Review Review And A Catch That Will Make Your Business Win is an all in one marketing platform which has gradually deserved a “Clickfunnels killer” nickname. It’s great if you want to start cheap and build your business from one umbrella software -> build your funnel, manage sales pages and content, serve your affiliates, and get paid in the easiest of ways. caught my eye after years of doing lead management and funneling with Clickfunnels. Even though I sometimes use this platform (please read on for an explanation of why) I discovered that alternatives are way better solutions for specific cases.

If you want to read a full-on deep insight into all in one marketing tool list, click on my GrooveFunnels Review where I compare ALL currently available solutions.

Table of contents:

What Is
Who Is Behind Features Breakdown
Feature #1 Sales Funnel Builder
Feature #2 Dropshipping
Feature #3 Blog
Feature #4 Create a Course
Feature #5 Automation And Workflow
Feature #6 Affiliate Program
Feature #7 Evergreen Webinars
Feature #8 Email Marketing Pros and Cons vs ClickFunnels Pricing
Is Right For You Conclusion

The review that follows is my personal experience. In-depth insight and a tool overview with advice on how to nail digital marketing with the help of this tool!

What Is is basically a Swiss knife, it is an all-in-one marketing platform where you can launch your online business and carry it further on to success because the platform allows you to create your sales pages, manage your contacts, it allows for sales funnels, email marketing campaigns and autoresponders, membership sites, affiliate programs, blogs building, webinars, courses, and workflow automation. You can look at it as a giant umbrella of tools easily accessible through one platform.

systeme io review dashboard
With you have it all under one roof, all the colors from the palette. Hopefully, without the zeros 🙂 Oh, and custom domains. They are a thing with

Who Is Behind review aurelien amacker

Aurélien Amacker is the whiz standing behind the creation of He is an experienced French entrepreneur who quit his old IT job to go on a journey and created a blog to write about his adventures. He came back to France and continued his blogging business based on his personal preferences and travels, and eventually moved into course making, but was also in a constant search of finding the perfect platform that works best for him but couldn’t, so he came up with his own. 

The reason he created this product was that he wanted to be able to continue his adventures and have a steady income from a product he thought the world needed. Software and platform that lacked nothing of what he needed to continue his online business. He was searching for the perfect team and invested a lot in getting it. So after a 3-year hustle, we now have thanks to this genius whose powerful product can help you build your online business and make it bulletproof, while you can enjoy some more free time being your own boss.

How’s that for a change, huh? Features Breakdown Review Features

Feature #1 Sales Funnel Builder

Using this sales funnel feature, you can build your own marketing platform to primarily sell your digital but also physical products. has a variety of templates, it creates your landing page and your thank you page. The sales funnel builder provides you with a drag-and-drop editor for customization and you can also do your split testing, you can get your sales info, and automation rules like where to send people if they subscribe to your email list. 

The fun part about it is you can get creative with the editor and come up with a sales page that reflects your brand. The sales funnel builder is super-prepared with everything you need to take care of your leads, increase your conversion rates, track your performance, and encourage your customers to buy from you more.

Feature #2 Dropshipping

First, create your sales page and start selling products using their Stripe and PayPal payment integrations. Then you can sell your product using or adding as many upsells and downsells you like. Thanks to the Zapier integration you can automate orders. The dropshipping feature is great because thanks to it, you can sell physical products, you don’t have to limit yourself to selling ebooks, courses, or training only. 

Feature #3 Blog review blog

Do you want to prove yourself as an expert in your niche?  A great way to engage and assist your audience (and to lead them further within your sales funnel) is by creating a blog that answers common questions about your industry. For example, if you’re selling a course on how to become a bestselling author, you can write blogs about how to publish a book, what topics to write about, etc. blog feature allows you to drag-and-drop text, images, videos, layouts, and add pages such as your contact page and product information.

I have my own blog I’ve been sharing with you guys, and I have to tell you, having such a feature is priceless. It allows you to hang out with your audience in yet another form and provide value for everyone interested in my niche. 

Feature #4 Create a Course

Entrepreneurship equals course creation. Being a painkiller, finding a solution to a problem, and teaching people how to do something is powerful. You can put that information into a book, a podcast, or you can create a course or a training program. This amazing feature offers can open every door to money-making. Users can easily create their course and membership site thanks to the drag-and-drop buttons; they can embed a video and upload documents, come up with a drip content series.

The course builder helps you tag a person as a customer and it grants them access to the course they purchased. Last, it subscribes your customers to your email list, and it either upsells or downsells them for another offer.

Navigate to start a course and you can see that courses are broken down into modules and lectures. Add and name your modules and lectures and you can also add audio, video, and images or make necessary changes. What I particularly love is that you can drag and drop them in whatever order you want! review

Feature #5 Automation And Workflow

When having an online business, automation comes naturally as the next step. Yes, you can automate your tasks and have the system do the rest. With, you can create your own rules and workflows to carry out and execute specific actions to contacts that have specific tags. If someone registered for your upcoming webinar or for a one-on-one session with you, those contacts would be tagged as a webinar sign-up they will be tagged properly. 

If the person signed-up but didn’t attend, you can send automatic follow-up emails and retargeting crusades. Thanks to the marketing automation and workflow, you can divide or categorize your customers by creating triggers based on the behavior they display on your site. 

Feature #6 Affiliate Program

Basically, what happens here is other affiliates can promote your products and you can check your commissions, clicks and likes, amounts, and refunds. Having affiliate partners is yet another way to magnify your course sales. The more affiliate partners you have, the better and does not fall short in providing an affiliate program for you. Affiliate marketing sets the foundation of your business even firmer in the grounds, which is something you absolutely need in this niche.

Feature #7 Evergreen Webinars

Come up with your own webinar and run it successfully, no coding experience needed. brings evergreen webinars to you. Not live webinars or automated webinars, but evergreen webinars. They make webinars a reality that has nothing to do with templates. The webinar cannot be built from a webinar template, but from scratch as a custom funnel. This is great because again, you are free to design your webinar the way you want to and make it reflect the style of your brand. 

Feature #8 Email Marketing Review Email

The email backend of is managed through Sendgrid, a super reliable and high-functioning host. You can create email newsletters and you create unlimited emails through a simple word processor interface that facilitates a lot of your job due to its simplicity. Yes, email automation is real!

The success of your mailing list depends on the relationship you built with subscribers. The best way to maximize your use form the email marketing would be to treat your subscribers all as your potential customers and to give out a lot of free stuff. Be generous. If you use the power of email marketing right, think of this:

  • 100 email subscribers = $100 per month
  • 1,000 email subscribers = $1,000 per month
  • 10,000 email subscribers = $10,000 per month

Email marketing, email automation is the best way to unlock the key to running a successful online business, and provides this feature within their marketing platform as well. After all, you have unlimited emails no matter what plan you choose, so grab your email subscribers on get-go. Pros and Cons

Alright, my Systeme review would not be complete without this major touch point. Let’s get real!

Pros Review Funnel

Probably the best part about is that it uses simple, easy-to-use tools, therefore it has a user-friendly interface that’s welcoming for beginners as well. You don’t have to hit the books before dealing with, plus the basic plan is pretty generous. offers you membership sites, custom domains, affiliate marketing programs, unlimited SEO-optimized sales funnels, unlimited emails, and unlimited storage no matter what plan you signed up for!  You can use in English, French or Spanish and you can conduct payments via Paypal and Stripe, so that makes trilingual and with diverse payment methods. 

You also get built-in integrations, great marketing automation for you to grow your business, you get evergreen webinars, and you get a platform that supports mobile devices because we all know how our lives have switched there and stayed.  While still on the note of advantages and things that make so great, let me share a few other things not everybody knows about 

You can automate payments to affiliate partners, you can publish your offers on the marketplace (much like you can on Clickbank) and you don’t have to wait for approval, all it takes is having a account. 

Next, allows you to put a pop-up on each one of your blog posts saying that to read the full article you have to become a member and that you just need to enter your email address. There is no button to close the pop-up, so visitors can either enter their email address or leave. It may be a risk, but it has proven a lot more successful than putting that X button.

How about refunds? What does here, is it limits access to a product after a refund and this is an automated feature, so you don’t have to do it manually which saves time. If all of that is a bit overwhelming, you have access to a library of tutorials that guide you through the whole process. 


So far, does not have integrations and because they have a library of tutorials, customer support may be harder to reach out to according to reportings, but hey, if you go through the library you can find guides and reviews, all personally created by Aurelian where he walks you through everything on the platform.

Custom domains are not enabled with the Startup plan and A/B testing. All tracking code goes into one bracket, which can be messy and confusing and applies to all sales funnels created. vs ClickFunnels is a great beginner all in one marketing tool and platform for your online business. With similar features as ClickFunnels, how does it compare to one of the first tools of that kind, you might ask?

Personally, I see these two as two sides of the same coin. Basically, ClickFunnels is the more robust tool, and certainly being out there a lot longer than it is only logical to provide more complex features. What do I mean by that? ClickFunnels has a developed webpage editor, simple sales funnel builder, and a dashboard that is easy to understand. Same as But, ClickFunnels went further in enabling integrations like Google Tag Manager tracking and Facebook Pixel which will enable you to develop custom audience tracking, customizing the tracking for every funnel you create.

For me, this was a business changer, because after putting so much time in developing my funnels I want to grab the audience that engaged with me and I want to have all the details about their behavior. Then, next time they get in touch with my brand, I make sure their experience is far better because I know what they want and what to serve them.

Also, they’ve added email and Facebook marketing automation to save you time and money. All these features reflect the monthly retainer for ClickFunnels. If you want to cut down the cost and stick to the starter package, might be a better solution for you.

If you want to read more on all in one marketing platforms, read my GrooveFunnels Review where I go in-depth to compare all the tools available. Pricing

The great thing about this user-friendly interface is that it doesn’t cost a fortune, and it helps you achieve a lot. The startup plan costs $27 per month, the webinar plan is priced at $47 per month, while the enterprise plan costs $97 per month. Smooth, right? Check the picture below to see what each plan covers: Review Pricing

Is Right For You

If you are looking for an affordable, easy to use, easy to master platform, may be a good fit for you. Also, if you are someone looking to sell a few products only, with an affiliate marketing program alongside, then again, you have come to the right place. 

If you want to level up and have the ability to do your own integrations and control every little detail, then maybe the platform may not be suitable because has built-in integration. offers a variety of tools that work great together but if you need only one or two features, you can either learn how to incorporate the rest into your business and play with the interface a bit, or if you are not into experimenting and trying new things, ask yourself how much you really need before proceeding to the next step. Conclusion

Okay, we have come at bay with my Systeme io review, guys. Given the price and the sheer spectrum of tools and features incorporated within this powerhouse, I would definitely recommend this product. I understand the struggle of dealing with so many tools and being all over the place using different apps for different things and conducting several payments a month every month and I know it can be overwhelming, not to mention the time it eats away. 

Here you have it all under one umbrella, everything you need to run your online business and even expand your opportunities if you want. I love the built-in integrations, the sales page builder, I like the automation system and the workflow Aurelien’s team has created, and I especially love the simplicity and the freshness Systeme brought into the game. It is called a rising star of all in one marketing platform for a reason. For me, the biggest win was that this product was developed out of a need to make the process better and smoother. Aurelian is someone who is deeply wired into the digital marketing story and knows the process inside out.

Apart from the service that comes out from someone who understands what digital marketers and online entrepreneurs are doing globally, pricing makes it very competitive in an all in one marketing platform world.

You get to focus on what’s really useful for your business and you can easily learn the interface. It’s not beastly, but it’s EFFICIENT. This is what a lot of digital marketers need – focus and efficiency, and you can definitely get that using

1 thought on “ Review And A Catch That Will Make Your Business Win”

  1. I find systeme extremely useful and far better than many softwares in the field of digital marketing. I could not afford clickfunnel so i did not bother to try the software, even though i love books authored by the CEO dearly. I have read and greatly benefit from his deep wisdom in the field.

    I commited to getresponse as an alternative to clickfunnel but I have to say that my experirnce with the software was quite frustrating. Even though my background in software programming, I still find it difficult to do simple things such as resending a mail to those who did not open the first time. I had to contact their support and wait for like 48 hours to solve such a mundane problem.

    I had so much passion to use the getresponse plaform but got tired and had to cancel my account because of complexities in doing very simple things. I started to a trial on Kartra because of the many features it has, especially the video module. I find the cost of the plaform quite expensive so I search for an alternative to Kartra. That was how i found systeme.

    I have barely used a week on systeme and i loving it beyond my imagination. The simplicity is unimaginable. I have craeted rules and automation that is working like clock work and really overwhelmed with joy because of the value derived compare to the price. I must really commend the CEO.

    I will recommend systeme for any serious-minded business man who does not time to waste and desires to have a lot of value.

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