SNM150: Three Habits That Guarantee Online Success

So many people try to strike it rich online and fall by the wayside.  But some people make it to the top of the mountain effortlessly.  What separates those at the top of the mountain?  What is the secret to their success?

Is this a Game to You?

So many people dip a toe into the waters of online marketing.  They will buy a few course and spread a bit of cash around, but the funds come from the “entertainment budget.”

We treat money differently when we put it into different categories.

If I give a friend some money, then I never think about it again.  But if I loan that same friend some money, I will come around to collect it.

Do you spend money differently when you’re “on vacation?”

Maybe that’s the reason theme parks are so expensive.

Start with the Small Things

Sometimes we justify our misbehavior by saying that we’ll be different when we are successful.

“I don’t need to watch my money now, but when I make it big time I’ll get an accountant.”

That’s a lie that we tell ourselves.

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Do you wash your cheap car and treat it like gold?

Then you will earn that better car.

Steward the things that come into your life.

A Story About My Mom

For a long time, my parents struggled up the mountain.

They rented apartments and houses while my father built his career.

My mom was notorious for painting and wallpapering houses that we were only renting.

Everyone thought she was crazy, but she didn’t want to live in an inferior home.

By the end, my parents owned a seven-figure house.

Stewardship pays amazing dividends…even if you think nobody is watching…

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Structure your day consistently
  2. Treat your expenses as business expenses
  3. Diversify at the right times

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Breaking Orbit

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Three habits that guarantee online success on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes 3000 small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turn to the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free\fresh books are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post good morning it's another perfect sunrise here 30 outside a lucky morning Reina stopped yes the birds are singing rain was pouring all night now have a chance to catch breather's other celebrating I sense that awake yet no background noise we have a chance to spend a little time together yesterday so many things I want to get done it start feeling overwhelmed my eyes are to get hired, icy tire that means I can't work on the computer anymore this is where the rubber meets the mode see one part of me says hey justification take the day off don't work done but I can't really afford to do that right now with some the medical bills that are coming in and some of the charges my family are facing a need to build more future infrastructure future proof in case I need to spend another week or two weeks away from working care my wife or children so after lunch yesterday I was sitting there and had a couple of different directions I can go player videogame or slack off or take a nap listen to an audiobook or all these different things do would the relaxing and fun but when get much done this is where the power of habit good habits you have good habits in your days and in the first have I recommend the first habit really helps me to have success is to structured for a long time was a big believer in just work when you feel like it my success has become more structure in recent times less lock less let all happen and more of consistency this many hours it's this much revenue much work with this much growth that effort comes in having a structure part of it comes from having my children so because I have children my day has to be structured what were mathematically have to get up at a very specific time morning I woke up at 4:40 AM for had children I would like him back to bed now I have read a few blog posts look for some inspiration I looked at all the things I download my iPad is effectively using one of those topics but they were all social media topics their effect on social media today I look at my own list of ideas that three habitats on that laptop I love, habits and really applies to what's going on this week so I fool around five or 10 minutes knowing that I needed to get here by five know my wife my son the earliest Jim were you wake up in the middle of this recording hopefully not but because I have children I have to get up at a specific time every day if you can build that instruction today than you know when certain things are going to happen I know that 5:55 AM that's my podcast that's my quiet time for the kids wake up 6 AM is my exercise time that's what I do yoga going on the ocean look at the water right now ways are looking pretty frisky I Michael out there not sure the backs a little bit sore so maybe you do yoga excess might ask her to feel really good get strong these are the thoughts are on my mind by being up this early I get things done if you don't get up at a specific time you still need to build instructions your day as in you need to have the things you do right when you wake up so you have an order time just have to be the limit doesn't have to be built around what specific time and date is but instead you can build your day based around how many minutes that people can have a routine for whatever you wake up with a hammer 2 PM that used to be how I structure love my business I don't like having a lot of meetings are specific times that they would have to do specific things having blocks of time where you handle things yourself right things and some structures good and you can also have a habit you say okay every day to ours the stewards that two hours this though that your day without having structure you can become more rigid and use the Pomodoro technique to talk about that a great deal 20 K day how to build a really powerful writing habit when you have a bit of structure we have things organize it's far easier to be consistency when I go to the gym which is Monday Wednesday Friday go at 3:30 PM the other thing that's on my calendar recently because I go with someone else we had a fun time both knows will be there I now know if I've missed my gym session I'm not there at 340 that I not missed it it's very clear whether or not I've done or failed to do a task I have a lot of projects that I'm working on that I fluctuate I kind of work on what I feel like right now little I catch up if you will give me a lot of grace because of into some stuff with my family so I can work on projects at my own pace I always try to maintain that my business this means I can forget to work on something in fact yesterday I discovered I was supposed to work out a presentation for project with someone I quickly forgot about it right if you talk about the project had a tragic my family five minutes later so I got a race for my memory for week the house is going to messages ago myopically forgot fortunately I record the conversation I take notes on the conversation and even begun work on the project that Artie downloaded the template I wanted to use so few moving parts place and yes to begin work on the project if I had it tied to a specific time that I would've remembered sooner aware you can strengthen this habit issues project management software I wish I was good approximate stuff I'm not always try load of things and to task managers and project managers and organize myself and use these time tools I've never been very good at them and now because I don't how long I can work every day can't tell you that you work on the computer three hours five hours eight out I don't know the answer to that every day to different on time based on what happened with my eyes eventually my I start hurting the tired and I have to stop working number doing some eye exercises some techniques that I'm really excited about using the Bates method and things appear to be getting better map to invest more time improve my eyes but I believe that the damage or the strain they're expensive and a cure can be repaired with a good exercise regime and I found them some cool training online that I'm going through and it is making a difference already but for right now I can't put out blocks of time because I don't outline what I have elements of my ability work it's outside my control so it's even harder to product management in this way to project manage myself I try my best there are only so many things the second habit to lead to daily success the second habit that will lead you to financial success is to be fiscally responsible and the way to do this habit is to find someone you have approved every financial decision my wife doesn't understand the majority my business but every financial decision I discussed with her just always understand its users as well if it's for your business you do you gotta do it but it's the process of communication it gets me out of the emotional loop yesterday I rise after buying ISBN as you know if your member the Facebook will befall some of the newer lesson seven teaching I've been developing a set of cards is that of motivational task cards think along server master the key in the mail yesterday to really really good totally met and went beyond expectations of excited about them so to sell them on Amazon and in ISBN now if you buy single ISBN is hundred $25 and by 10 is 295 you by hundred it's $575 so it's not very cost-efficient to buy one for hundred 25 when I know you anymore I arty have two more packs it's almost ready to go I know many more than 10 is also need ice bins for my journals and the things go online to really the more efficient purchases the hundred and I thought that was large amount of money spent on a small thing that's only getting a small amount of attention takes so many things going on rather than jump in that decision purchase I do know I'm to make the purchase by roadway until the right moment so talking through the decision just talk it out loud you right now this is why did make a purchase at a click add to cart me the profile that you know it when I have time I don't have time to actually upload the cards to Amazon today not quite. I'll be there soon do the next couple weeks is wiping out when I contagious disease and a couple weeks when got more bandwidth what I can add the expense of multiple cards at once that's the secret that's the key and that's what you want to you want to talk out your decisions you can make your decisions with their spouse or partner you can talk your decisions with your dog just talking out your financial decisions that life will help you I know a lot of people refer Skinner marking whatever big struggles is chasing that shiny object is finite next product I get the same way for certain purchases I talk to different members of my staff will talk to my social media manager and say hey do I need to socially to somebody and that's often seeing his dad's I let her make those decisions because she's more frugal that I am she knows what she is what she doesn't she can really control that part of the business she's very aware of what we need to do she puts the grass just as every Friday to understand social meaning away that I don't and I don't have the mental bandwidth for and so I have different people thought was my wife mostly my wife as far as the spending of the money would sometimes for do I need this I'll talk to other people making decisions financial decisions isolation is one of the first things we can fall into as markers independent authors working for ourselves and we how to make these financial decisions and the way copywriting works the way sales others works as a motion they get you caught up in the excitement of the moment they say all these emotional stories bring on a journey and what you make a decision without activating rate happens to me all the time I know this because this highlight copy and it's important to add in this step of the process now as a customer of mine this means you buy less of my stuff but also means you make better decisions to buy stuff you actually need but it's up to get too excited and that's okay by me that's okay for me is it means in the long run will have a better relationship so yeah I want you to get excited in the moment when you're reading the letter then I want you to share it with the person you make decisions with the person about ideas up with it so that it becomes a logical it becomes a decision based on logic not emotion that's what I seek for you that's what I'm trying to create when we get caught up in emotion some producer money later credit them got refunded to the makeup filling the general time to do this I got so caught up why they do it the time work cited by the financial decision by time it's a chance to talk about proud it was also cited in the moment I can't member it was a couple days later we make up hours later adding this decision to cycle will help you to become more fiscally responsible help you to be a better purchaser I have a couple of things that I've been thinking about buying for a while very expensive one of my $27 I'm waiting weeks by adding in a time gap is really valuable most of the products online that have scarcely elements its false scarcity will still resell week later Noah shut down the doors or their future running a week there's a new version the same thing coming out you don't have to feel tract not to Felix stop making a fast decision if you watch infomercials they tell you all the time love you call the next five minutes to get the special deal for getting it that difficult tomorrow think they know which mark you're in which commercial you're actually watching the running thousands of ads a night it's just a buying technique is just a closing technique to get unified state that emotional state reads make that decision break that loop annual stop making poor financial decisions you can add in a simple rule of Delphi of course it's a finish the last one even better don't buy a new course a new piece of software to make money from the last one remade back best Phyllis we spent $100 make you spend house make the house he spent 10,000 men make that 10,000 back first the third habit that will help you to succeed is diversification I diversify projects for couple of reasons one of the reasons I diversify right now is my medical problem I have to have things I can do that don't involve the computer it's kind of amazing how certain parts of my business have become super productive right now if you're watching the blogging you're watching podcast that part of his slow down that's an area where I become limited that's an area where my eyes really help me back they fall into the bottom of priority tree but I finished more books in the last two weeks than I did in the previous six months because I moved to dictate and the quality of my dictation is actually unbelievable dictation working with my transcriptionist she can take my dictation and it looks as good as most of my books do what's my writing goes after the second draft after the you a rough draft first draft a rough draft second got everyone to call not wrapped up with the one after that which means Mr. Graham is pretty tight most of the structures pretty good and I can add it quite quickly so 20,000 wordbook she's transcribed I can edit a single day it's ready to go to the editor it's ready to go to the early reviewers that quickly very effective right now I'm adding my way to control your fate I dictated that two weeks ago entire book is transcribed now I have Artie had in the first couple chapters oriented about 10,000 words of that's was working yes your eyes get tired actually I can only do so much editing the old me with no eye problems would edit his entire book in two maybe three days it's around I think in a thousand words sending 80,000 words long and are able to go through to my rewrite my edit and clean it all up inside Grambling frequently now I can't do that I can only do it for about an hour day editing is one thing that really makes my eyes tired it's just like that something have to accept but having multiple project having a diversification means that yesterday while sitting there and I could didn't want to work on the computer and more my eyes were always worn out in one portion I went out my doc and I recorded an entire new book I recorded a new book called networking for jobseekers have a certain number of people that are jobseekers that fall near that found me that I wouldn't fall he wants to start drug business and people want to start a side business of some people see the value of getting a promotion or maintaining a solid job while the bill there is some side value not to have to burn the boats it's an option but it's not necessary especially for children health insurance it makes sense to have a job or get a new job or maintain things additionally I have a friend this very large and that space is very big in the job seeker space and I know that I can push my book to his audience have a couple of ideas her ways that it can be very effective I think that with his existing audience will get them to buy the book and we refuse it's very powerful additionally I can allowed to give away to his new audience base to introduce thousands of new people to me every single week this what was ready because I prepared myself for diversification I have three notebooks about open forth notebook for my eyes but the notebook I had got yesterday is my projects the book I have outlined in it for structures of products working on and that I have all my booking lines and so I already have four or five other outlets for books written down in the snow for when I need diversify when my eyes retired yes good to work the project until its profitability and that's something I've always believed it but you also need to diversify based on your attention span and based on your emotional state and based on your conditions in my case unlimited by certain things what this can mean is that it is working as an author some days you work on blog post some days recorded videos and some days you work on writing a book or somebody's work on editing still working towards the same goal find the same pattern use work on different parts of the project I also got a haircut last week so I can shoot more videos the challenge of shooting videos right now is that my neighbors forever having construction there's always a saw this pretty much circular saw a running 22 hours a day and that music can shoot videos have a solid background in finding a time to go and fines were quite slick off let the kids go crazy or anything is a little bit logistic challenge right now but that's something else that's on my list document on the computer can work in the house can record a video is a make noise I can record audio because only prescriptions you owe I don't know what kind of book I can record a video have a list of videos and affect them to work on adding more list of video ideas to my little notebook to my notebook I have mother ideas for when I can't work in the house and this is how I diversify some still working towards the same goal how to change my business structure and that suddenly teaching Facebook ads and suddenly doing live events on mostly doing the exact same thing but I'm building a day around what I'm capable which of these three habits help me to stay on the path to success and will make a big difference for you having blocks of time in your day controlling the way you spend things and having a habit build drug diversification restoration foods always help stem the tide of boredom and now tell me when abilities of the problem so it's not diversification of goal that sophistication of strategy diversification attack throughout the day I spent part of my day editing part of my day writing how many were videos by splitting up your day into these pieces into these parts you can accomplish more in less time this is how I'm able to damage my situation so yesterday sit on the dock was actually quite stormy so I couldn't sit down I normally sit over the course of two hours it dictated an entire new book which will be transcribed in order it's the third book in the queue for my transcriptionist right now I want to make sure I have enough work in front of her that I don't become the delay in her work and associate persons that left England have to do is sit down and thought nothing to work on today I don't want that to happen we had a schedule on Wednesday we had a schedule when you're building your business I want you to always think about ways stay on track think about what is most efficient use of your time I recently reassessed my business realize one of my limitations was that I don't have enough books and products on Amazon when I realize I don't have enough books on Amazon when I was serving some of you I work with I shifted my strategy and that's I've invested more time in outlining describing putting books and you'll notice that my book 20 Is Gone Way up even though mother is my business slow down mostly because it was on my family medical issues I found a way through dictation transcription to increase my output in other areas the only area you are slow right now is my editing and rewriting unfortunately I can't do it at the same pace I used to so that will be the gate on my products going for the future so now I have to prioritize how I spend my time have to prioritize how much time I spent from the computer each day and more more ending becomes a priority and other errors are in the slingback in fact I have to figure out a new gene for posting these podcast episodes I love spending all the time writing the descriptions putting together the show note and images that I can't do that anymore some but have to figure something else out have to probably bring someone into the team to handle a task for me that I can't do now because I don't have time to visit our passion but because right now my eyes can handle but that's how we can grow our business refocus and refocus on what our priorities are music any 20 rose on you to do this more efficient and profitable and I need to add this to top my priority training to make us a bigger part may have so even as what were working on makeshift you have good habits we have these good habits and place your business will continue to grow and these are the three habits that really will make a difference in guarantee your long-term success thank you for listening to this week's episode serves no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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