SNM199: Create Your First Course from Scratch

Is it possible to double your income by creating your first course? Yes, it is, and I am here to show all the steps you need to achieve the maximum profit of all of your products.

If you want to build a successful business, you already know that you can do this by offering value to your customers. The math is simple, the more you give, the more you get.

By being an affiliate for products that you believe in, you are not only increasing your revenue but you are building a relationship with your audience that is built on trust and that can last a long time.

Before you begging to promote a new product, you need to understand your market. You need to go over the process of understanding your customer’s avatar because the more data you have upfront, the easier it is to sell something.

Your courses should be as long as your audience expects them to be. If it’s something they get for free, it’s usually something short, like a video or an ebook, but if they are paying money for something, then you need to have content that will last and will be useful for them.

There are customers who will pay a lot to get quick results, and there are customers who can’t afford so much but they are still eager to learn so when you know who you are dealing with it’s that much more obvious which of your products you are offering to whom.

One very important thing you need to focus on is of course your expertise and your collaborations. You want to offer your audience training in the things you are the best at. For example, if social media is your weak point, there is no point in promoting social media training. It’s always better to direct that person towards someone who is an expert so you don’t lose your credibility.

In the end, think about this. If you are an affiliate marketer, no matter what you sell you will make a commission. You can make 45%, 50%, even 70% of what you will sell, and that’s often always welcome, easy earned cash, isn’t it? But, if you create training, and you sell it, you get to keep the 100% of the sale, and that’s doubling your income. So, which one seems better?

Show Notes:

Create Your First Course

Key Points:

  • Discover what your audience wants from you
  • How to give your training course ultimate value
  • What you can do to make your audience reach their goal

Resources Mentioned:

Books by Jonathan


Create Your First Course

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