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The Tribe Review By Stu McLaren and Best Bonus 2021

Hey guys and welcome aboard to The Tribe review! I have some great bonuses in store for you, but before I tell you more about them, let’s get inside the Stu McLaren Tribe review in-depth and unravel all the details!

If you were wondering what the Stu McLaren Tribe really is and is it worth your time, scroll down below and find the answer to everything you need to know about the course.


What Is the Stu McLaren Tribe Course?

Tribe Bonus 2021 by Jonathan Green

The Stu McLaren Tribe is an online course owned by Stu McLaren, that helps people reshape their knowledge and influence and channel it into recurring revenue by launching and snowballing 6, 7, or 8-figure membership sites. It is an online course that helps entrepreneurs build thriving membership sites.

It offers content creators and entrepreneurs a PROVEN plan that will give them the clarity and direction they need to create and grow a highly lucrative and stress-free membership, regardless of their niche. Everything from health and fitness, photography, teaching, business, digital marketing, personal development, to pets, art, farming, calligraphy, coaching, consultancy, and religion. You can build a membership site around one of these niches or around something else you already know, are passionate about, or around something you are good at!

Need-based membership sites, mastery-based membership, and community-based membership sites are the most profitable. Entertainment-based membership is also possible, but they convert less than the afore-mentioned sites. So, even if your passion is parenthood, you can leverage that into a membership or any other teachable skill.

I guess the ideal candidate would be someone who believes in the power of generosity and someone who likes serving others. Someone who genuinely wants to help people. When you have those values at the forefront, profit is just the side effect of your effort.

The Stu McLaren Tribe course opens once a year so that all the students can start at the same time and take the course together. Tribe enrollment kicks off April 2021, so you are running out of time as many people have shown enrolment interest already and spots aren’t unlimited. It’s more or less a 9-week course happening once a year around May (April is just enrollment of new students).

As one of the students myself (I took the course back in 2019), what I can tell you about the Stu McLaren Tribe is that all the insight is based on Stu’s personal experience and is backed up with practical examples and best practices that are concrete and tangible above all else.

The course is made of an introductory module and 6 core training modules that cover all aspects of building a lucrative membership site that heavily focuses on marketing and content creation, scaling, growing your audience, member retention, and most importantly, techniques that help achieve all these I mentioned.

The modules are released once a week so you have time to digest the material, let it sink in, and even discuss important aspects/questions with Stu and the community he’s created over the years.

If you ask me, the best part is really those two implementation weeks you get within the training to implement what you’ve learned. It makes the whole process come alive, apart from the heavy focus on community spirit and tight handholding throughout the experience.

The tribe community is one of the most dedicated communities I’ve ever seen, and I join discussions when I find the time even 2 years after I’ve finished the course.

Who Is Stu McLaren?

Stu Mclaren The Tribe Review

Stu McLaren is the co-founder of the world’s leading membership site for WordPress, WishList Member, and the creator of the Tribe. He has over 12 years of experience, which he selflessly shares with all his students. He’d done membership for a variety of markets, coaches, authors, and speakers, even consultants, and business owners so they can transform their knowledge into a profitable business that they are PASSIONATE about.

He’s positioned his membership and subscription business successfully since 2008 and hasn’t stopped ever since. Stu has his own business podcast and believes in the motto that you CAN turn what you love and what you ALREADY know into recurring income.

Stu McLaren Tribe Overview and Important Dates

Your Stu McLaren incorporates a 7 module online course, Q&A sessions going live exclusively with Stu McLaren himself, and an exclusive FB group to get in touch with the Tribe community, ask questions and connect with other members of the course.

The course launches every year, as you may know already, so here are the dates you need to remember:

Launch dates are:

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Thursday, May 6TH, 2021

The Tribe is priced at $1,997 or 6 monthly payments x $397.

Stu McLaren Tribe Review – What Does the Stu McLaren Tribe Include (Chapters)

Stu Mclaren The Tribe Review

Module 0: Introduction (5 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Stu’s Philosophy About Membership Sites
  • Lesson 2: Subscription Mania
  • Lesson 3: The Two Types of Membership Site Owners
  • Lesson 4: The Perfect Membership
  • Lesson 5: Membership Success Path

Module 1: Foundation (5 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: 4 Reasons People Join a Membership
  • Lesson 2: The Secret To Your Never-Ending Success
  • Lesson 3: Discover Your Market’s Hot Buttons (Internal / External)
  • Lesson 4: What Do You Stand For
  • Lesson 5: The Success Path
  • Lesson 6: Stages & Characteristics
  • Lesson 7: Milestones
  • Lesson 8: Action Items
  • Lesson 9: Circle of Awesomeness

Module 2: Content (9 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Six Different Membership Models
  • Lesson 2: The #1 Reason People Cancel
  • Lesson 3: The Importance of Multiple Modalities
  • Lesson 4: The Two Types of Content
  • Lesson 5: Creating Your Core Content
  • Lesson 6: Creating Your Monthly Content
  • Lesson 7: Other Content Considerations
  • Lesson 8: The 12-Month Calendar

Module 3: Marketing Strategy (10 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Marketing Strategy Overview
  • Lesson 2: Open Marketing Plan
  • Lesson 3: Closed Marketing Plan
  • Lesson 4: 3 Stages of Effective Marketing
  • Lesson 5: Build Your Audience
  • Lesson 6: Build Your List
  • Lesson 7: Build Your Launch
  • Lesson 8: 5 Phases of a Launch
  • Lesson 9: Promotion Types
  • Lesson 10: Mapping Out Your Marketing Calendar

Module 4: Marketing Tactics (11 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Marketing Tactics Overview
  • Lesson 2: Seven Common Pricing Models
  • Lesson 3: Picking a Price Point
  • Lesson 4: Launching Your First Membership (Beta Launch)
  • Lesson 5: Launch Video Process
  • Lesson 6: Selling Through Webinars
  • Lesson 7: Livecasts
  • Lesson 8: FB Lives
  • Lesson 9: Launch Timing
  • Lesson 10: Evergreen Promotions and Funnels
  • Lesson 11: Flash Promotions
  • Lesson 12 (Bonus): Biggie Size Your Promotions with Trials

Module 5: Retention (9 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Set The Stage
  • Lesson 2: The Four Reasons People Stay
  • Lesson 3: Retention Buckets
  • Lesson 4: Onboarding Strategies
  • Lesson 5: Content Retention Strategies
  • Lesson 6: Community Retention Strategies
  • Lesson 7: Recognition Retention Strategies
  • Lesson 8: Communication Retention Strategies
  • Lesson 9: Grandfathered Pricing

Module 6: Growth (10 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Growth Module
  • Lesson 2: Philosophy of Scale
  • Lesson 3: The Membership Business Structure
  • Lesson 4: Roles
  • Lesson 5: Processes
  • Lesson 6: Numbers
  • Lesson 7: James’ Favorite Number
  • Lesson 8: Stu’s Favorite Number
  • Lesson 9: Health of Your Community
  • Lesson 10: Biggie Size Your Efforts

Graduation Bonus: How to Sell Your Membership (3 lessons)

  • Lesson 1: Why Sell?
  • Lesson 2: Finding a Buyer
  • Lesson 3: The Transition

Note: All modules offer a downloadable audiobook, a workbook enriched with samples and action tasks, other handy materials like tests and success maps that help you determine, say, your vision for your business, as well as LIFETIME access to the course at the time you purchased it. If you are interested in the upgrades, you will receive a discount as a past Tribe student.

Stu Mclaren The Tribe Review

Module 0: Introduction

Before you hit it off with the intro part, I know what you may be thinking. How about I skip the intro because it’s just that, and I use my time to get to where the real action is? First of all, NO. Second of all, DON’T even think about it. There is a fine line between doing the work that is going to make all the difference and slacking because of wanting to finish as fast as possible to supposedly start with your real project.

If you start skipping now, imagine the discipline you are going to have for your real membership site. None, right? That’s why you need to go step by step. The more skin you have in it, the more successful you are going to be.

Focus on the details. Soak them in. It’s the only way to be certain you are leveraging all the insight you will get into recurring income.

Some of Stu’s tips and strategies may seem counter-intuitive, but they are all done with extra care and with lots of methodological observation of real membership sites. Stu’s practices are created out of nothing, they are the result of what has already been out there, circulating for years, unnoticed, if I might add. The course has proven to work for over 1000 students successfully.

Module 1: Foundation

In the first module, you’ll get a roadmap of success, including every milestone, every action you should undertake. If you feel like it all feels a little too easy or familiar, don’t fool yourself. Go thoroughly through the entire process and take notes. It’s what I did, as a firm lover of roadmaps. The mere thought excites me.

Stu dwells on milestones and action items because they are also important and they could either make or break a membership site. Milestones are yes or no questions for your audience to keep track of their progress. If they cannot track the improvement they are making thanks to you, why would they stay on board, right? Stu shares some dazzling insight on that, but also stresses the importance of action items.

Namely, if you run a fitness/healthy dieting/nutrition membership site, your audience will be on wanting to lose weight and see noticeable results after a while. How are you going to help them achieve their goals? By giving them checklists and meal plans, of course! All these bits and pieces make the entire difference between a successful and a flop-like membership business, and the best part about them is that they are not complex.

The first module lays the groundwork for all the upcoming chapters.

Module 2: Content

This is where you’ll learn about the different membership models and the type of content you need to produce for your subscription. All the dos and don’ts of copywriting in a nutshell. As a best-selling author and a copywriter myself, I have paid thousands of dollars not just to master copywriting myself, but also to hire the best content writers to back me up and the content I need for either my blog, my YouTube channel or even my ghostwriting service.

Less is more and being systematic with your content is merely the start of content production and management. With the Stu McLaren Tribe course, you are fully covered in that aspect. All the secrets to content writing presented in an easy-to-digest way.

Module 3: Marketing Strategy

Here you will get to see why having that 12 Month Marketing Calendar in advance plays a huge role in your business. You will get to see the role it plays because it is tightly connected to building your audience and developing your marketing strategy.

The module offers a concise overview of how your working year is supposed to look like. I like the fact that the Tribe emphasized the importance of structural organization.

Module 4: Marketing Tactics

This chapter is definitely longer, but if you want to get inside the matrix of price picking, webinars, and beta launching your membership, this is the chapter you want to double read. It’s the turning point in realizing your worth, not being afraid to charge higher prices, and exploiting Stu’s ideas.

This was my favorite chapter because it was so inspirational. You finally learn how to break out of that imposter’s syndrome, out of that mindset that you are not worth the higher price. Often, we charge much less than what we deserve because we do not believe we are that good. Because we believe we do not have the experience.

Truth is, as long as you provide value to your audience, you are worth it, and it does not matter how long you have been doing this. It’s all in that value. It’s all in who your audience needs you to be, and being there for them.

There is this one chapter Lean in Confidence, which I particularly found handy. The course itself is not a self-help guide, but this chapter had such an effect. The action tasks that Stu has in store for you are indeed cathartic, and I know this because they were so for me.

Module 5: Retention

None of what we do would have any meaning if we cannot make our audience stay, right? Well, the Stu McLaren Tribe course dwells on this, giving you useful strategies to implement and help your audience see the real you. You can try different techniques and choose the one you deem to be the right for you. It’s a mix and match. No harm in trying out different methods and seeing which one resonates with you the most.

Module 6: Growth

No point in growing an audience if you cannot expand and create brand awareness, right? Stu together with 7 figure entrepreneur James Wedmore, talks about the different ways to explode, scale, and monitor your business, so it’s always in YOUR hands. Control is a necessary skill, and the Tribe can help you’ll learn it.

Stu here emphasizes the importance of having a clear-cut understanding of your retention and attrition for their annual period, meaning how many people are subscribing and how many are dropping off. It’s important to understand the numbers if you want not just to retain your members but also to carry on with accelerating them.

Graduation Bonus Selling

And for the very last part, before you part ways, Stu brings in Chad Collins, entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and host of the Marketing on Demand Show for you.

The two share details on why you may want to sell your membership and how you can do it. It’s the last chapter – short and sweet but packed with goodbye tips and tactics. The final touch, if you ask me.

Stu McLaren Tribe Bonus

The Tribe Bonus 2021 by Jonathan Green

Or should I say bonuses? Along with the tremendous value and unparalleled support, you will get a few other dandy bonuses that Stu himself handpicked for his members. Check them down below. Boy does this scream generosity through the walls!

Some of these bonuses may not be available depending on the time of your onboarding, but that’s okay. You’ll always have some of these amazing bonuses upon joining the Stu McLaren dazzling community.

Search feature. You can find the lessons you need across modules and even endorse topics and resources you found helpful. (Not a particularly life-changing feature, but definitely timesaving!)

Progress Coaching. Get this: you can get answers to your questions from a real member of Stu’s team! Precious! I would never miss out on such nuggets of wisdom by someone Stu McLaren has chosen to form part of his team.

FAQ Vault. All the possible questions students have asked, compiled and answered – and handed to you to use. I remember going through the vault and being heavily inspired. I am definitely including this feature for all my upcoming courses because it’s one of the most valuable resources.

Community. This is one of the most vibrantly active communities I’ve ever been a part of. You will have access to the Tribe Community, where you can ask questions, get feedback and engage with other members. You will never be in the dark with such a thriving community. The best part is, Stu and his team will pop in there to engage in the discussions as well.

Simple Profits Mini-Series. The mini-series will give you copy and paste templates that will get your membership off the ground. Simplicity is better and just as effective as high-end launches.

TRIBE Live Ticket. You’ll get a free pass to the once-a-year live conference hosted by the TRIBE team where you’ll learn from Stu and his special guests all from relevant backgrounds, but you’ll also get to meet other TRIBE members and hear their stories. Success stories offer fresh perspectives.

Launch Script Templates. These are the exact templates that Stu uses to craft 7-figure promotions. Yes, the exact ones, you read that well. He shares every resource that has helped him on his way to success, and now he will help position your membership and attract people into it.

Gamification Super Guide. Stu invites one of the world’s top gamification experts who will teach you how to craft customer experiences and turn an audience into raving fans, hungry for your brand.

Instant Audience. If you don’t have an audience, you can build one from zero. And if you happen to have an existing audience, you’re going to be able to leverage the same strategy and grow your army.

Stu offers some surprise bonuses too, but we are not allowed to get a hold of them until after the course launches for the year.

The Tribe Review 2021 – Sincere Opinion

The Tribe Review by Jonathan Green

Okay, it’s time to get real. Below you can read the Tribe review 2021 by me – honest, unbiased, and straight to the point opinion. I will talk about Tribe’s pros and cons for you to compare and see if you and Stu are the right fit.

I know the course has helped me learn tremendously and opened a whole other dimension of business opportunities, but I understand we are all different and we all have different approaches to doing business, even different ways we process new content. So check and compare for yourself.

Okay, so here it goes:


The material is broken down into different units for you to digest easily. It’s engaging, coherent, and straight to the point given our social media-induced short attention span and lack of focus for the same reason. I particularly like the FAQ vaults and the fact that the course offers a lot of valuable resources and bonuses, and Stu and his team are always there to dedicate time to their students.

There is a live event included and coaching progress. Stu zooms in on growing your audience and retaining members, which is extremely important especially for online businesses. The course is extremely practical given that it offers proven techniques, but also video processes; you will beta launch your membership, you’ll learn how to sell through webinars and do promotions, you’ll get insight into funnel creation, and that’s a lot of evergreen value that you can leverage for every online business that you want to do in the future.

You have a 14-day money-back guarantee after the first module is released in case you realize the course is not what you are looking for. The course itself is packed but not overly long and caters to entrepreneurs who want to convert their business into a well-oiled machine.


A potential drawback would definitely be the price. As always, right? A bunch of these courses are expensive and not everyone can afford them, but they are valuable and the Tribe is no exception. If you are serious about your online business, then the Stu McLaren Tribe is a smart investment that will not only form your business from the ground up but will grow and scale it, respectively.

Apart from the high-end price, when the course finishes, the drawback is that you can no longer post in the Facebook group. You can see all the posts new members are posting, but that’s all, so if you want to ask a question or if you want to reply to an interesting post, you won’t have that option anymore. You will be added, however, to the Tribe Alumni Group with all the past and present members.

Ultimately, the Tribe does not focus as heavily on the technical aspect of things in the sense that it does not offer you a labeled Tribe software of some sort, but it does provide a technical guide for everything you need before starting out. Also, you can always ask Stu’s team for assistance or find an online tutorial for every tool that you want to use. At least that’s easy now. Tutorials are everywhere.

Stu provides you with the background picture, the theory through practical expertise, and helps you realize that GROWTH happens in stages.

Who Must Buy The Course?

The course is especially beneficial for content creators, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, all those wanting to secure their financial freedom, and all those willing to invest in their future, but not hoping to get rich fast. Wondering who benefits from the Tribe? Among those that can benefit from the course are:

  • Writers
  • Influencers
  • Designers
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Experts

Get Stu McLaren Tribe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stu Mclaren Tribe

Can I do this if I have no email list at the moment

Host a virtual to get started to build an audience promptly. Then you’ll build an email list of 3000+ highly engaged people. Another strategy that will help you with the growth and retention of your audience is ritualistic content. Emphasizing when you put out your content is yet another strategy to engage people. Your email list is the most valuable asset, but you don’t have to have one to start.

What can I expect once I enroll in the Tribe program?

The whole package. Everything from a support team, an experience for a lifetime, new connections, a community, and recurring income to your business.

Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

Yes, of course! You can get Stu to answer your questions during the live sessions or you can post in the FB group where again Stu, his team, or other members can reply to your post, and give you a hand.

What if I’m not an expert in my niche?

That’s okay. You can grow your membership around experts’ expertise through interviews as part of your blog or podcast. Stu’s course evolves around 4 types of membership sites: need-based membership site, mastery-based membership site, entertainment-based membership site, and a community-based membership site.

Why would anyone pay when so much free content is out there?

While that it’s true, the fact that people read the content of creators that resonate with them is also true. Create the content you want to create always with providing value in mind, and those that resonate with you will be drawn to your writer’s voice, your idiolect, your charisma, your personality. We want to learn from people that inspire us, which means your audience is out there. You just need to find it.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to launch my membership site?

The program does not offer some branded software or technology, but it covers the basics of how you can launch your site and it is very practical. You will learn how to build funnels and you will do a beta launch for practice. The course is very visual and operates based on video processes, so it’s much clearer. Besides, a lot of the tools that you need are very intuitive, easy to navigate, and they all come with tutorials.

What is the refund policy for Tribe?

You get a 14-day money-back guarantee once the first module is released.

My Bonuses For Stu McLaren’s Tribe

As we are approaching the end of The Tribe review, before I give you my final words, I would like to tell you that if you buy the course through me, you’ll get the amazing bonuses I put together for YOU with care. Here’s what you’ll get as soon as you hop on board with the Tribe:

Bonus 1: My Personal Help (Value $5,000)

Jonathan Personal Help

I’ll personally review your business strategy and record a video for up to 60 minutes breaking down exactly how you can up your game and blow your competition out of the water. Show me your website, marketing strategy, sales pages, emails, funnels, store… you name it and I’ll help you. With over ten years of entrepreneurial experience, my insight will give you a massive advantage over the competition!

Bonus 2: Use My Team ($1,497 Value)

Use Jonathan Team

You’ll get credit for work from my team to boost your sales and blow the competition out of the water. After ten years in the business, I’ve built a team of 20+ specialists that work for me full time. From brilliant SEO experts to video editors to graphic designers, my team is bulletproof. Get FIVE HOURS of work from any member of my team to fill in the gap in your business. Don’t waste time dealing with gig sites, get the best of the best without wasting your time interviewing. Get amazing work to accelerate your success.

Bonus 3: Ultimate Copywriting Swipe File ($1,997 Value)

Ultimate Copywriting Swipe File

My personal curated field of direct response sales pages from the 1880s through the 1960s. Learn from the ads that worked when you had to ask customers to go to the bank to pick up a cashier’s check before heading to the post office to mail their orders in. Much harder than getting people to click a button! These sales letter templates will hone your sales pages to razor sharpness.

Bonus 4: 650+ High-Converting Video Sales Letters In 9 Different Niches Swipe File ($3,997 Value)

650+ High-Converting Video Sales Letters In 9 Different Niches Swipe File

Video is one of the TOP ways to sell your products (and there are many you can’t sell without video). However, video sales letters are notoriously difficult to write… that’s why we’ve put together a massive file of high-converting VSLs you can watch and get key insights on how to persuade people to buy your products through your videos!

Bonus 5: Attract Hordes Of People To Your Webinars & Summits Swipe File ($2,997 Value)

Attract Hordes Of People To Your Webinars & Summits Swipe File ($2,997 Value)

Webinars and summits are one of the best ways to engage strangers, give them valuable advice and ultimately, lead them to the sale. When a single webinar can make you millions, it’s super important to get people ON it. Browse through this swipe file of webinar and summit registration pages so you can know exactly what gets your ideal audience to register!

Simply grab Tribe through this link below and forward your receipt to [email protected] to receive your extra bonuses (services will be available after the refund period).

Get Stu McLaren Tribe

Final Words 

If you are up to a challenge and have some time to invest in the future of your business – this is the course for you. The most valuable thing in a program is the implemented practices and the bulletproof support system you can get. This is not the first course I’ve been a member of, so trust me, I know when I see a well-thought-out course, meticulous, and properly structured.

While it is true that you can find good courses for $200, the results won’t be the same because you are not as invested. The thing about high-end courses is that they bring out the better, more productive version of you. If you are good at something, if you have a teachable skill, if you are tired of that corporate grind, the Stu McLaren Tribe will definitely be a fit!

If you don’t know much about marketing strategies, building an audience, and producing good-quality, engaging content, hop on board with the Tribe and change your life for the better!

See you on the other side!

You have tons of bonuses to stay afloat, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Are you a member of the Tribe already? What was your experience like? Share in the comments down below.

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