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Step Two: Creating an Opt In Form the Free Way

UPDATE – Do this in 5 Seconds Using ConvertKit (scroll down)

The ability to connect with your readers is crucial.  Letting someone visit your blog and then fade away into the ether is a classic mistake of the new blogger.  Many people would become your fan if you would simply let them.  Without a point of connection, they will forget about you by tomorrow.  People have short attention spans.

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to become your fans and connect with you.  Don't hide your social media or force people through an awkward contact form process to reach you.  If you sign up to any of my forms, you immediately get an email from me.  If you reply to it, I'll see it!  Simple and amazing.


You need to sign up for an autoresponder.  You can choose Aweber or Getreponse.  They both have free trials.

There are other choices out there, but these are the two best.  Just choose the one that you like the look of more.  They will both get the job done and deliver excellent results.  I have been using both of them for almost a decade now and I'm very pleased.

Once you've signed up for your free trial, you want to create one list.  This only takes 10 seconds and give it the same name as your blog.  For example, my list is called “servenomaster.”  My list for people who buy my book is called “servenomasterbook.”  Simple is better so that you know what you mean.




Install Your Form on Your Site


Now we want to get your form onto the page at the top right.  Just like you see here, on this website.

install opt in form on sidebar


Step 1 – Get Your Code


Take this piece of code and copy it to your clipboard.  You can just click the blue “copy” button to do this.

Step 2 – Find your Sidebar

sidebar widget

In side of your wordpress dashboard, you want to find the Widgets.

Start out at

This link is your websites control panel that you can only see when you log in.

On the left hand side you will see the Appearance button.  Hover over that and Widgets becomes visible.

Click on Widgets.

Step 3 – Find the Text Box and drag to your sidebar

wordpress text widget

Hover your mouse over the word “Text.”  Click and hold your mouse.  Drag the white box over to the top of your sidebar.

Step 4 – Paste in Your Code

sidebar javascript

Different WordPress themes will have different sidebar configurations.  Once you move the text box, you simply and paste in the code from your clipboard. Click the save button and you've done it!

Create Your Sidebar Form with ConverKit

This process is even faster with ConvertKit.

1. Install the ConvertKit WordPress plugin

convertkitinstallplugin2. Create Your Form in ConvertKit

convertkitnewform3. Get Your WordPress Embed Code

convertkitwordpressembedcode4. Add to Your Sidebar (no confusing html or javascript needed.


5. Looks Great!


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