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SNM066: 5 Reasons to Move to Playa Del Carmen

There are two ways to increase your lifestyle.  The first is to make more money.

The second is to lower your cost of living.

Instead of downsizing your car or your house, you can move somewhere better for less.

By moving from Middle America to lovely Playa del Carmen, you cut your cost of living by nearly ninety percent.

Suddenly, you can actually live off the five hundred bucks a month your new blog is making.

Spend your money where people need it the most.

We have five full-time employees here on the island.  They are all locals who wouldn't have jobs right now if it weren't for us.

As part of their employment, they all get to eat as much as they want for free.

We cover all their food costs.

We spent around fifty-five bucks a day feeding nine people three meals a day.

That's about two bucks a meal.

You can't eat anything in America for that price….except garbage.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

You can take an eighty percent pay cut and still live better than you do right now…that's pretty sweet.

Playa del Carmen is a slice of heaven that you can actually drive to.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Playa del Carmen and living abroad covered in today's podcast.

Key Points:

  1. Is living abroad safe?
  2. Can I still work from paradise?
  3. What if I want to leave?

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