Guest Posting Guidelines


We are glad you are interested in guest posting for Serve No Master! Please read the following guidelines to make it easier and less time consuming for you and me. And then let’s get started on your blog post ideas!


We are looking for loads of different types of content that will give value to our readers, such as:

Post Types:

Serve No Master topics range from blogging to networking and writing to affiliate marketing for people who want to start their own online business. Our readers are interested in starting an online business and range from beginner to experienced.

Our readers want simple, actionable steps to take for

Topic Ideas:

1.Blogging— how to start a blog, creating blog posts and opt in forms, maintaining a blog, technology questions etc.
2.Copywriting—how to learn copywriting, copy for webinars, pages, etc.
3.Email—how to write an email series, opt in forms, etc.
4.Book writing and publishing—how to start writing, outlining a book, how to finish the book, the self-publishing process, how to format and upload books to Kindle and CreateSpace/POD companies, how to write with dictation software, etc.
5. Ghostwriting—how to get started, how to get and manage clients, how to price gigs, etc.

6.Affiliate marketing—how to get started promoting products, how to write product reviews, different types of affiliate marketing, etc.

7. 1st 1K—how to find freelance writing jobs, how to write up your profile, how to make $1,000 a month freelancing, etc.
8. Freedom—how to get ready to leave your job, how you got your start, how you are living your dream, etc.
9. Networking—how to network with others in the business, networking experiences and events, tips on gaining confidence, etc.
10. Podcasting—no podcasts, but you can write about podcasting—how to run a podcast, how to edit a podcast, how to interview guests, what podcasting equipment to use, etc.
11. Review—reviews of software for the above categories, content sites for freelancing, etc.
12. Travel—how to travel inexpensively, how to keep up with writing, blogging and other business tasks while traveling, etc.
13. Freelance writing—where and how to get freelance jobs, how to write for clients, etc.
14. List and resource posts—top 10 ebook readers this month, etc

What will not be accepted:

General Guest Blogging Guidelines:

How to Submit Your Topic Proposal

Please send an email to:
  1. Tell us a little about yourself.
  2. Write about 2-3 topic ideas you’d like to write for us with an outline and bullet points.
  3. Include 1-2 links to other Serve No Master blog posts that you will use to supplement your points.
  4. Tell us how Serve No Master readers would benefit from your post.
  5. Add a couple of links to your best posts from your website for us to review.
  6. We will review your topic ideas and choose the one we feel is the best fit for Serve No Master.
  7. IMPORTANT:  When you send us your guest post proposal, include “I have read the guidelines for Serve No Master and I agree to them.”  If this line is not included you will not receive a response.

The Process:

After we’ve chosen one of your post ideas, you can submit the post.

1. The post is to be original content previously unpublished.
2. Submit your post as an editable Google Doc. If you create it in Word or another program, please copy and paste into Google Doc.
3. Post Title: Include submission date/your name/main keyword in the title of the doc.
Oct 25/2018-JonathanGreen-HowToWriteCopy
4. At the top of the doc, write your name, email, and your website name and URL
5. Include a 2-3 sentence bio with your headshot photo. Include 1 link in your bio to your blog homepage.
6. Content: Your guest post should focus on valuable content for the reader. Include practical information, how-to and action steps the reader can implement immediately. Inspire the reader to take action.
7. Tone: Write in a conversational style, as if you were talking to your friend. Personalize it and avoid ‘fluff’. Read posts on the Serve No Master blog if you are not sure, to get a sense of the style and post format.
Send us the links to 5 images and if we approve them, we will download them and publish them with the post.
All images, title, and editing is 100% at our discretion.
8. Length: Ideal post length is 1,500 words, with 800 being bare minimum.
9. Formatting:
  • Headings—Use subheadings in the post body and include H2-H3 tags.
  • Paragraphs–Paragraphs should be at least 200 to 300 words long with a heading every 2 paragraphs.  Where possible, use headings, bullets, bolding etc., to keep the post engaging and readable.
  • Links–Include 2 anchor links to relevant posts already on Serve No Master.
10. Images: Find images on 123RF that you like and think will fit the post.
11. Promotion: Please share your guest post to all your social media accounts! You can also link to it from your own blog. Subscribe to Serve No Master so you can reply to comments on the post.
12. Editing: We reserve the right to edit any piece submitted to Serve No Master.
13. Rights: Submit only original content. It must be previously unpublished and copyright free.
  • We retain the copyright of all material published on Serve No Master.  A guest poster cannot republish their guest post elsewhere; it must remain unique to Serve No Master.
  • Please note—If you provide a guest post to Serve No Master, it must be exclusive and ALL RIGHTS transfer to Dragon God, Inc.  The post may be republished by us in other content, such as ebooks or compilations, with full credit to you as the author, but not with financial compensation for the work.  By submitting a guest post you agree to these terms.
14. Exclusivity: You agree that every post you write for Serve No Master will only be published on Serve No Master unless granted permission by Jonathan Green from Serve No Master.
15. Read back over these guidelines. Does your post meet them all? Carefully edit and proofread your post.
16. Share your Google Doc including editing capabilities with and send the image URL’s to this email address.

After Submission

We will review your post and if accepted, we will make necessary edits and it will be scheduled for publishing.
We will notify you by email on approval with a publish date, so you will know in advance when it’s coming out. You can then share it and be active in the comment area.
Be prepared to respond to comments.
If we do not publish it on Serve No Master, you are free to post it elsewhere.
We look forward to sharing your posts with the Serve No Master Community and Facebook group Author and Entrepreneur Accelerator at ->