Publisher Rocket Alternatives

Publisher Rocket Alternatives (2020.) – Best Cheaper Options


Is Publisher Rocket the best software for a new inspiring author, or are there alternatives to KDP Rocket that are even better?

What? Let’s take a step back!

What does it take to be an excellent author? Is it the writing style? Is it the creativity, the complex stories, the unexpected twists, and turns? Or, is it something more, like a good publisher that knows how the market works, what are the potential aspects of the market, when it’s the right time to publish a book, or is it a manager who does the promotion and manages to sell your book all over the world?

The answer is simple. It’s all of the above. If you want to be a successful author, especially if we are talking self-published author you need to find a way to become a do-it-all one-man-show. We know it sounds crazy, but this is also very much possible in the kindle publishing world if you use kindle keyword research and competition analyzing tools.

There are many marketing tools that are a must-have in the whole Amazon publishing world, but today we are going to talk about three different software at three different price points. If you’ve spent at least one day looking into kindle keywords software, then you must have heard about Publisher Rocket.

Publisher Rocket is a great tool with all its features, but there are worthy KDP rocket alternatives. KD Spy and Kindle Samurai will be slightly easier on your budget providing all the features needed to conquer your writing competition.

First thing’s first, let’s see exactly why you need to use Kinde Keyword Software and why are they so relevant to any new author who wants to make it on Amazon.

*Disclaimer: As of recently Kindle Samurai has been experiencing technical difficulties, and it’s unable to use. Since it’s been relevant and decent software and we are expecting it to be back, we are going to discuss Kindle Samurai’s past features and how they compare to Publisher Rocket and KD Spy. 

Table of content:

Why would you use Kindle Keyword Software?
Publisher Rocket
Publisher Rocket Alternatives
KD Spy Features
Kindle Samurai
Kindle Samurai Features
KDP Rocket Alternatives Comparison
KDP Rocket Alternatives Verdict

Why use Kindle Keyword Software

Being a new writer in this day and age can be tricky. Because of the enormous digitalization that is affecting nearly all the markets, the books business is slowly being transferred from hard copy physical books to digital e-books published on Amazon. Today, everyone with an internet connection can write a book and publish it on Amazon just like you.

Then, how can you make your book unique, how can you beat the competition, how can you stand out and actually sell your book, become a bestseller, and accumulate a substantial amount of wealth? To excite your chances of selling your book, you need a marketing strategy or a kindle keyword software that helps you do your own marketing.

What Is Kindle Keyword Software?

Publisher Rocket Alternatives

Kindle keywords Software allows your potential readers to discover your book at all times.

When people shop for their next book on Amazon, they generally go to the search bar at the top and describe the type of book they are looking for and hit search. Amazon uses those words that the readers typed in, and other things that we’ll discuss in this article, in order to decide which books should be shown to the customer.

The phrase or word the customer types in is what you, as an author, should consider as “keywords.” If you want to make it in the kindle publishing world, you have to know how to use Amazon marketing.

This is not a simple task, and it can also be very time-consuming. To avoid wasting time scrolling endlessly through Amazon searching for niches, categories, titles, subtitles, ratings, and then comparing one to another and still not be certain if you are doing the right thing you need to use a keyword software.

Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket Alternatives

Publisher Rocket is an online keyword software that has been making the life of the self-publisher easier since 2016.  Many people who’ve used it have never looked back. 

How Do You Use KDP Rocket? 

With Publisher Rocket, you have the rocket that gives you exclusive access to the ratings, placements, sales, and rankings on every single book that’s been published on Amazon ever. 

This way it’s very easy to see how profitable a book you are planning on writing can be. With Publisher Rocket you are in a way granted exclusive access to your competition. 

You can see what kind of ads they are using, you can see if they have international rankings, and you can see their keywords in every niche. 

Most importantly Publisher Rocket gives you a chance to stay relevant in the Amazon algorithm, and that’s what will make your book’s bestsellers and you a very rich man.

Read my entire Publisher Rocket review.

Publisher Rocket Alternatives

KD Spy

Publisher Rocket Alternatives

KD Spy is another alternative you can rely on when you need a kindle software. It may not look as sophisticated as Publisher Rocket at first glance, but it really does its job, or more likely it does your job for you so you can say it is a decent KDP rocket alternative.

KD Spy is a great tool to have when you want to find the right category you want to be ranked in, find the right keywords and track the progress your book is making and the progress of the other books that are ranked in the same category.

KD Spy Features

  • Bestseller Rankings

The bestseller ranking is a very useful tool if you are after ranks, reviews, prices, numbers, and sales statistics. When you want to see how a book is ranking, you can type in the niche or category you want, for example, workout supplements, and instantly you will get the top 20, or the top 100 (if you want)  bestsellers in this category and you will see their estimated monthly revenue.

Not only that, but they even have a pop-up notification window that shows you how many books you need to sell in order to become number 1 or number 20 in the category list.

  • Book Tracking Over 30 Days

Another awesome feature KD Spy has is the book tracing over 30 days. This feature is very self-explanatory, it basically allows you to follow how your book is doing in terms of ranks and sales for the entire month. You will see the “S” letter and the “C” letter.

They are both search tools, the “S” is for searching your book title on Google, and the “C” is for image search of your book cover. This data tells you how the main traffic sources are used, and it can also give you more potential traffic sources.

  • Spy on Self-Published Authors

With this tool, you can see how your competition is doing. You can find an author and see how many books they published, how did they rank, what is their monthly revenue, how much their books cost, and read the reviews they’ve gotten so far.

  • Search Tool

This is a search bar where you can search for keywords and find keyword suggestions. You can see what the traffic rank and how competitive each keyword is.

  • Word Cloud

In the word cloud, you can find analyzes and statistics for every bestseller in any category niche you want. You can also see all the words in their titles, and this gives you a significant advantage for your own book title.

You can check out KDSpy for yourself right HERE.

Kindle Samurai

Publisher Rocket Alternatives

Kindle samurai is the oldest software in the market and the cheapest one so far. So, why is it so much cheaper and is it really worth the money? Kindle Samurai claims that with their software you can sell thousands of books on autopilot with organic Amazon traffic.  Let’s go over the simple four steps you need to take if you want to find the perfect keywords to take you to Amazon’s front page.

Kindle Samurai Features

  • Traffic Keywords Finder

The first feature of Kindle Samurai is the search bar for keywords. Here you type in any generic keyword and see the data. Unlike Publisher Rocket, it can’t help you find the most profitable keywords for your book, but  KS pulls out all the suggested keywords from Amazon’s and Google’s AdWords Keywords tool and shows you how they rank.

  • Mass PageOne Conclusions 

In the second step of the process, KD Samurai gives you a massive list of keywords and the analyzer will give statistics of how profitable they are and will also give you the highest, lowest, and average ranks of the books that contain that very same keyword. It also shows the book’s ranking, price, and reviews.

When we say massive list, we really do mean a massive list so to find the best ranking keyword you might need to spend a few days going over each one of them.

  • PageOne Analyzer 

When you click one or more keywords and open them at the same time, the software will take you to a page where you will see a color-coordinated system This page is the individual book analysis section. Here you can see all the books that are in your similar niches as yours but don’t have the most profitable keyword. This is very helpful because this means that once you publish your book, you are automatically outranking each one of those books.

  • Publisher

After you do your research, you can go to the direct publishing page. They will ask you to enter seven keywords, so all you have to do is export in the keywords that you think are most profitable and will bring traffic to your book. You should also use the keywords in the description box and use at least one of them in the title of the book.

KDP Rocket Alternatives Pricing

  • Publisher Rocket – $97
  • KD Spy – $47
  •  Kindle Samurai – $9

Return Policies

  • Publisher Rocket – 30 Day No Questions Asked Full Money Return Policy
  • KD Spy – 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Refund
  • Kindle Samurai–30 Day Money Back Policy with specific conditions

As you can see you can get the Publisher Rocket and the KD Spy without conditions. You are free to check out their futures, see if they work for you and if they don’t you can return them with no hesitation. Publisher Rocket is a one-time pay thing in the sense that once you purchase the software all the additional updates which are very frequent are going to be free of charge.

Publisher rocket has a big advantage over its alternatives on this field because they make frequent updates which are completely free of charge 

How Do I Update Rocket Publisher?

All you have to do to update for free your version of Publisher Rocket is click the version number at the bottom of Rocket. If, for some reason, you do not have the latest version, no problem. Just delete your copy from your computer, and download the latest version from their website, and you are all set. 

Kindle Samurai, on the other hand, has a big downside when it comes to the return policies. They will not return your money unless you are facing a technical issue that they aren’t able to fix it within 72 hours.

KDP Rocket Alternatives Comparison

Publisher Rocket Alternatives

For what we’ve learned thus far, we can see that all the KDP Rocket alternatives we mentioned have a reliable research tool and helpful analysis software.

The biggest difference between Publisher Rocket and KD Spy is how they deal with keywords. Publisher Rocket is very much here to guide your research for scratch, meaning that their software will, first of all, help you find the right keywords for your book. KD Spy can give you all the data about the keyword, but it can not find it for you.

If you want to see what your competition is up to with the KD Spy, you need to enter your keyword in order to generate results. This would be acceptable if you know what keywords you need to use in the first place and KD Spy unlike the KDP Publisher does not offer this feature.

The data that KD Spy provides you it’s spot on, no doubt about that but still, if you don’t have the right keyword it’s going to be harder for you to find your focus and use your time productively.

KD Spy still gives you all the information about your competition, like the price of every book, how many reviews it has and what’s the general score, etc. The outlook looks a bit overwhelming at first,  but once you get the hang of it you are good to go.

Another small downside to the KD Spy is that the KD Spy is not a program but a browser extension, so if your internet is slow that day or your page crushes, you might lose your results. This may come as a surprise to you, but Kindle Sumari was the beta version for KD Spy. The idea was to create more advanced software that would offer more tools and features, and that’s exactly what happened.

Publisher Rocket on the other side is even more advanced, so to be fair, the game of comparison is mostly between KD Spy and Publisher Rocket. For example, with KD Spy is easier to find the right niche whereas with the Publisher Rocket you can see all the sellers in that niche and see all of their keywords and ranking positions.

Kindle Samurai as we said is not as nearly as advanced, but it is really cheap and it’s a brilliant start if you are brand new to this game. KD Spy and Publisher Rocket offer many more features and at first glance, it might overwhelm you, but if you start with Kindle Samurai and gradually go higher and higher, you will be well prepared in advance.

KDP Rocket Alternatives Verdict

Publisher Rocket Alternatives

The time is now, and the choice is yours. Or is it? We will make our KDP Rocket Alternatives Verdict a bit diplomatic and tell you that the best software depends on what you actually need.

What do you think the best strategy should be for you? If you plan to begin with your competition, compare to them and eventually surpass them then KD Spy should be your choice. Publisher Rocket, on the other hand, has better AMS and Kindle research and is leaning more toward keywords importance and performance.

Kindle Samurai, if it ever comes back to the market, would be the weakest link since it has much fewer features and the Keywords research and analysis are very time consuming and confusing.  As we already mentioned Kindle Samurai is the most affordable option, so if money is tight for you in the beginning, provided Kindle Samurai starts working again you won’t lose if you give it a try.

In the end, if you want to really get into Kindle publishing and make your living out of it, the best option for you would be to use both Publisher Rocket and KD Spy. KD Spy is really great with the features they have and can be a great help all by itself, but Publisher Rocket keeps creating extra features and that adds more value for the money.

KD Spy and Kindle Samurai are both cheaper KDP rocket alternatives, but each of them can pay itself off if you learn to use them right.

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