SNM113: The One Habit Critical For Success

Successful people have loads of different critical habits.  Each successful businessman eventually releases a book with anywhere from ten to fifty laws and habits. But who can learn all those rules?  True success boils down to just ONE habit.

The Secret of the Elite

There are so many books about getting things done.

Do I really need a book to tell me how to do other things?

It's the skill behind the skill, but is that really the problem?

People often email me and ask about my strong opinion on education and it leads directly to this very issue.

School teaches you how to operate within a very confined set of rules.

Unfortunately, the rule-followers end up stuck in cubicles while the rule-breakers get that corner office with the amazing view.

When I hire people, for projects or long-term work, I never ask about past employment or education.

That stuff never predicts anything.

One of my nannies got a terrible review from her previous employer.

But she does awesome here.

[easy-tweet tweet=”The past does not predict the future and we must not make other people slaves to the past either.” user=”ServeNoJonathan” hashtags=”servenomaster”]

Everyone says the same things when they are in a job interview because it's sales time.

They will say anything to get the job they want.

But when the rubber hits the road, everything changes.

Education Doesn't Predict Success

I'm not smarter than other people in my business.

I'm not taller, faster, or savvier.

All of my advanced education amounts to a hill of bean.

In my college final ranking, they listed me in the bottom twenty-five percent.

According to my college transcript, I'm one of the stupidest people to ever graduate.

I bet you didn't think I was going to share that!

I carried about ten copies of that transcript around the world with me in my twenties and I handed it in at loads of jobs that asked for it.

As though your grades in college determine how well you can answer the phone in an office.

But people with no imagination and limited understanding of business rely on poor measures of success.

I got most of the good jobs I applied for, despite my nightmare of a transcript.

The truth is that I didn't read it until I was nearly thirty.

I acted like a winner and so I was treated like one.

But there was a big black mark on my “permanent record” for a decade.

Now I have a Masters Degree, so that old black mark is wiped out.

But then I got fired from my next job.

I guess that's the replacement.

No company in the world would hire me right now.

Because I am a round peg and no longer fit in that cubicle shaped hole.

But if my success isn't about intelligence, what is that ONE skill that rules them all?

The ONE skill that makes kings and builds empires?

You have to listen to today's show to find out!

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Don't stack the wrong habits
  2. Don't look for reasons to quit, look for ways to overcome
  3. Create a powerful mantra

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The one having critical for success find out on today's episode today's episode brought to you by SEM Rush started in 2008 with one mission to make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunities for all to find out how Essam Rush can help you compete with the big boys go to serve no master.com\SEM rush today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post the longer you spend any venture whether the industry or it's a sport the more people who fall away more people who fade into the distance you know people that I was masterminding was seven years ago that I was working on project with friends I surround myself with over time more and more these people begin to fade away even people who experience that magical early success that we all dream of everyone dreams of their first project just being a homerun right out the gate for some people that's how it is some people the very first project he tries a massive success and we see those people are manner so slug is so successful are always good to be a winner within two or three years later they're gone I know people that have gone for making $1 million a month to living on the dole and the question is what causes that once the habit that's missing and have is really the centerpiece of everything it's the reason why the new books and work on is all about the idea of having to create successful habits the core habit beyond anything else is action taking trigger polling execution this is the ability to look at a task and do the task to completion most people are quitters this is the reality of our world most people are looking for an excuse to quit or any justification for an action and I've seen this in every area where I've tried to improve myself whether it's increasing my education getting a better job increasing my health increasing and improve my dating life it doesn't matter the sector anything you can call improvement whether it's personal development professional development physical mode doesn't matter are always people that are looking for an excuse when I got my Masters when I graduate my Masters in applied linguistics and was looking at careers I said all the people on the same course we I want to go and work at a university I was in the course was 20 people and all 19 of the other people are currently teaching at the high school level they were high school teachers before they took the courses meet in the high school teachers after they took the course of me they spent a year on education course in the hopes of getting a 5% raise at their high school jobs they put in a huge amount of effort entire year of their lives hey a lot of money that will take them years even with that race that 5% raise will take them 20 years to pay off what their master's degree cost him but they all said to be the same in the sale you can't noted ever hire you to work in the universe level that a PhD yet to do another four years him to spend another hundred $200,000 to even consider to do the next level and they all had all these reasons two weeks later I thought might was teaching my university my first universe have actually taught at several and I was working running apartment six months later where the best universe is the world so all of these ideas these concepts that limit us there across the spectrum it doesn't matter what industry what Mark. You are always looking for an excuse to quit and it's the thing that destroys people you I've been running my intern program for a long time and I always ask you the same question I say can you complete the job I don't care about your experience I care about other things I don't care about your education your pastor history all that matters is if you're someone I say do this if you'll do it and it's always amazing to me but even people like to make the biggest promises in the world all you'll see me you'll never see a harder work of me on the ultimate doing it the ultimate action taker then two weeks later Gandhi faded away they just can't do it there are incapable of the effort is the ability to what you want to develop within yourself take a task to completion so now you might be saying that you're not a quitter that you're an exception I listened everyone is a quitter we just don't quit everything see we all have areas were successful whether your successful soldier whether your successful mom whether your successful different job we have an area where we've succeeded and so for kind of overlooking our server Masters kind of idea of succeeding at building your business engendering your own new revenue streams as is very easy to say I'm already successful in my job I arty have a job it's going okay why would I do this why would I go is been all my time starting side project that's kind of course and so that thought involves itself into it's not worth the time or would it really work anyways and we have other ways of manifesting it but it all boils down to I'm not a quitter because I don't quit my job but I'm gonna quit this anyways and we've all put different things I remember when I quit high school football the coach called me a quitter now I only play for three days I joined up my freshman year I said hey let me give this a try now all the guys in the team and playing for years was squared Artie started which means that I'll be training together for two or three months and the coaching was I would say subpar as in they didn't really cover the basics with me just kind of threw me to the team as a safety stuff you have to know and so they didn't really cover the stuff that's very critical for new player in the right way to tackle save the right way to do all these things safely the other kids learn consider playing for years and years and I was already on another extra clicker program is others not time for you to both you have to choose and so the one I'd arty been doing for a few months I stuck with any guy call me quitter now I was in a situation where had no choice right you have to do one of the other and so yes I quit high school football I'll admit that right now but I thought fasting they call me quitter when only trying for three days and I was terrible I was absolutely terrible at it anyways but these are things that happened to everyone alive has things that quit so I've absolutely quit things in my life to that's one of many things acquitted and failed we want to do is find a way to overcome this barrier to break through the justification so I can easily say hey I was in the high school debate team have a ton of trophies I was national champion and what a bunch of different tournaments so it's okay for me to quit football right I could justify that way the truth is that it was a time thing in the two coaches both told how to choose but there's other things in life since then that I quit or fail that a project I did put enough time into the fell for different reasons so happens to all of us so we have these moments that cause us to quit a project what really happens when you're working for yourself when working as an entrepreneur on that independent path you have a daily you hit the wall you have a day when everything turns to garbage and not colliding and say that doesn't happen because it happens to everyone everyone has a day with a make a mistake and they lose a ton of money or they summary discover the project I was perfect is not to work anymore one of my friends running a business for long time make a well in the seven figures entire business collapsed in a single week okay industries changed we talk about this and if kebabs is ago I talked about how sometimes is a new law or new election industry and you have to pivot and he's doing a pivot given the same audience the pivoting into a new series of products these things happen and you have these days and you have two choices we hit that wall when you go it's not working this is working and this happens doesn't matter what industry and what project you're working we all have horrible days I have to I still have them pretend everything's perfect will be alive it's not we all have those days I don't live on an island made of magical fairytales yes I live in a tropical island and it's wonderful we still have typhoons and cyclones and rainstorms and all these other things that's life no one's life is 100% absolute perfect every single day and that's what makes being alive exciting we would appreciate sunshine it wasn't for reign when you hit the wall you have that bad day you have two choices you can say this is just a bad dam to get right back up or you can salmon quit forever this is garbage this is a working for me I gotta do something else on a time for this Diane percent of people will choose number two and they'll say to themselves this is it for me this wouldn't work anyways not the right person but as we create whole cacophony of reasons for why were quitting but really boils down to how we reacted to a single obstacle oh I lost $1000 today I lost $50,000 and lost $1 million to these these are things Debbie will have to say I haven't lost in the Knossos Québec but deftly lost $1000 a day too bad mistake I lost over five dollars in single data by mistake last month just a dumb move I made a mistake I got the date wrong and it cost me more than $500 so happens still man lab and I felt like a real kick in the pants as I hate wasting my hate losing money so were going to have days we feel all of these things where you feel like it's all gone to garbage or that stuff is happening we have that moment you have to decide who you can be MI someone who is gonna quit or am I supposed to say no just a bad demo to get back up and to get back in the ring and you have to make that decision now the mistake that people make is waiting to make a decision to learn the moment hey I won't decide what I'm to do until the moment arises when you do that you leave yourself to making an emotional decision rather than a logical decision I will in the moment quitting feels real good is then we can say it's not my fault anymore I'm quitting because the program is a work of quitting because Johnson's crappy teacher couldn't because this doesn't work anyway I never succeed anyways it's all lies as always of the things we can say but they're all wrapped around the core idea of looking for an excuse to quit once you decide to quit you can wrap it up and all these other accoutrements of the bows and ribbons to know I never would've worked work it's all garbage or a work for him but not me arts totally live demos are things we say around about the course thing is that were looking for a way out and this is how most people respondent obstacles we see an obstacle we say okay filing an excuse to quit now this is something that I do more for health stuff I've deftly been working out and then you have the one exercise he can't do you get some done for the day looking for that one so I more of a fitness quitter than anything else that there were quite a lot so I'm constantly on exercise regimes and diets because of the programs that I have to really actively fight to stay healthy so for me that's the air like with the most on being real with you see can understand now this doesn't mean that I quit exercising for life I have a bad day or my back hurts I can't finish a routine I can finish the DVD I'm doing it doesn't mean it's over for me it means I had a bad day I'll come back tomorrow or sometimes from her to Work out for a few days that's fine that happens it's the quit forever mindset you wanted get rid of if you can take it off the table if you go no matter what happens on the see this project to the end then things become possible now with this project sometimes there is the right time to quit is it's around project that's a message for another day but today were talking about mindset in this key habit see I talked to interns all the time and every time I have my intern interview I always say look the ones come looking for is completion will you take this project crossed the finish line if I give you a task we do it if the answer is yes then you become very wealthy and interns I've had to stuck with and done everything I've asked of them have all become wealthy they all make six figures or more are all making these $10,000 month then I have people who make all these promises that after you know I give him something to do like I can't do it today well take care tomorrow and give him some of your money gets done Friday I already know is soon as someone screwed around with the first body art another can fail is hundred percent of the time people who are not serious or who don't give it the level focus necessary they never crossed the finish line and I want you to be someone who crosses the finish line I want to give you that skill and wonder things that can be really helpful there's a couple of different tools you can use to formerly powerful habits is to create a mantra for me I most agree managers to do with fear so from afraid of something as a manager that says Ms. West and myself over and over again just really scares the fear washes over me and around me but it does not pass through me and may from time is before this semester that I've had for a decade or so and comfortable doing it a little bit of variation of one mentor in their create your own you have designs fiction novel you have a mentor that says good officious whatever it takes not to give up I may take this across the finish line I'm capable of completing this project create something even to say over and over again yourself and it's better to write your own than to just have one that you get from me so it's kind more real or personal fit your language and having something you can see over and over again comes very powerful motivator a second way to motivate and kind of lock in the habit for success is to create a vision board which has specific numbers on it most people create vision boards which are kind of just like basically a mirror of their worst selves it's just a big board covered pictures of expensive cars and models expensive drinks is now he wants okay we don't want a vision board that makes you look like a jerk when you want to create is a vision board that has two key elements the first is a timeframe my friend Wayne interview and episode three Jim Bible for long time he used have written on his wall he wrote on his wall in permanent marker five goals he said I want to have this much in a savings account this much recurring income and if all the specific numbers are really big numbers and it was a $50,000 a month $1 million the same to count a couple of the big number and hit all the numbers right on the wall a wrote a very specific date by this date when you add a date to goal it becomes achievable and so what I want you create whether you are cardboard with you as you write on the wall over you do it is either have specific number goals or have like a drawing like I want to pass my data one on my house by this date and but start off with the goal that six months or 1 Year Way such that crazy don't set a 20 year goal I want to pass muster loans in 20 years that's too much set a goal that something you can hit in six or 12 months because you'll do it when you have it reachable that will motivate you each time and if it's in funny face it becomes harder and harder to quit see we have these two parts of our brains and when it comes to habits we have the habit starting in the habit quitting part of the brain now quitting a habit is really hard our brains are very strong that quitting smoking is hard quitting eating that food is hard her habit for activating is very strong so this is why when a target habits and is why we really dig and study habit creation habit formation habit understanding is that have a replacement is the key to everything replacing about how the good habit is 10 times easier than just quitting that's why people who if you ever go grievous if you would like in alcoholics anonymous meeting L smoke and drink a lot of coffee they replaced the drinking with heavy smoking or with coffee end up with a replacement at and it's usually the lesser of two evils but that's what's happening so want you to begin to put in place structures four have a replacement this is why I don't say to quit this distraction is a consider doing this do that and that's what you want to do so this kind of a little bit of a way to board were still number one cohabit which is the habit of completing restart we can put in place infrastructure both within our minds and put our lives that make it easier so setting up a vision board creating a mantra putting the specific dates on your goals these will help you develop this habit and I want you to think every time you were thinking about giving up oh I'm getting give it up I just want to go watch Steve or I just want to do that what's happening in is it that your habit creation is failed is it that you didn't create a strong completion habit if you have a bad habit you'd rather do than work you need to find replacements to put those in place replacement habits allow us to build up stronger emotional and intellectual infrastructure this is just the beginning of the understanding of habit stacking structure habits so as you think about these things as you have those moments when you think about quitting as it is mode you think about walking away are you just looking for an excuse to quit and are you hiding behind all these are the words because if you can become someone who completes any task put in front of them then you suddenly become absolutely limitless and that's the power of the one habit that you need to achieve success thank you for listening to this week's episode of serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that rat race it over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode serve no master podcast follow [email protected]\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Jim - March 2, 2017

This is so simple but so true. It’s WAY too easy to just give up on all sorts of things if we don’t make completion a habit. Some great thoughts on goal setting in this podcast too. Thanks Jonathan!

Ben - August 11, 2017


Ben’s here. I’m married to a lady whose mantra is “never never quit”. I think she is willing to marry me in part because I have never quit. Sometimes I’ve been slow but that was because I did not know how to do what I was doing. Each time I have stayed with it until I had learned enough to complete the job. But for her never never quit includes: if it wasn’t done right you’re not finished!

Some people use that idea of perfection as a way of procrastinating. Procrastinating after all is just a way of quitting without admitting to yourself that you’ve done so. For us it’s done right when we completed the task as we originally specified it to be done. Sometimes this is costly in time but basically we follow the engineering rules:
finish the job on time, within specs, and under budget.

What were doing for you now will meet that standard.

God bless us all, especially your family
Ben and Michelle

Willa - August 27, 2017

This is so true! We all quit something at some time in our lives. My mantra has always been “Just do it and get it done” so I don’t have to worry about it not being done or feel guilty for not doing it. I also believe that if you are going to do something… you should do it right! Don’t do just enough to get by because you will have to redo it at a later time. My time is more valuable than that and it only takes a little bit longer to do it right the first time.

When I quit something now it is because I don’t have the knowledge and/or can’t find someone with the knowledge to continue. But… I don’t quit permanently! Only until I can find the next step to continue.

I believe that you have a lot of the answers that I have been looking for. I am very grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge and help people like me who have been struggling to find a way to work for ourselves and get out of the 9 to 5 rat-race.

From the bottom of my heart,


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