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KDP Publisher Rocket Review – How To Use Blueprint (Nov.2020)

KDP Rocket is a great tool for all writers and publishers. Other book placements, sales, and rankings data available can really boost your chances to successfully promote and sell your book. It provides a glance at what your competition is doing, what kinds of ads they use, what are their international rankings, and most importantly it gives you a chance to stay relevant in the Amazon algorithm.

What is the biggest wish of a new author? To sell as many copies of the books as possible, right?

But in today’s world where everything is digital, writing and selling books isn’t as simple as it used to be. There is so much more than simply writing your book, giving it to a publisher, and waiting for the cash to start rolling in.

If you come from self-publishing you know so well the struggles of understanding how to use Amazon marketing strategies to sell your book. 

To be a successful self-published writer has never been a simple task. I mean, you have to do everything yourself.

Now, there is a question here… Why are you writing a book? Are you writing fiction or nonfiction? And above all, who are you writing the book for? You can be the best author in the world, you can have the best advice to give to people, but if you don’t have where to sell it, rather don’t know how to sell it then, is it really worth all the trouble and time you would spend? It’s not, is it?

So, you’ve written a book and published it to Amazon. How do you make it stand out, how do you make it pop so someone can actually notice it and buy it?

Say it loud, say it clear, keywords are the most important thing here!

Yes, that’s right. To excel in Kindle publishing the most crucial thing is to learn every marketing trick in the book. 

Lucky for you, we are here to give an in-depth review of software that can do most of the marketing you need for you. Today, we are talking about the KDP Rocket- Publisher Rocket. Is it really worth your time and money, or is it another overly promising app that turns out to be too good to be true?

Let’s see what KDP Rocket is and take the final verdict together.

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What Does KDP Rocket Do?

If you have spent at least one day in your life scrolling through Amazon looking for books, summaries, keywords, and trying to connect them in one niche then you know what nightmares are made of. The KDP Rocket system is here to share every single piece of data that Amazon won’t even if you pay them.

Now with the KDP Rocket, the authors have access to see other book placements, sales, and rankings. They can have a glance at what their competition is doing, what kinds of ads they use, what are their international rankings, and most importantly it gives you a chance to stay relevant in the Amazon algorithm.

KDP Rocket has four key features:

  • Keyword search
  • Competition Analyzer
  • Category Research
  • AMS Keywords
SNM detailed KDP Publisher Rocket video review:


How KDP Rocket advanced my work?
kdp rocket review dashboard

To sell a book, you have to get to know your audience and the Amazon market and this is really not as simple as it sounds. This is much more than reading a few blog posts or watching a YouTube tutorial.

The way Publisher Rocket has benefited my work is that first of all it saves me a massive amount of time. It does the majority of the Amazon research for me, and it prevents me from writing a book that has no potential of selling and making revenue.

There are two things you can do. You can spend an enormous amount of time going over the endless keywords, niches, and categories on Amazon, make a list of them, compare them, find which one suits you best, make sure you are right (somehow) and then just sit and hope for the best.

Or, you can start using the KDP Rocket software which is created for the sole purpose of helping new authors see if their work has potential, or if it doesn’t what they need to change or add to their books to make them profitable.

KDP Rocket might look like your typical keyword finder, but in reality, it’s so much more than that. It’s the entire Amazon marketing process guide all in one.

To be a profitable self-publisher, you need to understand your market, you want to know how to research keywords and how to use them; you need to know what’s your competition working on and how are they doing it so you can reach their level as soon as possible.

KDP Rocket will be your guide through the entire process from the beginning to the very end. You know, all the specifics you need like how to write a novel description, to targeting the exact audience you want, to category optimization, to all the little hacks, tips, and tricks in between the process of developing the idea for a book to how to sell it online or print it on demand.

Not only beneficial, when you really think about it and see the bigger picture, but the KDP Rocket is essential for anyone who wants to be a writer.

My Experience Using KDP Rocket

I’ve been using KDP Rocket for a really long time now, for multiple different reasons.

When I first started publishing books on Amazon, back in 2010, long before PR was a thing it was very hard and time-consuming to find the rights keywords, niches, and categories for your books. If I wanted to write a book in a certain niche, I would have to go to Amazon and see the rankings of all the other books, just to make sure that that specific niche is profitable at the moment.  Then, I had to come up with a book title, write the book, and then I had to manually search for every single keyword, guess what the best niche for the book would be, and prayed that I’d chosen the right category for my book. 

I remember writing one book about decluttering your house and taking your life back into your own hands. I wrote it, published it, and waited. The results were devastating, and later I realized that what I’ve done wrong was choosing a category I thought was right, but it actually wasn’t.

Once I discovered KDP Rocket and managed to use it the right way, that very same book just like many others that came after, they all became bestsellers. 

With Publisher Rocket, I can now just type in a word, or niche in the search bar, select if I am searching for an ebook or hard copy and instantly, I get all the data I need.

The software is very simple to use everything is clear and in order. If I want to search for something more general, they give me specific topics so I can find exactly what I am looking for.


KDP Rocket and Importance Of Keywords

kdp rocket publisher rocket review

Keywords are so important because they lead people to your book. When someone is looking for a book on Amazon, especially if they have a certain topic in mind, there will be hundreds and hundreds of books for them to choose from. Therefore, you need relevant, smart keywords to increase the chances of someone finding and buying your book. Keywords to Amazon are what hashtags are to Instagram, simple as that.

In the past, finding a decent amount of proper keywords for your book seemed like a fairly impossible task. It really took a long time and you still couldn’t be sure if you’ve chosen the right ones. KDP Rocket can now make your life piece of cake because the software finds, exports, and uploads all the keywords you need for you!

We did a whole series on how to promote your books on Amazon part of which is an interview with John Tighe about how to make your book stand out on Amazon.

How do you use KDP Rocket?

KDP Rocket is very easy and simple to use. You download the application on your computer, install it and you are ready to start. 

KDP Rocket Feature #1 Keyword Search

Anyone who calls themselves self-publisher or anyone who is trying to get there should know that the keywords play a huge role on Amazon.

The KDP Rocket gives you a one of a kind opportunity to make a list of relevant keywords, discover new keywords daily, and see how many times a month they search every word you chose on both Amazon and Google.

KDP Rocket has recently updated its software so now you can choose keywords for online books and physical books. Why is this relevant?

Well, it might not be your prime focus if you are a kindle publisher, but the market for physical books is still alive, so while you are here, why not check out how you can rank there? There is nothing to lose; you can only double or triple your sales if you manage to gather a following and print on demand.

KDP Rocket Feature #2 Competition Analyzer

This feature is by far one of the most useful tools on the Publisher Rocket software. The competition analyzer allows you to always see how your competition is doing in all aspects.

There are two ways to use this tool. The first way to use the competition analyzer is from the keywords search page. If you chose the ‘analyze’ option you can see how competitive a certain keyword is.

The other option is to click on the Publisher Rocket’s icon and type the keyword there.

With the Competition Analyzer tool, you can also see the results for both ebooks and hard copy books that are uploaded on Amazon each day.

Now, once you type in your keyword Publisher Rocket will give a spreadsheet of all the books that have that particular word in this order:

  • Title – The title for every book registered on Amazon
  • Subtitle – The subtitles of every book registered on Amazon.
  • Author – The name of the author of the book.
  • Age – When was the book added on Amazon
  • ABSR – Amazon bestseller rank for a title.
  • KWT – Keyword in title
  • KWST – Keyword in the subtitle   
  • Review–The book’s average review grade on Amazon.
  • Price – The price of the book 
  • DY Sales – Daily sales of the book
  • Sales – Monthly sales of the book

Once you get your data, you can save and export all the information you need. This can help you to see if you have some shortcomings and will allow you to improve your sales and ratings.

To be honest, it’s easier to just skip this process as it seems dull, but in the long run, it might be a big mistake. Take your time and go through with it because this will affect your initial sales, and with how easy Publisher Rocket makes it, there really is no excuse not to do it.

kdp rocket publisher rocket review

KDP Rocket Feature #3 Category Research

Category research seems simple enough. You wrote the book so you know exactly in which category it belongs, right? Well, not so fast. Amazon categories are much more complicated than that, it’s quite a skill to pick the right one.

Listen to the interview we have with Derek Doepker to discover a few more secrets about Amazon SEO.

Now, if you are an Amazon author, you can have up to three categories for your book. Similarly to the keyword search in the past was a real hustle to find the categories that will capture the exact essence of your book and you had to look for them in the category list, but now without the KDP Publisher is even harder.

Amazon offers over 12.000 categories… imagine having to scroll through each of them to find just three?

With the Publisher Rocket category search, you can find the categories you need in just with just a few simple clicks. Just click the Category Search bar, type in your keyword, or a phrase and you are in. KDP software will go over the Amazon database and give you the category columns in this order:

  • Category list – This is a list of Amazon books’ titles and subtitles categories which contain your keyword or phrase
  • Category Page – A clickable link that takes you to the category page.
  • ABSR Book – The Amazon bestseller ranks in the category.
  • Number 1 Book of the day – This tells you how many book sales you need to become a bestseller in your category
  • Number 20 Book of the day – How many books book sales you need to become the 20th bestseller in your category

These features are crucial for your book sales. Not only that, now you can find the perfect category for your book, but you would know exactly how many books you should sell to become number 20 and eventually number 1 bestseller!

KDP Rocket Feature #4 AMS Keywords

AMS, short for Amazon Marketing Services, is an Amazon book advertisement system that allows advertising and selling your book to Amazon shoppers who typed a specific keyword or are looking for a specific book.

In other words, it means you pay Amazon a few cents so they show your book to anyone who is looking for those specific keywords. For example, if someone writes the word “table” Amazon will show them all the books that contain the word “table” in their title, subtitle, or in the book. Of course, when people are searching for a book, they are usually much more specific, but you get the idea.

By now you know that you need to create campaigns, and the more keywords they have-the better, the bigger opportunity to get traction.

Even Amazon themselves encourages you to use 100+ words per each campaign and also create as many campaigns as possible.

Years ago, before Publisher Rocket was a thing, authors had to spend countless hours looking up the keywords Amazon had to suggest, then go through the top books and categories, find which one works for them, copy and paste them in an Excel sheet and only then get some use out of them.

Needless to say, this took a lot of time and effort, and honestly, it could get so boring, it’s safe to say that at least a few authors lost their will and motivation altogether and gave up! But this won’t happen to you, because the Publisher Rocket AMAS Keyword search does all of this process for you!

All you have to do now is open the AMS keyword window, type a description you find suitable and in just a few seconds you will see all the data you need on the screen in front of you. It will list you with all the:

  • Amazon suggested keywords
  • Titles for the top 20 keywords results
  • Authors for the top 20 keywords results
  • Authors and titles for the top 20 keywords in separate categories

With just one click you can get over 150 keywords at once and all you have to do is export, save, copy and that’s it. You have all the keywords you need for your campaign. This process takes only a few hours a week, so it really puts your priorities in order, since the primary focus should be your content, and now with the KDP Publisher you have much more time to focus on writing rather than searching suitable keywords and titles.

kdp rocket publisher rocket review

KDP Rocket Pros

So far we’ve been reviewing the tools and the features of KDP Rocket, so let’s see what are the actual Pros of this software and why it is better than the other cheaper or more expensive options.

  • Cost: One-time payment of $97 with 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Keywords: It shows you all the keywords that people search for on Amazon
  • AMS Keywords: It helps you find the most profitable Keywords for you in no time
  • Time: It can tell you how many times someone typed a certain keyword on Amazon
  • Categories: It gives you three specific categories for your book according to you the title, subtitle, and keywords
  • Ranks: It shows you who is number 1 bestseller and who is number 20 in each category
  • Niches: It offers you a range of relevant niches to choose from
  • Access: It gives you access to the keywords, titles, subtitles, and summaries of your competition
  • Money: An exact amount of how much money the books that rank on the same keyword as you are making
  • Use: The software has been always simple to handle, but with the recent updates it’s even easier and more accessible to everyone, even for those who are beginners

KDP Rocket Cons

It’s fair to say that nothing in this world is perfect and even the best can sometimes have setbacks. Knowing this, it’s also fair to say that KDP Rocket has some cons that they need to work to improve even more. What are the cons of the KDP Rocket?

  • Time to analyze: When you get information from the keyword search, you need to load and choose the related keywords yourself. This can take you some time because you might get a lot of relevant keywords.
  • Access: Unfortunately, KDP Rocket currently is only available for OS and Windows.
  • No Paperback ISBN extraction: Since only ISBN 10 numbers work inside Amazon Advertising and the software is not currently coded to pull ISBN 10 vs ISBN 13, at this time, you cannot easily grab paperback, physical book ISBNs, in bulk to add to your Amazon Ads.

How Much Does KDP Rocket Cost

The full KDP Rocket costs $97 dollars. No hidden costs, no additional updates costs,  30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You pay when you buy it, and all the additional updates which are quite frequent, every couple of months or so are completely free.

They even upgraded from KDP Rocket 1.0 version to Publisher Rocket 2.0 for no extra charge for those who already owned the software. So, to sum it up, it’s better to buy a KDP Rocket as soon as possible, because the current price might go up, but in any case, there won’t be any hidden costs to worry about.

KDP Rocket Proven Tips For More Book Sales

With the KDP Rocket features you can:

  • Search for keywords on Amazon
  • Search for niches on Amazon
  • Search for categories on Amazon
  • Export and use the keywords for your campaigns 
  • Make endless campaigns with 150+ keywords each
  • Gather data from other books in the same niche as yours
  • See how many sales the books have on a daily, weekly and monthly level
  • Read the summaries of the books within your ranges

I’m going to show you several hacks that I use to get more book sales on Amazon. With KDP Rocket it is quite straightforward, but you have to make the best of its features. 

kdp rocket review dashboard

KDP Rocket Keyword Research

Publisher Rocket has a huge database which is a benefit right from the start. What you are aiming at with the search is an opportunity. Basically, you are deciding on is writing that book you had in mind a good idea. You can start from scratch and rely on KDP Rocket keywords to give you an idea or you can go with your own term. For this purpose I chose “potty training”. I want to go a bit more specific to reduce the number of competitors, so I chose “potty training for boys”.

kdp rocket review keyword research

KDP Rocket Competition Research

After you’ve chosen your best keyword to go with and wrap your book around, next in line to research is your competition. Basically, this will give you a starting point on how to position your book.

kdp rocket review competition research

Look at what people are actually making from those books. You can easily find out is there any money there if you compare how much are making the top 3 books. Now, with the data export, you can go through the numbers in more detail. This feature saved me great amount of time.

KDP Rocket Category Search 

kdp rocket review category search
My advice is to separate ebook and a hardcover book searches. They are different categories and thus organized differently. When it comes to our potty training, what we’re looking for is “parenting” category and then term “toilet”. We get three categories, one is hard because you have to get 27 sales a month to be in the top 10, with the second one you only need 5 sales. It’s a picture book for kids. Parenting – toilet training – gives you an estimate of how much you have to sell to rank among the top 10. Look for the category with less competition and lower effort to get to the top 10.

kdp rocket review book category research

When we search hardback books for parenting category what we’re after is a similar category to place our book. Toddler category has a similar thing going and you would need only 2 books sold to be in top 10. 

KDP Rocket AMS Keyword Research

After you’ve researched and written your book, you want to advertise it. The great thing about AMS keyword research is that you can add up to 1000 keywords connected to your ad and create a wonderful context.

kdp rocket review ams keyword research

So, even though I wouldn’t choose many of those keywords to target; however I will choose them to list them with the ads because I mention them in my book. All keywords that don’t relate to your book, you can easily get rid of them. You can also target by author name, thus getting into the pool of related books. And we’re just researching ebook opportunities. You can easily change markets and switch from the US to German. Publisher rocket beauty is they find searches that you wouldn’t either way.

KDP Rocket Review Final Verdict

So, to put it in a realistic perspective, the KDP is rational and worth investment. You pay for it only once and it’s yours, no additional costs even after the software updates. Look at it as a small fee you pay for a super useful tool which is almost guaranteed to pay itself off in no time.

What are your experiences with Publisher Rocket? Let me know in the comments below. 

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