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  1. I thought about selling services through arbitrage, but just moved to the next program. I am ready to write my action plan because I have been out of work for for months and just received a job this past Friday.

  2. Hi Jonathan, I already know I need USD 3000 a month to replace my present in come. I also know I prefer copywriting in the short term and bestselling author in the long term.

    God bless and good luck in the new year.

    Keith Headley

  3. Great post! Inspired me to think how I can use my existing expertise and skills to leverage into immediate work online. Also inspired me into action about what new skill sets I want and need to learn moving into my “serve no master” life style!


  4. Jonathan, I love Serve No Master, Breaking Orbit, & joining the tribe. Your books are igniting my desire to provide better for my family & for myself.

    I love the message, & I’m still here. Thanks for the inspiration.