How expensive is it to travel

I have been traveling on my own since I turned fourteen.

It started with spending summers away from home at different camps and grew into me traveling the world and living from a laptop.

When I first started traveling the Internet was little more than an elusive dream.

Travel research involved calling airlines and travel agents, buying travel books in stores and watching documentaries.

These days travel research is so easy that it shocks me how ignorant most people are.

Let me ask you right now, how much does a vacation to Hawaii for a month cost?

Did you just think of an answer off the top of your head or did you take the time to do a Google search? Maybe your more of a Bing person…

But if you didn't do the research then the limit on travel in your life is YOU. It's not how much money you make or any other aspect of your life.

If you don't know the real answer then everything else is irrelevant.

When I was thirty I spent a month in Hawaii for my birthday.

I stayed on a friend's couch and my round trip flight was $500.

If you check all the travel sites, buy your ticket a few months in advance and rent a house instead of staying in a hotel, you can have an AMAZING trip to Hawaii for about 10% more than your cost of living at home.

That's it.

But most people have no idea because they never think of doing actual research. It's time to change that habit.

A lot of people have dream boards and vision boards, but they are just images of the dream without any connection to reality.

Take each of your dreams and find out what it would cost to make that dream come true.

Maybe you've always wanted to hang out with a celebrity and think that you could never afford one for your party or corporate event?

My friend runs a company that arranges those kinds of hookups and you would be pretty surprised at how many celebrities will show up for five grand. I always thought it would be WAY more until I did some research.

IF you are traveling solo, then you can fly to almost any country in the world for under a thousand dollars.

When I lived in America my cost of living was about double what it is right now. I was a single guy living in Tampa with a roommate.

But when you add together all the bills you have to face, the costs really add up – rent, car insurance, health insurance, gas, food, entertainment etc. Living in the West is super expensive.

I live on a tropical island with my girlfriend and two kids. We have a house directly on the beach about 30 meters from the water. It's a private beach that we don't share with anyone. We have a big two bedroom house that's bigger than my old luxury apartment.

Including food, school, rent and everything we spend less than three thousand dollars a month here.

We also have two full time staff in the house – a nanny and a cook.

Talk about living like a king!

I pay my staff more than almost anyone else on the entire island and still we live great for what most people in America can barely get by on.

Controlling my cost of living allows me to only have to work a little bit here and there.

Most of my income goes back into the business for growth. I don't need to pull out 80% of the money just to survive like most small business owners.

It's time for you to take a serious look at the travel option. You can even travel perpetually and spend less than half of what you are right now.

What's holding you back right now? Why are you still living in the same place? Is it financial or some other fear or worry that keeps you home? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Love this post on travelling Jonathan.

    This is part of the excitement of having an internet business
    -you can work the where you want when you want.

    Cool post, love this shit. Keep churning it out!!!

    James Hughes

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