SNM141: Networking Lessons From Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017

I only travel to events twice a year.  It's absolutely critical to get maximum value for every second I spend away from my little island.  I set up some of the biggest deals of my life on this trip…

Know Your Value

Before you show up at an event, know your strengths and weaknesses.

As you talk to people, you will only have twenty seconds to pitch yourself.

This is not the time to put your light under a bushel.

Tell people what you are great at as quickly as possible.

Master networkers will always know people looking for your particular strengths.

If you are coy, people will realize you don't know how to network and they will start to lose interest.

The top networkers are super efficient – they won't spend twenty minutes digging to find your value.

Know What You Want

Going to events is very exciting.

The pageantry, the parties and the amazing speakers can all suck up your attention.

If you have no plan, you will get distracted.

There are lectures to listen to and booths to visit.

You can have an amazing event, get really excited and a week later realize that you accomplished nothing.

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Laser focus on a primary goal and put all your efforts there.

Build the Right Relationships

I met over one hundred awesome people at TnC.

It would be impossible to stay on all their radar's and maintain relationships.

I can't even remember all of the people I met.

I can only follow up with 10-12 people successfully.

Getting a phone number you'll never call is worthless.

It's better to focus on people you really want to work with.

This is just the tip of the iceberg….

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Key Points:

  1. Don't be the bad parent
  2. Don't be the bad stranger
  3. You get back what you put into the universe

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Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon


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Networking lessons from traffic and conversion Summit 2017 on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by social pilot the social media marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses join over 20,000 social media pros@servomaster.com\social pilot today are you tired of dealing with your boss do you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living your retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now is your house five in the morning and back trip to America I was at a conference called the traffic version 7 I called called it TMC but now they decided to become TCS no thanks I deliver seven years you can't change initials on me now I learned some really valuable lessons as you know networking is my passion and I would share with you some of the more advance things that I learned at this event which is the only event I go to Maracaibo once a year which means I'll probably be there for 2018 I need to bring in enough relationships of work two prevent the need to travel for another year to two years accident go last year because my son was being born I chose his birth over go to a marketing conference now that doesn't have to rethink next year because I was planning on having another spring baby maybe I need to have a Christmas baby instead site my child be like two months old and I can go next year I need a plan in advance now that I'm thinking about that what's really important when you go to an event is your plan one of my friends he went and his whole plan was to learn a lot from the talks is that I'm to go to as many talks Academy to learn a lot that's great that's you get a lot of value the first two times I went that's what I did and I socket him and I said will and is a copyright is and what isn't your number one goal to find more height to client to keep your book. Have money rolling in yeah I want to learn this stuff that was great and so went after two days he is Ahmed Gasser networking you're totally right so first lesson is to be really clear on your goal seek the goal of I want to learn a lot from the talks is cool but we need a longer term goals and that what's your goal from the toxic goal is to grow your business right and the question is what's the best way to grow my business I conference her at this type of event now there are some conferences were also in the room the entire time there some conferences that the content is so good and sexy couple speakers that are amazing every year at this event but you can buy the DVDs for this conference and my friend is the guy who writes the notes for the conference he writes 150 page he hires a bunch of people to do the notes form after the first year and you can buy those notes and actually sanction to their no longer under the table are now not a secret you get all the information without needing to be in the room and this is most comfortable conferences actually shut up say to the DVDs so the content itself you can acquire in multiple ways you don't have to get it in the room support lesson lot people don't know about this sort don't realize that for some crimes they go to an event or they think hey and the tickets for this event if you waited till last minute like $1000 for tickets is a lot of money you want to get maximum value and maybe thinking I want to learn everything you can a few thousand bucks and that's okay that's a level I mindset we want to look a little bit beyond that what I think how can I earn a thousand bucks back that's what I'm the second lesson is that everything happens outside the room if you pay attention at a conference and I'm always watching them was observing and trying to learn because I don't know everything I watch what everyone's doing and I watch a speaker and I watch what happens after the talk and once someone gives her talk you never see them in that lecture Hall that room again but not in there anymore so the question is whether you where did that person disappear now at this particular event is not 5000 people so very different from most events most events are 500,000 people totally different logistics usually at those events you can find the speakers in the hotel bar or in the restaurant next door to the hotel or the will all be in one of the others people's hotel room hanging out speakers can all hang out each other because they're kind of behind the velvet rope if you know any once I noticed that event I go the speakers on in your I can find it when they are that's where I want to be I want to be in the room where the people who are getting paid to talk or hang out and so I began to see were people when in fact an event what I did was I just followed somewhat absolute give a talk they left the room and I just followed them so they went and I watch them cruise right in the hotel bar and I walked right in and bought a drink and about around probably the speakers and I meant very very easy to begin to form a relationship with people men never have people buy them drinks women are more used to the experience of course it's a commonly seen in movies all the time we see the dating of time to be a fully walk-up offer by a drink at doesn't happen the men very often so you do for Geiger in immediately when God buys me a drink gets my attention right away and so I know works on me therefore works another guys easy way to start a conversation the next lesson is that most of the good stuff happens at night one of the people doesn't business a long time ago who has had a series of unfortunate while not unfortunate the servicers of deserve it bad events in their life bad business partnerships bad decisions in a business that hasn't grown in a very long time since I met him ghost is conferences and is always the first one in bed is always in bed by 7 PM this is I need my beauty rest and if you see me you know I'm not that beautiful so that's not my focus we started in business at the same time seven years ago now but nobody knows what yes we go to the exact same events as events all the time we worked on a project he is a long time ago did not go well so we do not have a positive relationship on any level but I remember first are working together he would go to bed and not have to all the networking on night no one knows who he is and all of the deals I form people don't even know this guy is his is never up at night I am not a party animal last night I went to bed at 8 PM I will come at 430 thanks to my son maybe would hurt him make a little noise in the back and from the other room I M in early to bed early riser I live on the beach it's right now 516 in the morning already the sun is starting to rise it's raining outside a little bit and waiting to see if the rain lets up see for many go get out of the water or from the yoke inside the house for morning workout when you add an event and believe it wears me out I was so exhausted from all this traveling I went to bed at midnight by the first two nights and I wish I had because I missed some of the stuff some the best deals have between midnight and 6 AM it is a hard lesson to learn especially if you're older or if you're flying 20 hours each way 30 hours each way like I had to do but it's totally necessary sometimes ago into the hotel bar after all the other parties on the way back to your room and this happened to us Friday night I was there with my publisher in the health and dating space I was so worn out we been in the party does networking like maniacs for five or six hours and as my feet were killing like it's time to go to bed a search talking to these two guys in the best two guys he met his entire conference of the two really biggest deals that we kinda set up for that side of a business when you're tired when you're worn out when you're sweaty when you smell gross stats when some as big assumptions will come your way the next lesson I want to give you is do not judge a book by its cover I talked to you in a previous episode he was yesterday before I talked about many run blood was the awesome guy from blue-collar backers very successful very smart about business very wealthy but he dresses like a farmer dresses like the type of guy he is is is a manual labor guy very very successful so people saw him he doesn't dressing at marker no one was talking to and everyone made this assumption that disassembly walked in the wrong hotel but one of my friends and this is what marriage is really smart the sky called Ted who works for one of the finance company that I work with he said I saw that guy and he stressed him again when I see is if you can walk in a place like this and dress like that you gotta be really successfully is that guy obviously prognosis were sneeringly actually easier on a team showing as I knew it in Ted's right see I Artie knew who the guy was so I had to face but Ted said this person is an outlier usually when someone is an outlier they're very successful really sizzle who would address however they want that something that you learn when you're around really real well to people a billionaire can walk into the most expensive nightclub in New York and boxer shorts in the bathroom and they're getting it right in do not judge a book by its cover do not look for people to look like everyone else my other friend okay who's one of the speakers at these events all the time and she works with the people who run the event it is very rare successful her hair is like 15 colors and her other friend has had its 15 colors and she's older than me she's up lady in her 50s it's been versus Wilbur very long time work with a lot of celebrities but you see hernia all that just the ladies I got her hair different colors is probably crazy what affects you super success what I'm really hoping I get is a guest on the show actually and should be sitting outside and no one's talking to her and I like this is amazing no one realizes that she is one of the most successful and deftly were the smartest people at this entire conference she was a speaker at the first one I went to so she can speak at this event for seven years people are so busy looking for light that they ignore different so my advice to you is when you see someone at a conference who looks like an outlier looks like they don't fit in that the first person you should talk to because I want to stress in the same or someone on their now thinking about this and try to think if I look like everyone else I'm not sure if I'm dressed executive arrows the conference because I just where like T-shirt and jeans I want to say virgins are five years as well with her jeans because and emergence of islands my first lesson were the same genes of the conference two years ago it's too hot I live so I'm not sure if I look to similar other people I was wearing a red shirt one day and ever one thought I was working at the event like a doorman because they had redshirts but there's had writing on them so maybe I look more like staff and the speaker or whatever but you can also if you want to want to talk to you can dress like outlier I learned a lot at this event and there's a lot moving the part to mechanics and this could be a seminar podcast episode I could talk with all of the different logistics because there's going to parties there's getting invited to parties there's tactics for throwing a party all the things that I did one of the next lessons that I think is really valuable I want to cut a focus on the what you can really an accident valuable is connecting people that can make each other money there is a there's a phrase and it kind of comes from I do know me the Sopranos or that type of lifestyle called wedding your beaker giving you a taste and this usually means it like if you rob a bank inside the territory where your Mafia bosses Pam a commission for being part of his organization continual plot point and theme on the Sopranos and lots of Mafia movies but the idea is you just by being there get a little taste and an Internet marketing world online marketing world we have this it's called tier 2 some business after three that super rare hereto is where you introduce two people together and they do business with each other so pure and affiliate for me let's you send me a customer who buys serve the master you send an Amazon erection Philly frames on as Amazon handles the transaction Amazon pays you for the 12% does changing the number and went home to go to sell each month and all those things the Amazon page of commission that the tier 1 commission or first-tier Amazon does not have a tier 2 structure but hypothetically if they did if someone introduced you to Amazon and said hey the seconds of books from Amazon the person to the introduction would get a smaller commission it's pretty standard for tier 2 to be about 10% of the tier 1 commission so if you make five dollars for selling the book that person makes $0.50 the real magic is that you can have no list no friends no contact you can introduce ANB these two people and between each other they decide to promote each other an eight year tier 2 on both sides of that interaction you can make money for years I set up a deal last week all I did was introduced to people that I like and two people that I work with they are in the middle negotiations to see if there can work together long term I think they are because they're both awesome and if they do it will probably be most profitable part of my business for the next 5 to 10 years maybe longer a little introduction to two people that I like to two people that I think would do business well to each other and to the private Medicare anyways in fact my whole party Saturday my one goal for my big pardon separate from all my health and fitness in the stuff of that partner and a publisher was to introduce these two people make this deal happen and I worked very hard on it I got them both excited advanced I introduced him and they both know that I may get a little taste they also know there both can make a lot more money from the deal so for each of them let you see each of them makes $1 million person a promotes person BX million dollars in commission my 10% is pretty good and if it goes in the other direction to person B makes another million dollars that's another 10% by weight that can be $200 that's a pretty wet beak that's the power of introducing people that are really good fit that's why I meet people all the time that I would never do business with directly I will never mature when relationship with them there way to different what they do and what I do are so far apart there's no way to introduce them there plenty of people out and have amazing businesses that you would never want to hear about is a follower serve no master it would make no sense for me to introduce you to people that sell antiaging supplements K that's a really big business I'm not in the summit space at all I don't sell anything that's physical but I meet those people and I saved that contact in case I meet someone else who has a really big audience feel the love I submits and that I can introduce them and say guys memo to audiences like each other don't forget to let my beak and it's all automated and it's really standard in fact you do introductions on my we have a cure to link we have a special link that you sent and since people sent to the sales page and send them to the JV page I haven't actually have the same set up for several master actually good work more more on the affiliate set up this week as I know that's important I want to let more people get on board as affiliates have a really let in a lot of affiliates up until now but by sending of these little introductions you can be very popular conference a few little conference in your thinking I have a business in his cell and unknown when yet doesn't matter you can meet two people to competent someone at 8 o'clock on Friday someone at 10 o'clock on Friday and it was in the chiller midnight in the post take care of you because it's standard it's a standard industry practice it's not uncouth it's not Gross it's normal there's nothing weird about Niners people all the time I don't always try jumping on the tier 2 action this is something that happened to have been planning on for a while because I saw some really good synchronicity and I kinda couldn't believe these two people to know each other I saw big opportunity and a fact if this deal goes through goes well I know a couple of other people from both sides that can be really really good fits some excited to see where this can go some coolness there some always looking for ways to grow my business now one benefit of enters into people's of course at tier 2 action another benefit is that people always remember when people are higher level they walk up to you and all talk to five Timothy the what can I do help your business grow this year it's really common thing like it was said that to me is all that's cool that's how I talk most people who I talked to all the windows target waste, grocery master how to find about their business definable things I could help them grow the mindset we shift from me to you cats when you will explode in business if you simply go to a conference and you walk up to every person there and say hey my name is Jonathan how can I help you grow your business is your what's the number one thing you're looking for you will become very successful I know someone who right now is getting started that's what he did he went to conference of the small conference 100 people didn't know anyone walk of each person and said that and then begin the cross introductions there are a lot of things that you can do that are very valuable to me right now one of the people who follows this podcast went to help me organize and clean up 20 K day I got a little tired of going through editing my transcriptions and help clean it all up for the massive amount of labor really big help for me so he got to see the book 1st he did a really big favor for me Odyssey was exciting the first want to see that book he's now working at his first book his first book might come up for 20 a day if you like a machine he got really in spite of all this how you write passes movable movable boat his argument about it's almost as long as procrastination and I'm helping them everywhere I can every step of the process any email he sent me I answered first anything he wants I do it first and all he did was a small small favor for me okay it doesn't matter that a lot of people to do stuff like that wickedly mommy all the time and say hey I do this or can I do that I always I love those relationships it's really cool to me and I makes me want to get back to you tenfold all primitive he never looked another book that I've done all probably help him edit and launch is next in books no questions asked because when you give value first give it back tenfold you really do get that magnified return so if you implement these simple principles when you go to conference when good and type of networking event if you pay attention the right times to meet people to pay attention to how to give value how to notice the people that are probably the most important one there and how to focus on finding out what you can do for them first because when you say to someone what can I do for you and then you do a little something they'll do a lot for your return because givers like givers I like to give value I set up a couple of deals last week that a really large financial deals for me and when the person people like a mature those numbers might be too big for me is that okay let's do a value exchange okay for me let's find a way to help each other that's really really cool and all of that is I love helping people and is always value in forming alliances sometimes the real value is when someone shares their knowledge and you can use it to double or triple your income we want to have these types of strategies in mind we go to an event we want to look at the right moves to make now these are kind of big picture logistics ideas we can get into technical strategies I do that in great deal in networking empire to do that and some other podcast episodes as well but today I kinda want to give you this lessons I learned some unique things I learned from this particular event some of the directions them to take my business and am already seeing a massive return just from this one little event I've already got tons of business book about tons of new amazing people coming to life and that's really awesome projects that are coming NASA just got really inspired to grow and make a couple of moves that I just having a little hesitant about deciding where you want to take your business deciding where you want to go forward these are important steps but it's also important to realize it's very hard to do it alone so going to events connecting with people that's where you can find a great deal of value sometimes just having people were on the same path as you kind of commiserate with that's with the Majesty roles and the final lesson I want to give you is that you should always say yes one of the many many things that happen to be one of the weirdest was walking into the wrong room around four in the morning I walked in the wrong hotel or was a room next to my when it happened and having like a late-night party that started talking to these people right away rather than being annoyed still be really loud and I knocked on the doors are so that said going hey guys you shut up I said guys can't beat them join them with do this and are parting and rowdy and we start talking at five in the morning hey were going on a boat trip a couple hours you are to come right in the boat with us not the last thing I want to do exhausted I was worn out by said yes five hours later I wake up I gotta get on this but with them I write about me three or four other people and I'm doing a little project with every single person on a I got something cool in the works with all of them because I said yes ma'am was about your fun it was all right was I seasick of course was exhausted definitely wasn't freezing yet surprisingly it was freezing San Diego is really holding March but by saying yes you end up in his moment his opportunities are unexpected now there are certain things I said no to I don't say yes to everything a bunch of guys they do business with all wanted to go to a strip club and I said no I'm too old to Mary too tired I do happen to know a lot of business deals get done when people go to the after party after party after party so even I could examine networking sometimes my body just gives up and maybe I'm leaving little opportunity on the table me many to say yes there as well but I say I've never done that ever been a bunch of conferences half the time it's ladies who all want to go to a strip club late night and I always say this too much for me I don't like to go off-site I don't like to have all that extra logistics and saying that one time I did in New York at an event long time ago I was at a black hat party I don't know how ended up there and one of the guys I met was let's just say Eastern European and on the other side of the law only into too many details and he drag me along to a couple different things that was me falling the adventure is like wow I love what I me like him they criminal let's see what this plays out that's what time that's ever happened to me and actually and led to no networking song led to no long-term business deals is a crazy adventure in a part of the night was the least interesting part the five of the parties went to a way better I got yes if you guys so one time I did actually get dragged one nothing came of it so probably never do it again I much rather be efficient with my networking but saying yes can be really the best move you make going to bed early don't do that stay up late yes, software yes come in about yes come to this secret top-secret party yes we did to the people yes for a weekend just two things you normally wouldn't do go outside your comfort so do things a little bit different or unique for you a lot of times you have to resistor for sequential people keeping up on items that tell him to shut up go join them even they don't want to put yourself outside your comfort zone push yourself and remember your goal at this event is not to get good sleep your goal is not to get rested goals not to learn about you. Your goal is to make money when you remember that you change the way you act I do not pretend that I'm someone I'm not I am not in business to make the world a better place that is a side effect I am a mercenary I am in business to make money to support my children I am business to have a business to take care of my children now on the back of that I do a great many things that are charitable but I do not mix charity in business I know a lot of millennial's love to do that for me there are two separate things the more successful your business the more charity or able to do and that's my approach to charity so it doesn't mean don't be charitable but it does mean remember what your goal is and stay aligned with that it's very hard to sue tools once many of those businesses that try to make money and serve a charity the last one or two or three years they get on a couple TV shows a trend and then they die because people are always looking for that next new hot charity dead focus on something has longevity build a business that can last go the distance and then you can support a charity for very very very long time when you add an event be laser focus on your goal your goal should be to make more money now there are other pieces in place I need to learn how to grow my business to make more money I need to learn this skill to make more money I need to form a connection to bring more customers to make more money so their different ways to achieve that goal there different steps along the path but remember what your destination is and that will help you stay on course oh I'm tired that's my goal I can sleep in a home I slept on the plane home nightmare having hurt but I slept in a 60 hour flight 72 get my restroom at the event I did my best to stay make the whole time if I could stay awake for 72 hours straight I would like to do without having a drink red bull deftly what because so much happens and if you're really efficient you can get as much done at one events as you would have five or 10 I used to go to 20 to 50 events a year now you want because I focus on efficiency so I don't have to go to more look at a really good time I love going out it's fun management kids and would have another kid spent time at home how to surf only on the beach I'm not here right now the sons finally risen Wendy little bit rainy catching the waves really good enough to go down and check is this palm tree in the way this is where I want to be though one way for that son to come out a few hours of deafening hit the waves today as much as I enjoy going to events there step along the path to my destination they're not my destination I know people to just go to every event they can't because they love going to events it's not my final goal my final goal is that I am a mercenary and you should be to you listen this podcast not because you want to be my friends not because you want to change the world because you want to make enough money to do the things you want to do now you may want to change the world right that maybe your next step after that you want to make enough money to launch your dream charity may we make enough money to support your kids are going vacation retired with the job you hate but the reality is were mercenaries and that's okay because that's what businesses we live in a capitalist society when you are planning I'm going to your next event I recommend planning advance implement any strategies and taking advantage of the lessons I learned trafficking version 727 thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape that reference head over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode

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Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Adrienne Igo - May 23, 2017

I am so glad I found you Jonathan. Somehow 20KaDay landed up in one of my downloads, and that is all it took. I am a fan. I plan to listen to every single podcast! Thanks for sharing exceptional advice~!


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