what is experience product masterclass 2021

Experience Product Masterclass 2021

Ever developed a cool-sounding product you thought would bring your business another figure? Did that project bounce? Sometimes our best ideas don’t work as well as they did in our heads.

The reason they don’t work is that we sometimes forget that we’re supposed to invent a cool product for our audience and not for ourselves. 

It sounds good to you, doesn’t it? But you aren’t buying from you, your customers are. With that in mind, the Experience Product Masterclass 2021 is your gateway to learning how to experience the product you’re about to launch before your customers do so that you’ll be sure if it’s a product ready to take off!

The key thing that you’ll learn in the Experience Product Masterclass 2021 is to transform your experience into a product.

Make your product stand out. Make it authentic. Let your product mimic your true self.

Learn how to gather all your experience on your topic of choice, put it in a bag, and start sharing! 

If you can crunch down how your methods worked for you in a series of steps, you can teach people to do the same. Bring your own genuine experience to the table. Everyone can offer a course, but it’s the experience and the approach behind it that makes it stand out among other black and white offers.

I’ll share my genuine experience of the Experience Product Masterclass, so stay tuned for the Experience Product Masterclass Review 2021!

Experience Product Masterclass Course Founder

marisa murgatroyd

Amongst being the creator of the Experience Product Masterclass course, Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder and CEO of Live Your Message.

Marisa Murgatroyd used to direct, produce, and edit movies. Her expertise lies in creating various formats of content.

When she discovered that her true purpose is to make a product out of her experience, she started teaching people how to do the same. With thousands and thousands of satisfied students, Marisa turned out to be the go-to expert on teaching people how to build an authentic product and created the Experience Product Masterclass 2021.

Marisa Murgatroyd is aware of the fact that many people buy online courses hoping to benefit from them, but they rarely get what they were promised. She is here to defeat the odds and give people a substantial offer and overall an exceptional experience and follow through on all the promises.

What makes her different is that she firmly stands by her course. She guarantees you success and she will help you along your journey, literally every step of the way. Her commitment to her students makes this course so amazing and beneficial. As a student, you have a great support system that will prevent you from failing.

Experience Product Masterclass is all about focusing your genuine experience on an online course and teaching people how to share and productize the spark they carry inside. 

Experience Product Masterclass 2021 Course Launch Date

The Experience Product Masterclass 2021 coming soon! Better get ready!

The launch of the Experience Product Masterclass 2021 begins with promo dates from September 24th. The enrollment period is from October 17th until October 21st this year. 

If you want to share your experience and mold a product out of it, you better write these dates down, because you can enroll only once a year. If you miss the enrollment days, you’ll have to wait until next year to participate in the program.

What does Experience Product Masterclass 2021 Include

The Experience Product Masterclass 2021 course really has a lot to offer. Starting with 10 weeks of instruction with which you’ll get personal milestone tracking documentation. 

You’ll have all your small wins throughout the course documented, and whenever you update your milestones you’ll get custom feedback within 48 hours.

From the very beginning of your EPM journey, you won’t be alone, because Marisa has prepared a personal, certified coach for each student. During the 10 weeks of the course, you’ll have someone to answer your questions, help you, and virtually hold your hand during the process.

You’ll get full unlimited usage of Xperiencify for 3 months. The Xperiencify software is the best platform for experience products.

Marisa Murgatroyd created Xperiencify in 2020. It’s a platform for making amazing and engaging online courses with 8 psychological triggers built-in.

The gamification of the entire Experience Product Masterclass 2021 is done perfectly! You gain experience points (XP) and celebrate all your small wins during the course. The course is designed for you to want to win, and achieve your perfect product and integrate it into your business!

You’ll get a 90-minute small group coaching call with your experience product success coach each week during the masterclass.

If you lack the technicalities, fear not! After 10 weeks you’ll get a done-for-you membership site built by Marisa and her team in Xperiencify.

Also, the cherry on top is that after you finish the Experience Product Masterclass 2021, you’ll get 2 tickets to Live Your Message Live!! Pack a bag because you’ll be visiting Marisa and her amazing team in the City of Angels! You’ll get a chance to work on your online business with Marisa for 3 days!

Amongst all these amazing items when you purchase the Experience Product Masterclass, you get 12 months of access to the EPM Mastermind community. This is a great deal. You’ll meet a lot of amazing, bright people to share wins and difficulties, advice, feedback, and be a part of a community that will hold you accountable and light your spirits.

Now let’s move on to the gold of the course, which is split into 5 core modules:

  • Week 1 – Your lightbulb moment

The first week of Experience Product Masterclass 2021 is all about choosing your product and making the most out of it! You’ll create your own idea to market blueprint to map out all the steps you need to take towards reaching your experience product and when to take those steps. You’ll learn two core marketing techniques that will prevent you from wasting time on creating the wrong product that nobody will buy.

  • Week 2-3 – Nailing your offer

The second week is all about creating an irresistible offer. You’ll paint a future self-picture, you’ll pick the 1-sentence product mission and you’ll write the product origin story. 

  • Week 4-5 – Crafting the perfect experience

The fourth and fifth week of the Experience Product Masterclass 2021 is about discovering and choosing between the 12 rapid product creation strategies so you’ll see which ones fit your product, style, and business best.

You’ll learn how to listen to your students or customers, how to have a genuine conversation so you’ll know what problems they are facing and how to build your product so it becomes a bulletproof solution. You’ll also create your experience escalation plan and integrate the 10 core experiences into your product. 

  • Week 6-9 – Experience marketing essentials

During these 4 weeks, you’ll learn about the 6 main experience marketing campaigns that work for a wide range of niches, you’ll learn how to choose the right marketing campaign for your business. You want to create strong one-on-one connections with your clients.

Thus, your clients will sell your product for you, a satisfied client is the best marketing method! You’ll get templates, scripts, suggestions, and more, so you’ll have everything you need to create an authentic design for your experience marketing campaign that will drive the crowd towards you! 

  • Week 10 – Deliver the WOW

The last week is all about delivery! How to launch your product and get people psyched and engaged and get significant results! Learn how to create the best possible experience for your tribe and how to ensure they will succeed beyond their expectations.

The Experience Product Masterclass 2021 is full of small yet very significant dopamine fixes! Marisa went into full psychology mode while making this the best possible experience for her students.

Last, but not at all least, Marisa prepared amazing Experience Product Masterclass Bonus items for her students, so I can promise that should you choose the enroll and take the Experience Product Masterclass 2021, you’ll have a blast! It’s one amazing and unique experience that will help you create your own unique experiences!

Click here to see my Experience Product Masterclass Bonuses

Who is Experience Product Masterclass For?

is experience product masterclass for me

Basically, anyone who has a vision and passion for teaching can benefit from this course. It’s all about gathering your experience and fitting the pieces of it into your product puzzle.

Experience Product Masterclass 2021 is a great fit for coaches, speakers, influencers, writers, podcasters, consultants, etc. Anyone who has a message to send and wants to turn that message into a product.

People who always had the idea, but pushed away from launching a product will be most satisfied with this course. As EPM covers everything you need to know, from the very beginning. You’ll have a great surrounding of supportive people and top-notch guidance.

If you ever launched a product and realized it wasn’t the best offer for your audience, Experience Product Masterclass 2021 will help you start over and build your experience product from zero.

The most important thing here is that you’ll learn where you made mistakes, and you’ll learn how to listen to your customers so you can develop the best viable product. Listen to your crowd, and they’ll tell you everything you need to cover for your product to sell well.

Your experience, your story. If you think anyone will benefit from it, build your product!

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of this course, check out my Experience Product Masterclass 2021 review!


Or go straight to experience product masterclass here.

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