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How to Leave an Amazon Video Review

If you are wondering how to leave an Amazon video review, you are not alone.  Amazon recently changed the process to make it MUCH harder for people to figure out.  After getting several emails asking about the process, I have put together this walkthrough to help you leave those crucial Amazon video reviews.

Create Your Amazon Video Review

You can record a video using your webcam or you can record your computer screen using screen capture software.  You want your video to be clear, informative and visually engaging.  A strong review should be less than five minutes long and focus on why the book or product was amazing.  Write an outline before you start recording to ensure you hit all the highlights.

Footage of you actually holding the book will increase the response you get to your review.  It's real proof that you actually purchased the book and people will trust you more.  Honesty is the key to a great review as well 😉

After you have finished recording and editing your video, you are ready to upload your video review to Amazon.

How to Upload Your Video Review to Amazon

Step One – Go to the Book Sales Page

You cannot leave a video review until you have written a text review. This is where most people get frustrated, as this information is HARD to find on Amazon.  To leave your initial review, go to the sales page for the book you want to review and click on the little link with the number of reviews.


Step Two – Go to the Review Page

This will scroll you down the page to the section with all of the other reviews.  Click on “Write a customer review.”


Step Three – Start Your Review by Clicking the 5th Star

Now it's time to write your actual review.  First, you must assign some stars to the book.  I recommend five stars, as anything less will only hurt the book.


Step Four – Answer the Questions

This will open up the text editor and, depending on the type of book, may have some multiple choice questions for you.  With a fiction book, you will be offered four multiple choice questions before you can dig into your actual review.


Step Five – Start Writing Your Review

Once you start writing text in the box, the option to add video or photos to the review will appear.  This option will be INVISIBLE until this point.


You can now upload your video or photos to the review.  Just click that grey button, select the files from your computer and click submit when you are finished.


Add Your Video Later or The Video Review Button Didn't Appear

This can happen, so don't worry.  You can choose to add a video to your review whenever you want to.  Nothing has to be immediate.  If the video review button didn't appear, just leave your text review above and then follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Go to Your Accounts Page

Go to the Amazon homepage and click on “Your Account” on the menu bar.



Step 2 – Go to Your Reviews Page

Scroll down the page to the “Personalization” section.  It is at the bottom of the page and pretty hard to find.  You then want to click on “Product Reviews Written by You.”


Step 3 – Find the Product You Made an Amazon Video Review For

Find the book you are going to review and click on “Edit review.”


Step 4 – Upload Your Video Review Or Photos

Click on the grey button and upload your photos or video review.  Amazon will review the new content and it should appear on the review within 24-48 hours.


That's How to Leave an Amazon Video Review

Now you know the secret of how to leave an Amazon video review.  Click here to leave your first video review.

how to leave an Amazon video review

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