Product Launch Formula Review

Product Launch Formula Review and Bonus 2021

If you’re looking for a proven step-by-step path to launching a successful business, you’re in the right place. For both new and experienced entrepreneurs, this is your ticket to launching literally anything, in any niche… and it 100% works.

Why waste time when you can learn from the man who has practically invented launches himself?

Today we are going to review the Product Launch Formula 2020 course by Jeff Walker.

I have to say that I am a huge fan of the program (and I have the latest version myself). It has helped me a lot with my business and I am more than happy to give an honest review of the program and share my personal experiences. So what is this magical formula you absolutely need in your business? 

product launch formula review


What Is The Product Launch Formula

The Product Launch Formula is dedicated to everyone who is or aspires to be a successful online entrepreneur, even if you don’t know what to sell yet. 

If you are just starting out and you want that business to pay your bills and then some, or if you already have a business but you want to grow and expand as soon as possible, then the Product Launch Formula is the program you need in your life. 

Now more than ever the online business world is changing… but the fundamental way we launch products hasn’t changed a bit. When Jeff first discovered this formula over 15 years ago, he went from being a $0 income stay at home father to an internet millionaire.

Since then, 10,000+ people have gone through his training and done over $1 billion dollars in launches using PLF. And these are just ordinary people who discovered they had something to share with the world and that people would pay for it. I’m not kidding when I say PLF has been a game changer in many people’s lives.

Now, the Product Launch Formula is the gold standard for launching products, services and entire brands with massive momentum and success. If you want to join the journey and create the business and lifestyle of your dreams, read on.

Product Launch Formula Team

Jeff ObiWanKenobi

Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is a successful marketer, entrepreneur, author, and online marketer since 1996. He has been working hard and eventually managed to become one of the most influential people in the industry.  He has more than a few bestsellers, but “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online” was the real game-changer for him as he really did manage to sell himself online. 

Not since it’s beginning in 2005, but Jeff Walker managed to get almost 1 million people to take the course and many of them managed to launch all kinds of products, services, courses, books, even entire businesses in nearly every market.

Not only is he a top notch entrepreneur but he’s also a family man, a father, a husband and a super down to earth guy.  You never feel like he’s pitching you anything or like he’s only in it for the money. From all the success stories and the way he teaches you can tell he’s genuinely in it to help people change their lives. 

Jonathan Green

My name is Jonathan and right now you’re on my website.  I am a customer, user and proponent of Product Launch Formula.  You have probably seen some websites and videos by people talking about the program…but they’ve never been through it.  You can see my account right below 😉

I have created nearly 100 products in my 10+ years in online business and I’m a real user of Product Launch Formula.  The screenshots are taken from my actual account.  Although, I’ve not met Jeff in person, I HAVE hung out with his brother Jon.  I try to promote products where I have a deep enough relationship with the creator to ensure that you get an amazing experience.


Product Launch Formula Modules: What You Will Learn


Product Launch Formula consists of 9 modules and contains specific tasks and goals to help you create an awesome internet campaign from zero to hero. Let’s go over each module and see what you can expect to learn…

Module 1: Your Launch Foundation

In this first module, you will learn about the 5 core launch strategies:

The Seed launch

If you’re someone who is new to the online business world, this is the first launch you should do. Even if you do have a business running, you can use the Seed launch to test out a new project idea.

The Seed launch is all about building your list by using squeeze pages to collect email addresses. After this step, you’ll learn how to make a connection with your prospects by offering them valuable content.

The Internal Launch

This is a launch you should do when you already have an established audience. You offer your product to people that are already following you. You’ll promote your product on social media for your warm audience to see.

The Joint Ventures Launch

A Joint Venture launch, also known as the JV launch, or an affiliate launch, is a launch you’re going to need partners for.

Basically, this is a launch that not only you will promote but also a launch your partners will promote to their audiences. Before you decide to do this kind of launch, make sure that your product has gone through the Internal launch because you’re going to want to have people that will promote your products not this one time only, but for years and years to come. This is why it’s crucial to see for yourself if this product of yours really works.

The Evergreen Launch

The Evergreen launch is taking a one-time product launch and turning it into a product launch that is always available. Or you can take a product off the market and make it available from time to time.

The Quick Launch

The Quick launch is something you can do every now and then, as it requires a couple of hours of work around it. The product that is intended for a Quick launch will be placed as a special offer.

When you create an event around this special offer, throw in some bonuses, or a discount, that will leave people wanting to buy.

These 5 launches are key components of PLF. With them, you’ll learn many tactics like the magic of the Sideways Sales Letter, as well as how to use sequences, stories, positioning and mental triggers to create a great launch. Using techniques like the Circle of Awesome, you’ll learn how to use these processes over and over again to build and grow your business exponentially.

Also, the first module is very important, so if you really want to lay out a solid foundation, don’t skip this module. In it, you’ll learn how to connect with your prospects, how to build a relationship with them and, in the end, how to turn them into your clients. And that’s what we’re all looking for.


Module 2: Your Launch Plan

In module 2, you’ll develop a clear success plan to follow so you know exactly where you’re going and you won’t get lost. You’ll learn how to identify your niche, avatar, assets, and goals – plus how to build and warm your email list of hungry, targeted buyers.

Another thing is that you’ll learn which one of the 5 launches you want to start with depending on where you are at business-wise.

Module 3: Pre-Prelaunch

The pre-prelaunch, though it sounds a bit strange, is a very important preparation step in your strategy where you get people excited and lay the groundwork for your launch. This is where you reach out to your prospects without trying to sell them something. The goal of the pre-prelaunch is to build a deeper connection with your prospects, without pushing anything down their throat.

You’ll learn how to identify what your market wants, craft and refine your offer, and build serious buzz leading into a launch.

Module 4: Prelaunch

The prelaunch period is right before you open your product for sale, and it’s a crucial touch point with your audience as you give them your big promise, gain their trust and get them one step closer to their goal. 

You want to craft your prelaunch content so that your prospects understand how your product is something that is valuable to them. You want to present your product as a solution and as a unique opportunity knocking at their virtual door.

You’ll learn how to create each of these pieces of content, how to get people onto your launch list, and what to mail during your Prelaunch.

Module 5: Open Cart

It’s finally time to start making those sales! All your hard work is about to pay off, but don’t trip at the finish line. In this module, you’ll learn exactly what you need every step of the way, from your Open Cart email sequence to how to script your sales video.

This is the moment where people are hungry for a solution, and if you follow Jeff’s lessons, your product will be the solution they will be after.

Module 6: Seed & Internal Launches


Module 6 is split into two mini-modules; one module on Seed launches and the other on Internal launches. You’ll learn about the two types of launches that are your bread and butter for a beginner when you don’t have a product or a list yet, and then when you want to continue launching that product to your audience. You’ll need to perfect these going forward in your business, so this module is important.

To make this module easier, Jeff has made the Internal Launch Planner and the Seed Launch Planner, which you can download. These planners are step-by-step guides for successfully completing these launches.

Module 7: Joint Venture Launches

Module 7 is all about the big preparation for your first JV launch. What’s really important here, and I can’t stress this enough, is that before you venture into your Joint Venture launch, you must go through the Seed launch and the Internal launch. There’s a certain need for chronology here, so don’t even try to walk around it.

This is where your profits will truly explode. In this module, you’ll learn how to get partners who will promote your launch for you! You’re going to choose your partners, train them and, most importantly, build good communication with them. Because these partners aren’t a one-time thing. You need to choose good, reliable people that will promote your products over and over again.

The chronology is key here because you need to be sure that your product works before you have someone promote it. That’s why it’s important that your product has been through the Internal launch phase. After the Internal launch of the product, you’ll see how your product carries out in the marketplace. And if your product is really good, only then you can do the JV launch.

You don’t want to test your launch as a JV launch; you want to test it as an Internal launch. As Jeff also says, “You want to be the sacrificial lamb.”, so make sure you’re testing your product on your own list before you give it to your partner.

You need to make sure that the market is pleased with your product and that it converts. You want your partners to be certain that your product is the real deal and to be proud to promote it.

Think about it… if you made a measly $1000 with your own audience, think about what you would make if you had 10, 50, 100 partners all on board to promote your product. That’s how people become billionaires.

Module 8: Evergreen Launches

This is my favorite part… when you’ve got everything down pat, you can now turn it into cash on autopilot. How cool is that? You’ll learn how to adapt all the strategies you’ve learned and make the entire system run like clockwork, so the only thing you need to do is collect the check!

An Evergreen launch is when all your hard work really pays off. It’s a launch that always works and always converts.

Module 9: Business Launch Formula

If this is your very first business, you’ll love this module. This is all about building your business using your launch where you’ll learn how to build out multiple products and offers to your list with the different types of launches you’ve learned about in Product Launch Formula.

Plus… a TON of bonuses!

  • Launching Your List (Course): How to grow and build a list of raving buyers who love your products? Your email list is your most valuable asset, so you want to make sure that it’s growing and converting. This course lasts 4.5 hours and has everything you need to know about building a successful email list.
  • Product Creation Code (Course): If you don’t have a product yet, not to worry! Jeff will walk you through his video training on how to create a product with ease (that actually sells).
  • Operation Quick Start (Mini Module): If you’re just getting started out in your online business journey, this module will be invaluable. This is a kick-start to the entrepreneurial world designed for you to start making money fast.
  • Secrets Of Leverage & Scale (Mini Module): This mini-module covers everything you need to know to grow your business. So, once you’ve got good momentum going, these secrets will show you how to take that momentum to the next level and scale your business.
  • Launch Partnership (Mini Module): Now that you know how to launch… why not make a profit by becoming a launch manager for others? This is a great opportunity for making money on the side. Since you’ve already mastered the art of launching products, why not help others while making it beneficial for everyone? You’ll learn more about this kind of opportunity in this module.
  • Tech Stack Quick Start: Confused about any tech involved? This training will give you a comprehensive roadmap for choosing, implementing and organizing your tools. Also, you’ll get reliable recommendations on which software and tech tools to use.
  • Lead Magnet Crowdsource Call: Listen in on these calls as we brainstorm the perfect lead magnets for all types of businesses. A lead magnet is the only barrier between you and your email list, so these calls will help you get inspired and ready to create good opt-in offers.
  • Building Your List During A Launch: Great for complete newbies, here’s how you can launch your product AND build a list at the same time! You’ll receive a complete walkthrough of the PLF Facebook ads strategy.
  • Post Launch Email Sequence: What do you do after your launch ends? You’ll learn how to make a compelling email sequence that will keep your followers happy and engaged. This is how you keep the conversation going and not let all your hard work peter out.
  • Secret Swipe File Vault: Blank page syndrome? Not anymore. With these email swipe files, you’ll have tons of examples to work off of! The secret swipe file vault includes Pre-Pre Launch Emails, Quick Launch Examples, Internal Launch Examples, Internal with JV Launch Examples and aSample Spreadsheet to Track Your Launch Sequences
  • Quick Launch: Do you need to make some quick cash right now? That’s the entire strategy of a quick launch. All you need is a good offer. Well, good isn’t good enough. Make that a special offer that is available for a limited amount of time, an event tied to the offer, and a story that sells.
  • Promoting Other People’s Launches: Another amazing way to make money without having to create more products is the art of promoting other people’s launches. You’ll learn a few things Jeff has done to promote the Product Launch Formula. You’ll get about 90 minutes of video content, and this bonus course is broken down into 5 modules that are going to teach you how to start making money by partnering up and promoting other people’s products.
  • Book Launch: Launching a book is similar, but different. These nuances will help you become a published author in no time.
  • Sparta Launch: Want to make profits in the thousands, hundreds of thousands or more? The Sparta Launch is all about selling retreats or small workshops that have a high price. When the prices are high, people hesitate, so you need to have the right set of skills to help someone make a buying decision.
  • Winning Your Launch Through Gamification: Want to really engage your audience and earn more? Maximize your results by turning your launch into a game people love.
  • Live Launch: Doing your launch live is a great way to get people excited and ready for your product, if done right, it’s also a great way to increase conversions, so here’s the insider scoop on how Jeff does it, and how you can do it as well.

And on top of that, you also get 12 weeks of live group coaching calls and access to a private Facebook community! They also add more all the time, so you may be in for a few surprises 🙂


Launch your products with Product Launch Formula today!

Product Launch Formula Pros

Should you really invest time and money in the product launch formula program? Let’s go over what’s great about the Product Launch Formula.

First off, it’s extremely comprehensive. You won’t ever lack information and if you do, you’ll be able to jump into the live coaching sessions or ask any one of the staff members to help you out and you’ll get whatever you need.

Second, you’re learning from the best. There is not a bigger name in product launches besides Jeff Walker. He’s trained more than a few big names in business too. Not only that, but he’s a really down-to-earth guy and lovely to learn from.

Other than that, Jeff has a wild amount of experience launching products off and online. He has experienced not making a single dollar in some of his product sales and that’s why he now knows what works and what doesn’t. Going through his course and strategies, you’re more likely to avoid an unsuccessful launch.

The Product Launch Formula lays out a great foundation, not only for launching products but also, for taking your first steps into the online business world.

Since the course is really packed with information, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but Jeff thought about that too. That’s why he created the “Welcome to Product launch Formula” module that consists out of 6 steps that will gently introduce you to the portal and the course, so you don’t waste time wandering around.

Here are the 6 steps that will make going through the Product Launch Formula course easier:

  • Tour the Portal – discover all the portal offers and how it works, where to find downloads and how to contact support
  • Update Your Profile – Steps on updating your profile, such as putting your picture up and changing your password
  • Register for Coaching Calls – Learn how to register for live calls with PLF’s expert coaches
  • Watch the Course Overview – Look through what’s waiting for you in every module in the Product Launch Formula course
  • Download the Lesson Overview – You can download your lesson program
  • Join the Facebook Group – Meet your team members in the PLF Owners group on Facebook, where you’ll have access to support 24/7

+ Product Launch Formula Owner Spotlight videos – These are videos that are quite motivating and create a great source of inspiration. These are videos that will show you many ways how to use the Product Launch Formula to build a real online business.

The welcome video is waiting for you in your member’s area. You have the Quickstart guide at your disposal and it’s designed to help you make the most of your time as a member of the Product Launch Formula course. Another thing is that by becoming a member of PLF, you have access to the content for life, so you can review it any time you’d like, and it allows you to take this course at your own pace.

You’ll get access to the Launch Lesson Tracker that gives you the satisfaction of checking off completed tasks and also lets you see when the PLF modules and bonuses will be released.

You’ll get a lot of downloadable materials like:

  • Videos
  • Executive summaries
  • Transcripts
  • Mp3 files for all the lessons in the core training

So you can go through the materials any way you prefer. Be that reading the transcripts while drinking your morning coffee, or listening to the Mp3 materials while you’re on the go.

Jeff will teach you how to handle your budget. There’s no reason to spend a crazy amount of money on things that are not mandatory. He knows what you don’t have to spend money on and by teaching you this, you’ll have a bigger budget for marketing and a deeper understanding of maintaining a smart budget.

You get a bonus module where you can learn how to promote the products of other people and make some extra cash. This is not a course that’s just about you finding partners to promote your product launches, but also about you being a partner and tapping into the affiliate world.

Jeff teaches you to think a few steps ahead and take advantage of the momentum you build during your first or next launch.

Another idea that is portrayed in this course is that if you become a master at launching products, you can offer your newborn expertise to businesses and make money either by launching someone’s product or helping them launch it themselves.

I see this as a big pro, because Jeff really gives you a new perspective on what you can do with this knowledge.

Follow the steps in this formula and you’ll likely be another success story.


Product Launch Formula Cons

On the other hand, what are the cons of the product launch formula program? 

Let’s be honest and say it. When you look at the sheer amount of content it can seem very overwhelming. It’s great stuff, but it’s a lot to take in all at once. Thankfully, they drip the content out over weeks along with the live coaching so you’ll be able to pace yourself and take it slow. Plus, you get lifetime access so you can go through it as slow as you need.

The process of creating and launching a product takes time and so does seeing results after you finish the course. The course pretty much guarantees results, but you’re probably not going to make a profit tomorrow.

Another con would be that the price isn’t easily affordable, but it’s an investment worth making. The Product Launch Formula is a course that is thorough, and that has been going on since 2005. And this fact alone says a lot. Not to mention all the Product Launch Formula bonus items you’ll get and, of course, if you buy through my link, there are more bonuses to come.

Product Launch Formula Reviews

15 years and counting, many things have changed but obviously Jeff’s launching formula hasn’t. Year after year new people like me take the course and those who’ve been through it are always happy to share their positive experiences afterward. Here are just some of them:

Product Launch Formula Reviews
Product Launch Formula Reviews
Product Launch Formula Reviews

Product Launch Formula Pricing

Method of PaymentPrice
One time payment$1,997
Installment payment plan6 x $397

My Product Launch Formula Review Bonuses

This review wouldn’t be complete without some of my own bonuses to add ON TOP of what you get with PLF. When you buy through my link, you’ll also grab these cool bonuses…

Bonus 1: Ronin Book Launch ($15,000 value)

product launch formula bonus

This is the exact formula that I use with my private clients and I charge them tens of thousands of dollars. I have launched over 300 bestsellers and this is the secret sauce. Amazon can be a tricky beast, but with this formula, you can use a book to launch your new product and generate massive sales right out the gate. Even with no existing audience or following.

Bonus 2: My Personal Help ($5,000 Value)

product launch formula bonus

I’ll personally review your business strategy and record a video up to 60 minutes breaking down exactly how you can up your game and blow your competition out of the water. Show me your website, marketing strategy, sales pages, emails, funnels, store… you name it and I’ll help you. With over ten years of entrepreneurial experience, my insight will give you a massive advantage over the competition!

Bonus 3: F1 Pit Crew ($1497 Value)

product launch formula bonus

You’ll get a credit for work from my team to boost your sales and blow the competition out of the water. After ten years in the business, I’ve built a team of 20+ specialists that work for me full time. From brilliant SEO experts to video editors to graphic designers, my team is bulletproof. Get FIVE HOURS of work from any member of my team to fill in the gap on your business. Don’t waste time dealing with gig sites, get the best of the best without wasting your time interviewing. Get amazing work to accelerate your success.

Bonus 4: Product Launch Masterclass ($1,997)

product launch formula bonus

Want a little extra help making sense of PLF? Since I’ve gone through the course myself, I’ve got some extra nuggets of wisdom to share with you. Listen in on these additional training sessions and get clarity on your launch!

Bonus 5: Top Secret Niche Report ($797 Value)

product launch formula bonus

We will create a customized niche report based on your city and target market and will help you to laser in on the best opportunities and the highest paying clients. We will analyze everything from competition to keywords to find the low hanging fruit and the fastest path to your first clients.

Bonus 6: Super Affiliate Sales Page Swipe File ($2,997 Value)

product launch formula bonus

Get my personal file of modern sales pages that have and are currently selling hundreds to thousands of units and model what’s working right NOW. These affiliate offers have been converting like gangbusters, so now you can spy on what the top brands are doing to boost their sales and replicate their secrets!

Bonus 7: 9 Niche VSLs ($3,997 Value)

product launch formula bonus

Video is one of the TOP ways to sell your products (and there are many you can’t sell without video). However, video sales letters are notoriously difficult to write… that’s why we’ve put together a massive file of high converting VSLs you can watch and get key insights on how to persuade people to buy your products through your videos!

Bonus 8: High Paying Offers ($197 Value)

SNMBonus HighPayingOffers

Finding the right niches to target is critical and finding the best offers isn’t easy when you are just starting out. I’ll show you my top ten tools and resources for finding killer offers and maximizing your revenue. While ClickBank is awesome, it’s these private resources that will really cause your bank account to grow.

Bonus 9: Product Launch Emails ($1,497)

product launch formula bonus

Launching a product is an amazing feat…now it’s time to generate those sales. The first thing every JV will ask you for is email swipes. So we’ve got you covered with swipes from some of the biggest product launches of the past few years. Use these templates to turn your affiliates into sales machines!

You can claim your bonuses by emailing [email protected] and forwarding us a copy of your receipt. All service bonuses will be delivered after the refund period.

Launch your products with Product Launch Formula today!


Product Launch Formula FAQ

What is the Product Launch Formula?

An expert 9 module program on how to successfully launch your digital products. Each module is lead by Jeff Walker and it contains specific tasks and goals to help you create an awesome internet campaign from zero to hero.

What makes a good product launch?

With good KPIs and objectives set everything can be achieved. You have to understand your market first and with good timing, your product will change lives.

What is a good time to launch a product?

The best time to launch a new product is when another product of yours is reaching the peak of its success. This way you’re riding on a momentum into the next win of sales. Launching a product can be as stressful as actually creating one.

Why is product launch important?

It’s important because effectively helps establish a new product name, brand, or position. Also, it can help build awareness and credibility for the new product and the company. Create immediate opportunities for sales, VAR, and distributor channels.

Can you build a business with the product launch formula?

Yes. In fact, you have the foundation on how to make a business with product launches, but if you put in your efforts, you can also think about a career as an affiliate marketer, or as a launch consultant.

Product Launch Formula Review Verdict

It offers both theory and practice before you finish the course and you get to learn with a real legend in the online marketing world, and you get to talk to him personally as much as you want.  Is the product launch formula 2020 really worth it? What is the final conclusion?

Let’s look at the facts. Since this program has been around since 2005 it is more than obvious that the formula works. It is unique, comprehensive, It helped my business grow a lot and if you have some experience in online marketing is a piece of cake to follow.

On the other hand, we can’t deny that it is a pricey course, it’s not something that anyone can afford, but it’s an investment that can skyrocket your business if you learn how to do it right.

Are you ready to sign up for the course that will launch you toward online marketing success?


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