SNM068: Backup Your Blog Before These FIVE Disasters Strike

I woke up to discover that my website had crashed.  Without a backup my life would have been over.

Without a backup my life would have been over.

As much security as you put on your website, at the end of the day, backups are more crucial.

It’s the unexpected problems that really kick you in the teeth.

The ten biggest times Vegas lost money had NOTHING to do with casino heists.

They spend all that money on security and they miss something else.

The old excuse of cost is no longer relevant.

You can backup your website every day for free now.

The software doesn’t cost a penny and takes five minutes to so set up.

And please don’t make this obvious mistake….

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Don’t think that you’re too small to get hacked.

Small websites get hit all the time; the majority of hacking is automated.

I’m too small to get hurt never protected anyone.

There are FOUR other ways your site can collapse before your eyes.

Don’t let your hard work go up in smoke.

You backup the document you spent only an hour on at work, host much more important is a website that you have poured so much love into?

Learn why you must backup your website and how to do it all on today’s episode.

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Key Points:

  1. Start improving your site now
  2. Don’t go plugin crazy
  3. Backup your site immediately

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Five reasons why you absolutely positively must backup your website on today's episode episode brought you by convert it to find out how convert can help you grow your business save money and increase relationship with your email list head over to\convert kit right now are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated to make it online to start living your retirement dreams now you come to the right place welcome to serve no master file to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house back I software programs that technology from your computer the overwhelming and the cost can be very prohibitive I know that when I look at different solution providing security for my website for different parts of my business I often have to balance the cost of that solution versus the cost of losing that website a cost of damage that website some of the current website software and security solutions are very expensive they're so expensive that I can't really afford to apply them to every part of my business certain security solutions are $300 per website if you have 45 website you not, thousands of dollars in just become so expensive and so perhaps if that you can't afford the top-of-the-line solutions and you really need to be in a position where you make the right choice and as much as having great security is a really good decision if that great security fails you lose the website and even if you're security everything goes fine any other type of glitch your website can still be damaged without it being a security breach for this reason when you're making the choice to start your business it's very important to start with backing up your website now when you first put your website you say just about big deal my websites are big enough it's not important enough there are enough people who want to hack my website those that want to hurt me I'm too much of a small fish a couple of years ago about two years ago this giant bop network develop a universal act for all websites built on the WordPress platform so they were able to automatically just a tech website after website after website is using brute force attacks we talk in several other episodes about how to protect yourself from exactly this type of attack but every single website that Heather logging on the same page was using admin as a username they got broken into it didn't matter if you're big Fred Fisher small fry they were attacking every website with a found where press with a certain version and he didn't update your backend quickly enough you became very vulnerable many many people who thought they would never pick me got hit simply because every single website in the world using WordPress got targeted was very mass targeting and there are couple of other reasons besides hacking is often the 1st° we say but let's be honest you never they bring packets to evil sounding it's too dark it's too specific why would someone choose to act me I'm not a big fish people usually would hack someone fake but not always as someone who's actually suffered from having act is very lucky it was on one of my less important websites was when my primary site cited act incident happened to one of my websites and then the putting hundreds of gigabytes of pornography using my IP address and they burned my IP address likens an email so that accounts in two different IP address abuse in the past got burned that way so what's the other IP address got damaged as well with another hosting company it's a known can receive my emails for a long time because a bunch of spam emails went out when they broke into my IP address the first reason you need to back up your site one we never think about but it's hosting the trail this what I experience more often than anything else I've actually been to host material through four times in my career this is where your house does something to damage your website and there is a wide spectrum of possibilities here at one end of the spectrum is when my website hacked they uploaded a bunch of photography that only owners a hosting company blame me and I said please stop back in there like it's your fault you should know how to reverse hack into other technological things I see this have a security team I pay you guys money to protect me in this light up enough money for us to protect you you pay just enough money for us to blame you and now the one you're such a hacker can take we access all of your websites that something very important to remember when I got hacked they cut off all my access I could even log in via FTP I could login to the backend I lost everything I was able to convince them to give me backup access for about 24 hours if I will unlock one thing for 25 to try back your stuff up in the near that's it and so I was able to smoke or titrate fight fight get backups and it was a very successful because my whole servant damaged lodgings were broken a running slow so even though they came like a safe access I couldn't really do backup stuff and when you do a backup a very common decision when you backup your website is to keep your backups on the same server you save yourself well my installations inside were present my backups in a separate folder most backup programs do this as the default but it's like leaving the key your house sitting in the front lock under the front that everyone can find it once someone has broken your site via WordPress it's very easy for them to hack into your FTP folders as well having your backup materials in the same place you have your main files pointless demise when a backup because the odds of you surviving most of these five different incidents slim you probably lose everything now hosting betrayals also I always say by your domains from no name cheap and hosts somewhere else whether the small orange with the subject's hosting to that I recommend or whether someone else is a simple to house that I had the best experience with even when you have a host with a good experience sometimes things where out at a certain point when my website got too big for a small orange work to the compass and it is a question of tech support they made a change to one of my files my website stopped working and they said no it's your fault I think I Stephanie her foot have a login in today's Rose is working Friday took two days off and come back Sunday nights not working and united something of the weekend I understand the part it was my folks I Speaking a different tech support guys they can making changes and stuff so it could happen it's not always intentional and when tech-support doesn't know what they've done and they're not all talk to each other right everything go bad now the mistake they made changes made were only affecting my big website which is way too big Susan's small normal website you are doing really advanced tech changes are smaller justified I still host with them so have multiple websites with but I know that in certain point your website can grow too big and that's what you gotta go W pics hosting anywhere else simply get to be way too expensive or the product of inferior you don't want either of those experiences hosting betrayal is pretty common one of the risks when you have your website hosted purchase the domain name in the same place that when they freeze your account Bill take everything that's why you want your posting and your domain ownership separated that if your hosting account gets attacked switch and deploy to a new hosting account in a matter of seconds using your backups so that we switch to another company and you don't lose anything but if it's both the same place you might lose that website name forever I know people that tap into that Some friends of mine and talk about people who are running seven-figure businesses to fight for the website that the lawsuits through a nightmare to try and get drug properties back all because they made this one small simple mistake and I have friends who still ignore my advice in the sales so much more convenient the process of connecting to websites and have a blog post walks you through it is about 30 seconds to two minutes I just said the blog post when my coaching client yesterday and she did it two minutes and she's very much an experience with technological stuff so very man's complicated it's not even someone who is very much a neophyte to the backend of websites they learned two minutes and this will most important steps you can take to protect your business to future proof your business because if you leave your hosting and your domain ownership in the same place sometimes your backup becomes irrelevant because you lost control of your website and they won't give it back they lock you out of your account this can happen if you get email hacked and their sending spam emails to Rick Happen if people send complaints about emails or sending out when you send out spam emails from you website hosting company supposed to shut down this part of the ICANN spam Apartments is a US law thing there supposed to freeze your account the post to stop you from sending out emails now let's say a simple syrup websites contact hackers break and they start sending out spam emails because they broken into your account and this is very very very common I know people who do that for living okay I know people who use black hat stolen website IP is to set up spam emails to make a living it's dark but it's reality so someone is there broken your website or sending out spam you will people start complaining website host shuts you down you've now been hacked even robbed you been violated and the people you thought were you to protect you have turned against you to protect themselves and you've lost your website forever you can't save emails that come in the because the complaint when he did by emails you sent doesn't matter this movie is really into second is the back of your site which is getting hacked there are two types of hacks there is the stealth pack when they want to sneak in and use your server for nefarious purposes as part of a bot network to attack other servers to send out emails or to send out in my experience hundreds of gigabytes but I didn't even understand that Hackett and understand what they were doing I didn't understand the purpose of it or whatever they were just pumping huge quantities of porn another website those are the three experiences that I've had personally dealt with personally now if you're lucky and they do a stealth back in there just using your website a set of emails that your permission you won't lose the main website oil discoveries you just have to close up the loophole however they broken and your main files are destroyed your lucky crazes as your lucky think it will tax whether simply stealing resources far worse is a malicious act which is where they go in and erase all of your WordPress backup file image files everything as part of a joke as part of a prank or prove they can not only is this done by individuals instead by organizations that get together they have had competitions this was to much fun they can have messing with people's hobbies and hurting people they will see if they can hurt as many people as they can sometimes they specifically target smaller or personal blogs simply to see if they can hurt regular people make him feel that also there's a great deal of state-sponsored the exact same kind with a target competitors if you blog about democracy in certain countries better believe that there was any kinship on your website if you blog about politics there are great many people that will actively work against you especially if you're on the wrong side of the politics for that particular country even if you don't live there they do have professional packers there are definitely military units for different militaries around the world are all pure hackers really, they go into a cyber, maybe you'll never get targeted and maybe you won't but the risk is high so when I look at the danger of something there's two things to look at when you're factoring how important is it to prepare for church or type situation you look at the odds of that happening in the amount of devastation will cause if it's 1 million but will completely and your business or your family forever and because your family to not be able to eat and lose your home yes the risk is low but the punishment and the result is so big we want to take action River hacking is just one of the reasons you want to backup your website the third reason is bad employee I hire workers to work on my website all the time now I hire them through third-party websites are very rare hi people one on one but sometimes I do I always before hiring someone make off-site backup that they can get to so that if they go in and destroy everything if they going to make a massive mistake on accident if they going and it turned out they lied on the resume which I've dealt with they don't know what they're doing and they made things worse and they don't fix it I can reverted because if you hire someone who does know what they're doing they go in and make a few changes with SCO personal are attacked personally or try to change and imaged as I think they going to make a bunch of mistakes you then have to pay someone else to fix it unless you have a backup also we all have got the expense we had to let someone go it stinks but it's true I recently had a Lakota employee in the past few months I kept a play on for probably month-long relation of I just Try to find some way to not fire this person because I don't like when people go I said can you try this case try that and he were eight different things and Try This Would Try That One Challenge She Just Kept For No Matter What I Would Ask You to Do Should Always Do 40% of the Task at Best I Can Never Get to Do the Complete Job I Find This a Look I've Tried and Tried and I Should've Fired You Month Ago I Did Want to Fire You Can a New Job I Don't like Fine People but You No Matter What Ask You to Do You Never Do It You Are and I Don't Know If It's Because You're Incapable of Completing a Task or What It Is but I Just Can't Pay You and Not Finish the Job And When You Let an Employee Go They Often Still Have Different Levels of Access May Be Still No Summary or Passwords Sometimes an Ex-Employee Even When You Let Them Go the Nicest Way Possible or Say Look I Simply Can't Afford to Keep You Anymore My Skintight Things Are Slowing down Matter What You Say Some of These Employees Will Want to Go Back and Do As Much Damage As a Kid on the Way out I've Seen This Happen in Real Businesses Physical Businesses My Friend Was Working at Store in the Mall I Was in College and I Watched Him I Was Last in the Job Steal As Much As He Could Fit into His Back It Is Loaded up His Backpack with All the Best Stuff He Could Still from the Storms Walked Right out I Was Surprised That Never Seen Someone Do That before but Again When He's the Person Who's in Charge of Store Security Is the Manager but It's His Last Day Boys Don't Know Today We Walked out so Fast They Were Just Confused Some People Do It When They Leave They Think Oh This Employer Didn't Do Me Right They Owe Me Something and so They Will Steal Stuff from You They Will Damage Stuff The Odds of This Happening Again Are Quite Low Still If It Happens So Much Trouble The Fourth Problem Is Dumb Dumb Mistakes We All Make Dumb Dumb Mistake Sometimes Is Employed Sometimes It's Us Sometimes I'm Working on Something on My Website and It Does Not Work I Make It Worse The More You Work for Yourself the More You Learn about Working on Tweaking Testing Changing Parts of Your Website the More You Learn How the Technology Works and Sometimes You'll Do Things That Make a Mistake One of My Coaching Clients Very Recently Made a Mistake As Far As A Tiny Change And the Theme If All the Instructions They Said He Made a Slow Change An Entire Website Shut down Is Freaking out I've Done It before As Well Very Recently I Shipped on My Website and It Took Me Three or Four Hours to Figure out What Was Causing the Problem To Figure out Which Thing Was Glitching Happens Here and There Certain Plug-In Sometimes Conflict with Certain Other Plug-Ins Or Different Things in Your Backend When an Update Comes out Suddenly We Go in and Try to Make These Changes in Things Income before Start Glitching And When You Do an Update Which Is Reason Number Five to Back up Your Site When You Do an Update for Your Word Press Insulation for Your Themes or for Your Plug-Ins The Website Goes into Maintenance Mode Now Most of the Time Maintenance Mode Only Lasts for Three or Four Seconds Almost None of Your Customers Will See Any Customer Loaded up a Page before or after Maintenance Mode Will Never See But If You Attempt to Visit a WordPress Site During an Update During Those Few Critical Seconds Where It's Uploaded The New Update and It's Now Applying It Worth Replacing A Few Files and That Kind of Stuff It Says Maintenance Mode Now If Your Update Glitches Your Website Can Get Frozen Maintenance Mode This Hasn't Happened Me for A While Had Happened Me in the past And They Probably Have Changed The Way It Happens So the People You Frozen Update Mode As Much Anymore but I've Deftly Had Happened Where I Was Doing and Uploaded Update and Something Froze in the Server My Interconnection Cut for Second In the Website Get Frozen Update Mode and You Have To Go and Find Through FTP and It's Very Technical to Dictate What File and Delete It and Reset Your Website It's Not Easy to Do They Probably Need a Little Simpler Now but Still When You're Updating Anything Can Go Wrong I Recently Whether Series of Updates and It Messed up the Login Page to My Membership Site So I Do Repay the Guy Who Designed the Login Page Because the Coating Was a Little beyond What I Move the Deal Was CSS Stuff Which I'm Not Very Good at And Have Them Go Back and Do It Because the Update Had Lost It for Me and Now I Figured out That Have To Make Sure He Does Work Using a Child Theme or Plug-In so That Separate from the Main Installation so Any Other Pits Will Destroy It But Something Got Broke Enough I'd Revert to My Backup Everything Women Working Again So All of These Are Different Reasons Whites Absolutely Critical to Backup Your Website and Their Two Main Backup Tools That I Recommend Right Now They're Both Free Which Is Nice Surprise Ending I'm Sure You Thought That His Podcast Was Time to Talk about Spending Big Bucks on Your Backup Solution Right Now Far As I Can See None of the Paid Solutions Are Better Than the Free Solutions I Know It's Crazy That I'm Saying That I Used Used Two Different Paint Solutions for Both of Them Stopped Working Just Terrified There Still for Sale but If You Look at the Reviews People Are Screaming Because They Back up Their Websites Using These Tools and They Didn't Work There We'll Talk More and More about Backup Being in a Future Update Future Episodes What You Want to Be Sure You Test Your Updates to See That They Actually Work Making a Backup Is Great but If You Try to Deploy Or Use It and Doesn't Work Your Time Is Wasted in a Do That To Test a Backup You Have To Create a Sandbox on Your Website on Your Computer like a Fake Website And It's Pretty Complicated When My French Admitted to It And You Create This Pseudo-Website and Sandboxing and Then You Install the Files to See If It Actually Works That's the Process That the Two Plug-Ins That I Use That I Recommend Once Caught up Draft Cluster What Is Called Duplicator Right Now I've Switched MOC's Updraft Lust The Reason I like It Is It Allows Me to Automatically Update Every Week And Semi-Updates to a Remote Server You Can Update to Dropbox to Update to Who Will Drive You Can Send Your Updates to A Lot Of Different Places Not Just Directly in Your System Having Worked with Duplicator It's Pretty Good for Smaller Websites But Again Because I Was Has Gotten so Big Every Time I Want to Make an Update I Was Having Problems And the Way It Generates Updates We Have a Really Big Update and You Don't Have Huge Traffic to Constantly Paying the Update Sometimes Updates Will Timeout or Fail For Smaller Websites for A Lot Of My Small Websites in the past I've Used Duplicator There Both Free Want to Set up Your System Very Simply to Update At a Frequency That Matches How Often You Do Updates If You Write One Blog Post Week Then You Need to Update Once a Week If Your Writing Three Blog Posts a Day You Very Much Might Want to Backup Every Single Day Just Decide How Many Blog Post You're Willing to Lose When You Next Have a Crash or Something Catastrophic Happens If You Don't Mind Losing Weeks Worth of Work Either Because You're Only Doing One Blog Post a Week or Any Other Is Such Once a Week You Can Set Their Frequency You Can Set up to Update As Often As You Want until Having Backups to Keep You Can Say Update Me Every Day and Keep Backups for 30 Days That's a Pretty Simple Way to Do It That's How Most Corporations Handle Their Backups And Then You Can Also Say Keep One Monthly Backup Going Back for A While One of the Reasons to Keep Older Backups Is Because Sometimes You Will Discover That You Act A While Ago Didn't Catch It for A While This Could Happen The Backups Have Hacking As Well and so This Is a Way to Bypass That And We Have Multiple Backups Sometimes Your Server Files Are Damaged but Your Episode Content As a Separate File so You Can Merge An Older Backup of All of Your Website Design Stuff It's a Backup That Just Has Your Blog Post and That Way You Can Create Something a Little Bit of Frankenstein but It's Much Easier to Repair Website That Way At Least That We Sell Your Content to Both More Complicated but This Is Why You Absolutely Positively Must Start Backing up Your Website Thank You for Listening to This Week's Episode No Master Make Sure You Subscribe so You Never Miss Another Episode Will Be Back Tomorrow with More Tips and Tactics on How to Escape the Rat Race Head over to Serve No Now for Your Chance to Win a Free Copy of Jonathan's Bestseller Serve No Master All You Have To Do Is Leave a Five Star Review of This Podcast See You Tomorrow You Just Listen to Another Amazing Episode of the Serve No Master Podcast Make Sure to Subscribe We Back Tomorrow with Another Amazing Episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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