The 2nd Way to Write an Email

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  1. Loved the book. This question doesn’t have to do with email, but I want to jump into the voiceover game. any tips or suggestions?

    1. There are a few steps to get started with voiceover work. Start by building out a website with examples of your work. Here is an example of a great website by a friend of mine who makes a great living doing voiceover work -> Make sure you have a really solid recording location for your samples. Then join sites like HideAway Voices and ACX. Record demos and audition for as many books as you can. When I’m choosing a voice on ACX, I don’t look at their history or credits, I only listen to the sample. If it’s my favorite from the batch, I hire that person.

      It’s worth applying to every job you have time for. A person I might not choose one month, will be my first choice the next month.

  2. I just get started my blog, with a few subscribers now. Should I prior to writing them emails or focus on more blog content?

  3. Loved the book. This is not about emails but I want to jump into writing reviews for affiliate marketer, any tips or suggestions.
    Out of three books I’ve read this is the best so clear and understanding even at 73
    I found something I feel that I can do. thank you.

  4. Actually you are the number 1 email marketer I have top of mind.( Trust me my inbox is full of great digital marketer emails.) But you, you stay on top just by the number of times I see your name in my mail notifications… At first it annoyed me…that I’ll always have to read every mail you’ll send.

    But now that I know your strategy is the one that gives results, since I’ve started with my online freelancing.