Thinkific App Store Review

Thinkific App Store Review 2021

Did you have that lightbulb moment and realized you want to make an online course? Does the lack of tech experience put you down? Worry no more, because today we drew the curtains to reveal the Thinkific app store review!

Thinkific app store 2021 is finally here to clear your path to edupreneurship. Your path begins on the Thinkific app store review and if you’re ready to bring your teaching career to the next level, your path ends with a mind-blowing successful course or membership site!

Thinkific App Store Review

Thinkific App Store Review

Thinkific app store 2021 is ALL about your course or membership site. Thinkific App Store Review is devoted to giving you the best tools that this software has so you can magnify your customers’ experience.

So, what’s all the hullabaloo about? It’s about the leading platform for course creation and membership site creation because they have found yet another way to make your life simpler and improve your business by releasing the Thinkific app store review 2021.

Thinkific enhances your user experience so you can enhance the experience of your clients.

In this Thinkific App store review, you’ll discover how they revolutionized the approach to creating online courses and/or membership sites.

Thinkific app store is filled with apps that are huge helpers in the course/membership creation process. If you wanted to create a course/membership but started googling courses to learn the technicalities, just stop right there.

Thinkific app store 2021 launched to save the day, you don’t need any tech experience or knowledge. You just need to envision your course and with the tools from the Thinkific app store review, your course will come to life.

This is an approach as easy as drag-n-drop. You can make a course that explodes with value fast and simple!

And what really leaves a mark is the level of customization you can reach. It’s basically infinite. You can really go crazy with lesson formats, quizzes, and various ways to improve your customers’ engagement in your product.

This Thinkific app store review has an accent on the app store and the apps within it. You have an app for anything you might need, and the glorious news is, you’ll have many more apps to choose from in the future.

The apps from the Thinkific app store will enable you to take control of your customers’ experience. Take your online learning business on a trip of endless customization with the help of the Thinkific app store Review.

If you want to learn how to save time and money, how to build more revenue and sell more courses, how to improve the learning experience for your students, engage in this Thinkific app store review and learn more about the apps that are currently available within the Thinkific app store 2021.


How Does The Thinkific App Store Work?

Thinkific is an online learning management system (LMS) designed to help you create, market, and sell your online course.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with course creation or if you had been in the online learning business game for a while, you know how much time and effort you need to put into just arranging your expertise and dividing it into chapters or lessons.

Just getting all your knowledge out there and explaining it thoroughly is a challenge, and then presenting that challenge in your own way is a lot of work.

You need to give 110% to share your expertise with people that will hopefully appreciate, learn and succeed from it.

So if someone were to tell you that they know a way to simplify the course-creating process, wouldn’t you feel relieved? Thinkific app store review is here to help you see and use a practical approach to presenting your knowledge in the best light.

Each app from the Thinkific app store can help you with some segment of your business. They are quite useful for better marketing, collecting data and analytics, and maximizing the students’ experience.

If you choose to create an online course through Thinkific, you’ll have the ability to fully customize your course and the apps are there to push your course further towards the masses.

Your branded course will be hosted on Thinkific, although you can choose your domain. Drag-n-drop your course together and collect valuable data through the apps in the Thinkific app store.

All the reports, analytics, and such will come in handy, you’ll know exactly how engaged your students are, and more importantly, how to raise the engagement levels.

Thinkific is synched with PayPal, Strive, Zapier, and many others so if you can’t find an app for your needs in the Thinkific app store you can use third-party apps and their features.

So integrate away, and worry not, Thinkific App Store Review shows that Thinkific is planning on releasing much more apps in the future, so you’ll have a variety of handy tools to choose from.

Thinkific App Store Review (Most Used Apps)Thinkific App Store Review

Thinkific app store 2021 launched on the 4th of May and currently has 30 apps. In this Thinkific app store review, we will cover some of the apps that are out there saving your precious time.

The apps that are currently available in the Thinkific app store 2021 are:

  1. Accredible – this app generates digital certificates for your students
  2. Active Campaign – this app is an email marketing and CRM tool that helps you manage your contacts for sales and marketing
  3. AWeber – this app is an email marketing tool
  4. Capture – this app is a pop-up tool that converts your traffic into leads
  5. CartStack – this app can increase sales by targeted email and text reminders to customers to get them to proceed with the purchase 
  6. Community Box – this app is for your site directories, easy AND easy on the eyes
  7. Constant Contact – this app is for building email and marketing campaigns
  8. ConvertKit – this app is for simplifying and automating your email marketing 
  9. DropInBlog – this app is for creating quick blogs and growing your SEO
  10. eWebinar – this app turns your video content into an automated webinar that sells your courses
  11. Facebook Pixel – this app tracks conversions from your Facebook Ads
  12. Google Analytics – this app gives you insight into your customers’ activity
  13. Hello Audio – this app turns your content into audio feeds that your customers can listen to on the go
  14. Intercom – this app connects student data for bettering the relationship
  15. Keap – this app is an end-to-end sales and marketing tool 
  16. Lessonspace – this app gives you the ability to teach live, one-on-one, teach within a group, etc 
  17. Mailchimp – this app is a helper when it comes to reaching goals and reaching them fast, bring your audience data, marketing channels and insights together
  18. Mixpanel – this app tracks in-depth student activity
  19. Motrain – this app helps you motivate your students by building a personalized reward program
  20. plaYEAH! – this app helps you create personalized pop-ups and customize your course player
  21. Poptin Popups & Forms – this app gets you more customers through website pop-ups, email autoresponders, easy contact forms, and exit intent technology
  22. Salesforce – this app brings all your customer education data into a powerful CRM
  23. Segment – this app allows you to clean, collect and control your customer data
  24. Shopify – this app helps you grow your business through a Shopify store
  25. Stunning – this app helps you identify and recover failed Stripe payments
  26. Sumo – this app is for driving traffic, automating growth, and better marketing your content
  27. Typeform CourseRecommendation – this app creates interactive forms, quizzes, and surveys 
  28. Typeform Course Reviews – this app turns online quizzes, forms, and surveys into conversational experiences
  29. Wizebank Analytics – this app is an analytics tool that saves time and sells more
  30. Zoom – this app is for live lessons using video meeting or webinar tools

This was a mini-app review within the Thinkific app store review, as you can see there are a lot of handy apps to choose from in the fields of:

  • Student experience
  • Email automation
  • “Sell more”
  • Tracking

Here I’ll share more detailed descriptions of some of the most used apps within the Thinkific app store review 2021. I’ll cover one app from every group in the Thinkific app store.

App 1 for student experience (Motrain)

Motrain is a powerful marketing and engagement engine that will help you grow and scale your online course by creating a personalized reward store that motivates students to complete your course and also motivates people to enroll!

Your students will earn virtual coins upon achieved assignments that they can spend in the reward store on course discounts, extra content, or any merchandise or bonus-like item you offer. 

Students can also earn virtual coins by referring someone to your course. Rewards are easily manageable and acceptable. 

There’s a 14-day free trial for Motrain, so why not try it out and see the enrollment, engagement, and motivation levels rise within your students!

App 2 for email automation (ActiveCampaign)

ActiveCampaign will help you meaningfully engage with your customers.

The platform offers pre-built automations that combine email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM for segmentation and personalization across social media, email, messaging, chat, and text.

There’s a free trial for ActiveCampaign so why not boost the engagement?

App 3 for “sell more” (DropInBlog)

Your blog is your connection with your students, it’s what gives them the expectations of your course and what drives them towards it.

DropInBlog will use all your site settings (layouts, fonts, colors, and other formatting) so you don’t have to waste your time. You can add your own styles if you want to customize, and you have templates at your disposal.

With DropInBlog you’ll get a beautiful, SEO-friendly, secure blog within your site. Try the 14-day free trial of DropInBlog and get free traffic from Google so you’ll have more enrollments than you’ve expected!

App 4 for tracking (Mixpanel)

Mixpanel is an advanced analytics platform accessible via web and mobile. It doesn’t only measure page views it analyzes the actions of people within your Thinkific site. 

Mixpanel helps you get detailed information about your course-takers. I’d say that the best decisions are data-driven decisions, and Mixpanel will help you with those! Try the free plan, it’s available.

Keep in mind that, while there are no transaction fees coming from Thinkific and their integrations, you will have to pay the usual fees for the integrations that you connect to through third-party software.

This differs from app to app, some integrations are free, for example, Google Analytics, Zoom, Facebook Pixel, and Shopify. A lot of them have a free trial period, and for some, you need to pay the fine, but it will save you time!


Thinkific App Store Review (How Much Does it Cost? – Tiers)

Thinkific App Store Review

This will be the financial part of the Thinkific app store review 2021. There are several options to teach via Thinkific, so let’s lay them all out, so you can see which one suits you best!

Tier 1 – Free

This is where Thinkific stands out. They are the only online learning platform with a truly free plan. Within the free plan, you’ll get to try out Thinkific’s core feature set.

This is a great Thinkific App Store Review for beginners, for someone creating their first-ever online course. And with Thinkific that will be a breeze with its free plan.

You can create up to 3 courses for an unlimited amount of students. You can put PDFs, audio or video format in your lessons, you can put quizzes and surveys.

Here are some of the core features from Thinkific’s free plan:

  • Build out your entire website
  • Course builder discussion forums
  • Choose your site language
  • Easy drag-n-drop
  • Multiple instructor profiles
  • Full Ecommerce upsell offers
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Email and phone support
  • Student notifications
  • Easy built-in SSL certificates
  • Instant access to your funds

This free plan actually covers a lot, and it offers a solid opportunity to make money. The only things you need to pay for are the transaction fees, like cross-border fees, payment processor fees, etc.

Tier 2 – Basic

The basic plan has all the features of the free plan but you also get coupons, you can email your students within the platform, you can schedule your content, and use affiliate reporting and management. Within this plan, you can customize your domain even if Thinkific is your host.

Within the basic plan, you’ll find new features, such as advanced email integrations, third-party software that you can connect to through Zapier, and manual student enrollment management.

You’ll need to pay the fee that the platform requires and the payment processor fee.

Tier 3 – Pro

The pro plan is the plan that unlocks the ability for you to create one exciting journey for your students. This plan includes all the features of the Basic plan but with that, you get unlimited courses!

In this plan, you can add another site admin account, you can have up to 5-course authors, and you can have private and hidden courses, flashy, right?

With that, you get advanced course pricing options, which I think is a great way to get more enrollments. A lot of courses can be expensive, and some people won’t even look at them because they can’t afford them. With this option, you can create payment plans for your students.

You can offer some of your content for free, you can accept one-time payments, you can work out installment plans, and you can bundle your memberships to generate recurring revenue.

The pro plan also offers certificates, advanced customization, priority support, and the option to host assignments and communities. 

Tier 4 – Premier

The premier plan is for super serious online teachers who want to scale their online learning business. 

You’ll get 5 site admin accounts, 15 group analysts, up to 50-course authors, single sign-on, and onboarding package that includes training, onboarding calls, and a complimentary launch preparedness review.

Not only that, but you also get the Growth package. This package helps you with selling your course to organizations.

It also removes all Thinkific branding and gives you the ability to produce a public API. You can utilize advanced segmentation, utilize Webhooks, build communities, integrate with Infusionsoft.

You’ll get more from Zapier, connect Brillium exams, send bulk emails, and bulk enrolls and import students.


Sincere Thinkific App Store Review 2021

Thinkific‌ ‌App‌ ‌Store‌ Review

We came to the final verdict in the Thinkific app store review, and the verdict is that I think that the Thinkific app store is a goldmine for edupreneurs everywhere! Through time, the best part is there will only be more gold to collect and input into your online teaching business to boost its quality and enrollments!

Thinkific’s platform for course creation is always improving for their customers, so no wonder that they are the best. You have a wide range of options to choose from Thinkific App Store Review, so I think that anybody can find a plan that fits them and fits their business.

The courses you can create within Thinkific are top-notch quality and actually easy to create. The apps are just huge helpers in really getting the most out of your course. It’s a triple win. A win for you, for your students, and for Thinkific.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Thinkific App Store

Thinkific App Store Review


  • Thinkific is the only online course creating a platform that has a FREE option
  • Easy payment via Stripe or PayPal even with the free plan
  • No transaction fees from Thinkific’s end
  • You’re protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You have 4 packages to choose from at the moment so you’ll certainly find the plan that suits you and your business best
  • Customize your online course to infinity and beyond
  • No need for tech knowledge because the Thinkific app store covers apps for student experience, for selling more, for tracking, and for email automation
  • If you can’t find a tool you need within the Thinkific app store Review, you can use third-party integrations
  • Thinkific offers phone support
  • There’s a limited launch offer – a 30-day free trial


  • No chat support
  • No course marketplace
  • Not a fully accessible platform at the moment
  • No mobile app

Who Must Get The Thinkific App Store?

Thinkific App Store is a breakthrough for edupreneurs. So, if you’re just starting out, or you want to start out, Thinkific App Store Review will tell you about Thinkific’s free plan, which is a great first step for you. 

If you want to take your teaching to the next level, you should definitely consider Thinkific. You’ll find many helpful tools to make your course amazing, high in quality and you won’t waste too much time on it. 

If you’re someone who’s already in the online teaching business, the Thinkific app store will offer you unbelievable levels of course customization, it will push your content and make it scale without you pulling all the strings.

This course saves a lot of time. In the long run, you can earn vast amounts of money. If you’re an edupreneur or aspire to be one, I think you can absolutely benefit from the Thinkific app store.


Thinkific App Store Review – FAQs

Thinkific App Store Review

Is Thinkific free?

Yes, you have a free plan. The free plan includes Thinkific’s core features, you can create up to 3 courses, you can have an unlimited number of students, you can use PDFs, audio and video files in your lessons, insert quizzes and surveys, and have instant access to your revenue.

Does Thinkific have a mobile app?

No. At least not at this point. Although the platform is accessible through your phone browser.

Are the apps in the Thinkific app store free?

Some of them are. Some of them have a free trial period. And for some, you have to pay the designed fee. In our Thinkific App Store Review, you will see that Thinkific’s integrations are free, you’ll need to pay the fee for some third-party integrations if you want to use them.

Is the Thinkific app store a limited offer?  

Nope. The Thinkific app store is here to stay, and it will only grow.

How much does the Thikific app store cost?  

You have 4 options. The first one, the one you know you can afford, $0. Next, you have the basic plan that goes for $39, the pro that goes for $79, and the premier that goes for $399.

Will the app store have more apps in the future?  

Yes. At the moment, the Thinkific app store has 30 apps. They plan to get to 100 apps by the end of this year and around 300-400 apps by 2023.

Thinkific App Store Review – My Bonuses

As you already know, I never leave my audience looming in the dark. I always provide extra help for all those that decide to buy through SNM, because I understand the importance of guidance and support. This is what Thinkific App Store Review stands for.

I wouldn't have been where I am without the support of my own mentors that helped me elevate and scale my business, so here we go:

Bonus 1: 650+ High-Converting Video Sales Letters In 9 Different Niches Swipe File (Value $3,997)

Thinkific App Store Review

Video is one of the TOP ways to sell your products (and there are many you can't sell without video). However, video sales letters are notoriously difficult to write… that's why we've put together a massive file of high converting VSLs in our Thinkific App Store Review so you can watch and get key insights on how to persuade people to buy your products through your videos!

Bonus 2: Score Big Partners With The Joint Venture Page Sales Page Swipe File (Value $2,997)

Thinkific App Store Review

When you need to gather the best partners to promote your products and make your launch a multi-million dollar success, you need an amazing JV page to reel them in. This swipe file in our Thinkific App Store Review has tons of examples you can spy on from successful launches so you know exactly what pieces you need to make a great JV page.

Bonus 3: Close The Sale Checkout Pages Swipe File  (Value $1,997)

Thinkific App Store Review

Did you know that 60-80% of people leave the checkout page after seeing it? Those eyes you worked so hard to get on the page, gone. It's important to get all the right elements on a checkout page to close the sale for good, so this swipe file will help you get a solid idea of what customers are looking for when they pull out their credit cards.

Before You Go

So, if you’re thinking about entering the world of edupreneurship you should definitely visit the Thinkific app store Review 2021. Thinkific is truly the platform where your online course takes the shape you imagined it to have.

Since there’s nothing you can lose, but quite a few things to gain, don’t hesitate, try out Thinkific’s free plan and start making wonders!


Grab your own Thinkific prototype together with my bonuses and share with me what's the most important thing you learned from it!

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