $10,000 operator $10,000 to write the sales video for product and the video completely failed the offer did horribly and when I went back the copywriter and said look you got helping me do this we gotta make some changes becoming this work is a Klebsiella and that's when I realized that it's something that had to control my own life now most of my partnerships are defined by me working people that are better Congress to me so for a long time as a product greater focus on that because that's my great strength writing products are so easy for me this is why I have so many products constant about this white so easy for you to get product creation clients because it's just like breathing for me right now I have a book have finished a video course have to have my next video course already 30% on the slides ready done I'm just tweaking the message a little bit and adding some images to the slides before record liberty recorded half of the product for that so I have things in developing the product behind that is already in the outlining phase so creating products from you so easy and that's why it's always been tempting for me to go you know what I just find someone else to the copywriting and have done that for long, part of people live in the company but I just I realize I had to when I put this huge amount of money didn't work and the copywriter basically said Sia I learned my lesson is that you know I can't take a loss like that again I can't take a kick like that between the sticks ever again have to do something and for three years I've been really working to turn things around and there's a couple of key steps in the process for what every weakness is learning it the first is to find a system that you can follow find half that if you follow work basically half plus effort equals success so you have to start with a good path and there are plenty of good passive playback pass so it starts with finding a good path that I've actually been through several copywriting pass and there's a reason that I have I created this tightly just to give away an entire system that's free there several podcast talking how to learn copyright for free because it is something I did they found that high ticket courses don't really help smudges you think they would all those high ticket courses that make us big promises the only work if you're already in okay or better copywriter they can take an average operator and accelerate them but if you don't have the ability to help you start where I did at solid zero it's very difficult one of the challenges I faced affects you work with multiple mentors trying to find the right mentor knowledge of his full-time is that operators are weird now though all hate that I've said it but I've never met my tire life and I met a lot of coppers have never met one who was a weird and there's a reason for that their ability to communicate is through words so they are very good at written communication but in every good at speaking dictation because it developed a different communicative skill which makes sense because when I was good speaking I was writing so as you find this path as you find something you want to follow whether it's Writing anything else we find the system you then have to just put in the effort and realized that it might take a long time to get good so my desire to get a copy has been there for three years for the last year and half of really been putting time into it part of it is spending an hour or two every day going to exercise is the bit when the biggest as I tell you but all time is find great copywriting copy of the hand I also read a lot of books on sales I study a lot of these things I watch training videos and now I'm at the point where I'm starting to write almost all of my own copy in fact if you take a look at the networking Empire video I record that bidding entire take totally by myself I then wrote the rest of the page there's a text version that's even you know more is even better and more well-written more eloquent if you take a look at that page the fulltext page I also wrote that myself with just a little bit of feedback from two of the copywriters that I'm still have in my life one of the challenges okay is that when you find mentors more it sometimes it's really tough especially cooperating in some there is some of the mentors you work with will be very abrasive one of the geysers with the most time I learned a lot of my copywriting from has a very abrasive personality every time I talk to my kind of regret it they always end up feeling bad and it's like and is one of those people that teaches in a way that I hate rather than type there's two types of teachers this teachers who think they're Aristotle's every time you want to know what it is on the right will just ask you questions until you guessed the right answer and that fills me with the deep-seated rage I don't do that in a coaching program for very specific reason I hate people to do that it's like I just want to know the right answer so I can then use that information grow I don't naturally learn philosophy okay I don't need you to ask the 500 questions so I can then discover enlightenment but most carburetors they teach in this way there you know they think they are teaching at a fish and that's their methodology the methodology is to really make you struggle maybe part of it helps right making you have to keep guessing but it's very hard when you have to guess 10 or 15 times running out real wrong guess again no raucous again since you can hit these different barriers in every field right we find mentoring find a guide there could be things about them that you might find frustrating what you have to do his power through that go I realize that I'm sacrificing or spending time with the person putting up with this personality because I can see what's on the other side and having done that I know the person getting offered five and $10,000 copywriting gate I'm on the other side of the wall now I become the very person that you stop to hire and it's been a long and arduous journey because Marty very good other things I don't have eight hours a day to spend money copywriting wish I did every time you see weakness in your business you start off finding someone else to fill that gap while you're doing that you want to begin to learn that and a big part of this business is templates I don't care what anyone tells you 99% of online marketing is about finding a template and filling it out whether you make a squeeze page whether you're designing a product anything you're doing there's a formula for Facebook advertising is a formula there really is it's about 90 to 95% signs and 5% art and creativity that's why unable to teach you my systems replicate them because they're replicable so for copywriting for example I have a template which is has a series of sections I do them in order and are several ways to develop your template for very extensive templates you can simply find a very good version of what you want to do a very good sales video and write down the order in which they do things and write your own version that just falls that structure the order is very important with copywriting and with a lot of other things enough you put the last chapter book to beginning to be weird when you're finding these areas we are struggling and for many people I know it's technology I can tell you that any time you have to pay someone to do something you don't how to do it you'll pay a lot you'll pay anywhere from 3 to 100 times what it's worth I am once met someone who paid designer $25,000 to design a squeeze page which surely cost 500 if you're getting all the graphics done by hand brand-new he was paying 50 times more than what was normal but he was happy with it because he had so much money that he could put very expensive products through his pages and it didn't matter he make his money back when you don't know how hard it is to do some we don't understand the process and this is why have overpaid for copying the past you can really kick in the teeth when you're paying someone to help you design a website you'll really get overcharged I see people all the time and say all yell for 50 or hundred dollars install WordPress website for you it's 1/32 job there only charging you for knowledge not for doing anything and this happens in any field is happens all the time sometimes to pay me a lot of money for jobs don't tailor time because amount of time it's Dave's them so this is part of your decision-making calculus now you'll never get to build one website and you only can ever set up once you don't need to learn the skill right because it's not something you repeat over and over again when you're deciding if it's a weakness you need to place the Megan have to do this over and over and over again if you only never have one website that might make sense when looking at use of your time to simply focus on a different scale because only once I've built over hundred websites and lots and lots of projects so for me develop that skill was very critical as your choosing your path and as you looking at the areas where you struggle always think about is this a skill all use multiple times and will increase my revenue my profits by learn this businesses in our field in the inner marking in the digital field are really driven by three factors creation of product sales message and traffic those are the three things that are more important than anything else very easy to get caught up in other things that don't matter as much and we can get distracted and this is why we want to call is always assessed him by doing something that makes sentence can make me more money right now I have two main things and working on finishing networking Empire the sales page is about 90% done a really excited about its probably the best sales message of a written but I'm also trying to finish 20 candidate now the price difference between them is almost a hundredfold the huge price difference one is a book also on Amazon and one is a course that teaches people some of my most advanced tactics and how to make really big money how to get hired if you're looking for a new job I was just talking to one of my tribe members one of the people to get early access to products and she was checking out the sales message and she put out some big flaws I had to change one of the think big issues I ran into was the box cover right credo so proud of it and she really didn't like it was the second person said something to me and to women only to evidence in the first two people who sought a both said I really don't like that picture I don't get it a party was like amen because it's definitely the best box cover made it looks really cool look amazing I learned this new lighting effect last week and affinity photos excited to use this new lighting effect in a looks amazing look like these two guys were fighting the spotlight it's about networking and succeeds none of it seems a metaphor for winning at Met marketing winning at networking forming relationships and forcing people to do business with you I got a look so cool but of course it only appeals to guys in their 20s this is why you have to have your tried to Check your work to make sure you're not going too far down the path that I had to go okay I'm wrong so I gotta redo it and that's what I did I when they redid the cover now it's something that's much more appealing and has a better message and has this better message it's working with the audience just talking to this lady who gives you really good feedback and were talking about how you can use networking to grow your business how you can be very effective with it and she wants to be a screenwriter secures a three-step process you can use to find people to do rewriting the five people in yellow and basically get into the social circle become friends with serious directors and producers I have a friend who actually applied this very simple principle and I said here is your three-step process find where the people you want to interact with hangout and in this case I recommended a very specific bar and what changes that happen to know would be perfect number two go there when the place is empty become friends with staff become friends the people who work there develop a relationship number three go there when it's crowded and those staff people who like you will then introduce you and bring into your life the people you want to do business with this is 1 to 3 step process and of course I cover a lot more detail with her and I have a lot more detail on the page of the network camera Pedro talk when in the course is very very detailed so this course because it can help you very quickly get a new job develop a powerful relationship become the director become a writer for serious Hollywood movies applies in some very powerful ways and have used in different areas of my life to makes amazing happened it's a more expensive course so when I'm deciding what to spend time on will I have to choose what's the best ROI what's the best return on investment even I'm really excited about 20 Canaday I love writing that book I have to consciously balance different things I'm working on and so when you're deciding to circle back when you're deciding whether to work on learning how to build websites or learn credible products when and how to do advertising all these different areas you want to look at the culmination of desire but even more important the larger factor needs to be profitability learning copywriting is great but it might take six months or year before you start making good money from it if you really stick with any put in three hours a day of it making $10,000 a month within 12 definitely operating is that simple it's a very simple art to learn you just have to put in the time cover extensively in all my free materials how to do it you don't have to buy my comp writing course you can do it for free it's are making real money but you need something sometimes that can make you money this month which is why teach about article writing which you I teach a blog writing which is why have a new blog post recover all the different places we get paid to write an exact with their pay scales are I know people that only right for the worst of the content mills and they're getting paid like to to sense were even less when there places that will pay 12 or 14 for the exact same article sometimes it's ignorance that keeps us from making the money we deserve it limits us and it's really because we get caught up and a cycle we caught up doing the wrong thing because it's what were you stew or because we wanted to sometimes will keep working with the same place over and over again because we are nervous about change even though we know so well surpassed way more money it's a journey to build an online business of the children it will any type of business on your and you hit those moments where you really struggle with things in you deciding how to deal with these issues you have to decide what's most important what's most profitable and what's critical certain things you can push the site have a bookkeeper that handles all my numbers for me she really helps me keep track of things and it's helped me a lot with controlling my ins and outs to make sure that I stop paying for things that I don't need that I control overspending is what areas where I've struggled in the past that wasn't bad at bookkeeping I still hate bookkeeping I'll never stop hating it I learned a bit about it and I brought in someone to fill the gap for me and these are the things we have to do in order to grow our businesses in order to be successful we have to look at each area and goes something where I can get someone else to do it and that's fine forever because it's not too expensive number two is an area that I have to learn if it is then you look at and be is it something happen quickly or slowly will help me make money really faster than just a long-term necessity looking at these factors looking at these issues will help you make a plan and number three our three step process is can I find the right software template are tools to help this be easier for me if you're struggling with your bookkeeping then you got these fresh books write a big fresh expand makes it really easy it's a lot easier I know there's some new software coming out these predictive algorithms that are really designed around the 1099 economy and I don't really think that that's what I teach should be part of my notes you get some 1099s but it's not your full-time the full-time thing I'm trying to teach you I really might have more control your destiny what part of it is you are you have some tenants on the way so there are programs that really built around that and they're coming out over the next year that you machine learning AI learning all that stuff will try and just know where everything's going so there's different tools to help you with your finances since you look at that and go okay is this tool can cost more or less what saves me if you're paying hundred dollars a month for your bookkeeping software is only saving you eight $80 a month with an illusion 20 so look at those things one look at you know how much time it saves you how much effort and stress it saves you how much money it saves all these different things and that's when you start to approach each aspect of your business through logic rather than emotion every day there are certain things that I want to do there are the things that I most excited about but they're not always the things that I need to be working on and finding that balance is heart I would love to tell you that I always work on perfectly most efficient thing to work on every day but I probably don't in fact I mean I know I don't that probably I'm deftly sure that I make a lot of wrong decision sometimes one thing is worth 10 points when things with eight warnings were seven some of the work on the seven and sometimes it's because I'm really excited about it but sometimes it simply because I guessed wrong about the return on investment or how valuable would be these things were okay this is part of the process this is part of the learning process and realizing you can have ups and downs and some days you can make a mistake that's okay so when you're looking at your weaknesses when you look at the areas of business that you really struggle with or find confusing the fight overwhelming just realized that you can turn them around I went from one of the worst carburetors in the world to someone that people pay hi five figures and more to do it I've turned from someone who is desperate and been forced to hire other people to some of the people approach me and offer me very good numbers in fact I won't even take low ticket operating jobs at all anymore because I really honed that skill and more more excited because it opened up a lot of opportunities. As you seen if you've been following my process Robin part of the surplus traveler while I decree a lot products I love cream products to put a lot of time into a lot of effort into it something that I'm always doing and want doing all of those things one always creating these new products is very important to me I've always been limited by my ability to write the sales letters as fast to make the products I have all these products done that have enabled cell and we get the message ready as of developed skill and improved and approved now my business has become whole incident constantly having to bring someone else in even if I higher low market carburetor and want to pay some like 300 bucks threat of basic sales letter that starts to add up in such a limitation in the auto expense range dollars today don't spend $300 and to let you know on this on this on this is it it's always more than that because first you spend $300 for the sales letter and then you have to spend money on the upsell content on the email content you end up paying for more more more more insert costing $5000 $2000 starting really really expensive and when you're first starting out you just can afford it's it's a killer and so learning the skill for me has really made a difference and you might be in as a short for you smart tiresome most the copy because you're so good at traffic your product is so good you just need to fix that one little spot and you can poor traffic through it and that's okay getting the point is really really good to the more you can master the three areas traffic sales conversion message and chronic creation as you control these three areas you can grow and build a really really big business really fast the better you get at communicating with your audience the better you get at expressing yourself with your audience the easier it is to build your business is about forming connection trust and messaging and part of the country was talking back and forth with your audience find out people want and give it to them as you building your business remember these three core principles we are looking and ergo this is a weakness but you know what I don't need to focus on it what you can do and I talked about this very very previous episode if copywriting is what your big barrier you very couple talking to people switching just two webinars you could put together 10 or 20 slides express your message answer a lot of questions and be very very very successful there's always a way around it so if it's an area that you really struggle with the next option in the final option is to simply go around it for a long time I've sold the majority my products via webinar if you bought something from if you've been through in my training courses you probably been away my webinars have been my main format of messaging because for me webinars are very easy where's writing copy I find very difficult as you build these new skills as you look at your weaknesses as you Discover how to move forward make these decisions and build your business and try as much as you can to look at it logically about time how much time will take you to learn the skill versus how much time will cost you to try and go another route how much money you'll save versus how much money you can make all these different things we want to begin to really switch to the business mindset and look at the finances of things as we make decisions following this very simple process you can turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength thank you for listening to this week's episode serves no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow you just listen to another amazing episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe we back tomorrow with another amazing episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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