product launch formula review

Product Launch Formula Review – Is Jeff Walker’s Course Worth Taking In 2020?

When you have dedicated your time to a certain career, you want to be the best you can be at it. For example, if you are a baker, you want to make the best cupcakes in town, and if you have an online business and you want to launch a new product, idea, book, course, or even a new business model you want to be the best.

And how can you become the best? You can start by learning from the best. 

Today we are going to review the Product Launch Formula 2020 course by Jeff Walker.

I have to say that I am a huge fan of the program. It has helped me a lot with my business and I am more than happy to give a review of the program and share my personal experiences. What is this magical formula you absolutely need in your business? 

product launch formula review

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What Is Product Launch Formula
Product Launch Formula Founder
Product Launch Formula Modules
Product Launch Formula Pros
Product Launch Formula Cons
Product Launch Formula Reviews
Product Launch Formula Pricing
Product Launch Formula FAQ
Product Launch Formula Review Verdict

What Is Product Launch Formula

The Product launch formula program is dedicated to everyone who is or aspires to be a successful online entrepreneur. 

If you are just starting out a business and you want that business to pay your bills and then leave some, or if you already have a business but you want to grow and expand as soon as possible, then the product launch formula is the program you need in your life. 

Now more than ever the online business is changing and it’s all because of the new standards that big companies have set up. If you think about how the big business gets so many sales you will soon release that it’s because they know how to launch their products. They hire experts to design the perfect launch campaign, not only before the product is released, but sometimes before even the product is made. They tell you about it, then they make you want it, crave it, wait for it, the hype is real…and when the time is right, they launch the product and their sales break new records on a daily basis.  

Now, because you are not Nike or Microsoft but you still need a product launch formula, Jeff Walker is here to give you a hand. 

The program goes into grave detail of explaining every single step you need to take and when we say every single detail, we really mean every single detail. Nothing gets left behind and nothing is less important than something else.

It might be that this kind of attention to every single detail from the smallest thing like finding the first client, to creating an email list, to how to write the perfect email for each step of the launch is the thing that makes the product launch formula so unique and so successful. 

Product Launch Formula Founder

Jeff Walker is a successful marketer, entrepreneur, author, and online marketer since 1996. He has been working hard and eventually managed to become one of the most influential people in the industry.  He has more than a few bestsellers, but “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online” was the real game-changer for him as he really did manage to sell himself online. 

Product Launch Formula Review - Is Jeff Walker's  Course Worth Taking In 2020? 1

After his book success, he started creating courses and this one is by far his most famous. The product launch formula has changed a lot since it’s beginning in 2005, but Jeff Walker managed to get almost 1 million people to take the course and many of them managed to launch all kinds of products, services, courses, books, even entire businesses in nearly every market. 

Product Launch Formula Modules

The product launch formula program consists of 9 modules. Each module is lead by Jeff Walker and it contains specific tasks and goals to help you create an awesome internet campaign from zero to hero. Let’s go over each module and see what you can expect to learn

  • Module 1:

    In this first module, you will learn about the core strategies and tactics, which can be applied to all types of launches

  • Module 2:

    Here you will learn how to develop your launch story, based on what you learn in module 1. You will be faced with a challenge and you will try to solve it

  • Module 3:

    This module presents you with the two main launches. The Seed launch and the Quick launch. The first one can be used if you don’t have a product or a mailing yet, and the second one is good if you already have a product and you are ready to make those dollars

  • Module 4:

    The next step is the Internal launch and learning how to create good pre-launch content

  • Module 5:

    In this module, you will analyse actual pre-launch videos from his students. You will learn what’s right and wrong in each of these videos.

  • Module 6:

    Here, you will go over the sales videos and learn from real examples

  • Module 7:

    Special bonus module all about the Evergreen launch

Modules 8 and 9 are brand new additions to the product launch program so we are yet to discover what Jeff has created.


Launch your products with Product Launch Formula.


Product Launch Formula Pros

Should you really invest time in money in the product launch formula program? Let’s see what are the cons of the program

Practice Makes Perfect 

This is a legit course. The course is focused on practical training as much as it’s focused on theory, so from the very start, you can tell that you are dealing with something serious

You Learn From The Best

The creator, Jeff Walker has more than a few names he trained that he can brag about.   He is a household name in the online business for a good reason.

Step By Step 

 The course offers step by step program with clearly defined steps that compliment each other and they have reachable goals and milestones 

Full Access 

When you become one of his students, Jeff allows you to call him and ask him any questions you have about the program, anytime you want 

You Only Pay Once

Once you pay for the program is your to keep forever, no additional payments required 

Product Launch Formula Cons

On the other hand, what are the cons of the product launch formula program? 

Time To Catch Up

Let’s be honest and say it. This course is not for everyone. If you are a core beginner it will take you some time to keep up with the contented compared to those who have taken a similar course before.

Waiting For Results

The process of creating and launching a product takes time and so does seeing results after you finish the course. The course guarantees results, but it doesn’t guarantee them fast. 

Product Launch Formula Reviews

15 years and counting, many things have changed but obviously Jeff’s launching formula hasn’t. Year after year new people like me take the course and those who’ve been through it are always happy to share their positive experiences afterward. Here are just some of them:

Product Launch Formula Reviews
Product Launch Formula Reviews
Product Launch Formula Reviews

Product Launch Formula Pricing

Method of Payment Price
One time payment $,1997
Installment payment plan 6 x $397

Full Plan Includes:

  • Nine Modules
  • Email Swipe Copy
  • Targeted Timeline
  • Checklists
  • Jeff’s Product Launch Swipe File
  • Access to the Private PLF Portal Community
  • Transcripts of all the training videos
  • 12 months of live Coaching Calls
  • The Facebook PLF Owners Alumni group

Product Launch Formula FAQ

What is the Product Launch Formula?

An expert 9 module program on how to successfully launch your digital products. Each module is lead by Jeff Walker and it contains specific tasks and goals to help you create an awesome internet campaign from zero to hero.

What makes a good product launch?

With good KPIs and objectives set everything can be achieved. You have to understand your market first and with good timing, your product will change lives.

What is a good time to launch a product?

The best time to launch a new product is when another product of yours is reaching the peak of its success. This way you’re riding on a momentum into the next win of sales. Launching a product can be as stressful as actually creating one.

Why is product launch important?

It’s important because effectively helps establish a new product name, brand, or position. Also, it can help build awareness and credibility for the new product and the company. Create immediate opportunities for sales, VAR, and distributor channels.

Product Launch Formula Review Verdict

It offers both theory and practice before you finish the course and you get to learn with a real legend in the online marketing world, and you get to talk to him personally as much as you want.  Is the product launch formula 2020 really worth it? What is the final conclusion?

Let’s look at the facts. Since this program has been around since 2005 it is more than obvious that the formula works. It is unique, comprehensive, It helped my business grow a lot and if you have some experience in online marketing is a piece of cake to follow.

On the other hand, we can’t deny that it is a pricey course, it’s not something that anyone can afford, but it’s an investment that can skyrocket your business if you learn how to do it right.

Are you ready to sign up for the course that will launch you toward online marketing success?

Launch your products with Product Launch Formula.

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