Searchie Review

Searchie Review and Bonuses 2021

Have you ever watched a video, heard valuable information you want to remember, but end up either forgetting it or being unable to find it and ultimately forgetting it again? I know what you’re talking about! Luckily, Stu McLaren’s team has got a solution for all of us. Let me introduce you to my Searchie review!

I’ll reveal why Searchie software is a must-have for content creators and how to use its features to save time and enhance the experience of your audience.

What is Searchie Software?

Searchie software is a personal search engine for your content library. In other words, it’s a powerful search tool people can use to deep dive into your content.

I wrote this Searchie review so I can reassure you that Searchie software is a tool that will maximize the value of your content. This is because we consume large quantities of various content on a daily basis, but we fail at soaking it all in.

When we approach the content we’re interested in, we don’t have that university approach towards it; we don’t take notes. And that’s okay because you’re not always in a situation where you can take notes. We tend to forget.

Sadly, our approach devalues content that’s filled with beneficial advice that can help us gain better work or life goals with less stress and less effort.

You shouldn’t be able to say that you’ve wasted time on useful content, but it really does end up wasted if you don’t extract the worth from it. This is where Searchie software comes in.

Whether you were watching a video or a podcast in which the host said “that one crucial thing” you must remember and implement, just search through the content like it was Google.

If you forgot when this subject of interest occurred in a certain time frame, just search for the words you do remember. And it will give you all the moments when that crucial thing was mentioned.

Even if you don’t remember anything, you can open a transcription file you can quickly scroll through rather than watching or listening to something all over again.

Searchie software is like a “CTRL+F” shortcut but it’s available on all content formats.

But, don’t think that this Searchie review presents Searchie software as only this one useful shortcut, Searchie can also be used as a method for course and membership site delivery! is an all-in-one software that can drastically boost the quality of your online business. More information to come, so stay tuned in my Searchie review 2021!

Searchie Review 2021 (Founders)

Creating content isn’t easy, it requires knowledge, time and effort that’s why Searchie software was created; to make your tasks easier. Searchie software will help your team and your audience get the most out of your content, therefore, make better results faster.

This Searchie review was brought to you by me, but more importantly, the Searchie software was created and brought to you by Stu McLaren, his team, and Andrew Ferraccioli.

Stu McLaren is the former co-founder of WordPress, WishList Member and the creator of the Tribe course. Stu is an expert in creating quality membership sites. Andrew Ferraccioli and Stu McLaren co-founded Searchie software to help you retain your audience and make a stronger impact on your students and prospects.

How Searchie Software Works?

Don’t worry, Searchie software is easy to use. Although, it has a wide bandwidth of purposes.

Depending on the problems you’re facing, you can personalize your approach to using Searchie software. is a multi-solution tool. Many people are still finding new ways to use Searchie software to their benefit.

Searchie software will help you manage, package, and share your video content quickly to achieve significant results. Since the video format took over, make the best out of it!

Doesn’t matter if you’re working on an online course if you’re a coach or a consultant, if you want to create a membership site for your business; it all starts with a video, so make that video count.

You can upload, manage and store your video content within Searchie and share it anywhere you’d like. You have the ability to capture and record video, to share or embed digital media, and the best one, search your video content. You can create playlists within your library and hubs.

Searchie software can connect to other platforms you’re using. It has a lot of partners you can integrate with to find solutions outside of Searchie software.

Connect to platforms like Facebook, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, Wistia, Podcast, Vimeo, Zapier. Connect with third-party software to dominate your next online course or membership site!

Searchie software automatically creates transcriptions, captions, and downloadable audio files for every video you upload. Thanks to Searchie software, your team and your clients can find everything they need in your videos by performing a keyword search.

Transcriptions and captions are highly accurate and also editable. So you can use these transcripts to recycle your content. Snip a bit here and there and you’ve got yourself a blog post!

Searchie software uses custom vocabulary. It has a library of 30 languages so far. The transcriptions and caption files can be exported with a TXT, CSV, or SRT extension. The files are downloadable.

Keyword search results appear in seconds and the software will display all moments when the word you searched for was mentioned. This will save you huge amounts of time and lower your stress levels because we all know how annoying it can be to search for that one thing that you’re unable to find anywhere.

And you know it’s there somewhere. Well, say goodbye to that problem, because Searchie software is your solution.

Another outstanding feature within the Searchie Review is the analytics dashboard of this software. Searchie collects data from your students’, teams’, or clients’ behavior while watching your videos.

What are the keywords they are searching for? What is the video that has the most visits? Where do they decide to stop watching? This will be the best indicator for potential improvements on your current content.

You can extract value from this data that can help you retain your audience, scale your content and enhance its quality.

Last but not least, you can create amazing content within your Searchie hubs. Simply drag and drop your video or audio content from your Searchie library, you have different design options you can handle without having any designer know-how.

Use Searchie hubs to package and deliver your content to the world wide web.

Within Searchie hubs you can create a perfect digital course in under 15 minutes, you can use it for video coaching or consulting, you can use it for virtual meetings, and even for creating membership sites.

You can also use Searchie hubs to boost your sales and marketing. Fast and simple. Also, whatever you’re cooking in your Searchie hub is your business. You can adjust your privacy.

If you’re selling your video content online, selling an online course, or running a membership site you can choose who can see your content. You can allow everyone to view your content, you can lock down your content to a certain domain, or you can restrict access to some parts of your audience while giving access to others.

This is super handy for online courses, as you can have one course that can be for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. You just simply hide advanced lessons from the beginner classes and do the same with others, easy as pie!

So stop wasting time, run your Searchie software free trial after this Searchie review 2021!

Main Features of Searchie Software

People are still finding new ways to make Searchie even more powerful and useful, but here are the core features of Searchie software.

Welcome to my feature review within the Searchie review.

1. Use the Searchie hubs to create online courses

Are you in the digital learning industry? Use Searchie hubs to minimize the time spent on creating your online course and to maximize the quality and accessibility of it!

Creating online courses is super easy with Searchie software. You have a template you can modify. You have your Searchie library that you can drag and drop anywhere.

All of your content can be in one library. You can use a player to share a single video, you can use a playlist to create a sequence. Our Searchie Review will show you the way to Searchie widgets that will help you search through your content.

Drag and drop additional files, such as PDFs and pictures. You can use Canva straight from Searchie to search for pictures or create your own pictures.

Choose your backgrounds, colors, preview your design. It’s really easy to use, and you’ll dominate your design section in no time.

Creating quality content is hard as it is, but the course creation process doesn’t have to be, not with Searchie software.

You can also use Searchie hubs to create membership sites, virtual workshops, online consulting or coaching programs, and many more.

Create content in minutes- Searchie Review

2. Content search engine

This is what makes Searchie software truly special! The content search engine is a time-saver! You can now browse through your content, make sure you’ve covered everything.

Your students, team members, and clients can all search through your content with ease and find exactly what they are looking for. Instead of watching an entire set of videos all over again, you can just perform a simple keyword search and Searchie software will display all the videos that match the search criteria.

You’ll get search results of every video that has the keyword you’ve searched for and it will show you in captions each time the keyword was mentioned throughout the videos.

This saves you a lot of your precious time that you can put into doing something useful, rather than looking through videos and stressing out about one thing.

Also, many people tend to give up when they miss something of value, not many people will bother looking through vast amounts of digital information. This leads to someone not having a complete experience and not having 100% of the expertise you’ve put out for them.

Searchie software will fix this, as it will make any process go faster and everyone will have better results in the end. People will get the most out of your content because they have the perfect opportunity with Searchie Review. No stress, just find, don’t rewind.

3. Analytics Dashboard

How well do you really know your audience? In order to provide them with the solutions they want, you need to really know how they feel about your content at this moment.

This is where the analytics dashboard comes in, full of valuable insights you can use in order to give your customers 100%.

You can track views and engagement, you can see who’s watching what and how. Use this information to make engagement levels higher.

The Analytics dashboard will provide you with information such as visits, video plays, keyword search queries, rating scales, and more.

These analytics go into detail, at the end of the day you can see the number of searchers for the day, most used keywords and search queries, your most played video, your most popular media files, numbers of people that clicked on your video, opened it and watched it.

You can monitor individuals from your audience to get a better understanding. Use all this data to your advantage. Because with all these analytics Searchie software provides, your next online course should blow your audience away.

Save Time and Resources-Searchie Review


How Much Does Searchie Cost (Searchie Review Plans)

There are 3 primary plans for this software and an additional enterprise plan in the Searchie Review. The thing that amazes me most is that there’s a free trial for the plan that gives you the most out of Searchie software.

So without further ado, let’s proceed to the Searchie review, chapter: Pricing plans!

Your first plan is the basic plan. It costs $29 per month. This plan is billed monthly and you can cancel it anytime.

The basic plan gives you 5 hours of uploads per month, unlimited screen recording, auto-generated transcripts that are editable, 1 widget, and embeddable media (player + playlists).

The second plan is the pro plan. It costs $83 per month if it’s billed annually ($990 per year). If it’s billed on a monthly basis it costs $99. You can cancel the subscription anytime.

The pro plan gives you all the features of the basic plus 15 hours of uploads per month, 1 hub, 3 widgets, media automation, multiple transcription languages, analytics, and the ability to download your transcripts.

The third plan is the business plan. It costs $166 per month if it’s billed annually ($1990 per year). If it’s billed on a monthly basis it costs $199. You can cancel the subscription anytime.

The business plan gives you all the features of the pro plan but you have unlimited uploads, unlimited hubs, unlimited widgets, you get premium support, and you can remove Searchie branding.

The enterprise plan is tailored for businesses that have more complex needs. You can contact Searchie at any time to learn more about this plan.

Software Pricing- Searchie Review

Searchie Review – Advantages & Disadvantages

Let’s run through the mini Searchie Review; it’s time for pros and cons.


  • Free trial for Searchie software
  • Very useful content search engine
  • Easy way to build online courses, membership sites, and much more
  • Searchie is co-founded by Stu McLaren, and Stu really knows his stuff
  • Editable and downloadable highly accurate transcriptions and captions for all your media
  • Easy to use
  • You have Searchie playbooks at your disposal, which are step-by-step training guides that will help you leverage Searchie software with your team and your clients
  • Great support, the customer experience team is available to you 24/7
  • Works with third-party integrations
  • It gives you your privacy and you can set it up as you see fit
  • Super detailed helpful analytics
  • Access to the private Facebook group full of supportive people you can exchange ideas with
  • You can be a member of the Searchie partner program and earn 30% of recurring commission on every sale.
  • Searchie software saves you crazy amounts of time


The program, along with the concept, is relatively new so you don’t have billions of people backing it up. I’m sure that everyone who tries to run their business with the help of Searchie software won’t ever be willing to work without it. If you ask me, it’s a matter of time before Searchie becomes the new default.

There still isn’t a complete guide on how to use the Searchie software, because there are so many ways. Although people are discovering more and more ways to use Searchie software to their benefit, which isn’t a bad thing. So focus on benefiting from Searchie one keyword at a time.

Who Benefits from Searchie Software

In this Searchie Review 2021, you’ll find out how Searchie software can help podcasters, coaches, consultants, education professionals, course and membership creators, and people in sales and marketing.

Anyone who creates content for a wide audience can benefit from Searchie software. Searchie software is for any business that wants to get a better understanding of their audience and serve them better and also save time while making ridiculous progress.

If your business uses multimedia content, Searchie Review should be your next step so you can simplify your business and work on other aspects of your life.

We already mentioned some of the career titles that can benefit from using Searchie software, along with them Searchie Review can be useful for YouTubers, authors, speakers, bloggers, basically any type of influencers, experts, and also designers.

Even though Searchie software simplifies the design process, why should you work more than you need to? If you’re a designer and you haven’t got a moment of spare time, delegate some of the know-how on Searchie and enjoy your free time!

This Searchie review already explained how Searchie software saves time. We’ll go over the key aspects of timesaving once again.

The templates for creating courses or memberships and many more digital whatchamacallits, save you huge amounts of time because it’s all available to you. You can customize the template if you want to, the design is yours to create.

And speaking of design, this is only one way how Searchie software saves you money, you don’t need to hire a professional designer.

The approach to creating anything within Searchie is super easy, so no need for additional expenses. And since time = money, more time means more money! As simple as that.

If you, your team, students, or clients are struggling with finding a certain something within your content, just perform a keyword search. This will save so much time and lead your audience straight to the point.

So we’ve covered how you can save time and how you can save money, but let’s check out this amazing opportunity to gain money with the Searchie partner program!

Subscribe to Searchie, share your experience. Every subscriber is an affiliate. You can get your affiliate link and you can earn a 30% recurring commission on every sale you make.

As an affiliate partner, you’ll get all the tools you need to start making some money on the side via Searchie software partner program.

And since people are going head over heels with Searchie Review, I can guarantee that this is a golden opportunity!


One click away from Searchie Review

Searchie Review 2021 (Is It Worth It?)

Now is this a rhetorical question? Worth it is an understatement. For me, Searchie software is a breakthrough.

It saves you time and money, it simplifies your work life so you can have more time for your “life” life. The best part being, it’s software that is affordable, and with the partner program, you can easily pay off your subscription and still profit in the long run.

I wrote this Searchie review because I have the urge to share this amazing software with you, and the amazing opportunities that come with it. So with no doubt about it, Searchie is 110% worth it.

Stay tuned, because the Searchie review and bonuses section is coming up!


Does Searchie software have a free trial period?

Yes. You can get access to the business plan immediately, and use it for 7 days with 1 hour of free uploading.

Does Searchie software support all languages?

No, at least not at the moment. supports 30 different languages that you can check out on the official website (

How do I know how many hours of upload I used up already?

Go to your profile settings and choose the subscription tab where you’ll find your hour meter.

What if I want to stop using Searchie?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What is a Searchie widget?

A Searchie widget is what allows you and your clients to search through media files within Searchie.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can change plans at any moment, just go to your profile settings and click on the subscription tab, and upgrade to any plan that suits you better.

How do I become an affiliate?

Easy, every subscriber is an affiliate. Go to your profile and click under rewards where you’ll find the affiliate tab, click on the links button and select the link you want and copy your affiliate URL.

Searchie Review (SNM Bonuses)

And here’s a little something from me. Enjoy the SNM Searchie review and bonuses 2021!

Bonus 1: Ultimate Copywriting Swipe File (Value $1,997)

My personal curated field of direct response sales pages from the 1880s through the 1960s. Learn from the ads that worked when you had to ask customers to go to the bank to pick up a cashier’s check before heading to the post office to mail their orders in.

Much harder than getting people to click a button! These sales letter templates will hone your sales pages to razor-sharpness.

Bonus 2: Client Management Secrets (Value $1,997)

With ten years of high ticket client management under my belt, I know a thing or two about how things can go back when you make a mistake during the negotiation phase.

Avoid the mistakes that can kill your relationships and cost you thousands of dollars in addition to headaches. Open the door to scaling your business the right way and minimize the time you spend on the phone with your existing clients.

Bonus 3: Customized Niche Report (Value $797)

We will create a customized niche report based on your city and target market and will help you to laser in on the best opportunities and the highest paying clients.

We will analyze everything from competition to keywords to find the low-hanging fruit and the fastest path to your first clients.


If you’re a content creator of any kind, Searchie software is going to be a revolution for you. It’s a golden multi-solution software you can’t afford to miss out on.

If you don’t have enough time for your family, friends, hobbies, or just lack “you” time, get the free trial of Searchie, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This is a rarely affordable solution, and I think a lot of people can benefit from implementing it.

You can confirm my Searchie review by starting your free trial today, so I advise you to go for it. Enjoy the time Searchie software saves, and if you subscribe, partner up and make money by sharing a genuinely awesome solution with others!

My opinion is that Searchie Review is groundbreaking. I believe that you’ll have an awesome experience while you’re taking Searchie for a spin, be sure to let me know how it works out for you in the comment section!


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