Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses Revealed

Wondering if you can benefit from the Experience Product Masterclass course?

I wrote the Experience Product Masterclass bonuses revealed review so I can share my authentic experience with you and help you decide if you’re having doubts about enrolling in the program!

What to Know About Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses Revealed

You need to know that this course is open for joining only once a year. So, if you are thinking about building your own experience product, the enrollment period begins on October 17th and lasts until October 21st this year.

Get prepared, Experience Product Masterclass bonuses are coming soon!

I can honestly say that learning with Marisa Murgatroyd will be one unforgettable experience and don’t get me started on the experience you’ll create along the way with the help of one amazing, supportive surrounding!

The Experience Product Masterclass consists of 10 weeks filled with instructions and training. You’ll receive all the necessary tools to enhance the quality of your experience product.

One of the many great things this course offers is your personal, certified coach! When you start your training, you’ll get your experience product success coach that will help you through your journey.

So, no need to worry about uncertainties, you’ll have someone to answer all the questions you may have, help you and provide you with feedback.

During the course, you’ll collect Experience Points (XP) to keep track of your progress and honor your every achievement.

This approach will give you motivation and a positive incentive to complete the course and rock your experience product!

I divided the course into 5 core lessons:

  1. Your lightbulb moment
  2. Nailing your offer
  3. Crafting the perfect experience
  4. Experience marketing essentials
  5. Deliver the WOW

The lessons are very thorough. You’ll have tremendous amounts of learning material at your disposal, and if you’re committed, you’ll learn amazing things that can really, and I mean really change your life.

Especially if you’re just starting your business, or just crafting your first product.

The quality of the material is flawless, after all, Marisa Murgatroyd is one true artist when it comes to content!

The course also includes:

  • 90-minute live group laser coaching calls with Marisa personally
  • 3-hour break week laser Coachathons with Marisa
  • 90-minute group Implementation calls with our team of elite tech coaches 

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses Revealed

I look at this course as an investment not only worth making but an investment I would have regretted not making.

For this year’s students, I’ll cover some of the many benefits of this course and more info you can find in my Experience Product Masterclass bonuses review 2021!

Your Very Own Certified Success Coach

I’ve mentioned this a few times, but this is worth being repetitive about!

When you’re just starting anything new you are confused and overwhelmed with new information, maybe even shy to ask away some uncertainties, but Marisa has got you covered!

Having someone to introduce you to the process and answer your questions will be massive support that will only motivate you and bring greater results!

A New Approach to Product Creation

Why let your experience rot away? If it turned out valuable for you and if you can sum it up and teach it step-by-step, why not make a product out of it!?

A Wildly Experienced Coach, Great Team, and a Massive Support System

Marisa Murgatroyd is a genius when it comes to content creation. By entering the Experience Product Masterclass you’ll have access to the private Facebook group where you’ll find amazing people to share experiences with, provide feedback and support.

Marisa and her amazing team created Xperiencify – a great platform for creating online courses and boosting the engagement of your students!

Visible Material

You’ll get heaps of material. Every lesson is thorough. The quality of the video training is amazing!

Gamified, Mega-Efficient Course

The course used gamification to engage your brain 100% in the course. The course is full of mini-achievements that will release dopamine.

It has a psychological background with the goal of motivating students and driving them straight to success.

Also, the course isn’t as time-consuming. You’ll have time for your everyday life, so nobody will suspect that you’re completing a raving transformation!

The No-Risk “You’ll Make $2,000 in 12 Weeks,” Guarantee

You literally have nothing to lose! You’re protected by the guarantee above, which means if you do not make the $2,000 in 12 weeks Marisa will pay you. Although you need to put the effort in, and if you do, I’m sure that you will make even more!

Amazing bonuses

Marisa offered some amazing bonuses you can check out below!

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses

And finally, let’s move on to the amazing Experience Product Masterclass bonuses! Marisa Murgatroyd really went all out!

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses – 1:

Your very own personal Experience Product Success Coach

You won’t be going through this journey alone! Marisa Murgatroyd has prepared a certified success coach for every student!

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses – 2:

Sales for superheroes

This is a 3 module course that will help you learn the art of one-on-one selling without having to feel like “that pushy salesperson”. Grab a cape and rock your sales!

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses – 3:

Speak! How to use talks and webinars to grow your business

How to turn your prospects into adoring fans? How to keep your audience interested and engaged? Well, through talks and webinars, of course! Marisa Murgatroyd will share her wisdom on retaining your members.

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses – 4:

The Profitable Product Idea Challenge and Student Success Challenge Bundle

If you don’t have that big idea yet, this will be of assistance. The Idea Challenge is designed to channel your thoughts into one great idea rather than 20 mediocre ones or none at all.

The Student Success Challenge Bundle will help you experience any product and set up automatic sales and referrals. This will boost your student success rate drastically!

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses – 5:

Two tuition waivers to Live your Message Live (virtual edition)

Join Marisa in the virtual edition of Live Your Message Live and engage in various ways to get your message across and make a living out of it.

Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses – 6:

3-month growth account on the Xperiencify platform

You’ll get a 3-month full version of Xperiencify for free. Use it wisely!

SUPER BONUS: Done-for-you membership site on Xperiencify

If you think you won’t have time to get everything done for launching your new product, don’t worry! Marisa Murgatroyd and her amazing team are going to create a membership site in Xperiencify for you! YES, IT’S TRUE.

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Experience Product Masterclass Review 2021

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