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Is Landing Page Testing Enough to Convert?

Landing page testing is the future of getting a higher conversion rate. Many people disregard the importance that landing page testing carries. They guess. The thing about predictions and assumptions is that they are unreliable. Instead of predicting what might go well, it’s better to test and just play it safe.

What is Landing Page Testing?

Landing page testing means the testing and comparison of two versions of the same copy, with only one difference. Basically, you produce similar versions with a slight difference and see which one generated more engagement.

The reason we do landing page testing is to see which version ends in more click-throughs, better conversions, and a decreased bounce rate.

Landing page testing is not easy, but it’s fruitful. It allows you to stay on top of your game by providing the right content for your visitors at all times.

landing page testing

Why Try Landing Page Testing?

Apart from getting into the mind of your audience and understanding what they want, there are 3 major reasons landing page testing is vital for the future of your website:

1. It boosts your sales

Once you test the waters, you will know what appeals to your audience. As soon as you find the perfect design and copy for your landing page, you can convert more of your audience into buyers, leading them further through your funnel.

2. Your conversion rates go higher 

Are you not getting enough conversions? That may very well be because you think you did enough research on the market and your audience, but more often than not, it’s the details that plummet or immobilize your conversions.

Landing page testing can tell you how people behave on your website. If your conversions are low,  it can tell you what is the reason for that and you can start improving. Usually, either your traffic is wrong, or your gift is wrong, but you’ll know more after you run some tests.

3. It creates higher engagement

You cannot turn every visitor into a buyer and you cannot bring every buyer to the end of your funnel, but you can have people that even though cannot afford to buy from you, will hang out with you in the long run.

They can leave an excellent review of your ebooks or listen to your podcasts, and more importantly, they can tell their friends, family, and acquaintances, and help your business grow, by sort of spreading the message about your brand.

How to do Landing Page Testing Efficiently?

Understanding your audience’s behavior on your website is the first thing you need to do. In order to do that, you need to use landing page testing tools. Crazy Egg is a wonderful way to start. It will provide you with personalized data about audience behavior and you can take things from there.

Next, you have to create versions A and B from scratch if you do not have existing landing pages, by using the data you gather from Crazy Egg. If you happen to have landing pages already, use them to compare.

After gaining control – be versatile. Change one element at a time to see what will instigate more conversions. You need good landing page testing tools, and apart from Crazy Egg, you can also use Landing Page Grader to determine conversions and keyword relevancy. Unbounce can help you if you want to build a landing page and you have a lot of templates to choose from. The best part is that you do not need any prior coding experience, so you can start as soon as now. Usability Hub helps you test two distinct button colors, or any other design-related decision, and see which users prefer more.

Last but not least, analyze the results. That will take a while, but it pays off. After you finish your multiple your landing A/B page testing experiments, put the elements that bring the best results together.

Having a great copy and presenting it in a way that it’s both valuable and easy to consume is not the same thing. You need to create a landing page that resonates with the audience. So how do you know what to test, where to start from? How do you know what’s missing?

landing page testing

Here is a checklist I’ve put together which encompasses all the major areas you should test on a landing page:

1. Headlines 

You can find headlines at the top of the page and for a good reason. They should capture the eye of the visitors and answer:

  • What kind of website is this?
  • What does it do for me?

Headlines should be clear and concise; they should make visitors click on, not drive them away from your website.

2. Call to Action Buttons

Your CTA buttons should be descriptive and not misleading. I cannot stress how important this is because if people feel like you are wasting their time, they will never come back. That’s just failure waiting to happen.

When creating your CTA buttons make sure you phrase them properly. Where you position them on your landing page and the color you use is also important, so make sure you test a variety of options before you decide for one.

Useful questions to ask yourself are: Who is my target audience? Are they female? What color would appeal more to them? Or if you have a very specific design, make sure the color of the CTA button matches those colors. Take it from there and further experiment until you get the most successful variant.

3. Landing Page Image 

Landing page testing can be done on images too. People are visual and images are that one step further – they communicate what words cannot. So test your images, but a rule of thumb is that images should not just be placed there because they look nice – they should have a purpose.

Having a unique design that attracts visitors and invites them to stay is an unavoidable part of the process. People consume with their eyes, so your landing page image should not just sound nice, it should look nice.

4. Text Font and Design

The font of the text and the style influence conversion. They help information be presented neatly in a way that appeals to the eye. Small or illegible fonts are eye-tiring and you don’t want people walking away from your website with a splitting headache. The layout should have a clear format; it should be organized and clean, and more important information should stand out.

It’s all about the prominence of the most important information and making font and style catchy, not messy or cluttered. People have a short attention span and they are impatient, so you don’t want them to spend a lot of time searching for necessary information.

5. Sales Copy

Copywriting is another area of improvement you need to be thinking about when doing landing page testing. A good copy is worth millions, so never miss out on a chance to invest in one. Learning how to write a copy that sales is literally the first step to making money. There are all these other bits and pieces, sure, but this is your starting point.

In your sales copy, you need to tell people what problem you will solve for them and you should be convincing. Your copy should be the reason people drop what they are doing and focus on your solution. This is where they stay and potentially make a purchasing. It’s always a splendid idea to test several copies that communicate in the best light what you are offering. A bunch of space fillers and random pictures is not what boosts conversion rates.

There are thousands of examples of copywriting on the internet, but the truth is examples of good copywriting cannot be produced with the blink of an eye. What’s good is you can learn how to distinguish between the good and the bad ones and eventually produce a copy that converts.

landing page testing

6. Pricing Strategies

After testing these previously mentioned elements, you might be tempted to test your product pricing too.

Never put different prices for the same product. It’s not just unethical, it can get you a lawsuit right out the door in no time. What you can do is offer different products at different prices and see which ones people react best to.

You also don’t want to exaggerate the price. If you are selling a mini-course or an ebook, you can set up a lower price somewhere below $20, but if you are selling all your courses together, you can go up and sell them all for a price up to $150. Make sure you over-deliver and provide great value and a solution that works because you want people to come back.

7. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes your brand unique? What distinguishes your brand from a pool of competitors? To peg down where your authenticity lies you need to be creative, you need to dig a little and analyze your competition. What is it they don’t offer that you can?

Landing page A/B testing is the first step to finding a unique logo and customized design and font. Producing something unique and something your audience will like are important fragments of your marketing strategy that can distinguish you from a market swarming with businesses doing the same.

For your USP to work, you need to:

  • Sell your product to yourself first
  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes
  • Understand your customers’ needs and motivations
  • Understand why your customers buy your product or service and not your competitor’s

landing page testing

The Success Recipe 

Ecommerce is a tough competition to win, especially when dealing with fierce competition and swift-changing trends. In a world full of impatient and easily bored people, stay at the top of your game by doing constant landing page testing.

Use your existing landing pages or create new from scratch and tweak one element at a time. Choose a few variants of the same element and let the competition begin. Go through the 7 areas of improvement; it may take a while, but at least you know you are on the right track.

The future of your business depends on running those tests. To conduct successful landing page testing, you need to use landing page testing tools and make sure you distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition somehow.

Finally, your sales copy has to present your product in the best light and has to be both realistic and convincing. People need to understand the value they will get after purchasing your product. It goes without saying that you have to invest yourself to the maximum and come up with the best product you possibly can.

If you are selling a course on dieting or a meal program, emphasize what people will get apart from the manual. They will get life without stomach acidity, life with no joint pain after they decrease their weight. They will make their dreams come true and will get the confidence to start dating. You sell hope, not just a manual.

Producing a good copy is more than a puzzling task and I know all of what I’ve told you so far is easier said than done, so here’s a little something to help you get going – a free swipe file that will help you learn all the odds and ends of copywriting.

Download your file to become the copywriting pro your brand needs and watch the traffic and ranking of your website skyrocket!

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