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  1. This is so simple but so true. It’s WAY too easy to just give up on all sorts of things if we don’t make completion a habit. Some great thoughts on goal setting in this podcast too. Thanks Jonathan!

  2. Jonathan

    Ben’s here. I’m married to a lady whose mantra is “never never quit”. I think she is willing to marry me in part because I have never quit. Sometimes I’ve been slow but that was because I did not know how to do what I was doing. Each time I have stayed with it until I had learned enough to complete the job. But for her never never quit includes: if it wasn’t done right you’re not finished!

    Some people use that idea of perfection as a way of procrastinating. Procrastinating after all is just a way of quitting without admitting to yourself that you’ve done so. For us it’s done right when we completed the task as we originally specified it to be done. Sometimes this is costly in time but basically we follow the engineering rules:
    finish the job on time, within specs, and under budget.

    What were doing for you now will meet that standard.

    God bless us all, especially your family
    Ben and Michelle

  3. This is so true! We all quit something at some time in our lives. My mantra has always been “Just do it and get it done” so I don’t have to worry about it not being done or feel guilty for not doing it. I also believe that if you are going to do something… you should do it right! Don’t do just enough to get by because you will have to redo it at a later time. My time is more valuable than that and it only takes a little bit longer to do it right the first time.

    When I quit something now it is because I don’t have the knowledge and/or can’t find someone with the knowledge to continue. But… I don’t quit permanently! Only until I can find the next step to continue.

    I believe that you have a lot of the answers that I have been looking for. I am very grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge and help people like me who have been struggling to find a way to work for ourselves and get out of the 9 to 5 rat-race.

    From the bottom of my heart,
    THANK YOU!!!