SNM197: Designing a Customer Avatar 2

SNM197: Designing a Customer Avatar

If you are selling a product to an audience that’s not your age you might have a problem understanding that audience. Being a 40-year-old entrepreneur trying to understand teenagers or 25-year-olds, it can be a tough cookie to swallow. So you need to dig in.

You need to design who you are speaking to.

If you want to understand your customers, you need to understand their goals and their value. What do they want to achieve? Who are their heroes? Who are they learning from? What events do they go to? What conferences do they attend? What language do they use? Digging into all these questions can help you understand your customers. The way they think.

What’s their motivation? Why do they need their product? Are they moving away from pain or towards pleasure?

Can you be your customers’ painkiller or supplement in any way? Apart from having their perfect solution to a problem or the like, you need to make sure you appeal to your customers the right way. You certainly cannot approach younger generations with phrasing or website design popular 20 years ago. They’ll laugh and scroll over. So you need to know how to approach them. You need to know your angle even if it means changing your website design, your phrasing, your style, and whatnot. It’s all about adapting, choosing that suitable angle.

Once you’ve figured that out, ask yourself what’s the barrier? The barrier that prevents them from buying your product? It could be my wife won’t allow it, or it’s too expensive for me, or I don’t trust websites, etc. How do you find that out? Ask people what did you do wrong, how can you make your product better? How can you fix it?

Collect that feedback, go through it thoroughly. And then, wherever possible, try to offer that bonus, that answer to their objection. Help your customers cross their barriers. Offer a fast delivery or a pre-made shopping list, or cheaper prices, anything you can afford to meet your customers’ needs. It’ll open a lot of doors to increased sales.
The truth behind that success is somehow connected to extreme giving. Again. It all boils down to it. I bet you didn’t see that coming, huh?

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  • Understand how to appeal to your customers using the right language
  • Understand your customers’ motivation
  • Help your customers cross their barriers

Resources Mentioned:

Ask by Ryan Levesque

Books by Jonathan



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