Avoid these Critical Voiceover Mistakes

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  1. First of all I would like to thank you for your article. I have been doing narrations for about 6 years now but had more and more in the last two years. It then hit me that this is something I could do for a living without a problem. Audiobooks are indeed an amazing way to earn a living and I definitely will follow your advise.
    Thank you very much!
    Jason Mateus

  2. Well, you asked:
    I have had an idea about trying voice over work in my head for several years, ever since seeing some (maybe Steven King?) movie that portrayed a man who had a home studio, back in the days when he was sending actual reel to reel tape to his client.
    Now I’ve actually quit my day job (thank you Covid19) and am looking into many of my ideas more seriously, and investigating them at the next level beyond curiousity.

    I’ve been reading paragraphs of a small book into my voice recorder on my phone as practice AND remembering to listen to them and take and retake them acting as my own critic while I get used to hearing my voice and how I can alter it.

    I’ve been getting emails from Bill Dewees – who is more straight VO rather than voice acting .. which is a bit daunting – the challenge of multiple voices/characters. Having listened to Jim Dale’s narration of all the Harry Potter books can leave me feeling more than a bit daunted / inadequate, however, I know , I know… baby steps.
    Of course there is then learning of the technical side, how to save and transfer and edit files…

    Thanks for making “Fire your Boss” free – I love audio books.. listen while I walk, drive and do dishes.