Steve Blom

SNM009: Get Paid to Learn with Steve Blom

Today we have somebody very special  Steve Blom is the man behind some of the biggest brands in the business.  He runs paid traffic from Google to Facebook and everywhere in between.  He took a little idea and built it into an amazing business and get paid to learn.

Get Paid To Learn

In Local Consulting Millionaire , you can learn how to start a small agency helping businesses in your area get traffic.

Steve took that concept and built a boutique agency with a very small book of clients that makes seven figures.  That's a pretty nice life.

He started off running promotions in malls and built his way onto the Internet from there.  Every time he wanted to move in a new direction, he found someone who would pay him to learn.

Listen to find out how…

Key Points:

  1. You can start making money before you know what you're doing
  2. Everyone has a unique path to success
  3. Give value to people without worrying about the return

Resources Mentioned:

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