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Take control of the clock and take control of your life:
  • Get to the Source. Find the root cause of your procrastination and excise it from your life forever.
  • The Habit of Discipline. Unlock the secret of winners around the world and never fall back into your old habits again.
  • Proper Goal Setting. Stop setting unachievable goals that leave you sitting in the dust with your head in your hands.

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In the Book, You Will Discover:


Those late nights and early mornings before that next project is due will play havoc on your circadian rhythm.  Chronic stress from procrastination builds up over time and can lead to serious medical problems.


Always feeling a step behind becomes this overwhelming force.  After a while it starts to feel normal.  Shatter this false belief and start to feel like you are the one behind the wheel of your life again.


Procrastination steals so much time and efficiency.  Watch as your day starts to feel empty again.  Free time will reappear in your life after just a few days and you will wonder how you ever lived any other way.


It’s hard to feel happy when you’re always late and behind schedule.  Procrastination charges a heavy tax on your happiness.  Get ready to take it back like the best Tax Refund in history!

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About theAuthor: Jonathan Green

The bestselling author and ghostwriter of 100+ books, Jonathan knows a thing or too about the time crunch. Abandoning his serial procrastinting ways allowed him to build a literary empire and move to a tropical island.  He practices what he preaches.

If you are serious about getting things done and taking control of your schedule, you are going to love this journey.  Jonathan shares his personal story and the exact tactics he uses every single day.​

Tools and Software to Fight Procrastination



This Chrome extension blocks all those distracting websites so you can actually work at your computer again. Set which sites to block and for how long.  Turn off all those sites that feed the procrastination monster.



If you want a tool that really covers all your bases, Freedom is excellent.  Will block you on ALL your devices, so that your phone doesn’t distract you when you’re trying to work on your computer.



If you are a writer like me, then distraction-free writing sessions are critical to your income.  This little program let’s your write and do nothing else.  The included calendar tracks your successes.



This program is one powerful distraction blocker.  Once you set up this program, it throws away the keys.  You cannot change your mind later – this is for the serious anti-procrastinator!



Windows only tool that takes distractions seriously.  Create in-depth plans and track your progress over time with beautiful charts.  Includes a scheduler, break reminders and a pomodoro timer.



Background music can be great to work with…until you hear that chorus that you simply must sing along with.  This is a beautiful noise machine to block out the world without distracting you.


What People Are Saying


Alvin Tan

“Whenever I buy a book, I usually read a chapter or two, then go back a week later to read a few more chapters. Or worse, I completely abandon a book that doesn’t grab me. But with this book, I read it in two sittings (because I had to go to the bathroom, if you must know).

My favorite chapter was the one on “cheating your way out of procrastination”. The author shared his personal tactics that are considered “wrong” or counterintuitive. But if the methods work for someone, doesn’t harm anyone else, and makes the job more fun… then the tactics can become viable parts of one’s workflow.

The most useful chapter for me was the one on “finding your motivation”. I believe that it is the main weapon to defeat procrastination.

There’s also a bonus procrastination assessment tool. I took the test, and found out that I am 56.67% on the procrastinator scale. I’m not a terrible procrastinator yet, but I’m on the edge. This nudged me to work on myself to get more things done.

Take the Quiz

Take the procrastination quiz now.  Don’t hesitate.  In just two minutes, you will receive a deep analysis of your current level of procrastination and custom action steps you can take immediately.


My Entire Procrastination Shattering System

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You are just five minutes away from start a journey that could change every single day of the rest of your life.  If you are still on the fence – HOP OFF and click that big orange button right now.​

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