how to create an opt-in page

SNM182: How To Create A Killer Opt-in Page To Explode Your List


Creating a free opt-in page is a simple process. There are many apps you can use, just make sure you use a captivating design and template and make sure your opt-in page is available for mobile use too.

Now, that is the easier part. The tricky part would be to create a converting one. What is a good opt-in page?

A good opt-in or a good landing page needs to have a goal, a good and catchy headline that will intrigue people, make them read on. Also, it needs to have the benefits outlined through bullet points. People need to understand what they will get or learn, or the transformation that will happen to them after getting your gift.

People are visual, so appealing photography or videos, clear format, and content brevity are extremely important elements as well. 

Nonetheless, a lot of people may not sign up and this can be an immense problem, hence, it’s important to specify that to get the gift, people need to sign up to your mailing list. You are calling them to action with this, and they cannot refuse it because your offer is extremely good. We are talking about a course, an ebook, training, anything. Highlight the value and write a convincing copy. Your gift may not be easy to make, but it should be easy to consume. 

What’s the purpose of a landing page?

how to create an opt-in page

Landing pages turn users into subscribers with the help of a lead magnet – the gift you are giving away. Using freebies, you research your customers, and customers get to know your business better. Landing pages can help you gain your customers’ trust, but to do that, your gifts have to provide value or proof (reviews, online testimonials of customers). After the gift, people should learn something or transform their life for the better, so make sure you outdo yourself instead of giving the bare minimum when producing a gift.

What is the difference between a landing page and a squeeze page?

Landing pages entail different content. They can even have several call to action (CTA) buttons whereas the squeeze page communicates a single offer. Basically, this is a simplified version of the opt-in page – without distractions. People see the offer and if they are interested in getting a gift, they just have to provide their email address. 

Squeeze pages in fact cajole email addresses from potential customers, but they are free to opt-out whenever they want to stop receiving news or information from your brand. 

Show Notes:
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Key Points:

  • Give away freebies to get people on your mailing list
  • Give away the best thing that you can
  • Create content that will be easy to consume, in an hour

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