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SNM188: Affiliate Mistakes Can Lead You Hemorrhaging Money


What are the biggest mistakes people make with Affiliate Marketing and how you can avoid them? Let’s find out.

When dealing with Affiliate marketing there are many ways you can start. It’s might not seem so complicated to promote the products you already love and use, right? And it’s really not so complicated once you learn how to avoid the mistake people tend to do very often.

Mistake #1: High abandoning rate is something that happens very often. It is important to know that you are a businessman who is doing business, so you can’ t take it personally when someone unsubscribes from your mailing lists. The truth is that it’s probably nothing personal, they are either cleaning up their inbox or have chosen to lead a different lifestyle.

Mistake #2 I found out early on when I started doing this is that people would pay $7 for a product each day, rather than paying $500 per year. This leads toward burning this email list because you are in a way forced to constantly push more and more offers, so it’s only natural that the majority of people will simply unsubscribe. And, what happens if you don’t have an offer that day? You lose your money and your business.

affiliate mistakes

Mistake #3 Sending the same, previously used email. People usually send swipe emails to affiliate promotions, but the problem with these swipe emails is they are very often poorly written, outdated, and unusable. When we give swipes to people, we try to customize them and offer about 30  emails with different angles and perspectives. Most people are on more than one mailing list so the audience will know if you are copying and pasting emails. This lowers your credibility with your followers and that’s really not good. Think about how you would perceive that if it ever happened to you.

Mistake #4 I call this one signal to noise ratio. What that means is that when you’re emailing people, you need to focus on relationship building. Send them emails with your podcasts, blog posts, videos, etc. Give them value so you avoid the churning and burning that will happen if you keep sending them emails only to sell them something.  You want to be a real person that has something more to share and build a long-term connection.

Mistake #5 Promoting products that you don’t actually use. Why? Because if there something wrong with the product you are promoting and you don’t know about it there is none to blame but you. Is losing your integrity worth the extra money? Of course not, especially when you can make a very decent amount of money by promoting products you use and believe in.

Mistake #6 Promoting your competitors. You and I both know that there people who are better marketers. And you are free to use their products to become even better one yourself but promoting them is a mistake. Why would you want to promote your competition?

affiliate mistakes to avoid

Mistake #7 Finally – graphics. I would encourage you to go to and see the graphics I have for all the different courses I promote. What you’ll notice is that they’re all custom. That’s because you get more traffic when people search for those specific custom images. This is a little SEO trick that will come handy anytime you are promoting a deal.

Affiliate marketing is a huge market with many opportunities, so to the road to the top can be rocky, but if you follow my podcast you can get to the top quicker and safer. To be even more prepared I encourage you to read the book Affiliate Unicorn so you can avoid any mistake that might come along the way.

Show Notes:
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Key Points:

  • Common mistakes people make with affiliate marketing
  • How to avoid these mistakes
  • What to do instead and how to keep your integrity 

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