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SNM076: Confidence Can Grow Your Business

It seems like the Internet should be the perfect place for people with low confidence to build their businesses, but that isn’t the case. A lack of confidence will infect every business decision you make and slowly bleed your company to death. Don’t wait too long to deal with this crippling problem…

SNM073: Make Sales Without Learning Copywriting

While you are taking the time to learn the basics of copywriting, you can make sales quickly with the power of webinar. They aren’t nearly as scary as you think and will help you dial in the perfect message.

make sales without copywriting

SNM012: Surround Yourself With Success

The people around us control our destiny. Bad friends can pull us back with the force of gravity. We become the average of our closest friends; if they don’t want to start a new business, they will actively slow down or stop your progress.

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SNM008: Escape the Cubicle Mindset

Our beliefs control our behavior. The way you see the world will affect every thought you have throughout the day. And those thoughts will go on to control every decision, big and small.

We are raised from birth to accept the cubicle mindset. The only purpose of standardized education is to train you to sit at your desk quitly all day long and obey the teacher at the front of the room. Thie educational format punishes creativity, free-thinking and finishing early. Nobody gets to leave school early if they finish on time.

Time is not Money

SNM007: The Scarcity Mindset is Killing Your Business

At the start of every project, the scarcity mindset will destroy your perceived value. Will you loan a dollar to a businessman or a bum? There is a part of us that thinks poverty is contagious. We want to flee from people who are desperate.

If you are broke, people know they can get away with paying you nearly nothing. People see weakness and they think about the money they can save. If you project that you are busy and successful, the same client will pay you more.

scarcity mindset

SNM006: How to Make Friends and Network with People

I was fired and thought I would never have to interact with anyone ever again. I didn’t want to feel that vulnerability. It’s impossible to achieve true success without interacting with people. Relationships and the foundation for all of my success online. Trust is a key component when building an online business.

make friends and network

SNM002: Integrity and Facebook Turned Jim into a Millionaire

I’m so excited to have Jim on the show today. He is one of the most successful and elusive marketers on the planet. He made so much money that he is now a full-time investor and is basically retired. Like me he went through about two years of struggle to build a massive company. Sometimes it’s darkest before the dawn. His entire success boils down to a deep understnading of networking.