Announcing Your Free Kindle Promotion Days

It’s very important to generate as much traffic as possible when you run a Kindle promotion.

When launching a new book, you want to generate as much momentum as possible.

If you want a breakdown of my launch process, feel free to read Breaking Orbit.

WARNING: This List is in Flux

Kindle promotion websites, blogs, Facebook groups and email services change all the time.  This list will be out of date within a month of my posting it.

I will try to keep it up-to-date, but I depend on live and current feedback from people like you to let me know if a site dies or a new one pops up.

Just leave a comment below and I will continually update this page.

Software Options

KDRoi (fully automatic/pay once and use it forever)

Book Marketing Tools (semi-automatic/pay for every single submission)

Free Sites

Armadillo eBooks



Book Angel

Book Bongo

Book Circle

Book Lover’s Heaven

Book Pinning

Book Preview Club




Choosy Bookworm


Deal Seeking Mom

Digital Book Today

eBook Daily Deals

eBook Lister

eBook Mountain

eBooks Addict

eBooks Habit


eReader Cafe

eReader Love

eReader News Today

Free Book Club

Free eBooks Blog

Free eBooks Daily

Free eBooks For Me

Free Stuff Times


Freebies 4 Mom


Free Kindle 4 U

Frugal Freebies

Hunt 4 Freebies

I Crave Freebies

I Love eBooks

Indie Author News

Indie Book of the Day

Its Write Now

Kindle Books Promo

Korner Connection

Lovely Books

Mobile Reads



Penny Pinching Mom

People Reads

Read Cheaply

Reading Deals

Story Finds

The Daily BookWorm

Totally Free Stuff

Your Daily Ebooks

Zwoodle Books

Facebook Groups

Free Sites – Christian Books Only


Christian Book Readers

Christian Kindle News


Faithful Reads

Black Caviar

Book Goodies

Flurries of Words

Free Books Hub

Free Discount Books

Good Kindles

Ignite Your Book

Jungle Steals & Deals

Many Books

Place to Announce on the Day of Your Promotion

Book Hippo

Free Book Club


Snick’s List

World Literary Cafe

Twitter Hashtags on the Day of Your Promotion


2 thoughts on “Announcing Your Free Kindle Promotion Days”

  1. Thanks for including on your list of free sites to promote your “Free Days” promotion. We also list discounted eBooks. Let me know if I can help you promote Breaking Orbit.

  2. Hey Jonathan,
    I went through the free site list and found some duds (broken links/Norton warnings). They are:

    Book Pinning
    eBook Daily Deals
    eBook Lister
    eBooks Addict
    Free eBooks for Me (Norton Scam Warning)
    I Love eBooks (Goes to
    People Reads
    The Daily Bookworm
    Your Daily eBooks
    Zwoodle Books

    If I find anything else in the lists below I will let you know. 🙂

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