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SNM026: Build a Brand with a Bestseller

Launching a bestseller is the best way to start or solidify your brand.  When you publish a book, you demonstrate your excellence in the market and your audience will stand up and take notice.

Powerful Qualities

Most people can't finish a project.  The world is full of authors and script writers who have an unfinished manuscript buried somewhere on their hard drive.  They dream of entering the crowd they have always dreamed of.  When people will pay for your words, then you must be excellent.  Doors open and people want to work with you.

Eternal Rockstar

We all want to be a rock star or an actor, but as we get older those dreams fade away.  People never give up their dream of becoming a successful author.  You can tell your story and form a real connection with your audience.

Don't wait to become famous.  Emily Dickinson only published a dozen poems in her lifetime, but after her death over 1,800 poems were found.  She waited too long.

Build a Series

It's hard to get a reader to a new book, but it's very easy to get your fans to read your second book.  Focus on a single area to expand and demonstrate your expertise.  You can turn books into a real business that generates more revenue than your day job.

The Housepainting Author

You can turn your blue collar business into a seven-figure business – raise your rates, get on television, and take your business to the next level.  You don't need to be a professor or a scientist to write a book that people want to read.

Key Points:

  1. Launching a Book Isn't Hard
  2. You can Accelerate Any Business or Career
  3. Take action and change your destiny

Resources Mentioned:

Emily Dickinson

Girl Gets Ring


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  1. This is a passionate and solid explanation of how and why becoming a best-selling author opens opportunities you may not have even imagined. It is a solid business move towards building your brand and being thought of incredibly positively. Writers no longer have to depend on Random House or Doubleday to become best selling authors. Jonathan shows how to do it yourself on Amazon and get all the perks.

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