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SNM150: Three Habits That Guarantee Online Success

So many people try to strike it rich online and fall by the wayside.  But some people make it to the top of the mountain effortlessly.  What separates those at the top of the mountain?  What is the secret to their success?

Is this a Game to You?

So many people dip a toe into the waters of online marketing.  They will buy a few course and spread a bit of cash around, but the funds come from the “entertainment budget.”

We treat money differently when we put it into different categories.

If I give a friend some money, then I never think about it again.  But if I loan that same friend some money, I will come around to collect it.

Do you spend money differently when you're “on vacation?”

Maybe that's the reason theme parks are so expensive.

Start with the Small Things

Sometimes we justify our misbehavior by saying that we'll be different when we are successful.

“I don't need to watch my money now, but when I make it big time I'll get an accountant.”

That's a lie that we tell ourselves.

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Do you wash your cheap car and treat it like gold?

Then you will earn that better car.

Steward the things that come into your life.

A Story About My Mom

For a long time, my parents struggled up the mountain.

They rented apartments and houses while my father built his career.

My mom was notorious for painting and wallpapering houses that we were only renting.

Everyone thought she was crazy, but she didn't want to live in an inferior home.

By the end, my parents owned a seven-figure house.

Stewardship pays amazing dividends…even if you think nobody is watching…

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Structure your day consistently
  2. Treat your expenses as business expenses
  3. Diversify at the right times

Resources Mentioned:

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