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Time is not Money

SNM008: Escape the Cubicle Mindset

Our beliefs control our behavior. The way you see the world will affect every thought you have throughout the day. And those thoughts will go on to control every decision, big and small.

We are raised from birth to accept the cubicle mindset. The only purpose of standardized education is to train you to sit at your desk quitly all day long and obey the teacher at the front of the room. Thie educational format punishes creativity, free-thinking and finishing early. Nobody gets to leave school early if they finish on time.

What is a Merchant Account and Do You Really Need One

This is one of the scariest things about the Internet.  How can people give you money in a way that is safe and secure.  If you look for advice from anyone making big money online they will recommend services and products that I don’t.  That’s because those companies offer huge kickbacks for their inferior products. …

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