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LeadsHunter Review – No Junk Leads Generator Your Business Needs

LeadsHunter program will help you beef up your business prospects gathering only leads that are valuable to your business and filtering out the junk ones. You will have no issues learning this three-step dropshipping lead generation for businesses system which will cut the cost of your advertising for sure.

The program is announced to launch on the 9th of November this year. Until then I’ll present information that is known in my LeadsHunter Review. Move over an older generation, LeadsHunter is here.

Table of contents:

What Is LeadsHunter
LeadsHunter Approach
Who Created LeadsHunter?
How To Use LeadsHunter?
LeadsHunter Review
LeadsHunter Pricing
LeadsHunter Extra Bonus
LeadsHunter Final Verdict

What Is LeadsHunter

Leads Hunter is a program that will give you tips and lead you through the entire process of generating leads. It is designed by a super trained lead generation specialist Fred Lam with a very simple application process. Imagine, you are browsing through Instagram and you find an interesting quiz or a survey. You are tempted to take it, right? You want to know what carrier suits you best…but in order to get your results, you will have to leave your email address. 

So, the final goal of the program is to become a certified “leads hunter” through a 7-week training where you get familiar with all the different advertising and lead-hunting strategies in different business niches. Not only that but once the training is over, you will have to take an exam so you can get an official certification which will have to be updated yearly so it will keep up to date. 

LeadsHunter The SPEAR Approach

LeadsHunter principle

Let us explain this abbreviation in more detail. This is the work ethic Fred Lam and his team which they go by. The baseline of your future training:

Strategize– Identify customers and understand their problems to offer them a valuable solution that makes sense for them. 

Plan– Taking a holistic approach considering all the important details of who you are and what can you provide to create an advertising strategy.

Execute– A targeted advertising campaign that will lead to sales and building a trustworthy relationship with your client. 

Analyze–Shifting through the campaign data reports to help you win more qualified leads and increase your chances of converting them into sales for your business.

Repeat–eat, sleep, repeat, always, and forever!

This is essential to your future work because usually, these are the phases that keep people in the loop of making the same mistakes and not getting any progress. In every one of these crucial steps, you’ll learn the fundamentals.

Who Created LeadsHunter?

leadshunter review

Behind LeadsHunter is a guy named Fred Lam. He’s being called an e-commerce prodigy having built his business from scratch. He was literally washing dishes when he started building his career as an entrepreneur. This was very inspiring to read when I first heard about him and is one of the main reasons I tried his systems which I came to use regularly in creating my own online business.

How To Use LeadsHunter?

This will be an easy applicable lead generation system. More details, after the launch.

LeadsHunter Reviews

leadshunter review program

Fred Lam is responsible for several other successful digital products:

  • iPro Academy
  • ZeroUp
  • Water Liberty

The last one being LeadsHunter, a dropshipping leads service.

The fact is a business can spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising agencies, but if they have a lead problem, all that money is wasted in vain.

A successful business needs a good leader, no matter what kind of business it is. Whether it’s that baker down the street or someone who is trying to start a successful business online, what they all have in common is they all try to learn the golden formula: how to make more money.

Dropship Leads is a bullet-proof system that has been slowly brewing for over 10 years and now, finally is here with a win-win scenario for people who want to start an online business and earn a lot of money for their services. 

LeadsHunter Pricing

leadshunter review pricing

  • LeadsHunter Full Training & Systems

  • Cost: $4,997

You are getting instant access to the Dropship Leads Academy where you will learn how to make up to $50 per lead without sending one single mail to your email list. 

  • LeadsHunter 7-Week Live Coaching & Certification

  •  Cost: $5,997

This live course with Fred Lam will help you give you instant access and success in the advertising industry.

  • 1-Year Free Access To LeadsTunnel Software

  •  Cost: $1,497

Get a full year of free access to our best software to manage your leads and eventually turn them into sales. 

  • The 7-Figure LeadsHunter Sales Deck

  • Cost:  $1,997

Get full access to  exact sales deck that helped Fred Lam close the largest automotive group in Canada

  • Certified LeadsHunter Directory 

  • Cost: $2,997

This certified will earn you a prestigious status as a LeadsHunter and will get on on the LeadsHunter Directory list. 

LeadsHunter Extra Bonus

  • Fast-Action Bonus Number:1
  • Cost: $697

Get exclusive private access to the global community of LeadsHunters to get even more help in the marketing world. 

  • Fast-Action Bonus 2

Become licensed leads tunnel agent to earn recurring commissions from LeadsTunnel.

LeadsHunter Final Verdict

leadshunter review verdict

So, to make a short final resume we would say that this program is for anyone who wants to have an online business, or for people who have it but they want to gain more traffic and sales. 

It really depends on what you are looking for and what you can afford. As you have probably seen in the section above there are so many plans to choose from we are certain there is going to be something for you. 

All that being said, the program Fred Lam team has offered limited seating to this program with no more than 50 student spaces available to become certified LeadHunters.

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