To Those Stuck In The Rat Race: Could you use an extra $100 this week?
If You Like Telling People About Your Favorite Movies, This Is Going To CHANGE Your Life
Learn the simple techniques I used to make $100k+ from home by talking about the products I love
Are your bills piling up month after month?

You work 9-5 plus overtime and you rarely take holidays. 

You’re exhausted, but you can’t afford to stop. 

It’s an endless cycle. 

But it’s not your fault. 

We’ve been taught since childhood that having a secure, respectable, full-time  job is what will make us happy and wealthy. 

You’ve had to miss birthdays, dinners, even your partner barely has time to say  good morning before you rush off. 

That book you’ve been dying to finish is still lying on your bedside table. 

Your friends stopped inviting you out because they know you’ll have to work at  the last minute. 

But it’s not your fault. 

We’ve been taught if you work hard Monday to Friday, you’ll have plenty of  time to spend with your loved ones. 

Every day is the same. Deadlines to stress about. Impatient clients. Rude coworkers.
You still find yourself paying off that student loan years and years later. You  might own your own home one day, if you’re lucky.
They’ve been lying to you.
Education is funded by big businesses, and big businesses need drones.
They have a vested interest in keeping you ignorant to how much you’re truly  capable of.
Your whole life you’ve been taught to sit up straight, keep your mouth shut, and be a good little girl or boy.
Taught to follow the rules, because if you don’t there are consequences.
Even when you’re a manager—you don’t have the power to make decisions or help your employees.
You worked your way up thinking you could help people, only to find out you don’t have nearly as much power as you thought.
It’s not your fault.
They made a promise, but they failed to keep it.
You kept faith and THAT should be rewarded.
There’s another way...
You don’t need a fancy degree or any special skills.

In fact, it’s even better if you utilize your own hobbies and interests—the things you already know and love.

It’s an opportunity to become your own boss, work the hours you desire, and earn income while you sleep.

It’s away of using what you give freely all the time to help people.

All you need is your honest opinions.

Your whole life you’ve been taught to sit up straight, keep your mouth shut, and
be a good little girl or boy.
Imagine checking your bank balance and finding more money than you went to sleep with...
  • You’re no longer afraid of unexpected bills
  • You can afford to treat yourself whenever you want
  • You feel confident and secure
  • ​You don’t worry much about what your boss thinks anymore
Imagine getting up in the morning whenever you feel like it...
  • You don’t know what day of the week it is, and you don’t even care!
  • ​You finally feel relaxed in a way you’ve always dreamed of
  • You can spend your time enjoying life with your friends and family again—riding a bike in the park, reading for hours and hours, kicking a football around, anything you want!
Imagine looking forward to your day and knowing you actually help people...
  • ​ You tell people about the things you love and get rewarded for your advice
  • ​ People trust and respect your opinion, and thank you for it
  • ​ You’ve become an influencer in your community, and people come to you again and again
All this, and more, is possible.
And I’m going to show you the exact method to get paid for talking about the things you love
Do you remember the last time someone told you they liked a movie?
I’m always wary when a movie becomes too popular, that it won’t live up to the hype.
But, a friend of mine kept telling me that Black Panther was going to live up to my expectations.
So I went and paid $12 for a ticket.
And it was awesome.  I loved it.
I wouldn’t have gone if he hadn’t have told me how much he enjoyed it, and I even thanked him afterwards.
Wouldn’t it have been cool if my friend got $4 from my ticket for recommending the movie?
Word-of-mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising.
We recommend products, services, and people all the time.
The thing is, you CAN get paid for it.
Companies always want more customers, and they’re prepared to pay BIG BUCKS for you to bring them in.
You provide your opinions on a product and promote the things you love, just like you would to any friend.
You can do this in tons of ways—through video, audio, blogs, social media, forums, or simply in person.
People almost ready to buy will land on your reviews, and a strong review will convince them to click your link to buy it.
And a portion of that sale goes straight to your bank account.
You’ve helped the customer make an important buying decision, you’ve helped the business reach a new customer, and they’ll reward you for it.
It’s a win-win.
Becoming an affiliate for products is the fastest, easiest way to earn passive income.
It’s one of the best low-risk ways to start a business.
A few years ago I met a guy named Jason Fladlien at a conference.  He was working on a project witha friend of mine and we got to chatting
I could tell he was very switched on and at the end of our chat he hooked me up with one of his courses for free.
I was so impressed with the content that I signed up as an affiliate and began to share his courses with my following.
As I discovered more of his courses I shared those with my following as well.
In the end, Jason paid me a whopping $117,330—just to tell people about courses I was already using!
Would You Like to Bring in Paychecks like These?
Some of Jason’s products are recurring—that means people pay every month to access his training and services—and each month I get another little commission from all those payments.

One little meeting turned into me sharing the word about a course that I LIKED and it led to a massive payoff.

When it comes to the world of affiliate marketing, you don’t have to promote expensive products.
You can promote loads of things that cost under $10 and still make a great profit.
Over time, those little commissions really add up.

Here are some examples where I’ve promoted tons of smaller priced items over  the years and made money in the background: 
Promoting FREE Software
One of my favorite tools is a piece of software called Grammarly. It checks the  spelling and grammar of everything I write. 

(So if you see a spelling or grammar mistake on this page, you know who to  blame!) 

They have a killer paid version of the software, but I actually think the free  version is good enough for just about everyone. 

And that’s exactly what I said in my review!

That’s right, I don’t always recommend the most expensive version—I’m not a  used car salesman. 

I want to give you exactly what you need, even if it doesn’t pay me. 

Despite that, I still make a decent sum—$229.85 in the last two months!
Everybody Needs It
Everyone and their brother has a website, ecommerce store, or a blog they want  to tell you about. 

And all those websites are stored on computers in bunkers cooled by massive  air conditioners. 

There are LOADS of companies begging you to host your website with them.

And in a world of confusion, I recommend a single company that I host most of  MY websites with—Bluehost. 

I get paid $75 for every single person who signs up through my link. And that’s  okay because I really do use them. 

It’s like getting paid for recommending your favorite gas station—why not get  paid for your opinion?
I left what I’d set up running the next year and simply by promoting free and  cheap books I was able to rake in over $200 again! 
After the initial setup I can run special promotions if I choose, but otherwise I  can just set it and forget it, and it will continue to earn money for me.
Promoting $1 Books
For Amazon, I actually only promote books that are less than a dollar.

They STILL paid me over $200 for just letting people know that Amazon has  books.
(Even though I thought everyone knew that!)
Every sale adds up over time, and I don’t have to do anything but receive the  monthly payments. 
While this runs in the background, I’ve been building my business and spending  more time with my family. 
You can set up the system and leave it going on autopilot.
This is just a small part of my business, but I’m always looking for more  opportunities to be an affiliate. 
With the strategies I’m going to show you, you can earn enough to do the things  you love all the time.
You can do even better than me.
Regular people like us can enter this exploding industry and make income while we sleep.
And I’m not the only one who has opened their eyes to the power of affiliate marketing. 
Right now, over 80% of brands rely on affiliates…
It’s nearly a $6 billion industry in USA alone. And it’s projected to rise another billion by 2020.
That’s a crazy amount of money being invested in affiliate marketing, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.
From giant companies like Amazon to solo entrepreneurs, businesses are always looking for more customers.
And they realize customers are more likely to trust the advice of an average person rather than a big company.
Someone who actually owns the product and wants to share their thoughts with others.
Someone who is completely honest and doesn’t hold anything back, even if it’s a flaw or two.
Big flashy advertising campaigns get people’s attention, but they don’t get people’s trust.
They need us.
But it’s more than that. 
More and more people are transitioning from impulse shoppers to smart buyers.
Module One: Build Your Email List
A book gives you one chance to connect and earn a sale - but an email list allows you to get that connection over and over again. These aren't tutorials on the basics - these are just the ADVANCED moves that will quickly get new booklovers in the door.
  Inside, You'll Discover
  • The Swap: ​The method I used to nearly DOUBLE my subscribers, and how you can emulate it if you have NO email list at all. 
  • ​The small list solution that lets you grow STRONGER and FASTER than anyone else.
  • ​ ​Don't have money? Love to talk? ​Here's how to grow your list even when you're (LITERALLY) full of hot air.
  • T​he Old Fashioned: ​You've probably heard about "guest blogging" to build your list. But here's how to do better than 90% of these people - (HINT: bring something real to the table...)
  •   Usually, I think it's important to be specific and give people a message that appeals to them. But there's one time when that is absolutely NOT the case, and I'd be glad to teach you.
Module ​​​Two: ​​Plant The Seeds
It's great to have readers, and I don't want to sound ungrateful for ANYBODY who buys for me. But a casual buyer isn't going to drive business for you long term.
​In a world that's filled with "churn and burn" mentors who try to sell you stuff until you "die or unsubscribe", I want to show you a different model - one that's focused on long term value and really helping people.
  Inside, You'll Discover
  • Small Asks: ​I want my readers to know that I want them to succeed, and our relationship isn't based in money. Here are the SMALL steps that I take to get help and guidance from my readers. 
  • ​ ​​​How I established a "street team" to fix so many of the dumb mistakes I make on my business. They make me look smart, and I use these methods to show them love...
  • Brand Investment ​I want people to feel like we're all on a mission together. When I win, you win, and vice versa. Here are the questions I ask myself to "drive my train" and get the results I'm after.
  • The Law Of Reciprocity ​I try to make great courses based on my own life experiences. But if someone has something like me, I know my fans will buy from me... at least partially because I've given them this_____
Module ​Three: ​​Include Your Fans
Fan is short for the word FANATIC. ​That's a strong word, and it's important - they're the ones that buy multiple copies of your book, they're the ones that buy season tickets to a game (not to mention the prices of those jerseys!)...they're the people that keep that team or that author in business.
Here are the techniques I use in my own business to turn f​ollowers into FANATICS. 
  Inside, You'll Discover
  • The ​Team Instinct: ​ People WANT to be par of something bigger, and there are ways to engage them and trigger that effect. I'll discuss my favorite seven here. 
  • ​ ​​​Start with the haters. I have a controversial theory... a real fanatic starts out as somebody that HATES you. I'll show you why converting "haters" is one of my best sources of business.
  • Points on the Board: ​The strange method that Napoleon invented to reward his soldiers and how you can use this tactic with your own fans... just please, don't use them to conquer Europe.
  • Let's Address This: Remember when I talked about jerseys? Shirts and apparel are a great way to keep people spreading the word. But how do make ​merchandise COOL to wear? 
  • ​Affiliate Dynamics: Fans can sometimes ​spread the word about you to their friends. But there's a special kind of fan you can WEAPONIZE... but only if you reward them properly.  
Module ​​Four: Speak Their Language
Most authors have fake email addresses or addresses that they never respond to. It doesn't feel personal or professional. The message that I get the most often is "No other authors respond to me, so I don't expect you to, either."
That's a terrible state of affairs - and it's worth your time to change it.
  Inside, You'll Discover
  • I Just Hate To See...: ​ A couple of things authors do, thinking it'll make it "easier" to communicate that totally turn me off.  
  • ​ Why you don't have to be good at Email or Facebook in order to be known as "fan friendly".
  •   The Lazy Way To Coo respond With Fans : ​​It's funny, all of my followers are okay with limited availability as long as I do this. Setting boundaries will get super easy once you see this for yourself.
  • ​​​Are you a celebrity? You'll feel like one once you focus in on those four core reasons that people get excited to communicate with you. 
Over 60% of online shoppers are looking for advice BEFORE
they buy…
That means people are actively searching for reviews, comparisons and recommendations.
They don’t want to hear from the company sales page where they’ll be bombarded with benefits and fancy specifications to gloss over. 
They want to hear from real people who’ve bought the product and spent some time with it. 
They want to hear what makes it good, or how it’s different, or why they should choose this one.
Someone who can explain what the product actually looks and feels like, or the difference between it and its competitors.
But most importantly, does it work? Does it really do what it says it will? Is it worth the money? 
It’s rare that you’ll see customer reviews rated higher than ‘official’ or paid reviews. 
Customers are DESPERATE for new voices, real experiences and honest reviews
There’s no one better to help them than you.
This Is Going To Massively Increase  
The Power And Credibility Of  
Everything You Do, So You Can Get  
Reviews Like This:
And it’s not just for tech nerds in basements or business people in  fancy suits…
What are you passionate about?
From sports to fashion and gaming to gardening, there are businesses looking for someone like you to promote their products.
Take the things you love (and probably already own), show people why you love them and reap the rewards.
Most affiliates aren’t people with lots of connections or influence.
Most affiliates are just like you and me.
A family to support, mouths to feed and bills to pay.
In fact, the majority of affiliates work from home, or wherever there’s an internet connection.
They get to spend time with their friends and family, and get paid for doing what they love.
And that could be you too.
I want to show you how.
I’ll teach you from the ground up, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge or skills.
You don’t even need an idea of what to promote yet.
Come exactly as you are, and together we’ll turn you into a super affiliate.
Introducing the SUPER AFFILIATE System!
Learn the exact secrets and strategies I used to earn over $200k as an affiliate! Be financially secure with steady monthly payments.  Become a trusted voice within your audience AND have people thank you for your advice.
  • ​I will hold your hand and guide you step by step through the process of finding the best products, refining your message and finding people to  share it with
  • ​Discover the techniques to build your own community so you can sell to  your customers again and again 
  • ​As a special reward for going through this program, any customers you  send my way I will pay you for ETERNITY 
Here’s what you’ll get:
  • ​Lifetime access to over 8 hours of video recorded live to watch at your own pace
  • ​Every single lesson, videos and bonuses is ready for you to download or listen to on the go
There are programs that pay pennies, and programs that pay hundreds—I’ll show you EXACTLY how to find the winners that will pump cash directly into your bank account.
Identify which affiliate programs pay you what you DESERVE and which ones to avoid like the plague! (Hint: it’s the ones that disguise themselves  like great programs)
How to stop wasting time promoting products nobody wants to buy, and find offers that literally FLING themselves off the shelf! You’ll become even more efficient at doing things you love. 
FLY BEYOND Your Limits
I’ll show you how to find special programs that pay you for LIFE. Your efforts will be rewarded long after you’ve set up the system, and the cash  will just keep rolling in.
Light Up Your BAT SIGNAL
Implement POWERFUL traffic methods that will have your audience literally flocking to your website! And the best part? They’re free, and they help build your credibility at the same time.
Don’t get lost in the crowd or stuck searching for customers when hot trends disappear… STAND OUT by promoting products that are here to  stay and pay. 
Partner with others or go it alone on your affiliate journey—learn how to WIN contests that give great bonuses, and host your own to accelerate your income! 
Every Superhero Needs An AWESOME RIDE
Learn how to put the majority of your system on AUTOPILOT so you have the freedom to do whatever you want! You don’t have to worry about  whether you’ve forgotten something when automation is on your side.
Upgrade Your SECRET LAIR
Increase the amount of people who buy from you UP TO 10% by tweaking what you already have—no need to constantly chase after fancy new methods!
And Finally, The Student Becomes THE MASTER
Discover the FINAL TECHNIQUE to making more money per product, building your community and captivating your audience so you can sell to them again and again! 
The pathway to becoming an affiliate can be difficult on your own, let alone becoming a Super Affiliate. 
Other people will fall into hidden traps, resort to dishonest techniques, or become victim to kryptonite along the way.
But I’m here to GUIDE you every step of your journey
I’ve done the hard work for you, and you can learn from my past mistakes.
There is some serious value packed into this course.
But I want you to be the cream of the crop, so I’m giving you even MORE.
If you act right NOW…
You’ll Receive FOUR KILLER BONUSES To Kickstart Your  Super Affiliate Career
BONUS #1 — Become A Review Assassin
Can’t think of what to say other than ‘it’s good’ or ‘it’s bad’? It’s actually simpler than you think, but there is a technique to it. I’ll show you how to write a killer review that will bring customers to you on its own for years to come! 
  • ​Learn the secrets to flying in on the scene, dominating your competition  and CLOSING THE SALE
  • ​Be a refreshing voice of honesty in a sea of glowing fake five-star  reviews
  • ​Discover the formula to nailing every review you write so customers will  not only choose you first, but become part of your loyal tribe
Imagine hitting that publish button with confidence, knowing you’ve put together a review that goes above and beyond expectations. 
People will find value in what you share every time and ask you follow-up questions, because they see you as a trusted authority figure. As you add even more reviews to your repertoire, you’ll be unstoppable.
BONUS #2 — Discover Awesome Launch Jack Secrets
Do you ever feel like your voice is lost in the crowd? Launch Jack Secrets is a GAMECHANGER. When I partner with new and amazing products, you’ll be the first to know before they launch!
  • ​Have access to this TOP SECRET information at your fingertips and be able plan your strategy well in advance
  • ​Be one step ahead of the game (and your competition) by having a   winning system in place that will drive customers straight to your link
  • ​ Stand out as a trusted voice of authority and be the first to show customers the value of these new products
When popular products have lots of reviews, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, and when something noteworthy is launched, the competition can be fierce. 
However, there’s no need to scramble and put together something second-rate, when instead you will know about products before the rest of the world gets their hands on it. You’ll be in first place before they realize the race even started!
BONUS #3 — Join Your Facebook Brotherhood
Ever wanted to be part of a secret club? Well, now you can be! You don’t have to do this journey alone, join other students following the same journey as you and be surrounded by an instant network of fellow affiliates.
  • ​Connect with your fellow allies and discuss any questions, issues or ideas you come across at any point in your personal journey
  • ​Instant partnership and networking opportunities—team up with people you’ve come to know and trust
  • ​ Watch EXCLUSIVE videos and content only available to my inner circle
Isn’t it frustrating when no one seems to know the answers to your questions? Now you don’t have to google for hours, go through the customer support system and FAQ, or wait until the end of a webinar to ask your burning questions. 
With this special group, you can dive straight into the meat of your specific situation and get direct access to others who know exactly what you’re going through. You’ll be part of a real community who wants to see you succeed. 
SUPER CRAZY BONUS #4 — Receive Your Cashback Surprise
Ordinarily, when you buy a course the only way to get back your investment is to refund it. But now, you can easily earn it back. I’m giving you a special superpowerpecial super power:
  • ​As a reward for taking this journey with me I’ll give you 100% of the sales you send my way until you earn back the price of this course
  • ​Pursue your new career with confidence knowing you will cover your investment
  • ​However many sales or however long it takes, you’ll get your investment back BEFORE I earn anything from your referrals!
This is a no brainer, it’s as risk-free as it can get. You could recommend just one friend to this very training the next time it’s offered and earn back your investment in a single sale, like they’ve bought it straight from you. 
You don’t see this kind of offer very often with other courses, but I want to help you succeed as fast as possible and give you a big head start! 
What’s this going to cost me?
I normally charge $500 an hour for my time.
This training is brimming with over 8 hours of valuable live recordings.
The bonuses ALONE are worth $397.
I’m not going to make you do the math, because I’m going to give you a special deal.
But before that, I want to ask you this.
What would it be worth to get paid to talk about the things you love?
To not worry about the bills anymore?
To be able to spend more time doing what you love with your loved ones?
To be free of the endless 9-5 rat race?
That could be you.
And I want to help you get there.
There’s so much VALUE packed into this training that I wasn’t sure whether I was going to give my secrets away. 
I’m not going to charge you $1000. 
I’m not even going to charge you $500.
With the additional special bonuses, I’m practically giving it away…
Become A Super Affiliate For Only $297
1. Military Grade Encryption
Notice that it says "https" and not "http." That S stands for security and it means that my industrial grade encryption is respected and endorsed.
Take a look at the top left corner of this webpage.
The payment page has military-grade 256-bit encryption. 
That’s the security on the open part of my website. 
Your private information is so secure that even I can’t access it without going through verification and identification. 
2. My Real Face
Most courses aren’t taught by a PERSON. 
There are plenty out there where a drone is reading off slides, teaching lessons that they’ve never applied.
This website is covered with my REAL name and my REAL face. 
Nothing is more important than my reputation, and you know exactly who you are working with.
Take a look at that cute smile to the left, that’s a man you can trust!
3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
You have a full 30 days to go through the entire course, watch every module, and try out all the strategies you want. 
Remember that as a Serve No Master Affiliate you will earn back 100% of the cost of this program, however long it takes.
Go through it with a fine toothed comb and if, in the unlikely event that you are
not totally blown away by the content…
Then I want to give you a prompt and courteous refund.
This SUPER AFFILIATE training is for people who want to…
  • ​Wake up in the morning and see MORE money in your bank account than you went to sleep with
  •  Enjoy more FREEDOM with your loved ones
  • ​CHANGE your life and get paid for talking about the things you LOVE
But hurry, these bonuses won’t be available for long.
The price will go up.
Do YOU have what it takes?
Are you tired of being stuck in the rat race? Being told what to do
and when to do it? Never having enough time or money to spend for
Are you ready to change your life?
  • ​Know exactly how to nurture customers so they become part of your trusted community and use your links again and again
  • ​Learn the best strategies to write killer reviews, provide amazing content and stand out from the crowd
  • ​Get access to ALL my affiliate secrets so you’re always one step ahead of
  • the competition!
Do you want to go back to slaving away at your 9-5…
Or do you want to become a SUPER AFFILIATE?
P.S. This is the exact system I used to skyrocket my cash and allowed me more free time to spend with my family and grow my business. You don’t need any special skills, influence or a big cash injection to start earning money as a super affiliate.

You also have the opportunity to get paid for life AND 100% commissions with me until the cost of this course is earned back. Take action before all the bonuses disappear. I take all the risk—30 day no questions asked guarantee.
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