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Looking for a hands-free way to earn that ISN'T full of "tech stuff?" Here's the exact system I used to get my online empire off the ground...

Read every word I’m about to share with you – this free information is going to change everything you think you know about making money with the Internet…

But only if you read this entire page.

Pay close attention and you’re going to have ALL the tools you need to build a real business.

Do you like the idea of dozens of clients direct depositing checks for $500, $1000, or even $2000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH?

Without spending months building a website…

Without writing an entire book…

Without waiting until the END of a project to get paid…

Then I’ve got some wisdom that’s going to put you on the right track.

If you’ve read my book Serve No Master, you know I spend a lot of time talking using a passion that relates to your skills, your assets, and the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

I’ve spent tons of time and energy helping people do exactly that.

And a lot of people ask me to share the exact method I used to rocket from being an unemployed victim of the system.

To making a system of my own that gave me the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with my friends, invest in projects I was interested in, and travel the world without stressing out over bills or wondering how I was going to see tomorrow.

And I kind of hesitated to do it.

Because business is strategic. And there’s never a one size fits all solution. You can’t copy my business and be successful unless you’ve got the same skills, the same drive and the same knowledge I have…

Not everybody wants to replicate my life.

If you don’t want to travel the world….

If you love where you live….

If you are plugged into your city…

Then there is a powerful business model that leverages that power.

You can build a strong business with recurring revenue without doing ANY technical work or ghostwriting.

Learn the Power of Arbitrage -Buy Low and Sell High!

There’s so much emphasis put on working hard in this industry. And you can get some success through pure determination and consistency, but you can’t make things too hard.

You can avoid those mistakes.

I’ll reveal the errors that nearly all of us make when we try and make a full-time income online


I’ll tell you exactly how to avoid it yourself, using an IDIOT-PROOF strategy that I’ve personally used to make massive sales on demand.

I’ve shown dozens of other people how to do this and go from nothing to something at a blistering pace.

It’s your turn.

Here’s a secret…

And you don’t have to leave the page to learn this.


Look, there are plenty of teachers, coaches, and experts out there that have amazing business plans to sell you. They have hundreds of steps and take months to get off the ground.

That’s just not the way I approach business. You need something simple. Something that works fast.

You need a plan that can put a check in your hands THIS WEEK.

I want you to have something polished, professional, and sales ready on the web in days, not weeks. Too many people get that initial rush of motivation and then bow out once the going gets tough.

I’ve done all the hard work for you.

With most “make money online” courses, they tell you to build an overly complex system…

It’s this fancy sales funnel. You need to build squeeze pages, one-time offers, make a product, write a book, make upsells, and write blog articles. THEN you need to write about 40 emails talking about your squeeze page, upsells, products, blog articles, et cetera.

After you do all that hard work, they tell you to drive traffic to your fancy money machine.

The problem is that it takes a LOT of traffic to build a profitable, self-sustaining system. Especially if you only have one or two products. And that traffic can cost a LOT of money…

You Need Results Now!

This system is different because you don’t need customers to generate a livable income for yourself.

Quality over quantity.

If you can close just five customers (and it’s shockingly easy), you’re making 3-5K a month, not to mention the connections and referrals that’ll come your way.

You don’t have to spend one penny on ads, marketing or PR.

Instead, you are going to target FREE sources of high-quality traffic. People that are LOOKING to buy from you. Read to write you a check before you even get them on the phone.

All of that is possible.

They took everything from me

I was twenty-nine years old.

I completed my master’s course in London and came back to America to take my dream job running a department at one of the top universities in the entire country.

I moved around the world.

Signed a lease on a new apartment.

Bought a car.

And started work at my “dream job.”

Two weeks later I was fired with no savings and a boulder of crippling debt rolling after me.

With the bills mounting and nowhere to turn, I knew that I needed to make money fast.

If I wanted to avoid bankruptcy, pay my bills and scrape together enough money to eat I had to take ACTION.

That’s when I developed a system that I call:

Local Consulting Millionaire

A comprehensive system that anyone can implement in their local community. You simply provide online services to local companies. You hire a separate company to DELIVER all those services on your behalf. And I PROVIDE you with the team that does all the work.

    • Find clients by copy and pasting my ads
    • Set up payment processing in under 5 minutes
    • Deliver services through white label providers
    • Collect automatic payments every single month

The Proof is in the Pudding - Here are REAL payments that helped me move OUT of my mom's basement

Here's What You Get:

MODULE ONE – Getting Into The Game

Getting into the SEO game doesn't have to be hard. This is a great first business to get into, because you can make thousands of dollars your very first month.

I’ll give you the resources, I’ll give you the tools, and you’ll be able to compete with guys who’ve been in the business for YEARS. It’s time for THEM to be worried about their future, not you. Nothing personal… just business.

  • Why the more you know about SEO… the HARDER it’s going to be to find success.
    • Why we CAN’T AFFORD to spend too much time becoming an expert…
    • Why you absolutely CAN’T do SEO yourself, and why nobody else does.
    • The weird “cheerleader theory” that explains why you can’t wait to get your site perfect.
    • How Long Does It Take? Less time than you think. I actually used this free advertising method on Sunday… and got a client on Thursday.

We’re going to keep things streamlined, simple, and brutally effective. PLEASE fight the urge you’ve picked up from other gurus to make this a 48 point plan. Do the work, follow the plan, and get success.

MODULE TWO – Client Benefits

So, what’s in this for your customers? They’re the ones this business revolves around.

It can be very tempting to get into a technical discussion about SEO and the different ways to rank a website. But remember, this is simply sales. Do you know how your television works? Nobody does anymore. What you care about is that it looks good and gives you a good experience. Would you buy a TV with great specs, if the display looked blue to you?

    • How the LESS you know about the technology, the easier it is to sell
    • Why using simple metaphors will get you more clients at higher price points
    • The simple closing secret that will have 80% of your meetings ending in the swipe of a credit card

A common mistake is to get overly technical and try to impress clients with your tech knowledge.  This leads to extra work and nightmare clients.  Learn how to sell the SIZZLE not the steak.

MODULE THREE – Choosing Your Clients

When you are first starting out and especially if you really need the money, it can be very tempting to take any client that comes your way. In your mind, you compare the paycheck they’re offering you to not having that money.

It’s time to think differently. I want you to spend less time wrestling bad clients and more time finding the ones that can fit your lifestyle.

Remember that we only need 4 or 5 clients to have a smash hit here. So when we bring someone on, we’re giving them 20-25% of our time and energy. One bad client can gobble up our emotional energy and stress levels. No good.

    • How to skip awkward chats with receptionists and go STRAIGHT to the decision makers.
    • Dealing with tough clients: when to suck it up, and when to delete them.
    • The EXACT sales pitch I use to close skeptical clients, even when I didn’t have experience.

Which clients are going to be the dream clients that power our business forever?

MODULE FOUR – Clients Call YOU

A lot of people tell me they can’t close over the phone. And usually, that means they don’t want to cold call. I don’t blame you. That’s a rough gig, it’s basically spamming, but you feel the sting of every deletion. That just SUCKS.

But what if I could set it up where people called you, already looking to buy from someone, already liking you, and you just needed to… put them over the top a little bit. Would that help your business?

    • Why you absolutely MUST get people on the phone to make the big profits.
    • A little trick you can use to close sales over the website (if you have social anxiety or something)
    • A movie nobody’s ever heard of that has everything you need to know about sales.
    • The “waypoints” you’re going to talk through to close the sale without “selling” anything.
    • You charge HOW MUCH?? This is going to be your major hurdle – here’s the question that separates tire kickers from real potential clients.

The thought of talking on the phone to a stranger and asking for money might seem very daunting at first. It's a crucial step in this process and you will see that it's really easy as long as you follow my formula. You simply want to help people get more customers. That mindset will help you turn phone calls into meetings.

MODULE FIVE – Face To Face

Making sales face to face is SO MUCH EASIER than trying to write some copywriting masterpiece and stick it on the web. If you’re talking to someone (at least in my system) they’ve already seen your face, they know you and like you.

So, I’m going to show you how to quickly create a face to face presentation that works anywhere there’s wifi, along with the tools to look and feel like a million dollar SEO firm.

    • How THIS ONE EMOTION can cause you months of hairpulling and heartache if you don’t block it out during a presentation.
    • The three things you need to nail home to make that sale.
    • “So, why don’t you have an office?” – man, I broke into a sweat the first time I heard that. But I rebounded with this sweet comeback that I MUST share.
    • The SIX WORDS that will kill you before you can make the sale, and a 30 minute solution that keeps that from ever happening.

MODULE SIX – Manage Your Clients

Promises will kill you in this line of business. Promising whatever it takes to get the sale can put you in a very uncomfortable position - because now you have to deliver on those promises. In the past, I made the mistake of offering extra services or 24/7 access to me. Learn from my mistakes and control the client's expectations and save your time, your money, and your sanity.

    • How long will it take your businesses to start seeing results?
    • What to do when competitors make insane promises…
    • The Blind Client That Kicked My Butt And Called Me Every Single Day!
    • Having problems justifying your prices? Here’s how to lower prices while still looking like a boss.
    • The big trap of the SEO game – how to keep from crossing the employee line and trading in one boss for a dozen.

Look, a lot of the people you’re going to be working for are BRUTAL with employees. And if they smell weakness or put you into that category, they will not hesitate to run you into the ground.

Here’s how to stay ahead of the game.

MODULE SEVEN – Your Funnel

If you’re looking to play games, buy a Playstation. Your business is going to have a severe impact on your life, so we treat it that way. This module is all about the technical aspects of setting up your business and taking payments.

I’ll give you the resources, I’ll give you the tools, and you’ll be able to compete with guys who’ve been in the business for YEARS. It’s time for THEM to be worried about their future, not you. Nothing personal… just business.

    • Start At The Ending: Just like we design our business based on our life, we’re going to think about our payments the same way.
    • I’ll walk you through the cool method I use to get in touch with business owners as SOON as they show any interest.
    • Seriously, even the daffiest person can close sales if they remember these images – you can even read them over the phone.
    • Never let them talk to ______ - they’ll totally blow your sale.
    • The five sources you’ll use to accept payments, and the 45-second sketch that will make everything easier.

Closing in person is the best option, with closing on the phone as a nice fallback. Be ready to take payment and focus on getting your process in place. Once your funnel is designed you only have to focus on generating traffic and then accepting money from your new customers!

MODULE EIGHT – Setup Your Website

I’ve made dozens of websites for myself, and dozens for students and clients across the globe. I’ve made every mistake there is to make, and I’ve had the best of success.

You have to have a website here – you can try to scratch something together with people in your area, but that’s a big burden of credibility you’ll have to carry. If you do things my way, you’ll drop jaws and get people EXCITED about working with you.

    • Every technical detail – handled, explained, simplified.
    • Where to get the cheapest hosting – and why you SHOULDN’T get the big package.
    • What you should name your website for ease and powerful rankings.
    • Cutting out 90% of the hard technical stuff. No PHP, no FTP, no IMAP – that’s all OUT OF THE PICTURE.

And don’t worry about an expensive theme, either. I’m going to show you how to use a free, high converting theme – I’ll even name the exact one you should use to get rolling.

Make money fast. Stick with the formula. Play by the rules before you break them. Your boss doesn’t make things harder for himself. You shouldn’t either.


I know what you’re thinking – traffic is where so many of these online battle plans fall to pieces. They advise you take on a dozen and one different traffic methods (that don’t work!) and they kill your business before it starts to make any money.

But listen.

  • This doesn’t require a lot of money.
  • There are only TWO online traffic sources I’m going to advise for you.
  • BOTH of them are free.
  • BOTH of them can bring you leads this week.

I want to be 100% sure that you have everything that you could possibly need! And if you want to be more aggressive and take your campaigns into the real world, I’m going to give you all the tools you need for THAT, too.


    • Blast Off And Start A Business That Pays You The Kind Of Money You And Your Family Really Deserve!
    • Erase The Costly Mistakes That Sink 99% Of SEO Beginners And Avoid Having To Wait Years For Your Dreams To Become A Reality!
    • Generate Endless Sales With An Idiot-Friendly System That’s Proven To Take New Marketers From Nothing To Five Figures Fast!

    And More!

Dozens Of My Students Have Already Quietly Built Massive Incomes That Work With The Lifestyles They Desire… And Beginning Today, Now Their Success Can Be Yours…

Here's What They Had to Say:

Prepare to be impressed...

Big Al

I can tell you first hand that what you learn in the very first module is worth the entire purchase price! Consider the rest of it as one big bonus.

Jonathan has been my personal coach on SEO for some time now and he's the real deal. He waltzes into very competitive niches and starts kickin' butt and takin' names. He's got a LOT of first page and top of first page rankings hanging from his trophy wall. Follow this like he lays it out and be prepared to be impressed by your own skills!

a MASSIVE bargain...

$97??? Are you mental? Buy this instantly - you guys are getting a MASSIVE bargain as a number of us are paying BIG$$ to be in his mastermind group! Now I'm off to email Jonathan to make him give us some more cutting edge tricks to justify our mastermind fees, considering what you guys are getting for $97 ;-)

David D.

Write him a check on the spot...

Ryan M.

I have been a fan of Jonathan's work for the last year or so, and can't say enough good things... I use his seo methods to help me rank tons of my own personal niche websites and his techniques are top notch,

I have witnessed first hand Jonathan close multiple thousand dollar deals at our local meetup groups. His system is so strategic and well thought out its as if clients just can't say no.

They 9 times outta 10 will write him a check on the spot to have him do his SEO for them.

My recommendation is this, buy this course. Take action on the info inside, and take your new checks to the bank. It is that simple... Use his system, make money, repeat...

Jonathan you rock and keep putting out killer products.

Resources worth 100 times more...

I have been thru the material and it's AWESOME!

This all original material goes thru step by step to show you how to run an offline SEO business from beginning to end. How to prospect for clients, how to close them and best of all he shows you how to get your client high rankings by revealing his resources and what he uses to get on the first page of Google. He doesn’t hold anything back.

If you just want to learn how to get your own websites on the first page of Google his resources alone are worth more 100 times more than the program alone.

The system comes with unbranded Word docs, PowerPoint presentations. I will be using one of the PowerPoint presentations for my own business as well. One of the PowerPoint presentations are long enough to record a webinar. That is what I am going to do with one of the PowerPoint presentations. Then I am going to get my potential client to the webinar on the specific days & times I setup.

Whether or not you are currently running a business or want to learn how to run an offline SEO business, this product will give you the jump start you’ve been looking for.

Joe Justin

Land my first client in no time...

Jack S. Mobile SEO

Just wanted to put in my two cents. I bought this product and it is awesome! If you are trying to break into the Offline arena and just need someone to take you by the hand and show you the ropes, then this course is for you.

You will learn how to grow your Offline business step by step and how to do it quickly!

I am in the process of putting this course into action right now! I have no doubt that I will land my first $1000 a month client in no time.

Thanks Jonathan!

It takes a lot to impress me...

I have to say that I am VERY impressed with this program! I have purchased many offline marketing products over the past few months. There were products that I have paid over $997 for that should never have charged more than $10 because of the low quality and rehashed garbage but this one... I would have gladly paid over $1,000 for this training.

I have been in internet marketing and such for the past 13 years and there was so many golden nuggets within each of these videos that I honestly felt like I had won the lottery. He 'gives away' much more than he should in my opinion. Especially in video #6! That one blew my mind. The way he talks to his clients, I completely understand why he's closing 9 out of 10!! Very powerful- I was ready to whip out my credit card and hire him- It is THAT good!

It takes ALOT to impress me but I have to give you a standing ovation on this one because it is supreme. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and seriously increase your income in the offline market, you would be a complete fool not to jump on this offer at this ridiculously low price.

Kimberly R.

If you can't make made be dead

D. Merrill

This program gave me sales & marketing ideas that will make my team hundreds of $1,000's of dollars.....yes, maybe even millions!

And we don't even offer SEO services (although we definitely will in the future)!

If you can't make money from this.....check your may be dead.

PS: I do not know Jonathan and I will not receive any income of any kind from this post. I haven't even finished reading/listening to all of the training that comes with this program and I know I will earn at least 50 times the money I invested for this, next week alone!

So, Do You Want In? I'm Practically Giving It Away...

I used to sell this training for $997 a month.

I only let in 10 people…and they were paying almost $12,000 a year because they saw exactly how valuable this system is.

Just close ONE client with this system and you make back that investment.

Everything after that is pure profit.

But I understand that you’re starting from the ground up.

You are trying to change your life and because your are here, right now – I know you are part of my Serve No Master tribe.

I want you to get started with something you can afford so that we can have a long and extremely profitable future together.

So I’m not charging you a recurring fee.

This is a one-time payment, but….

It’s not $997, or even $497.

I might bump the price back up again just because this information is so valuable and making back your investment is child’s play.

BUT… If you sign on right now, your total investment is just $97.

If you make one sale with this (and I’ve made that easy), you’ll make your money back five times over.

Imagine It with Me: You invest 15 – 20 minutes of your day “working” towards killing your job and land your first check THIS WEEK

(My first check only took four days)

You don’t have to wait a month, hoping to make that first dollar.

You can get paid THIS WEEK.

Just take action, focus on one course, and let it grow.

You then know how it’s done, and you can scale your success whenever you want.

Do You Prefer Video Testimonials?

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“Local Consulting Millionaire” right now.

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I Take All the Risk

I already know this program works.  I have complete and absolute faith in this program, so I’m more than happy to take all the risk.  Grab the program today. Watch every video, download all the resources.  Spend twenty-nine days using and abusing this course.

And if your world isn’t rocked, just email me and I’ll send back every penny with the click of a button.  It’s THAT easy.  If this program doesn’t work for you, then I don’t want your money.

I even made this awesome seal to prove it.

You Know What? Let’s Sweeten The Pot with THREE EPIC BONUSES

Time Sensitive Bonus #1 – Visitor to Customer Formula

The purpose of your website is to get people on the phone with you. So every single piece of content you add should bear that in mind. Just ask yourself if this will cause more people to call you. That’s the test.

I wanted to give you some basics to help you get your website off the ground. As you do this longer, you will test and tweak and find that different things work for you. There is no universal perfect website design template. Tastes and trends are fluid so we just try to stay ahead of the curve.

Time Sensitive Bonus #2 – Videos that Sell

I’ll also share the ORIGINAL videos from my SEO website – these videos generated 5-figures in sales and clients – which means it just worked. See the video I recorded in my basement after a night on the town that landed me a 6-figure client later that week.

You don’t have to replicate my persona, but seeing is believing. Seeing the structure of a video that made REAL money will inspire, motivate and guide you.

Time Sensitive Bonus #3 – Briefcase Superhero

No matter how simple a business is to set up, there are hurdles – stuff like flyers, collateral, presentations. I want you to be up and running, ready to take money by TOMORROW, and so…

I’ll GIVE YOU all of my advertisements, flyers, designs – a huge toolbox with hundreds of cash generating resources you can use as inspiration right now.

I used to sell the flyers ALONE For $97, but you get them free today.

Get Everything You See on This Page


All of these bonuses are ALL YOURS when you order this course. But hurry, these bonuses are time limited. I’m not really that interested in giving this stuff out to everybody who comes, because no matter how much I warn people, there will always be people who rip this stuff off wholesale.

So I’m fully prepared to take those down to preserve their value. Maybe you’ll find different bonuses in this slot, but they won’t be the same.

Beginning today, all the success can be yours. All the power can be yours. All the profit can be yours, and we can take your business to the next level.

You Need To Make A Choice

Local business owners need this. The Yellow Pages are DEAD, radio is dying, flyers are expensive and take tons of time. The internet is TAKING OVER ADVERTISING.

That leaves a lot of room for guys like us to make money – literally – in our pajamas.

SO… Do you want to commit to a life of working long hours every week and getting paid nowhere near what you deserve for that effort?

OR… Do you want to slash the amount of hours you work, make the kind of money that gives you and your family a damn cool life and finally sit down at “work” and feel proud of what you do, and become a traffic master.

Make Your Decision Now…

Click the button below to get instant access to the members area right now, even if it's 2AM.

Jonathan Green

PS – This is a business model where LITERALLY EVERYTHING can and should be outsourced. You just need to be trustworthy, friendly - and make sales. If you’ve ever been worried that techie stuff would get in the way of starting and running your business – here’s your answer.

PPS – Instead of learning theory from somebody that doesn’t know you from Adam, why not learn this stuff from an expert you trust, with a proven record of success in what he’s teaching? The time is RIGHT NOW. Click the buy button, and we’ll talk inside the members area.

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