SNM071: Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Yesterday I recorded a new sales video that I was so proud of.

It's for me new Networking Empire course.

I recorded the entire video in a single take, like the opening of Snake Eyes.

I was so proud of the video and how cool it came out.

I was planning on releasing it this week.

So I showed it to one of my publishers, who is a phenomenal copywriter.

This video is boring.

I hesitated to have him look at the video because I did NOT want to redo it.

I was afraid he would give me bad feedback, so I didn't want him to see it.

We have these moments all the time.

If I really thought the video was perfect, I would have shown it to him with no concern.

That niggling doubt in the back of my mind is a red flag that something is was wrong.

[easy-tweet tweet=”When you don't want to show your work to a friend, that is a sign that you don't really believe in it.” user=”ServeNoJonathan” hashtags=”servenomaster”]

I have two options right now, I can ignore my friend's advice or I can go back to the drawing board.

Giving advice the right way.

Many people give advice by telling you what's wrong.

“I don't like the story.”

But when you ask how to fix it, they got nothing.

“I don't know, just make it better.”

This advice is garbage and worthless.

My friend gave me a whole new intro and a mechanism for my sales letter.

He said, “this is boring, say X instead.”

That kind of advice is actionable.

He pointed out that my lemonade was too sour and then he handed my a bad of sugar.

It's now 2am and I have a choice.

I always want to do the best possible.

This is why working online feels like that old Paula Abdul song.

Every time I take two steps forward, I feel like I have to take a step back.

This is why so many independent marketers feel like we never accomplish anything or that we are always behind.

Yesterday my new sales video was done, today I'm back at square one.

Whatever it takes, make that lemonade

I have a new sales letter template in front of me and I'm working on it right now.

I'm totally focused on writing a better sales letter.

Not just for me, but also for my tribe.

I need to improve my messaging and explain why this new course is so awesome.

It's totally life changing and I have to make that clear.

I was so excited by my gimmick that I was about to release an inferior sales message.

Some days are hard and we get lemons shoved into our mouths.

But the only choice is to keep fighting you way up that mountain.

Show Notes:


Key Points:

  1. Bad days are inevitable
  2. You can either see an excuse or an opportunity
  3. How you respond to adversity defines you

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Breaking Orbit

Serve No Master on Amazon

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Turning lemons in the lemonade on today's episode today's abscess Betty by converting the ultimate list building tagging and segmentation tool to find out how convert can change your business and W profits go to serve the master account\convert kit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online to start living your retirement dreams now then you come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcasts on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented life from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post as we get started I hope you can forgive me for a little bit of the background noise that we cannot set myself up to start recording this episode it wasn't raining and the rain just started what can I do it's not too loud so hopefully this recording will still be okay I'll give you a sense of where I live it's kind of crazy look in the sun is out beautiful sunrise and there's a little rain just on one side of my building and a lot of the roofs here of course are 10 or corrugated so little bit of Ray noise coming from the building the arguments not for my roof some hoping that we can talk with this very important topic together and the reason we share this with you had a little weight is because it's fresh and emotional for me it's very challenging when things go bad in your business and its nightmare and I went through again a series of bad things now as you guys know if you my podcast while a few months ago everything my business went down I changed most of my business infrastructure this weekend it all came crashing down again Sunday morning I was working on some new videos that I want to start doing order to more more video content and I got an email from one of my customers were big fans let me know that my sales page is broken for words to profit and I forgot hi forgot this that when I switched over I did replace all the links when I moved from their websites under the new one and that's why the nose notice that sales page for about 10 days or two weeks or something like that something really long so went back in and had to make some tweaks I noticed a couple mistakes on the pages I the creek page interest in the links practice I go back and activate the links and I realize that when I switch shopping carts never finish that process so first header finish the sales page that wasn't quite done some images that I discovered the Bible and the wrong buttons Anna designer help me rebuild that page and he made a mistake there all the buttons were wrong in their play video shopping cart in the wrong everything so I go back and make all these changes find and build a new button it took me a couple of hours then I realized that I never finished my shopping cart setting everything up setting up the check and pay to set himself assessment another couple hours doing that to be quite a while I totally derailed my more in my Sunday morning I wanted to get it done because it's very important that something that should be live and it was my fault for getting that had finished it because when I look at my transition settings I have a checkmark next to saying that page has been changed and updated so I made a mistake it's my own fault but really stinks know you have all this happened so then I send this link back to this amazing customer someone is probably get up here in my service Bureau section very soon she started new blog and take a lot of really exciting action I watch all of my followers and start the blog and send me a link to check out all the time I like seeing that everyone commented a couple posts recently very excited to see when people take action was one of the I'm thinking about you having a podcast episode I talk about a couple of the really the heroes or maybe blogging about it was Parker's blog you should check out if you like mine some very excited about that and blessing want to do is ever give a loyal fan or someone a bad experience was very upset that I made this mistake and forgot totally my fault then I can email back to her about two hours later she can't place the order because the news on the shopping cart I then spent I'm gonna say nearly 36 hours members just 30 hours for Stephanie 124 working with the tech team to find out what's wrong of course what is the weekend suddenly the tech team not available so makes me crazy I was dealing with the owner of the company the entire time that's why that's why use every tech guy and we worked on it like crazy and it turns out for some reason integration into my shopping cart and Braintree stopped working now that's insane because I made a Braintree order a sale came in via Braintree on Monday so something happened that had nothing to do with me but everything to do with this other company and it caused the problem so the shopping cart was broken then Monday morning I the next morning sis is on site Sunday and Monday morning the site still down the known place orders I realized my site floating slower than I want so I began to implement a bunch of changes to make the site faster and go through this experience I set up so a bunch of technology subclass Clarence set up CDN network I set up improving my caching set up all these things early technical basically to make the website load faster and faster really wants load under second and on some tests it loads under second sums Tessa takes her to 2 1/2 and I want to just really get it super super fast am still working on that and of course while this is happening my site collapses again not the front and not the customer facing part of the website but the part for me I couldn't edit pages anymore and freaking out because now I can't process orders and I can even edit sales page someone to work on getting my blueprints product ready it should be released by time his episode who knows I keep getting all these little delays to keep working on it but I was working everything getting it all set up and some that could work on pages is making you crazy and that was down for about five or six hours had to wait until I got email from tech support for from drive themes and of course it took them one sentence to fix probably $0.70 and add this one line Chuck Loeffler set up and fixed everything is amazing I couldn't think of the right way to structure this one particular line of code and they sent me the way to do it so I asked my thinking was cut close to figure out the solution but I did need them to actually tell me because I couldn't figure out a way to use this word this one variable but I was going through all this all the same time okay of the course of 24 hours my sales pages broke my shopping carts broken I can't edit page of my websites to slump doing with all this crumbs and became very frustrating I finally just stepped away from the computer and said I had to hang out the kids I can't do this and was making crazy I can't work on the things I will work on it's very hard for me when I get locked into something on reworking on what I really want to work on these sales pages and as well so the parts of my finals and when we uploaded these photos one of them videos what I want to do it and I can't it's hard to go out on their watch training videos instead I'm not very good at doing a big shift your significant for them I wish I was doing well are you doing it's very distracted it's one of the things I suffer from it being good at focusing and as I went to work on for the day back to change it becomes very hard so dealing with all of this it's overwhelming so then finally last night finally after hours of thinking tech-support goes all the problems with Braintree that in turn it off you have to make Stryker default gateway to PayPal whatever this is why have multiple payment processor set up I wish they told me that right away I could fix every right away they just turn up Braintree switch stripe that's what have it set up as a backup Cinderella everything's working in the push out an update for some reason and this is astounding this company announced last week there putting out better pickup pages and instead of list so I set up your checkout page the Sinemet checkup pages action a lot of things I can control which is really great I say I will use template 1 to 3 or four instead of adding templates 5678 they deleted the time of the templates everyone was using their entire customer base they changed all of the templates I check at page was about to work and it looked awful because a change into a template with a background was this dark blue in my logo that I was using on the page which is previous white page suddenly looked awful and so I had to go back through and research problems of HML now doesn't show my product image right now Al is like guys I finally finally ready to send the link to someone and say I can finally take your order and no something else is wrong all this happens and you can get very frustrated you can feel overwhelmed and resume share this personal story's you can see that even though I'm doing pretty good things still happen I don't like but I can't process or tunnel like we have is probably every frustrated is it always want the spreads are perfect for the customer my worry about for me about losing sales and more worried about someone wants to place an order now they can't and it makes me look bad in there getting a bad experience and I don't have anyone the good thing about conservation the reason I put so much free content out here is always putting our efforts because they get so much feedback and people find proms on the website they always email me to email me facing spellings in the office of technical which is very valuable to me this feedback I really appreciate it and helps me a lot so that's why work so hard to cultivate this feeling of a tribe is feeling every go back and forth because that's where we can really connect and that encourages people to help me in the ways that I need which is to notice when things are broken in to tell me some popular website the sales page broken in town he wants and again fix it a lot of times I check stuff and then something was wrong with Frank she was working week ago so shocked when it stopped working good news is now at the end of this experience number 1 My Websites Way faster number two sales page of the shopping carts finally working I hope to check my emails this morning make sure everything is working and number three this is the end of this process where we go to these things you're more ready to deal with these situations you realize you can hand them to become stronger so the next time doesn't stress you out as much but it also helps you two strengthen your infrastructure business my websites now better my checking process is now better than I IMA back in for this voluptuous guy flashlight with the owner of my shopping cart company Annie's making a bunch of changes to match what I want I said here some changes in either direction putting out a new update specifically for Braintree just for me to the software that's the reason even on using software that a little bit newer okay only release the shopping are the general public last two months and I was when the early beta testers got aboard before they shared it with everyone for his general public is because they make changes I want that's very valuable to me sometimes I sent an idea and it's further down the line to get admitted over the next few months when I have an idea and it's important the push it within 24 hours that's really valuable the Billy to adapt with more established shopping cart, with Commissioner Ruffalo titled the last company working when he asked for changes you get nothing and I spend most my time talking to the bottom level tax people are getting paid five or six dollars an hour less field customer support complaints was now idea with the owner of the company I talked to him directly we talk at least once a week that really allows me to adapt and that's the reason that I went with this company was making my decision and I've been very pleased with that because even though sometimes there's challenges they work to fix them very quickly I did find the decision to replace all their templates pretty shocking and so did everyone else who didn't completely read the email they sent out an email telling everyone he said they are adding more I did read the fine print so is big surprise for me this means I have to go back in and change all my checkup pages but they are going to add in the ability to have a product shot for each one I love should be there ready but that's great so ideas get implemented I love all that what I want you to see from the story presence give you a list of ways to deal with problems is that when we overcome things they become better my website is now much better than it was before I change the website my infrastructures now much stronger even though I had a couple of days of toughness now to fix all those things took a day and half was the last time had probably took almost 6 weeks I'm in a position now I can things a lot quicker because I've dealt with structures and problems in the past and I want you to learn from your mistakes and realize that there's got to be tough days there can be days where different challenges sometimes it's good to be tech challenge yes yes talking to someone that I work with working on future project when my parenting products in he hopped on my right doesn't like maximum frustration about my website being frozen answer the last thing I want to do is talk to someone when I'm really frustrated because I don't want to leak my frustration someone is not their fault some hunters will snap at someone you're so frustrated and then he updated one of his plug-ins and his website crashed and I don't want to admit it but sometimes it feels good to have a little company your misery now I helped him fix the problem he fixes from less than three minutes I got a fix would happen him is happy to be before so as much as a little Parmesan lease now he really knows how I feel I will also didn't want to have then Soprano took days and days of glad it was fiction about I was actually one is able tell him exactly to do to fix it but we go to these moments were emotionally when other people have bad days to so you're working on project when you have a day were nothing selling when nothing feels like it's doing right where your Kindle sales dip and suddenly you make eight cents when you're making hundred dollars they were for you think happened you have these tough days and the way to find success the path to success is to find the way through most people who try to work from selves who try to follow my path try to write their own books will fail they fail all the time people been failing for thousands of years because they give up too soon they give up right before the moment of success I can't see how many people get excited when I teach shortfall minister email me and then there were stops responding because they stop working on their book and they feel guilty or something there realized that guilt is what's killing them because of the Talking and inspiring but I always try to be there and connect my audience right as much value as possible because I know that's what we get stuck until you make that first dollar nothing feels really doesn't feel like anything more than a pipe dream which is why always encourage people speed to implementation soon as you can make that first dollar that everything starts to feel real when you're going through these tough days you have these down days how you deal with it will define the way your business goes if you see it as a reason to quit and that's how most people see the world you see the mountain fun you note to dangerous I'm not doing it it won't work why should I try if I won't succeed is almost the battle cry of people who never succeed you don't know what you're capable of until you try I never thought that I would be where I am right now I never predicted this I didn't think I had this level of success special I want us for starting was first starting out as all I want do is make enough money move on my mom's basement I want to make enough money to go to eat to pay for mild gas bill two be an adult again I was fighting my way out of a very bad situation for long time when I lost my teaching job it's tough we go through these moments but if you change your mindset reason to quit and replace it with him to do whatever it takes then you become capable of this amazing greatness I've had many struggles in my business many bad moments many challenges walls that hit and when you hit these walls we have these challenges the key is to keep going about a year ago a lot of other people who work in the markers quit is Amazon made some changes and they did not adapt to the changes so this wall appeared I said now if I can get over this wall 90% of my competitions God that's the new market evidence amazing the competition is really diminished in certain areas because all people putting on pure content or God when you receive this obstacle funding that would stop most people if you overcome it your spelling error arena an area we don't have as much competition starts crying anymore you can breathe in that rarefied air I've crossed through that phase okay the very first phase you go into is when you really try to succeed is any Boulder any obstacle is an opportunity that mindset will get you very far and you reach a point where failure becomes not an option I am completely and totally unemployable no large company would ever hire me because I work myself away too long they would trust me to be able to deal with having a boss in the right and they don't like it when your resume shows you haven't Benadryl your entire life and your resume shows gaps in your employment even if your income is very successful for five years no one was hiring they don't like that don't trust it like independent thinkers now I have plenty of friends who would hire me a second if I said so my friends having trouble we give you a job they certainly would but I would be able to do either to used to be the boss of twos to make all my own decisions understanding complete and total control of my destiny because of the changes in my character because of the changes in my business and ram in life I have no choice have an entire family depends I go for my two kids kid number three which were the discussion phase about what he he or she could be on the way any time now never know when the next kids on the way they make the decision that you all the people that work for me on this island all the people who are local employees they depend on us to support their families independent is to feed them and if either kids so I have nearly hundred people who complete depend upon me to feed them clothe them and put them somewhere to live because let's be honest of things hit the fan my business shrinks the first thing that's going is all staff yeah they're the ones were the loser jobs long before my kids stop eating that's just the way out it works for everyone right your business a shrinking start firing people I want to do that I want to be able to take care my family and what else around me these people depend on me that's a bit of a burden and so I'm in a situation where I have no choice but to succeed this is why put in long hours to make sure I'm always ahead make sure my next projects ready this entire project here's totally necessary for my business I could just focus on the company of things and working on and do really well but I want to but not serve the master because it's my passion project hopefully doesn't turn out like most movie directors passion projects so far the business it's a new business is only been around for less than a year just started their very much it's doing pretty well not huge but it's growing in order to get to the level I want to have to build up huge amounts of infrastructure I am putting a lot of money time and energy into building out the infrastructure this business so that I have 20 products that have really amazing courses that have all these amazing blog posts and contents of the people find me they can really enjoy me and learned a lot actually achieve the success they want so what I approach a project I don't have the option of quitting anymore to a people depending on me that mindset of I have no choice but to succeed will change you and I read about this before when I talk about ringing the bell and Navy SEALs very interesting I've known a couple Navy SEALs and uncoupled names of trainers and by muscle guys and other special forces branches but thing about Navy SEALs when you go to the training 800 quit you capturing the spell hearing about this at your out that's my number shouting in your free most people ring the bell of course was to bring about that training is brutal it's so tough that's why they're the elite of the elite and all the special forces training to do this but these one Navy SEALs have and have the bell which I will talk about today when you ring the bow they go hold on leave you second chance if you want to go back and keep going you can and sometimes people say you know what I would keep trying but those people who've Artie read about once they never finish once quitting becomes an option once failure becomes an option when you're doing something hard enough it becomes inevitable there million reasons why she quit my job there many reasons why she just moved back to America and start working with some my friends were very brisker five some friends who we start at the same time another doing eight figures there to include raising money and I can work for them or with them to projects with them if I was face-to-face that would be very big failure is not an option that kids here it's not an option anymore I want to leave where I live I do well have a great life but not to innate figures and I'm not making nine dollars month I want to get back to that level I want to get huge again build out something amazing but you have to control your internal state in order to achieve massive success so we have those days that stink we have those days were you thinking about shut it all down we have those days were you thinking about quitting you have to just keep fighting you often find that the moment you were 10% of the way from success most people only quit when there within the final five or 10 yards of the end zone if you want is a football metaphor the we quit we were so close to success and I've seen people do this before people around me quit only while you were so close most people quit after they were in their book after they've uploaded the book to Amazon and there struggling in the first week or two release the quick that was going on why would you quit when you're on the costs of achieving your financial reward that's what I find devastatingly disappointing I want that to happen to you so I share stories about moments where it's very timely I could have said you know what all this stuff is cost me money every month it's cost me stress shut it down and I could've shut down everything I could've said you know what I deserved masters the blog will have a little coaching and that's it shut on the shopping cart change to another thing that's a free shopping cart whatever decrease everything cut down the costs L go it's tempting tending to take the easy route but that's not what I want to achieve the things I want in life I can't stay where I met I don't want to just do well I want to grow and become huge and make more and more amazing things happen and that requires staying the course so when you face those challenges rumor that I face challenges to remember that in those moments where you get tested those the moments when you achieve your greatness you have days where you discover you have to rewrite your entire booking of three is to do it I've been there we have days where entire website crashes or where customers are on that reference product ever released 100% of the customers credit logging the members area after the first day Eckstein hundred and 71 emails to my tech support email which was just me what a nightmare it happens but I doubt that I overcame and it's never happened since so when you face those tough days when you have those days we think about quitting hope this little story inspires you and remind you that on the other side your business will not be the same your business will actually be stronger it's the challenges that force us to improve if I didn't run into these problems over this week and I would've improved parts my website it would've sped up the website I would improve the infrastructure would've made these decisions that made their so valuable and have improved my business in a major way by going to the fire you become forged and I want to encourage you and remind you that when you go to these tough days you can take these lemons and you can turn them in a delicious lemonade and sell the lemonade for profit if you have a bad day know that I'm with you know that I've been there before and I'll be there again and on the other side after the darkest of night the sun still rises business will continue to grow better better things are waiting for you you don't need to quit you can be a 1% or you can be when the 1% of people that when they see an obstacle to see an opportunity I would have that mindset you become on stop thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that rat rings head over to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening serve no master podcast make sure to subscribe to the together cheap true freedom

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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