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  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you for posting your article. Very informative piece and effective graphics bringing a chuckle amidst the serious nature of the topic. As a new CS author, I published my first book “Finding Simple Again, A Memoir” in April, a week before professional services closed. I am proud of the outcome and glad I maintained creative license. Understanding that I was jumping into a rabbit hole, or more like a crevasse, I’m now attempting to morph from a writer publicist, make appearances under my pen name, and remain calm after my “ta-da moment went largely unacknowledged. After four years of petal to the metal and ignoring my family,I’m pretty sure I qualify as an “expert writer” as defined by Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour. To what end? Woah is me. Oh well. I know I’m not alone. Good thing my insurance pays my therapy co-pay-no joke! Since I am a twenty- five year professional counselor veteran, it’s been rocket science to find find one as competent as me. By the way, I’m also an “expert’ therapist. I’ve never steered away from a challenge , including as a first time bungee jumper 440 foot over the Nevis River Valley, the highest in NZ / top 10 in world btw. A breeze compared to selling my book! I do have 4 5 star reviews on Amazon, one person that I don’t know, a consolation prize, Can you tell I like to write. This is my morning practice, often accomplished on my FB post photo stories while I’m idling to figure out the second book and how to do it. Plus, I supposedly am finding Simple Again, I don’t wish to go down as a hypocrite. Hey! My second book could be “finding simple sucks but it’s better than staying stuck. onward!” anecdotal stories by overtaxed-humorist wanna-be adventure photojournalist by Amy Mckay Butler -oops! I mean, Adeline Lindstrom- ok, I jumped into another rabbit hole of dysfunctional family-please please don’t sue me. Ha! Maybe I provided a little entertainment- either through laughing with me or laughing at me-in desparatism. Oh yeah. I’m an expert at that too. Ha! Excuse the likely typos, I lost my bifocals and I suck at typing. See ya- if you wish to find me on LinkedIn. 🙂

  2. Thank you for a very informative, timely, and relevant essay–especially this:

    “If you knew how few people work in the Kindle division, you would be shocked”

    — 99% of the work “is handled by bots and algorithms”

    “Authors get kicked off the platform without a single touch from a human”

    “They can’t find out what they did wrong and they have no one to reach out to when the ban is in error.”

    Reviewers also get kicked off. Since 2002, I’ve reviewed books, gadgets, bedding, kid stuff, you name it, but Amazon recently erased EVERY single review I’d written over 17 years, and I had not kept back-up copies. My offense? Amazon’s response:

    “… your Customer Content violated our guidelines and Conditions of Use.
    We won’t reinstate your posting permissions for this account….
    I’m sorry we haven’t been able to address your concerns to your
    satisfaction. However, we won’t be able to offer any additional insight or action on this matter.”

    If I knew what my offense was, I’d apologize and take my lumps.

    The punishment does not fit the crime.

    SEVENTEEN YEARS, hundreds of reviews, FLUSHED.