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Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges Review and Bonuses 2021

You probably landed on this page to learn whether Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is the right fit for you, whether you should become a member of the program or not. Stay patient and reap the pearls of wisdom. 

While staying patient, let me ask you something. Do you know who’s the founder of 100x academy? He’s a 5 time 2 comma club winner and a best-selling author.

If you don’t know Pedro Adao by his name, you’ve probably heard that people call him “The Challenge Guy”. Pedro Adao is the creator of the revolutionary “Crush It With Challenges” course.

A lot of “big cats” consulted Pedro and made big results with his challenge method. Now, what about small cats and cats to-be? Not everyone can afford consulting services, so this course is a great way for beginners to build their challenges and accelerate to success.

As a student of this course, I’ve challenged myself to write the Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses and Review and I have to say I am extremely excited about it! 

For starters, the only thing you need to know is that by choosing this course you’ll learn how to master the use of challenges to launch or scale your business. Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges course will help you catapult your business to great distances.

Pedro Adao will take you through the steps he took to build and launch his business from zero using only the power of challenges. How? Stick until to get the idea.

How Does Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Course Work?

Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges

The introduction of the Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is dedicated to you building your challenge and designing it to your liking. Think about where you are now and where you want to be. What is the challenge that you’ll need to crush to get from point A to point B?

Desire is your golden ticket to expertise. Contemplate your challenge. Make sure that your challenge is something that’s really important to you. If you truly love what you do, you’ll be great at it.

If you don’t love what you’re doing, you won’t have the drive to complete your challenge, and thus, your business will remain in the state of idle.

A challenge is like a blank canvas; the only thing that’s limiting you to launch or scale your business to seven figures and beyond is your creativity. To get more details and understand how the course operates, I would like to get in the details of the modules, respectively. 

Module #1

The first module of Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is all about motivation; finding and defining it. Pedro gets you to dig deep and find what you love and what motivates you and then define that to a degree that all your goals become crystal clear.

Love. Serve. Grow. These are Pedro’s key points to success. If you love what you do and you have someone who benefits from the service you’re offering, it’s inevitable that you’ll grow.

Module #2

The second module of Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is questioning and explaining the challenge method. Challenges are a great way to prove that you’re truly an expert in your field. If you implement the challenge method correctly, you’ll build trust and culture within your community.

Also, you want to make sure that you’re aware of the audience you want to target. You can’t serve everyone and succeed. You need to narrow down your business from serving the world to serving your world.

Now, who are the people living in your world? What do those people do? What are the problems that they are facing? How can you solve them with your challenge?

Who is your who? It’s very important that you know this, you need to know how to serve your who the best way possible, because if you don’t someone will, and what will you do then?

Targeting a specific who is key, this way you can really focus on being an expert in one concrete niche, rather than serving everyone badly.

It’s just a matter of time when people are going to come to you because you’ll gain recognition and recommendation as an expert in a certain niche.

Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges

Module #3

The third module of Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is all about design. This is where you need to be really specific about your challenge. What problem does your challenge solve, how? Do you already have a catchy name for it, and if not, why the hell not? How long should this challenge of yours last? After this step, your challenge will be in line for execution.

In this module we have two key questions; Do you want to learn or earn? Do you want to launch or scale?

If you’re at the beginning of your journey, it’s only normal to focus on learning more about what you want to do and what you can offer to your who. The fact that you choose to learn doesn’t mean that you can’t earn as well. When you get that straight and learn what you need, you’ll be ready to launch your business without hesitation.

If you want to focus on earning, that means you already have the secret sauce, you just need to focus on scaling and expanding your services.

A lot of us tend to lose our compass, and that makes us forget where we are on our journey. When we get lost in confusion, it gets difficult to act. This is why Pedro insists on taking time to make a challenge that will be bulletproof. There will be nothing stopping you when you have clear goals.

Module #4

The fourth module of Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is finally transforming your .ppt files to .exe files. In other words, execution time! Pedro will consult you on making offers and bringing guests at the right time.

Whenever you need to do something stress-inducing, like make an offer to your client, having someone seems like a good way to take the edge off. But when is the right time to have guests? When is the right time to make an offer?

Guests are a great way to advertise at the beginning of your journey if your who trusts them. Having an expert by your side or someone who already has an audience can be a great way to build trust and connections. Also, your online presence will give you recognition.

Module #5

The fifth module of Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is about advertisements. Where is the best possible place to advertise your product/service? How to traffic yourself and how to use funnels?

You need to thoroughly research your demographic. Big parts of our lives and even bigger parts of our businesses are clinging to social media. You need to know where you who spends time. Where you can advertise and be seen by your audience.

How to boost your online visibility to your who? And just like in poker, you need to know when to fold and when to go all-in with your offer.

Creating content is a must. Sharing knowledge. But you need to give some of your knowledge away to earn people's trust. After your knowledge is confirmed, you can start earning money.

How to make one-time offers? How to make time-sensitive offers attract people?

Module #6

The sixth module of Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is about maintaining good relations within the community. Setting up ground rules in groups, having good customer support, doing onboarding the right way!

With good communication comes good business. Remember that not all clients are good clients. Your community needs to be filled with good clients. You need to attract good clients and repel bad ones.

You need to build a group where people will come to each other for advice and connect with you and with each other. You need to be active and present in their struggles as much as in their successes.

In addition to these modules, Pedro prepared some bonus materials so you can really crush your challenge!


The course is priced at $1,997 and kicks off on March 22nd! 


Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses (Items) 

Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges

Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges 2021 will be no different than any other year – packed with checklists, workbooks, and funnel templates that Pedro himself used and created. The big advantage if you decide to go with the course is the fact that it's all based upon Pedro Adao's experience. There are no speculations. There is no fluff. just real, actionable proof and insight into how to launch the online business you want and that CONVERTS. 

Lifetime Program Access

You can access the Crush It With Challenges guidebook whenever, forever! This guide can come in handy, as it will help you build or scale your online business step-by-step.

Cash In On Your Challenge In 30 Days

Want to crush your first challenge? Then get ready to challenge yourself, to take a challenge, and dominate in your niche! Find your WHO, connect with your audience, launch your challenge and make an impact!

Billion Dollar Challenge Interview With Ryan Blair

Ryan’s challenge led to over one billion dollars in sales! I bet you could learn a lot from this exclusive interview!

The Ultimate Offer Design Worksheet

This worksheet will give you the power to make an offer your clients can’t afford to resist! Get the details on how to create an offer that pays out for your clients and for you. Learn how to make offers that no one can question.

Fill Up Your Challenges With Ease

Tips on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads. Who’s better to give you advice than a man who has spent over a million dollars on Facebook ads?

Affiliate Challenges

If you don’t know who John Lee Dumas is, you’ll find out in this duet, where Pedro and John reveal where you promote products of other people. Pedro Adao went from zero to more than a hundred thousand dollars doing affiliate marketing.

The Ultimate Niche Finder Worksheet

Don’t waste your time trying to serve the world, find a concrete niche and dominate it! Since there are many groups of people, it's tough to make the right choice. This workbook can help you find your people and then make a profit!

3 Day Live Virtual Challenge Launch Intensive

This is a grand chance to attend a 3-day live workshop with Pedro. Also, Pedro Adao will invite special guests, so you’ll get a chance to learn directly from experts! Get your questions ready, Pedro, to the rescue!

The smartest thing you can probably do is make a list of questions, put them down, and never miss a good chance to ask them. It's why those live events are – to make the most of them! Gather all the info you want to gather and clarify all the questions that trip you on your way to success.    

The Challenge Hub Software

For the first 6 months, this new managing software will be free for you and you’ll have full access.

Reviews 2021

Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges

This is probably the part you’ve all been waiting for, so let’s get to reviewing!


This course is fit for, basically, anybody. I personally think that it’s more suitable for newcomers, as they are starting from zero so they’ll soak up all the knowledge Pedro offers. The demographic range of this course is really wide, so you can see that it’s created to be beneficial for everyone.

The people that already have their businesses and are just looking to grow don’t necessarily need the entire course, but there are some nifty strategies that they can extract from it. Depending on the challenges your business is facing, you’ll know whether this course has your solution.

If you already have the secret sauce, this course will have extra seasoning!

I love the psychological jewel of this course. Challenges come naturally to people; we have a natural drive towards achievement. The fact that you can choose to represent the next step in your business, which can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, or uncertain, as a challenge gives you a positive incentive and takes some of that stress away.

You can look at these necessary steps as a potential problem and stay stuck, or you can look at them as challenges and start acting.

What I think is a tremendous bonus is a way Pedro represents some usually negative aspects of business in a positive light. You might be stressed about presenting your offer, but when you look at it and present it as a prize, the whole situation shifts into a rather sunny perspective.

Another thing is that if you’re someone who struggles with motivation, Pedro is definitely the guy for you! His appearance is just amazing and you can really soak up a lot of positive energy and reinforcement from him.

Pedro can influence people easily. What I personally noticed is his demeanor. It just screams inspiration and yet, it's soothing and has a calming effect on you! The perfect match for a new student. 

Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges

This course provides clarity at its best, it has proven strategies at its disposal. It has a hard focus on the first steps, on the first challenge. This is important because that first challenge is our foundation, and if we don’t put enough effort into it, our house will fall apart.

This is a common mistake that can get us stuck halfway through running our businesses, and the damndest thing is that a lot of us don’t even know where the problem lies. So, as I said, this course is a great way to comb through your business and detect anything that might be holding it back from blossoming.

Pedro will remind you of the simple, yet significant things we tend to avoid in running a business.

Also, a great pro is that Pedro reminds his students to take notes. This may seem like something negligible, but everything is clear when it’s transferred to paper. Many people stick to remembering and they don’t soak up as much value. When you write key points down, it’s more likely that you’ll think about them rather than just hearing and forgetting all the little golden bullets. I encourage taking notes because they are a constant reminder of the information you’ll soak in during this or any other course.

Anybody who wants to start their online journey will receive the knowledge to do so. The people that want to improve their journey will find many tactics to get their businesses sky-high.

And, of course, it’s great that there are materials for organic advertising because many people struggle with marketing. Instead of chasing people to do your marketing for you, you can get the foundation of doing self-advertising here. When you have the basics, it’s much easier to upgrade, right?


Even though I said that this course has a wide demographic, I think beginners or people interested in launching a side hustle will get the most out of it.

And, like most courses, it’s pricey. This, of course, depends on your budget. If you’re willing to commit and be serious, this will pay off for you. If you follow and implement the information Pedro offers in this course, I’m sure that you’ll profit. The financial part is entirely up to you.

Crush It With Challenges Bonuses: Who Is It For?

Crush It With Challenges Bonuses
Word writing text Who Is Your Audience Question. Business photo showcasing who is watching or listening to it Hand Holding Megaphone with Blank Wide Beam for Extending the Volume Range

The foundation of this course is finding your WHO. Your avatar, your perfect customer. Finding your strategically targeted audience. Creating a map towards a miniature world of challenge takers. As for this course, the audience consists of an enormous variety of worlds.

Pedro Adao created this course to serve a wide audience. This course can be beneficial to anyone who wants to launch or scale their online business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, an accountant, a marketer, a stay-at-home mom, etc. The Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is eligible for anyone that has a solution to a problem that a certain amount of people have.

If you can carry a tray with a cup of coffee and a few revolutionary ideas, challenge yourself and make an impact! Spread value. There are no more excuses related to no experience. With this course, you’ll get all the basics to launch your online business.

Already a businessman? Stuck at a dead point at work, where you’re keeping everything afloat, but you’re nowhere near experiencing growth? Refresh.

Open yourself up to new ideas, new strategies. The Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses course can help you look at your business with x-ray goggles so you can see what’s holding you back from growing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges

When it comes to purchasing something at this price it’s normal to be hesitant. It’s completely normal to google reviews straight away. So, let’s go through the common questions.

Is Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges course worth it?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. If you’re committed and success-driven, this can pay off for you. Think of it as investing in your future. As I’ve mentioned this course covers all the basics and if you’re serious about launching or scaling your business, I think that Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses is a good choice for you!

What if I don’t like the Crush It With Challenges Bonuses course?

You’re protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied with the Crush It With Challenges course, you can refund it.

Is the Crush It With Challenges Bonuses course a waste of time?

I get that a lot of people struggle with time and are hesitant whether this is a good choice, so let me put it like this – if you’re committed to crushing your challenge you’ll know that signing up for this course is investing your time wisely!

Is Crush It With Challenges Bonuses enough to get me started with my online business? 

The course covers content creation strategies, design, pinpointing your audience, and finding the right customers for your brand, even focuses on elevating your spirits and backing you up with the motivation you need to keep going in tough times. It's enough to get you started and provide you with the basics, but it's also helpful for entrepreneurs that are not exactly new in the game. That's because the course is insightful and full of actionable materials. 

Our Bonuses for Crush It With Challenges Bonuses Course

Bonus #1 – My Personal Help ($5,000 Value)

My Personal Help

I’ll personally review your business strategy and record a video up to 60 minutes breaking down exactly how you can up your game and blow your competition out of the water. Show me your website, marketing strategy, sales pages, emails, funnels, store… you name it and I'll help you. With over ten years of entrepreneurial experience, my insight will give you a massive advantage over the competition!

Bonus #2 – Use My Team ($1,497 Value)

Use My Team

You’ll get a credit for work from my team to boost your sales and blow the competition out of the water. After ten years in the business, I’ve built a team of 20+ specialists that work for me full time. From brilliant SEO experts to video editors to graphic designers, my team is bulletproof. Get FIVE HOURS of work from any member of my team to fill in the gap in your business. Don’t waste time dealing with gig sites, get the best of the best without wasting your time interviewing. Get amazing work to accelerate your success.

Bonus #3 – Score Big Partners With The Joint Venture Page Sales Page Swipe File ($2,997 Value)

Score Big Partners

When you need to gather the best partners to promote your products and make your launch a multi-million dollar success, you need an amazing JV page to reel them in. This swipe file has tons of examples you can spy on from successful launches so you know exactly what pieces you need to make a great JV page.

Bonus #4 – Massive Sales Email Swipe File Vault ($2,997 Value)

Massive Sales Email Swipe File Vault

Email marketing is the number one way to warm up your audience to your product and land that sale. No need to hire a copywriter or spend hours mulling over what to write… get my curated list of email sequences from successful launches you can model to make your own launch a massive success!

Bonus #5 – Close The Sale Checkout Pages Swipe File ($1,997 Value)

Close The Sale Checkout Pages Swipe File

Did you know that 60-80% of people leave the checkout page after seeing it? Those eyes you worked so hard to get on the page, gone. It's important to get all the right elements on a checkout page to close the sale for good, so this swipe file will help you get a solid idea of what customers are looking for when they pull out their credit cards.

Get Crush It With Challenges Bonuses Today!

Final Thoughts

I have taken the course last year and went through it crazy fast. 2019 and 2020 were my course years where I decided I want to invest in good-quality content that is going to take me further in my career but also help me boost my productivity and broaden my horizons.

Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses made it on my top list thanks to its meticulousness, workbook approach, and lots of fill in the blanks exercises which do not serve you the knowledge on a golden plate.

Rather, they make you work for it. They make you think and I absolutely we have forgotten that. It's not a course for the lazy last, it's very action-packed and makes you stay proactive. Now, if that doesn't push you a step forward, I can't imagine what else will. 

Pedro Adao Crush It With Challenges Bonuses course is a revolutionary method to get from zero to a 7 figure online business. One of the biggest sellers of this course is the fact that Pedro, himself, is a walking-talking success story. He built his own business in 18 months from scratch using this framework. Not to mention that this course caused a lot of fuss and there’s a lot of positive feedback, so you be the judge!

Are you a member of the Pedro Adao – Crush It With Challenges Bouses course? Share your experience in the comments down below! 



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