SNM155: How to Grow Your Team

The first time I built a team I did everything wrong and each new staff member became a burden sucking money and energy out of me.  I made all the wrong moves so that you don’t have to.  Please learn from my mistakes.

You’re Not a Family

In the Fast and the Furious movies, the main character always talks about how the people he works with are family.

He says the word family dozens of times to remind everyone how important family is.

But watch how many characters disappear between movies.

If an actor gets into a contract dispute, they are immediately excised from this “family.”

Even in fictional work environments, the family paradigm doesn’t work.

And yet this was how I tried to build my first team.

I had employees putting in less than an hour a week because they thought they were unfirable.

Nobody is Above the Law

Trying to hire friends and turn employees turned my business into a nightmare.

Every month I was putting in more hours to earn enough to pay my staff.

Their work was worth less than what I was paying them.

Everyone was taking advantage of me and it took me far too long to realize it.

Every friend I gave a job to no longer works for me…and is no longer my friend.

Trying to mix work with friendship destroyed those relationships.

Anyone who has a non-professional relationship will use that to get away with things other employees can’t.

Control Your Budget

When he was on top of the world MC Hammer was bringing home around $33 million dollars a year.

And just a few short years later he was dead broke and it all started with too many friends and family.

He had an entourage (which is Hollywood code for friends and family living off him) with a combined salary of $500,000 a MONTH.

Talk about letting your friends bleed you dry.

Learn how to avoid these mistakes and the absolute BEST way to hire people on today’s episode.

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Key Points:

  1. Avoid hiring friends and treating employees as your buddies
  2. Don’t pay wages that you can’t afford and they can’t earn
  3. Use my outsourcely link and get a sweet $100 credit

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How to grow your team find out on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by digit save money without thinking about it get paid five dollars just for signing up@servomaster.com\digit today are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online fire your boss and start living in retirement dreams now then you have come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast where you learn how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post one of the biggest challenges for our young growing business is when your time gets full and you begin to have half that you need to get done but it's unofficial free to do them yourself there are certain tasks that take a lot of time not a lot of expertise there more mechanical once you master them you can easily teach them to pass them on and it's time to expand your team and their summative ways to do this and it's can be very challenging the first time you look to hire new staff want to take you to the process that you said ever find over years of growing my business the place to find good staff always changes for a long time I worked with a lot of interns and mentor a lot of people in that process is very effective for many years then for a long time I hire people in my community are hierarchical through other resources but lately I've shifted to a really good outsourcing platform and outsourcing is where you hire people in other countries and you get to take advantage of the difference in living costs in other countries you could hire someone that will be a very low wage in America but that is a very high wage in a country that's what most large corporations do watch the news you see that Disney Google apples are all doing this there always looking to hire the most skilled people for the lowest wages they can get away with this is how all businesses operate my favorite platform these days is called outsourcing got a link below if you go to Servicemaster.com\outsourcing so give you hundred dollars to use to hire staff that's more than you need a basic membership cost $19 a month so using my coupon you get five months that's way more time than it would scream at arts hoarsely as you find someone and then you hire them directly don't have to pay them to the outsourcing platform it's simply introductory platform I discovered recently about three months ago and hired all my recent staff through this platform is very effective for me when I post an ad I get anywhere from 100 to 300 applications I know it seems like a lot but gives me a lot to work with one of my biggest challenges in dealing with my vision as I can sense what time of the computers I used to sub switched completely to dictating all of my books and in fact I'm looking to start dictating my blog posts as well to really be very effective with my time and I talked about this process a little bit recently because it's a big part of my life but four I went to the site also hired a social media manager threat sources the person who's running on my social media accounts for me is helping me organize interfere organize YouTube organize a faceplate all that stuff I found her through outsourcing as well the next time I hire someone tall use this platform what I like about it is that you can post the job you're looking for you Tim looking for some part-time or full-time this many hours week this is what the job is this what the pay is so people go in knowing exact with the job is only up work which I really got tired of using as you get just a lot of bad applications in bait and switch is a lot of problem platform ever since they stopping you Lance here it's not people looking for contract work is looking for a full-time job so you get a lot of applications for people that are looking to work for months or years when you're putting together your 20 putting together your job offer want to include a test task I transcribed short section from one of my books and that I had everyone who passed my first round transcribing additions then go transcribe that same section I look to see who got it right and who did better than me I don't just excuse me and what better than me and did better than me that I negotiated will how many hours we can do how fast can you do at this rate what can we accomplish together and you have these really great conversations with people you can really connect on what they need what you need to begin to develop a strong working relationship I pay weekly which allows me to pivot if it's not the right fit sorry Friday pale the people who work for me this is very helpful for people set out a way to weeks of having to wait a month and it's not the right fit and I can say it's not the right fit let's move on I haven't had that problem yet well I have that option can you give people weekly tasks how to manage things there are couple of areas where looking at expanding again the next time you hire people amongst thing that hiring a full-time editor similar to full time take my transcriptions and clean them up and format them to the next level I'm not sure to make a decision as I do love through that part myself I like make sure my voice is strong but if I can get the right person it will really accelerate my business again it will triple the speed at which I can generate contents it will be very valuable for me I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on that identify the right person to go through our process but something in think of them also think of hiring a website manager someone to do the tech right now every image you see on the blog every piece of design everything in the corner on the sidebar everything the members are all that's me and I can add pages as fast as I want I want to do new things and clean up new things and make things better so possibly having some is good attack might really help me there I want to go too fast and want to hire 20 people who try to manage 20 people to hire one person spent a long time really interacting and making sure that the fit is supertight I move on to the next but these are things I think you and I love this platform it makes it very easy when I posted an ad for social media manager got about hundred hundred and 50 applications for transcription second over 300 pending on the type of task you're looking for maybe more valuable for you to hire someone from the Philippines or India or Bangladesh will give you 40 hours a week for low number some of it seems low to you but you're actually paying them doubled the national wage so you're really doing something good without it breaking the bank to finding something you can afford the reason we went higher people is to increase your profit I made a big mistake when I first grew my business about three years ago and I begin to hire people at really high wages every month I would have anywhere from $10-$20,000 in payroll I had a cover and that meant I had to generate that much money people working for me and they cost more than the generated that meant I had to work extra to pay their salaries they were covering the cost of salaries that's not what you want here with each of my people I can system up with the salary that I can afford right now based on how the business is going I have to leave a lot of buffer special because of the medical issues with my wife then I set them with goals and tasks and ways to generate revenue for the business that they hit those goals can they get bonuses so there's a bonus structure in place all of these pieces allow me to hire people and put golden for them and not put too much pressure on the business when you have staff that's quite expensive and if you hire some of the West and hire someone in America especially if you live in America you have to deal with taxes and a lot of other complexity what you pay someone more than $600 in the US yet to start doing with W nines and forms and all of those things so I prefer not to hire people from America just because it's really hard if the dose additional paperwork and we hire someone there you end up paying a great deal of money and it's a big risk we are small businesses of your very small business which are larger net 10 or 20 staff adding one more you want to get your systems in place or onboarding place but because I don't I would rather start at lower numbers lower risk the relationship with people in my team it's very tempting to form a paternal relationship or familial relationship with my team and ice to do this and it led to people not working very hard I got too close to my team and now I blurts much better to keep people at a distance I know little about their lives and know their needs and I am more focused on a pure business relationship and that keeps relationships much more professional it's better for everyone involved when you're expanding want to make sure that the work you need done is worth what you pay something that's the ratio for me I look at are they can generate more money or are you saving more time if they can do either of those things effectively that's big for me especially time-saving right now I'm more hiring based on time-saving and anything else about an transcriptionist because I can't spend as much time in the computer and check much faster she gets my books all within the first rough draft is fine get someone who can turn rough draft into first draft brave and rough draft is almost ready to go that will be another Excelerator not quite sure I'm ready to pull the trigger and I still want to get things put really tight with my transcriptions I want to get to the point where we were way ahead right now I have four or five books dictated have been transcribed yet that's very possible that in the next week to 10 days will be transcribed and suddenly all have a huge number of transcribe books that is stuck at that face because I can dictate and transcribe weight faster then I can edit and cleanup as you looking your processes there will be things that you realize are taking huge amount of time perhaps you're spending huge maritime formatting your books and formatting takes a lifetime for you which were challenging for you bringing someone else to the formatting training them can be really valuable if you're spending a lot of time doing road graphics work time designing some physical products right now that turning into the graphic part it's very copy and paste once have the text written I have to copy and paste it about 52 times in a row to an image that takes a lot of time I'm still in the testing phase for that product but if it goes as well as I think I will have to bring in someone to do that because it takes me about an hour to copy and paste and it's not a good return on investment for my time it's really worth bringing in staff will bring in helpers at an affordable rate that can handle your wrote pastor time intensive tasks head of the things that you're not good at and organize the things that are not good one of my biggest challenges or weaknesses is organization I'm not hyper organized person maybe I'm just being too hard on myself because I'm successful in a lot of areas but I would love to be more organize I would love to have more structured organization I would have to put things in place to really help me with how I want to organize certain structures my business but immortal person who likes to organize women to work on today and work through that pattern that's really how I work I get a lot of things done my part exchange every single day but sometimes within my projects I feel it there pieces that are organizes that could be especially with how I've organize my email structuring only thing I could do it better there I could be doing better there silica is my business where I think I could improve and really that's something that I couldn't outsource because it requires a great deal of creativity or radial decision-making but if I can get people handling these other pieces of task for me it really opens up my time it really allows two on the area want to focus on more so these are some of the things I'm thinking of hiring my own staff when you're thinking about is it time for me want to wait until your profitable from your business once you're making a couple of hundred dollars a month or couple thousand dollars a month you can start thinking about which tasks my doing that doing faster would make me more money and as long as the time acceleration of the time saved is worth more than salary it's worth doing when you're going to the interviewing process as you sent out your ad will receive lots of applications and a lot of people will message you it's very tempting to jump the gun in the very first person to send you a good resume want to do more than that you want to go through a bit of an interview process which means talking to the people and say here's a little bit about my business, little or tell me little about you part of it is to see if he'll actually reply what I look for a couple of key things in the messaging process first of all I look for copy paste messages is obviously not read the job I posted there are certain people that just copy and paste in these words at all I can tell by reading your job description that I be perfect for your for your business of a perfect fit for this position we can work together do some amazing things and I can tell will none of those are specific words you haven't matched with the task is or what your skill set is after that I go look at the person's description what's really great is on outsource Leah's every single person has a list of the things that are good and the rank and skill one of five so for transcription to look for people to perform five of the truck purchased skill level I also look for people that have really good English grammar scores it really good editing scores really good writing scores and typing speed scores those are skills that all lead towards a better level of transcription that I'm looking for I speak in run-on sentences that you can tell I was in this podcast episode people find is very annoying and books written I need to be more succinct to have shorter sentences and limit clear messaging that state and and so all the time having transcriptions to edit a little bit on the fly and clean up my language a little bit it's really gold for me really helps a lot read through each resume or take a quick scan through before you message people before you read their message make sure they have the skills that you're looking for the have experience looking for you may want to hire from specific countries or avoid specific countries and click little search buttons inside outsourcing sale I don't hire any of the Philippines write only one heart from the Philippines that help you sort people will continue to respond your application 86 and was hired and more applications every single day once I've read someone's resume once have an rather message to me and I can tell it actually read with the job description is with friends they know what the pay as they note the task is this the one it then going to the process of interviewing first thing I do is a cinema task do I want them to demonstrate there quick on responding that there serious about the job that's what I'm really looking for someone who can really do the next level hundred people respond you message them back they've Artie sent applications about the people that I replied you seeking quickly sort them out I only start responding people that responded to me so once I sent my first batch responses and that list of people and focusing on is much shorter and you can go through as complicated or simple of an interview process as you like some people like to send a really long propagated survey to find out a lot about the person depends on the type of task in which level you're looking for are looking for like a business manager yeah need a really complicated set of tasks I also like to check to be sure they have the correct tools where I live I used to hire a lot of people on my islands but it was very challenging because no one has computers and when either has phone smart phone or tablet and that's not good enough for most of the tasks that I need done you can manage all your social media really well from your smart phone you can't manage someone else's social media really well that way you have to turn off all of your accounts only have my accounts on your phone and will see what I want to do that to having a laptop is a requirement working or any type of computer having high-speed Internet connection being available having the time to work on the job these basic things are things I do have to look for if you want somebody in a graphics when you need them to have the graphics programs that you want if you need a lot of photo shopping done a lot in design make sure they have that in addition experience sometimes people that have the more outsourced tabs you are on work that outsourcing but people will message me knows that I don't have the software to buy for me I've had people say oh give me computer will do the job that's how it works like a sense of a $2000 computer and hope that you do the job I need people who has the tools already and who can work those things so if it's anything technical with anything that's requiring the computer to let me know what software you have that's good for writing and editing if you're doing graphics what graphic software you have with graphics experience Jeff what are you good at and outsource the general list help with your Photoshop how they are different software programs pursuant to make sure they have the and when people really understand the task bill list the programs you want hear about so I really look for people that mentioned grandma in their response to the writing job posted I want to find people who can deliver something really wonderful to really understand where I'm coming from it the transcripts insert with now she mentioned Bramley in her applications at all that's a good start some the other things in the application were really good I look or transcription scores sure Western country all wonderful things those are what I look for one of Harding's certain type of staff now for things that don't require language I can begin to look at other countries I gave a lot of people opportunities to do the application process and fill out the demo program to do a demo transcription and non-native speakers were making too many mistakes even though that I've been transcribing for long time I look in the cells to mistakes here I need perfect I don't want to have to go through and fix your mistakes in addition to editing I need someone to take it as far as possible I'm looking for the best finished product I can get in the timeline I need for something to do with tax or dealing with graphics it's important that if the person knows where. And semicolons and spaces go it's no longer is critical and so as I move forward will begin to look at people more and more from non-English speaking countries as I know that the wages I offered to get started our really valuable for them when you're ready to grow your business when you're ready to free up more of your time I do recommend taking a look at outsourcing is my favorite platform it's really help me find some great stuff I love how the application I get for jobs is having hundreds of applications you like and sit and find some real diamonds I always wait to hire people to like do the task myself I used to try and hire people to do things I didn't try to do yet and I've discovered that people you hire that way you don't know if they're doing good job or bad job you don't know a lot about the tasks that they're doing you don't know about their performance levels and so you can hire someone is doing really bad job and you don't know because you've never done yourself before I know how to do all the graphics on my website like I supposed to do now I know my mom sent it to myself I know how to edit write transcribe books have done all those tasks myself this really frees me up with the assessment process sometimes you hire don't even bother checking the work is you know you eventually Bill figured out" in the work will drop you want to have your eye on the ball as your hiring people and perhaps you run companies admit she were matched before you know more about this to me but it's a little bit different when it's your own money every dollar I spend on staff as a dog and a cat's that my kids are dogs and I don't spend on my wife my family or food or toys that means I'm very cautious of how I spend my money I want to be sure I'm getting a positive return of investment when you're ready to grow your business having the right people at the right price can accelerate your growth and free up a lot of your time that's why love using outsourced sleep thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to restate that reference head over to serve no master.com/podcasts now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five-star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening this episode of the serve no master podcast join me on my Facebook page@facebook.com\serve no master

Jonathan Green

Living the dream on a tropical island, Jonathan is the author of Serve No Master and the host of the Serve No Master Podcast.

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Debbie Rainey - June 21, 2017

I am used to making $175,000 a year. I am a very good researcher, very good at writing, and I write very fast based on an initial outline. That being said, how many ebooks should I expect to write to make good money? I also have a lot of interests to write about. Thank u for your time

    Jonathan Green - June 22, 2017

    It will take 1-3 years to replace your income if you put in the time on this venture. Writing books and creating backend products and finding affiliate offers will all help you hit your goals faster.


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