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SNM094: How To Become A Bitcoin Billionaire

Things are very interesting in a post-election world.

Everyone thought a Trump win would tank the economy, but the opposite has happened.

The dollar is shooting through the roof, the stock market is soaring and even Bitcoin is hitting its best numbers in three years.

Now is the perfect time to jump on that Bitcoin wave.

Stack Those Bitcoins

I'm not a big fan of luck.

And currency speculation is just another name for gambling.

One of my friends lost over fifty grand in a single weekend when he tried to get into this game.

No thanks.

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Why do you think people dope horses, boxers take dives, and only the uber rich do well with currency speculation?

They know how to manipulate the market.

As the old poker saying goes – If you look around the room and don't see the sucker, then it's probably you.

Selling Shovels

The people who made the most money from the Gold Rush of 1849 were not the miners.

They were the guys who set up hardware stores and sold them shovels.

They made more money and took a LOT less risk.

Don't be the gambler – just service his needs.

There are tons of startups in the blockchain and Bitcoin marketplace.

They show up, raise huge money in Silicon Valley, and then they fall apart.

You don't want to be in that game.

Change Your Shopping Cart

Right now my shopping cart doesn't accept bitcoin.

I'm working on fixing that and it's a scheduled update they are going to push just for me.

Let people pay you in Bitcoins and you can start to capture all those miners that nobody else wants to service.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Bitcoin is on the rise
  2. It's better to sell shovels
  3. You can make money without gambling

Resources Mentioned:

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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