SNM105: Take Action or Die

Every day we make little decisions.  Even when you feel like you're doing nothing, that's a decision.

I'm lying in bed with the flu, but I still dragged myself over to the computer to get today's show ready in time.

That's a decision.

Procrastination is the Mind Killer

Quitting the gym is never a big decision; it's always the result of a series of tiny decisions.

You sleep in a few minutes longer.

You miss a workout here and there.

And suddenly you haven't been to the gym in a week.

Now your inertia has reversed and going BACK to the gym is the action rather than quitting.

The quitting happened so smoothly that you didn't even notice.

Most People are Quitters

It stinks to have to say it, but it's absolutely true.

We don't quit at everything, but we have all quit at something.

I quit high school football.

Some people quit at work and some people quit at the gym.

We simply don't have enough time to stick with every hobby that we try.

The problem is when quitting turns from an option into the hobby itself.

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It's not too late to turn things around.

Lock into a single goal like a homing missile.

There are no Obstacles

The people who achieve the greatest success see the opportunities.

When everyone else is quitting, they see that the competition is disappearing.

If you can find a way to overcome the challenges that stop your competitors, you can cross the finish line every single time.

Show Notes:

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Key Points:

  1. Procrastination is the enemy
  2. Your big decisions are made out of little decisions
  3. One man's obstacle is another man's opportunity

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1 thought on “SNM105: Take Action or Die”

  1. Thanks for this encouragement. I needed it. That reminds me something, When I started my blog in 2012, we were so many in the same space. Many, many have quit. Even the ones who seemed to know what they were doing….I was never sure of myself, or what I was doing, but I just kept blogging. I know I tend to be slow in taking action, but I am inspired & will follow this advice. Great Message!

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