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SNM044: Book Covers that Sell

Look in Context

Nobody looks at a book on Amazon by itself.  Every time they see your book it will be in a grid or a list.  Do not decide if your book cover works without looking at the competition.

Take a screenshot of the page you want your book to appear on.  Then paste over your potential cover to see if it looks like it fits on the page.

Look Small

Most people will first see your cover as 1.5×2 inches.  Many covers look amazing large but when you shrink them down they turn muddy.  Shrink down the cover to see if the cover looks great tiny.

Color is Overrated

I make more than ninety percent of my book purchases directly through my kindle.  Not only do I see book covers small, they are black and white.

If you don’t test your colors in black and white, you could be losing more than half your sales.

To find out more listen to today’s episode….

Key Points:

  1. Check your cover in context
  2. Check your cover small
  3. Check your cover in black and white

Resources Mentioned:

Serve No Master on Amazon

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