SNM026: Build a Brand with a Bestseller

Launching a bestseller is the best way to start or solidify your brand.  When you publish a book, you demonstrate your excellence in the market and your audience will stand up and take notice.

Powerful Qualities

Most people can’t finish a project.  The world is full of authors and script writers who have an unfinished manuscript buried somewhere on their hard drive.  They dream of entering the crowd they have always dreamed of.  When people will pay for your words, then you must be excellent.  Doors open and people want to work with you.

Eternal Rockstar

We all want to be a rock star or an actor, but as we get older those dreams fade away.  People never give up their dream of becoming a successful author.  You can tell your story and form a real connection with your audience.

Don’t wait to become famous.  Emily Dickinson only published a dozen poems in her lifetime, but after her death over 1,800 poems were found.  She waited too long.

Build a Series

It’s hard to get a reader to a new book, but it’s very easy to get your fans to read your second book.  Focus on a single area to expand and demonstrate your expertise.  You can turn books into a real business that generates more revenue than your day job.

The Housepainting Author

You can turn your blue collar business into a seven-figure business – raise your rates, get on television, and take your business to the next level.  You don’t need to be a professor or a scientist to write a book that people want to read.

Key Points:

  1. Launching a Book Isn’t Hard
  2. You can Accelerate Any Business or Career
  3. Take action and change your destiny

Resources Mentioned:

Emily Dickinson

Girl Gets Ring


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Using power books to build a brand on today's episode the native sodas brought to you by fresh books accounting and bookkeeping mistakes destroyed thousands of small businesses every single day bookkeeping doesn't have to be hard turned the number one invoicing software for small businesses start for free\freshman are you tired of dealing with the loss you want to do appreciate you want to make it online and start leaving the retirement dreams now lifeways well no matter open new revenue streams and make money wonderfully presented live celibacy by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your home as a child I was always fascinated with authors the way so write a story so powerful that I could see it in my mind all of my favorite authors was so fascinated with their ability to create these stories and I wondered how could someone get a message out into the world that other people could understand desire experience and even want to pay for was amazing to me when I wrote my first book wrote a little digital pamphlet that I stole from a website when my old blogs was only 20 or 30 pages my dream was to sell 10 copies I just wanted to see if 10 people will be interested enough in what I had to say actually pay for 10 copies how amazing and then my goal was to attend was so hundred and than 1000 as someone who's now sold hundreds of thousands of books was really experienced a bit of success I've written books of people sell for 57 $97 it's amazing to think that my words are that valuable and it's exciting when people find out what I do the treat me differently based on my description if someone meets me and I tell them I'm an Internet marketer is a little bit of interest if so meet me I tell them that I'm a writer they're more interested while your writer what you do if I tell the author then they're very fascinating if I seem a best-selling author wow it's like being a movie star people react to me like I'm a celebrity they've never read one of my books he never heard of me but they still react differently being a best-selling author says a lot about you and says that I've written a book and someone else a third party has verified the quality of my work the best-selling part is external it's an excellent judgment from someone else and adds a lot of validity people respond to bestsellers in a very powerful and dynamic way they respect you more they think you're smarter than you think you're a little bit better the same way we think about movie stars we think about authors and people who write books and people have the ability to create words many people most people have a celebrity fantasy people you want to be a politician who's famous a musician who is famous after his famous poor writer we want to be famous for creativity in our culture it's very revered we all have within us a little bit of desire and as we get older some of those fadeaway you can become successful author when you're 3040 5060 age doesn't matter so the desires always within people doesn't disappear when they're too old to be a pop band are too old to be in the movies you can still have that desire people will respond to in a new and dynamic way having a book is the centerpiece of your band having a book as a centerpiece of your message and a best-selling book that a book that successfully people read and enjoy it's very powerful and begins to tell them your story it demonstrates some very crucial qualities about you the first is that you have the ability to start and finish a project 99.999% of people who start a book never finish it the same for people to write scripts and mention this in previous podcast it's fascinating to me when someone tells me they've written the script but it's not finished if you restaurant and order a meal they don't say all I could do dinner but it's only half done we don't consider most projects finished until the completed we'll get the credibility fourth until it's done for me if someone says they soul descriptive written script and I assume they've sold it as soon as it's finished it's completely the finalists were that many people do want to take a little bit of the glory of having earned yet the same for writers everyone I meet as a writer I haven't met someone in a very long time doesn't tell me that their writer yet it almost never meet people who finished a book and of those who finished it have released it in the wild is even less any people finish a book and put it in a drawer there's people who die in the five 1314 novels in a drawer somewhere I believe Emily Dickinson thousands of homes many many poems and a look of the exact number put in the show notes but many many poems of hers were found until after death sometimes we don't become a celebrity until after were gone because of the fear of releasing into the wild when you have a book out there that's been successful you demonstrated you can complete a project you've demonstrated that you completed to a level of professionalism the of the conference to put in the wild that people will pay to hear you have to say every time so buys a copy of my book it feels very good it makes me feel validated I've written dozens of bestsellers more than 30 might be more than 49 don't currently track everything all the different time to get bestsellers about tracking every single day does once you get it 10 times it becomes just the thing when someone buys my new book my server master but because it's my personal story my personal journey it means a lot to me my first books my first dating novels that were really successful my girl gets ran which help women to succeed her relationships go from single to engage in cover that really important part of relationship journey I caught a lot of personal stories in that book it had a lot have a lot of me and it but servo master is 100% my voice 100% my journey it's really something that burst from within my soul to get validation is very meaningful to me when other people see that about my brand when they see that you have a book you've written that you build your business around that represents your voice that says something about the weather you've written a whole over just chapter part of the book to get started when you have that validation they see that you're someone who has wisdom has a story to tell has a story that other people will pay to hear it changes how people respond to you there are so many good qualities from someone who was able to complete this type of project and the value is then passed on to you can add links and logos are social media profile to your resume to all the parts of your life to add an even as building a party or business once you become a bustling author you're in some rarefied air interlude special and as your success grows your specialist gross their people around me in my orbit right now I'm in that free project dance a little communication phase where you wait for the other person say the number first one of the people I'm in that dance with is constantly look at my book on Amazon every time he sees it there he thinks he has to make a bigger offer to meet affect how he perceives my value was very high from something that I'm an expert at people perceive something they don't understand as amazing just like there are scientists who understand how to put a rocket on the moon for them it's easy it's like sneezing to me is unbelievably amazing oftentimes the things were experts at other people find amazing and that's what's really wonderful so you express yourself and the world been successful when you build a brand around that when you build a brand around your best-selling novel your first best-selling book you can then launch into several different amazing directions you can create a series of books to follow on to it when you have one book on Amazon are in Barnes & Noble's in the bookstore every reader has to be a brand-new reader you're constantly recruiting new readers to generate revenue when you have two books you will need to keep the reader it's not nearly as hard to get someone rebooked to a series as it is you can rebook one this is why most science fiction writers do a series of 1018 1230 books before they start the second series it's hard to get people to jump from one series into another it's very easy to get and read a continuation of the series user would make it for your audience to follow you the better even if you're writing nonfiction you can create a series of 10 2030 books or on similar subjects and people will sometimes just click the button say by all number like a modest by all very wonderful this is one of the ways you can use your initial strong brand to build something out and move another direction you could also make a centerpiece of your website your PR campaign using other media elements when you have a best-selling book when you have a book on Amazon it's 10 times easier to get on the radio it's 10 times easier to get on local television it's 10 times easier to get guest posting spots on other blogs you now have a bit of authority instead of being a random voice in the wild that sends an email into website thank you Dr. write a guest post for you you now have a little something little verification for authenticity they can look at something you've written out there in the world people are paying for and use it to assess you it's a very powerful tool to grow your business in ways other than just the Internet if you're a local business guy maybe you're just a local small business owner or painter write a book about painting write a book about the art of the house. Write a book about different techniques for people who want to paint the house themselves when you are a good painter amazing how and the best thing author about house painting you can raise your prices 1020 30% very quickly you can raise rate also can use that to get appearances on television local media will be fascinated by the hometown hero house painter who became a bustling author all this Free Press this free promotion is re-commercials for house painting business Philip your schedule raise rate for your business it's amazing how businesses that have nothing to do with writing can thrive the power of having a book as part of your brand some the people I've worked with high-level executives out of work when they have a book out there that says their best-selling author the phone starts to ring is to get those messages is amazing interviews and it's wonderful to help that happen wonderful to see the power of that wherever you want to go in life it's an asset and accreditation after we graduate college we very rarely get new additions to our resumes we had different jobs he worked at different experience have new awards now you can have a little feathered and your hat you can use being a best of optically powerful connections as you connect with and meet other authors as you communicate with other people that are successful in business their people that I do business with in different niches different sectors that I work on for 10 or hundred times were successful to be in that niche when they see a best selling author in that subject they seem is an equal they don't do 991% split the two 50-50 with me on the next project you can add authority and massively increase your perceived value what people pay you you've demonstrated something really special about you books build a brand that people understand the people can connect with the people admire and feel real with and you can use a book to grow any type of business you're working on it's very powerful so much of my business is built around writing and that's why have a passion for yes I do a lot of video work I make a lot of video courses people don't see me in the same way videos cool unless you're in a movie or lesser in an infomercial a book is more powerful a book on Amazon a book released in the wild book has public credibility the world at large controls your sales and controls reviews that something special whatever direction you want to take your business you can open new doors with a powerful book a lot of what I teach about a lot of rebels even is finding ways to make money before you buy anything from me I teach that in my book which is whether several ways to make back the cost of the book before you do anything else I want you to recoup every investment you make for me I don't want you to buy course for me lesser to make the money back I never tell people to borrow money or use a credit card I never want anyone to do that I'm a big believer in building your business and making revenue first in a couple of the streams I talked to previous episodes one of the as I love talking about is getting work as a writer adding work writing blog posts writing articles writing books for other people when you write that first book for yourself release into the wild and it successful that becomes your resume I've had many writers approach me looking for work when I post an ad for work I always have more writing work that I can personally handling always behind because I have so much were coming and it's only projects I'm excited by I could honestly hire 10 full-time writers right now to work with me I've that much were coming in so so so busy that love is love using my own voice I love having books like measles hard for me to push away all those projects when I'm looking for an author the often send me a book the favorite and it's on Amazon and the simulator Amazon book it's got two reviews in the both one star reviews you have a really bad resume when you do that which is why you want to follow everything or share with you so far you want to publish a book in the right way you want to make sure the editing is perfect that's why I say over and over again run everything through Graham really all the books I released before I started using grimly to go back to them and tighten them up again to make them even better better better it's a very powerful tool that will double or triple the quality of your writing L to avoid some of those brutal bad grammar bad spelling reviews couldn't afford an editor therefore their terrible 49ers big challenge most of us can do it spending $5000 on editor $3000 and editor for a book or you might not make that back for six or 12 months that's brutal that's too much risk enter cost more than every other part of the process this is way to bypass that when you go out looking for ghostwriting work and you have a book that's been done the rightly written phone ways I've shared with you that's arty been a bestseller that has some really positive reviews have had some good response may do little bit of money you can change your rate get paid for since were -8678 10 you could double or triple your income as a writer recently I talked about how to get paid before you do any work that was the last episode so you go back one episode I talk about becoming a local consultant where people give you money before you even learn how to do what you're selling them is how I started my first business I sold SCO services I use the first paycheck to learn how to do it and I delivered amazing results for the client I worked so hard because I was so grateful the day she had the check I had no idea what I was gonna do I just knew that I could learn it I believed myself enough and does want to do whatever it took to make it happen when you add being a best-selling author of the mix we ought even just being an author on a book that limited credibility you can put a book on Amazon explaining everything you know about a subject it doesn't have to be that successful slows the book is well-written the content is strong you could put the book up for $.99 and direct people to you can just tell them check out my book you can really see what I'm all about the reeded get a real understanding few realize you understand your field and in the higher you $.99 book can get you 23 $5000 month client not only am I dentist I wrote the book about being a tent is not only my local consultant but I wrote the book about building a local consulting business I'm the expert that other people my field come to learn how to do it I was in college there was this DJ and he was famous in a very strange way he was one of those DJs who made records of every other Gigi Woodbine use so he was famous to other DJs but not famous as much a world out loud to the world at large I went to see the DJ New York it was one of those amazing adventures my life and my guitar the entire story out such a crazy night I had no idea that he was a DJ to date gay club so that was a big surprise my first time in York by myself find this random club I just want to see this DJs DJ crazy night one of the most wonderful and adventurous nights of my life is full of surprises full of amazing crazy surprises but he is so respected because he's the DJs DJ that's what many of my friends call this amazing DJ very fascinating when people see you as the dentist other people go to for wisdom when people see with the local consultant's book other people read you have a level of 40 that the above and beyond anything else imagine the actor who wrote the book other actors read to learn how to become actors of course and with respect you have this level of authority changes everything it adds this cachet to your personality creates this level of respect will help you grow your business in any direction I'm a big believer in expressing your voice you don't have to sit down at a keyboard to type with your hands to write a book I have entire lessons blog posts the previous podcast right explain and teach you exactly how you can simply record yourself talking and convert that into an amazing book you can just chat for two hours and have enough words for a book it's that simple as that is itself powerful this is the technique this is the tool you want to use as the foundation of your business many people especially marketers and people in the online marketing industry they build an entire empire and then after they been successful 67 years later they write their book to be the cherry on top and it's a vanity piece why wait until the end of your journey when it has the least value using at the beginning making a tool to begin your journey is very very powerful it makes life so much easier to start the journey on the road when I was facing my first book from Amazon without my first book I would listen and it took me two years to the conference to release it if I could get those two years back I would do anything I when I think about where my life would be right now if I had a waste of those two years I had this book sitting on a hard drive nothing I left money on the table simply because I got distracted got busy got a little bit nervous whenever excuse I want to make I made a foolish decision is no reason to wait the sooner put your book up sooner and starts making money the sooner you get a little bit more freedom the sooner you can use it as an asset to grow your business when you take your book and use my training use my techniques to go to the next level make an actual bestseller make a really successful project that's what amazing things can start to happen that's when you can really explode your business just having a book out that the successful that really has her message is very strong when it's also a bestseller you turbocharge every area of your life you go from I wrote a booklet and finish it I wrote a book and finish it I'm a writer I'm an author I'm a best-selling author that's the highest level in the hierarchy people often compare me two other authors who've written movies are 20 books and sold hundreds of millions of books simply because they see best-selling author is the same category I haven't sold anywhere near the same level books as those people but I am in the top 1% of writers very few writers sell more than 1000 copies of a book very few break 10,000 and almost none break hundred thousand I haven't had 1 million books but I sold more books than almost every other author out there it adds an amazing amount of credibility to me and it's probably wireless to you right now I don't just talk about writing selling releasing books it's what I do it's would feed my family feeds my kids my entire business is built around my book is the centerpiece of my business this podcast is not the centerpiece of my business this podcast is a way for me to engage and connect with you as much as possible to keep that connection after you read the book after you've seen some other parts of me so you can feel more interactive books often feel at one way to medication the centerpiece my business is not this podcast one day may shift to that as his podcast becomes more more popular most of my audience finds on Amazon and then ends up on this podcast is a follow on this is where we can keep communicating and I can help build on some of those ideas you may find one part of the book is your favorite part and then you grab the podcast episodes that follow that part of the story you may only be interested in the travel tips in the witch of the world and how I forwarded I designed a tropical island so perhaps your favorite episode is simply episodes about medical abroad about finding ways to draw blood to the taxes and visas in government stuff when you travel world maybe those the most valuable her to that's okay centerpiece of my business is my book and adding into your business early whatever sect you're in will open up amazing doors for you make it easier to grow your business to help you get better job interviews help you get that raise help you become more interesting in every part you go to when you go to networking events ever was to talk to every interesting people who make 10 2050 times more money than you when they hear your best-selling author they want to know you have a piece of knowledge they want you become valuable and offered amazing opportunities you can answer raises asked for promotion leverage into better jobs get better client raise your rates grow your business grow your income that the amazing power of choosing a book to build your brand listening to this week's episode no master will never miss another episode be back next Tuesday report to doctors on how to escape that rep no now when you chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller no master all you have to do is leave the five don't you respond to Tuesday think you listed this episode of the cervical master podcast to me on my Facebook\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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