SNM153: Find the Perfect Topic to Write About

Your time is extremely valuable. Every minute you spend writing should be as profitable as possible.  Don’t waste time writing on the wrong topic.  You can give your audience EXACTLY what they want….

There are No Secrets

People want to read books that get them excited.

They want to read books that solve their problems.

If you ask people what they want, they are going to tell you.

In the past, we had to guess what people wanted and hope that we guess write, but now writing is no longer a form of gambling.

You can turn risky bets into sure things.

All is Revealed on Amazon

Every single product on Amazon is organized, categorized, and ranked.

You can look at any category to see how popular the products are.

Amazon was built around books and their book data is second to none.

With a little math, you can look at any book on their platform and estimate their sales numbers for the day.

Amazon is constantly changing categories around to match what the market wants.

Trends come and go all the time, but they are slower in books.

An idea starts out hot, a few books follow it and a new category is born.

You can get in on the ground floor, even a few months after the birth of that new category.

You are Not Selling Out

Writing is a profession.

It’s a job.

It is a way to make a living and support your family.

There are hundreds of amazing niches desperate for new books right now.

You don’t have to choose just ONE category, there are loads of amazing topics to choose from.

Just find the one that gets you the most excited!

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Start from profit rather than idea
  2. Look for topics that excite you and can make you money
  3. Find the audience before you put in any effort

Resources Mentioned:

20K a Day

Kindle Book Description Generator

Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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Find the perfect topic to write about what today's episode today's episode is brought to you by social pilot the social media marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses join over 20,000 social media pros@servomaster.com\social pilot today are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master pod where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house write a blog post recommending information source as a company that does really intense analytics of Amazon categories and topics in areas to focus on I think the company before thought about buying one of their research pack I was interested to see are these people really doing research bed and so I thought there area for nonfiction mode in the self-help motivation type space which slot my books in those categories how to find yourself how to start your business how to make your dreams come true I went to this entire report and the charge me $24 not too much money fortunately at the end the base he said everything the categories in your too hard wasting time I was amazed that they're willing to sell report only had bad news and the person who recommended this source is another author who I follow some of the stuff that she talks about a right to noxious successful author but she is heavily fiction author sign of the report she read was a fiction report different this place has about 30 fictional ports only to nonfictional reports as I was going to the report from this person is possibly the greatest source of analysis the expert on really researching Amazon I discovered a lot of mistakes there were polling keywords and recommending categories they clearly had looked at everything was equally automated and so I want to cover exactly what this reported wrongful mistakes don't happen to you the first thing that I noticed is the keyword section that number one key were they recommend are the second key word was happiness & I'd that's a web comic that's very irreverent but it is certainly not anything to do a self-help so I realized their pulling keywords from Amazon point keywords from Google more likely kind of assigning these statistics that without paying attention to relevance relevance is everything there are some really wonderful keywords that no one will ever type at Amazon I only know about happiness inside it happens to be a web comic that are rated three funny no it's three panel comic been out for 10 years very reverence very much targeting my generation the millennial's as you know I'm the oldest you can be and still be millennial what I found so fascinating is that I looked at the other keywords and realized just by looking base my friends mostly skewers were garbage I could tell they were real search terms that they were either the specific name of a book or they were the name of something specific outside of Amazon and if you would like happiness isn't very useful to broad unless your book is called happiness you're wasting your time and happiness is a huge niche on Amazon so it's not one were targeting anyways I then noticed that they really harped on the tip of the best of the categories recommended all the ones who looked at this journal writing and you can look at yourself right now if you want to it's inside of the self-help space self-help subcategories journal writing and I said I've seen that category before I don't think it's a good one but he kept saying oh it's a small category but the competition is so low it's worth it it's easy to win in this category because no one's fighting for positional customers and normally I don't go for categories where there's no money to be made but I said maybe I'm missing something out and looked in the first six books in the category are not about journal writing about other topics what Amazon has are categories that are dead topics that no one goes into and so other authors will put their books into those categories is an easy way to rank if you put your book in the microscopes category in Excel one book a month you'll be an Amazon bestseller in the Microsoft category because no one buys books on microscopes there are very few people to want to read a book the just has stories about 100 different microscopes another day category for interested is the business etiquette category you look at etiquette inside a business and very few of the books are about etiquette if you only two level I research will get really bad data so when you're looking at keywords and find a cure that's interesting what you do is type that search and Amazon look at the results as you know I use candles by and that allows me to quickly see how many books on the page are making money so I look at how the books are relevant and how many there were actually making money sometimes you type in key would only the first book is making money the rest aren't that tells me it's a false positive it told me that the first book happens to rank for that term but it's not a term people search and in a buying a bunch of stuff for that's were really looking for I will get categories you want to look for categories whether actually books about that category there the other thing I notice is they then begin erecting categories I would never got to because there are so heart there categories where you have to sell 100 books a day to be in the top 20 that's very hard to get to on Amazon it's very hard to sell that many books a day you have to have a huge following up to build something very big and it takes a lot of work to get there what I look for in a category really are I like the 20th books I want the first book to be ranked something kind of chief I want to be below 10,000 note the 20 foot to be below 30,000 that's what I really look for that's the sweet spot that tells me okay if you're number one you can make a lot of money and if you're doing okay your book will still be on the front page but will still be there were people look for to really sell a lot of rebooking that you have to start to have 50 or hundred books and so when you're first starting out that's too hard to achieve what I want you to do when you're thinking about categories is be careful and fastidious in your research every time you come up with a great category go look at the numbers make sure the books are relevant and that they're actually making sales that balances what you really need to look for a lot of this other data sources don't do that it will be very easy for me to create the exact same report this other company did the graphs look amazing never really great visuals but at the end of the day they didn't recommend to me any good categories second after journal writing which is pretty much a dead category they started recommending categories are about self-help and other areas they will recommend one about children there's a growing up category visit children growing up and developing category I went look in that category in the top 20 books are all Harry Potter hunger games books are not nonfiction books are not self help books at all it's a totally nonrelevant category at this point I realize that I spent $24 in a report that's basically worthless this other authors I looked up to recommend them it probably because the Gartner commission for sales how to read when a source of business at everything you look that's garbage nothing he recommends is any good so I look at all these different categories and every time they gave it a positive outlook and was a false positive maybe their fiction reports are much better since I primarily nonfiction author and I know that they don't double check their numbers and have a great deal of trust with any of the keywords tool to use whether to kindle spirochete if you rock it easy to get false positive you have to check them and firm them and so now I know this is a research company doesn't do that part that's part of what you understand you want to look at a category and see is there enough traffic for me to make money are people buying his books number two is the competition light enough that I can get my book ranking so the people that look for this category would find my and number three are the books in this category relevant are these actually interest in this topic or these other authors try to game the system and looking we'll gain the system I do deliver to just part of the way Amazon works until they tighten up a category will be nonrelevant books in half the time the wrong books were put there by Amazon anyways the authors didn't actively do it when you're trying to find that perfect category we try to find the perfect topic really put in the research the research phase is the most important phase of putting your book together it's that critical key part of the entire process and we do that right you can put a book that will make you money for years and years want to find that the competition it's not too tough that there's money to be made and that it's worth your time we have no strings together with those three things intersect that's we have the perfect topic for your next book thank you for listening to this week's episode serves no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat race head over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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