should you start a podcast

SNM045: Should You Start a Podcast

There are three main reasons that podcasts fail.  Plan for these in advance and you can put together a massive success.


Most podcasts slip in their delivery times.  They start off daily and slowly shift to weekly. A year later and they only put out once episode every other month.

This lack of consistency kills their audience and their following drifts away.


You realize that you forgot to record today's episode.  You look in your notebook and realize that you never planned the episode.  What will you do???

Lack of planning causes problems in the content.  Write out your show topics well in advance so you always have ideas ready to go.  Don't let writer's block kill your podcast…


There are a few tools that can make recording, editing and uploading your podcast a Breeze.  Don't let technology scare you off from this wonderful way to speak to your audience.

Key Points:

  1. Don't Get Overwhelmed
  2. It's possible to break free financially
  3. Lock in clear financial goals and we will achieve them together

Resources Mentioned:

Serve No Master on Amazon

Send in your questions to podcast [at] servenomaster [dot] com

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