SNM130: When the Motivation Fades

And that's just the beginning…

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Key Points:

  1. Mentors prefer exchange of value
  2. Eventually the relationship transitions
  3. Find another mentor and offer new value

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What to do when the motivation fades away find out on today's episode today's episode is brought to you by Thrive seems blissfully fast WordPress templates blog and bill to get more traffic more subscribers more clients and more customers to you to find out try things can turn your blog or website into a moneymaking work of art go to Servo\strike teams are you tired of dealing with your boss you feel underpaid and underappreciated if you want to make it online. Start living your retirement dreams now come to the right place welcome to serve no master podcast on how to open new revenue streams and make money while you sleep presented live from a tropical island in the South Pacific by best-selling author Jonathan Greene now your post appreciate you guys being here with me for another podcast episode I unchecked the rainy season that means it's always raining now I do try mix-and-match that is normally what I would try record more episodes inside by inside studio but my sons just about to turn one next week and he is super loud because it's raining he can't leave the UK go outside so I can record it started this Catch-22 situation I didn't want to wait I did want to get behind because this is such an important topic actually wrote down this topic idea last week and I was planning on doing it and it just the right moment I just had really amazing experience that it's the perfect timing she just got off the phone with Amazon they called me because he like my books in the master much is amazing focal the wonderful lady talking about my experience that when asked questions maybe they're gonna do some advertising for me I guess I'll find out but just the fact that someone appreciate my book enough to want to talk to me ask questions very exciting it's a really wonderful experience for me to have that opportunity is trying so long major really good and actually was great because yesterday I was feeling a little bit down we have these days we are sometimes not even know why we feel a little down I was actually feeling more apt to like twitchy I could sit in my desk yesterday after little lunch on that one effusive answer but if it's a job you don't know what I can explain it but I felt like a little weird but just feel down sometimes the motivation fate sometimes work on a project for long time and it takes too long this is something I'm getting more more use to sometimes the space or full product launch between idea and release a six or 12 months but I remain very first book for the project girl gets ring to me more than a year to make the first dollar from that project all year to make dollar tough hard to stay motivated when things can take so long the thing I don't like about large businesses is that they're so slow to move the like these lumbering trains I like being a smaller business that agile I got a pivot and make changes but they still take time I've been working on this new product I'm watching our new platform for like six months six a real long time to do something separate even if I do something that's inside of Sir Lester still takes at least 23 months to go from idea to release it's a long time to do these things that's just the nature of the beast but when you're first getting to scam it can be really tough to say that work is over six months if I make any money that stinks I was demotivated what I do when I'm feeling down and we talked in the past about depression how because you working from home reworking a project her own and that isolation can affect you in a negative way there's no people around you like check to and you don't go to the gym as much you don't get that physical energy all those things can add up and make it hard for you to stay strong on the course and I find that a lot of times we can do tours remote to the first 80 items in a project and naturally start to feel that loss of motivation and so the best way to deal with is to break our goals into smaller tasks and goals I have if I look at the thing that will accomplish my list of thing that I get done it's massive it's thousands of hours of labor too much I want to finish all these projects I almost took on a second new project left side and why didn't I resisted the urge to accept another project from someone that cut friends with but for the money offered was not what I normally accept so it was too low was too much no shenanigans but those were the results feel little bit down but it's so tempting to take on more more more I look at every day to get this all done I have to chop up every task in a little bit for each day is limited to today is over due the next day these little small tasks give me more control they allow me to just focus on something achievable so did every Daniel I got the stock so I'm working beautifully on severe working on a new product called Kindle cipher it's designed for different market it's designed for people that are really in the direct response spaces designed for people that I can really get affiliates to semi-traffic designed to be a separate platform for Servicemaster so it's a different structure it's a much smaller course than what I have inside serve the master my best on a box course but limit entry-level to Kindle because I kind of realize I only have my really big can of course I don't have a small one to look at it dip your toe in and wanted to create that so that's of the God working on for almost 6 months now and as far as progress I finished all the slides I have recorded anything yet and have recorded any of the bonus materials and extra products that are to go with it the up sells it all the funnel stuff a lot of the technical stuff that are required for direct response type product something we can run in a different market but looking on the listings and yesterday I sat down I was talking to my copy coach helps me to write better better sales letter because as you know a big believer in coaches and mentors and I changed my idea for that sales letter I said all I don't do this traditional idea let me show you my idea so what I do what I expected my own stuff I start with my proof so I went and found statistics about the split between independent professional authors I went and found how much do people spend on books don't have an ISBN which means they're not official labor Congress but that there's a book I thought all the state and I found stories about how much money must admit authors make I found this article that shows most often wreck themselves are living below the poverty line and that's what I want to write about that's amazing so that becomes the centerpiece of the story so yesterday I did actually write anything all I did was organize all my proof images my magazine articles my statistics all these pieces and for me that was the task for the day for that project that's the one thing I work by cutting up my task into a manageable piece I got this what I can do today that sales letter isn't close to done that's just the beginning of having that in place I can then do other things that have to work on other stuff that are more priority but I created a task that I could finish in a single day and feel good about I feel good that I accomplish something the worst is when you today Inigo I don't think I accomplished anything that's the feeling that grows and sizes and the feeling of this isn't going anywhere I minimum ways and eventually the Himalayas rose into depression by way stop that what happens so break your days into manageable chunks that have passed goals what accomplish and reward yourself when you accomplish them the steps are very very importance and that's the reason I am reviewing so much for the inner workings of my business so that you can see how I do it I did the exact same thing I don't need to match anything from you I like to provide a high-level transparency seeing the pieces should help you to understand what I'm doing understand where I'm going understand how I overcome what I have a tough day when I'm on the phone with someone and I was turning to Benson's messaging like crazy and then they say hey we you just do it and then I'll pay a percentage of the back and how I know the sales I want to jump in we will have a proven track record as well pay you a dollar that it may feel very good that the last budget I got up I went to bed I said this is the look of this anymore alone to get in the morning must I must of misread that course I checked this morning and that still the message and I hopped on the phone at this amazing conversation we can always rely on actual factors which are some so were put in place structures and pieces that help us to feel good help us to maintain motivation so part of it is having small tasks and goals for each day that we can feel good we accomplish that another thing is that we have to really clearly defined what our goals are we always have these tomorrow it is like loose vague goals oh I want to make my life or all I want to lose weight or what you mean by that be more specific how much weight you want to lose when you will lose it by you have to have a measurement the timeframe to Fred to be a goal anything else is not a goal it's feeling to say I want to write a book by December 4 that's a real goal that I would write a book and have it published by December 4 that the real goal and you can see whether you accomplished or not yes no goal and how to date I would lose 20 pounds in the next six weeks Mark six weeks on the calendar and you can track your weight see if you did or didn't do it that's a goal that's achievable I want to lose weight this year is not achievable that's not a goal like a nice feeling that missive thank you card is no value because we fail when we don't have goals we can achieve that's why we often try things and don't succeed so if you take a goal let's say your goal is to write books that I want to write a novel in 90 days okay it's very manageable talk about this before you then take that goal you needn't make it a little more specific how many words with a puppy or how many pages of skin and let's just say hundred pages you just have to write a page a day for the next 90 days and you're done once we have a really specific goal we can chop it up just like on the lose 20 pounds in six weeks I know that I need to lose around 3 pounds a week a little more than 3 pounds a week for those six weeks we start off with our big goal because it specifically divided out using a timeline and that allows us to create smaller and smaller goals those pieces are absolutely critical how we can have things in front of us no were supposed to do today and have a feeling, should we finish them T I'm working on a myriad of projects only work in the calcite project is only thing Ellsworth got it will be done in like a week I can finish it and release it in one or two weeks but it's not my full-time project am also working on other projects a copywriting project for couple of the clients working on a couple of other things so each day I have to divide up my day and accomplish something for each project I have someone that I'm writing copy for that have to deliver stuff every day they say on here something they need done today is a really good project is really growing in the pay is really really really good really wonderful opportunity for men very excited about so far it's been a great relationship have to do it every day so give me a list of things to do often times of the whole list as a whole list and that a project manager to be two weeks to do everything so everything know what you need – what's the priority and I tried to chop it up and get everything done for today and 90 minutes or two hours until her stomach dedicates a project right now and if the project grows it will eventually become a large portion of the day so I chop up the tasks into something it's manuals I can say okay got everything done in day and then tomorrow do the same thing again on the weekends I get to get a little bit had to do a little extra work to get a little bit ahead this allows me to accomplish a lot of things is likely to maintain a sense of success in each of the Protestant work it also keeps me feeling like I'm getting something done some days I step back from my desk I did anything today when I do today that's the worst feeling I don't want that to happen now I am a terrible project manager hey I was buying a broad measure software I never enter my tasks into it in the working on stuff I tend to just go off the tasks in my head rather than the tasks in the managers like I make a list of the top ahead of his five thing order today in this order so that's a flaw within me that I'm revealing to so don't think I'm perfect I want I don't we think about is the master task management dividing a test and amenable child not writing because they were taking so long to write it has been going on is what I was doing but I do think out increase my efficiency in the past I have tried higher assistance whose entire job was to write down everything I was working on in a task manager I try to do that I didn't really work out but that's on the other try the past I tried to outsource my task we can't turn your system and your boss it's too weird other ways we can get through those moments other people call it did with that feeling of failure that moment where most people quit right before success is by building of infrastructure and I know I use that word a lot in different ways I mean surrounding yourself by people and things that increase the likelihood of you succeeding so I would like to tell the story about Weasley 60 with this business that we told his wife he wanted to quit and start this new business use that sounds amazing doing she was his number one fan and super supportive of his dream many people and fear their husbands wives relationship our partners often create stability and so they'll say if you quit what about health insurance if this happens if that happens their job as they see it is to temper you that's not always a bad thing but it can become a limiting thing it can become something that cause us to quit if they don't believe in us so there is a balancing of your spouse this is something to think about finding the balance between encouraging your partner to pursue their dreams and succeed while not encourage them to do things that are too risky and it's a hard balance to follow I'm lucky I mean perfect marriage no one but my wife is very supportive of what I do I was Artie doing before we met so we did go to the transition together but I've been in relationships the past when the pressure was very intense on my career I don't have that here I'm able to kinda pursue my own ideas so what she could say is hey just stick to one thing that's working and don't do these other things don't try to expand she can say that we have a little bit more security little more stability and growth potential wouldn't be there so much but we would have a really good really stable existence but she's willing to trust me a little bit and I appreciate that the people around you and if you have a spouse it's very much grounded were very much a realist no one's recalled pessimist then you surrender something other people that counterbalance that and encourage now the reason I feel comfortable saying that to you is that I always encourage you to not spend money until your profitable now if I was saying hey listen you I forget what your friends are talking about my stuff they'll be sleazy in the some people to do that I don't believe that what I will get people to encourage you to finish your projects I want you to buy anything from you until you made money my entire earn thousand dollars month program to help you earn your first money before you provide that's really critical that's what allows me to say this so surround yourself with people to counterbalance that you have encouragers and you have anchor store realists for Xmas web UI: people that encourage you to fly the stars it will remind you that in outer space is no oxygen so this balance and those are valuable if you have too much of one or too much of the other will strain the wrong direction if we have too much too many anchors to which realism will quit all the time and we have too many dreamers will pursue bad ideas for far longer than we should if you watch any of the investment television shows I watch I watch all CNBC reported on all watch it any TV show where there's a rich person talking to a person who support all watch it I love all that stuff I from investing a map and grow the business whatever and you see people who all have a terrible idea they will let go of it like oh I've been pursuing this for seven years I never saw what I saw it specific but I watch Wilson for investors who only invest in outdoor sports stuff like I said I'll watch anything if the put on all watch and the sky had invented a backpack it was a wheel on the bottom on the grounds you carry more weight he invented it in the early 1980s he made it so long ago has expired patents last for 25 years you can extend them if you want to talk about I'm very interested by the fascinating but I limited knowledge that I can talk for ages about the techniques on turntable that's one of my favorite pants to talk about but keep this backpack that had a wheel on it now it first you look at ego that's cool if you walk on the side of the road and he did a walk across America that's really cool man walk across America and it carried on the weight but then he wanted to sell the backpack to like the military for off road other problem is that when you have a wheelchair going on inside amount towards uneven terrain the weight would get set to left or right and cause a person to talk I watched having someone on the show so we tried and felt so it actually worked in some varmints but not in others and obviously you can fix that iteration I'm sure there are ways to improve the design but came into this thing over 25 years ago in those types with a residual 10 units so 10 of these back things and he's like this is going to be the greatest invention of all time you try to get investors but this pans or not you it's anyone to make what I can make one right now I can talk but I can make a backpack with his patent expired if you have an idea and you haven't made money in 25 years it's probably a terrible idea so that's too much dreamer okay so I admit that he moved too far in that direction usually people to run the other direction is a classic example of hey guess what if you built something no one wanted to have regular notes to what's probably the change right this consider changing idea find that balance surround yourself with people and things that can keep you on the course I have some very strict reward structures my life by having things in place it helps me to stay focused I as you know I mentioned the past I like to play millions and even others in the day so was asking about my some of your games and I only have a bunch of rules I don't have any of you gives my computer sometimes I see the sweetest games on a massive sale for my computer like a game here for seven dollars this is the greatest game of all time and never by I never want to mix my work and my play I separate them that's why only PlayStation I only station because it's the greatest gaming device in the world you can meet Xbox or places that's fine by both it's more than it helps me to clearly separate the two things I don't work on the PlayStation that's possible and I don't play on the computer because I would buy the stamps and in addition to that I only play video games at the end of the day after I finish my other work stuff it's tempting to me in there right now fireplace station answer claiming to be fun but will be when you have your loan reward system when you got your pass done for the day you okay now it's time for reward the more you put places structures inside each day to reward yourself for good behavior and said good habits you exercise every day you eat healthy and we get your words and then you reward yourself for something fun Place every day you have a really good balance when he would call the yen and the yang the spiritual and physical whatever having sings in the day when you get rewarded every single time you do a job that's very valuable that's why I like to write using Scripture search I finished the paragraphs I get to feel good that feeling of goodness we get each time you feel a task is critical so these structures in place are how you can prevents that feeling that loss of motivation the feeling that it's not going anywhere that you spent too long that something is there you happen I want you to break through that feeling and when you're feeling down when you feel like it's not working what I do that's when you reach out to your team if you reach out to a realist or pessimist spouse or friends then will get you a quick that's why you need to have the balance and how the people that will encourage you to need to know who to talk to the right times sometimes I need to talk to my realists sometimes I need to hear this is a bad idea any that feedback from careful to get that feedback from people been there before and give you feedback from people who are experts and what were talking about is why pay for mentors and coaches important to make sure that the source knows I can tell you Emily all the time with what ideas I can tell you frequently was a good or bad idea because I'm an expert in the field there plenty of books that are great ideas your friends will take your bad ideas and its lack of expertise to make sure talk is good as you can get realists were experts in that area sometimes you encouragement sometime the real building that team whether it's a local mastermind or can we talk on Skype or Facebook survey helpful very valuable I want you to really take the time to plan out now how you deal with those slow days those moments when the motivation fades and that way when they happen you can overcome those moments break through and see that massive success it's just on the other side of the mountain thank you for listening to this week's episode serve no master make sure you subscribe so you never miss another episode will be back tomorrow with more tips and tactics on how to escape the rat race to serve no now for your chance to win a free copy of Jonathan's bestseller serve no master all you have to do is leave a five star review of this podcast see you tomorrow thank you for listening to serve no master podcast and over to Servo\podcast right now to find out how you can win a free copy my brand-new book

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