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“Breaking Orbit is the only blueprint you need to launch your first book to success.”
“all the successes and pitfalls on the path to becoming a successful author.”
“Breaking Oribit lays out step by step how to write a best seller from the idea phase through how to market your book so it generates revenue for years.”

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How to Find Your Audience

Don’t write a single word until you know there is a thriving fanbase, chomping at the bit to get their hands on your next book. Never wonder if people are going to like your book – they are going to love it.

Hit #1 Every Single Time

Follow a simple, scientific system that gives the same results every single time. Follow this strategy strictly and every single book you release onto Amazon will skyrocket to that pole position.

Turn Every Dollar into Ten

The money you make from your book sales is the beginning of your revenue stream, not the end. Find products and services that your audience is desperate to have and get paid to show them.

Turn Your Readers into Reviewers

The ultimate author’s catch 22 – you can’t get sales without reviews and you can’t get reviews without sales. UNTIL NOW – follow this simple formula to turn your book into a review machine.

About the Author: Jonathan Green

About the Author: Jonathan Green With over thirty bestsellers under his belt, dozens of ghostwriting credits and over $10million dollars in sales over his career, Jonathan knows a thing or two about writing books that sell. No matter your passion, history, or skill level, Jonathan can bring you to the top of the charts using his patented Breaking Orbit method.

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There is nothing worse than writing a book that nobody wants to read. Following this very simple research formula, you can ensure that every word you write is part of a bestseller. Find the perfect audience that is desperate to hear your message.

Sometimes you just need to try before you buy and I can certainly understand that. I have one of my favorite chapters from Breaking Orbit available for you today. This little sample will give you a taste of my writing style and hopefully open your eyes to exactly how I research to find the perfect book topics.

Enjoy your complimentary chapter. If you enjoy it, please take the time to read the rest of Breaking Orbit. If you are Kindle Unlimited member, you can read the entire book without paying a penny.

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The Bestselling Guide on Becoming a Bestseller

This is about so much more than writing a book. That’s only the first step on the journey to launching a bestselling and achieving financial success with your next book.

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Breaking Orbit: Bonus Content

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Here are the EXACT tools I use as the backbone of my book launching process.


KDP Rocket

I love this tool so much and it is one of the centerpieces of my keyword research strategy. KDP Rocket combines an Amazon search algorithm with one from Google and generates some truly amazing keywords. I use this tool nearly every day for all of my book campaigns.

Kindle Spy

KindleSpy is the ultimate Chrome plugin. Quickly test to see if a category is making any money or a total dud. Before I got my hands on this tool I had to check every keyword and category by hand. That meant filling out a lot of spreadsheets and using Excel sort codes to determine if I was on the right track. Tasks that once took me hours now take mere minutes.


Every book, email sequence, product and video course I write starts out in Xmind. This amazing tool allows me to unleash my creativity as I put together amazing outlines. Xmind allows me to dig deep with my research, but is flexible and allows me to change the course of a product at any time. This tool is the perfect balance for me and I use it every single day.


Only occasionally do I feel the need to work with a linear outline, but when I do I turn to OmniOUtliner. I’m a fan of their entire product suite. I play out my monthly challenges and any strategy that involves time sequences with Omni. Everyone has a differnet outlining method and if mind maps don’t work for you, then give OmniOutliner a shake.


I do all of my writing in Scrivener. In my humble opinion, it is the best word processor on the market. It’s worth doing a quick search online for a coupon. This bad boy is only forty bucks, but you can often get a discount knocking $8-20 off that price.

I haven’t written a book or email in a different word processor in years. Scrivener changed my life, and it can change yours too.

UPDATE: Since writing Breaking Orbit, I have discovered how to format books for Kindle in Scrivener. It’s dead easy!



If you see a misspelled word in one of my books or on my website, it’s a sure sign that I forgot to run it through Grammarly. This is my first line of defense against grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammarly changed my entire writing process. This tool speeds up my entire writing cycle.

Fast and efficient editing is the the lifeblood of a serious, high-quantity author. Grammarly is awesome, and you should check our their free version before they take it away.


Hemingway is a tool that has been on my radar for most of this year. I haven’t dug as deeply into this tool as I would like to. You can play around with the free version and see exactly what this does.

If you write sentences that are too long and boring, Hemingway will catch you and tighten up your writing.



If you like the look of Breaking Orbit or Serve No Master, then I have Vellum to thank. This product is a little bit steep, but it really does an amazing job. All my previous formatting techniques were a nightmare.

I will be putting together some training on how to format your book with Scrivener, saving you the cost of this tool, in the very near future. I just need to do a little more testing to be sure that every book comes out looking like an absolute champion.


This is an open source tool for organizing and formatting ebooks. I run several books through this tool every week.

There are several popular techniques for formatting your ebooks using Calibre as well; if you are on a super tight budget, then this is the best way to format your books.

It’s updated every few days, so you never have to worry about a feature fading away.


The Nazi Pope?


In more and more modern books and stories, we hear that the Pope during World War II was aligned with the Nazis. I have seen this thread in fictional books as well as television shows and movies.

This is the perfect example of poor research by modern writers and people falling for disinformation.

The Russians are such experts at this craft that they have convinced most of the world that the word “disinformation” is of French origin. (Which is completely false.)

This memoir by a Russian defector reveals many of the deepest and most nefarious secrets of the Russian spy apparatus.

Fiction Outline Books


This is the best book on writing that I have ever read. If you want to write fiction or become a copywriter, then this book should be at the top of your shelf.

I recommend grabbing a paperback version so that you can take notes and constantly reference back to key sections.

She eloquently explains why so many movies that seem like they should be massive successes are incredibly boring. I simply cannot recommend this book enough.

Here is another great book that breaks down every great story into it’s component parts. This is one of the books that Pants Off draws inspiration from. I always like to go to the original source when possible.

If you are a fiction writer, this is another powerful resource that is well worth your time.

This tome is more than FOUR times the length of Pants Off, so you may want to read that one first to get your feet wet. This book is the War and Peace of books about storytelling!


Creating the Cover for Breaking Orbit

cover ilgeorgiev
This was the first design that came back to me. When I tested it in Black and White, I realized that I wanted to flip some colors. The image below is the 2nd iteration.
jonathandragon Breaking Orbit 1
This cover is pretty good. I like the different mix of colors. Notice that the orange in the title is solid, with no shading. The font for the title really comes down to personal taste as well.
BreakingOrbitbyJonathanGreen 1
Right out the gate, I liked this cover. The orange band at the bottom makes it pop just that little bit more.
This version of the cover is clearly weaker in color. The cover decision must always be a balance between website and Kindle customers.
jonathandragon Breaking Orbit BLACK
This cover is very strong. The word breaking pops right out of the cover. However, the title font looks a little chubby to me rather than clean and space-like.
BreakingOrbitbyJonathanGreen BLACK
As soon as I saw this cover in monochrome, I knew I had a winner. Take a look at the subtitle; it is much easier to read than the middle option.
cover ilgeorgievREVERSE BLACK

Each of these designers did a good job. The difference in the end result is less than five percent between them. If I had only hired one designer, I would have been more than happy with their work. I don’t think there is enough difference between the different designs to affect sales, but I felt that the right-hand design popped the most. It is strong in color and in monochrome.

We want to get the best balance possible with our covers. Each of these designs came from Fiverr and cost me less than ten bucks.

Here are the links to the designers:

Finding a Book Editor

Finding a book editor can be tough and complicated. The best route I can recommend is perusing the Author Forum at KBoards. That’s where I found the guy who edited Breaking Orbit. He doesn’t have a website, otherwise I would post a link right here for you.

There are a wide range of prices and many editors come and go. The standard is that an editor will edit one thousand words of your book as a sample of quality.

There is a wide spectrum of price and some editors cost ten times the price of others.

If you want the email address for my guy I’m happy to share it, just reply to any email from me and I’ll hook you up.

Uploading a Book to CreateSpace


Uploading a book to CreateSpace can be daunting. Amazon has made the process so difficult that many author simply give up trying and decide to be “digital only.”

It doesn’t have to be that hard. There are a lot of steps but now you can take each one while holding my hand.

This blog post is LOADED with images, so you can see exactly how to upload your first paperback book in less than an hour.

Announcing Your Free Book

There are several popular blog posts with lists similar to mine. Unfortunately, they all have information that is over two years out of date and link to many websites that no longer exist.

I will do my best to curate and maintain an accurate list of great websites that love free promotions.

These websites pop up and close down all the time. If you find a new great site or discover that one of my links has died, please leave a comment below the post, and I’ll update the list as quickly as possible.


More Ways to Get Book Reviews... webp to jpg

Shortly after writing Breaking Orbit, I recorded this very special podcast episode that goes into greater detail about some new techniques for finding great reviews for your book.

This is the number one question I get asked by authors.

I will continue to write new blog posts and record podcast episodes as I discover, vet and confirm new techniques for getting high-quality reviews.


Get The Body of Your Dreams

I keep my promises and in Breaking Orbit I mentioned this yoga program. If you are looking to get toned and fit, Yoga Burn might be just what you’re looking for.

I’m a big fan of yoga. My girlfriend and daughter go to local classes every single week. My favorite yoga DVD is discontinued unfortunately, but I love doing yoga at home these days.

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