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The Stu McLaren Tribe Coming Soon 2021


By now you must be familiar with all the fuss about Stu McLaren Tribe! If you’re hesitant about joining the waitlist, my Stu McLaren Tribe review might help! Many people have gone through the Stu McLaren Tribe course, and so many of them resulted in wild success.

Stu McLaren Tribe Helping Entrepreneurs

Stu McLaren Tribe

Stu McLaren is an expert when it comes to building membership sites. Stu is a former co-founder of the WishList Member platform where he worked with over 70k membership site owners! He also runs his own 6,7 figure membership sites, and he has been spreading his methods in workshops throughout the years!

Every other tribe member is a success story or a case study, so I think that says more than enough about Stu McLaren and his expertise.

Stu’s mission is to teach people to earn money by creating top-notch membership sites for their businesses.

The best part is that it really doesn’t matter what you do; whatever it is (from running a coffee shop to owning a gym, to having an accounting firm, etc.) It can be digitalized. Better your business to better your income.

Stu McLaren Tribe Course Launch Date

By getting on the waitlist for the Stu McLaren Tribe, you’ll be the first to know when will the tribe re-open in April 2021! Enrollment dates are usually around May, and so is the start of this course.

The Stu McLaren Tribe is an open/closed type of course. This means you can only join during a short time interval every year. So, don’t hesitate to join the Tribe because where there’s smoke there’s fire. With that being said, let’s move on to the Stu McLaren Tribe Review!

What Includes the Stu McLaren Tribe:

Stu McLaren Tribe

The course has an introductory module, 6 training modules, and a graduation bonus! You get one module per week. This is a great way to avoid having overwhelmed students and the knowledge can really sink in.

During this course, you’ll have the chance to talk through every lesson with Stu and the Tribe community and you’ll have two implementation weeks to put your knowledge to the test!

As a member of the Tribe, you’ll get an online course that comprises content in all formats. There are video lessons, audio if you want to listen only, and pdfs. You’ll experience live Q&A sessions with Stu, you’ll be a part of an exclusive Facebook community, you’ll get a Tribe live ticket and many more Stu McLaren Tribe bonuses.

So, let’s get down to the Stu McLaren Tribe review 2021!

Module 0: Introduction

The introduction has 5 video lessons where Stu McLaren explains the theory behind membership sites and draws a pathway to the X that marks success!

Module 1: Foundation

The foundation has 9 video lessons that shape the complete work that the course will offer.

Module 2: Content

The content has 8 video lessons where Stu talks about planning your content, the content you must have, and how to serve it to your audience. Less is more. Focus on creating valuable content rather than just publishing gibberish and recycling content. Quality, not quantity.

Module 3: Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy has 10 video lessons where you’ll learn how to build your audience and your email list. What strategies you should use to launch your membership?

Module 4: Marketing Tactics

The marketing tactics module has 12 video lessons where you learn how to implement the marketing strategies you worked out. Stu will discuss beta launches, webinars, pricing, and a lot more. Here you’ll get to use the Copy Creator tool that will enable you to create your own launch video and email scripts with the templates Stu uses.

Stu McLaren Tribe

Module 5: Retention

Retention has 5 video lessons: onboarding, content, community, recognition, and communication. If your members are happy, you are happy. So this is where you’ll cover all the necessary steps to keep your members on board.

Stu will offer you many retention strategies and you can choose the one that suits you best for starters. When you get in the know-how you can go crazy with strategy cocktails!

Module 6: Growth

Growth has 10 video lessons where Stu will paint the after picture for you and take you through the steps towards it. 

Module 7: Graduation Bonus Module: Selling

The bonus module has 3 video lessons where Stu brings a guest and they take you through the option of possibly selling your membership and how to sell it properly.

Before You Leave

Stu McLaren Tribe

If you want to learn more about the course and if you are interested in launching your membership site business, the Stu McLaren Tribe course is the course you need to revolutionize the future of your financial stability.

As an affiliate partner of The Tribe and once a student of the course myself, I have prepared a list of DAZZLING bonuses if you buy the course through my site but before making that decision, make sure you get acquainted with the course and what it offers to be able to say you and Stu are a good fit.

It’s not just about spending money, it is about leveraging the value into creating something bigger.

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