Funnel Mates Bonuses and Review 2021

Generating leads can be hard when you’re starting from zero. When you eventually build a list, it can be hard to convert leads into sales. What if I were to tell you that Funnel Mates Bonuses and Review is the solution to this constant struggle of substantiating your online presence?

The Funnel Mates marketing tool is here and its mission is to prevent people from giving up on their online journeys. I will tell you all you need to know about the Funnel Mates software,the SNM Funnel Mates review, so get ready to funnel your way to online success.

What is Funnel Mates?

Funnel Mates is a SaaS (software as a service) created by Cindy Donovan. It’s completely cloud-based. Funnel Mates software is currently the only system with this level of automation. Every step you need to take towards building a profitable funnel is completely automated. 

Funnel Mates software is one of the friendliest software for beginners I’ve seen so far. You basically have every step drawn out for you. With everything revolving around funnels, you’ll learn every little detail about building a successful funnel fast.

Funnel Mates software is also described as a powerful video marketing tool. Since the video format is our favorite information consumption method, Funnel Mates software will help you with your branding or with pushing your video content while making it stand out from the masses.

Winners use funnels, and Funnel Mates software is your net for capturing leads. Use this tool to build your list, or expand it because Funnel Mates software is the perfect solution for people that are just starting out, for people that just want to grow, and for the people in between.

The Funnel Mates marketing tool has many features that I’ll thoroughly explain later on in my Funnel Mates review 2021.

Funnel Mates Creator – Cindy Donovan

Cindy Donovan created Funnel Mates software with the help of her partners Gary Alach and Kim Torrefranca.

Cindy Donovan started her online journey by accident. Cyndy’s career plan was to be a primary school teacher. Around that time, she got diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent multiple surgeries. While she was going through chemotherapy, she decided to make the best out of her downtime and created her own website.

Cindy knew nothing about businesses, let alone online businesses, but she started learning by force and with the help of the internet, she became an entrepreneur and a successful one at that.

Since then, Cindy’s been a full-time online marketer, it’s over 14 years now! Her innovative tools have helped entrepreneurs everywhere. And as expected, Cindy made the Funnel Mates software to save the day once again!

Now that you know who works hard to make your life easier is, let’s proceed to my Funnel Mates review.

Funnel Mates Review- Main Features

Funnel Mates software is rich in features as there are so many. I’ll cover the features but in this Funnel Mates review, we’ll prattle more about the main features that make the Funnel Mates marketing tool such a success.

Let’s go through this segment of the Funnel Mates review feature by feature: 

  • Beginner-friendly 27-second activation (No editing!)

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s legit. Since there’s no code, no designing or configuration you can get your Funnel Mates software account set up in less than 30 seconds.

  •  High converting landing pages with targeted lead magnets that pull in subscribers like crazy!

You’ll go through a huge collection of squeeze pages. This collection is constantly and rapidly growing, and every page is a winner.

These squeeze pages are what you need to achieve conversions, and they all come with a created lead magnet. You can offer reports, software free trials, consultations, guides, membership giveaways, webinar invitations, you can offer anything you think someone could benefit from.

Funnel Mates hosts these pages and they will provide you with a link you can share to get subscribers.

  • Fully integrated funnel that places your links to sales offers on pages

When someone subscribes to receive the lead magnet, they will go through a funnel that contains all the pages you need. The thank-you page, confirmation page, and download page.

These pages are professionally optimized with integrated ads that will send traffic to your affiliate links.

  • No setup needed, with everything hosted for you at no extra cost

No installation because the Funnel Mates software is entirely cloud-based. Everything you need to get started right away is in your member’s area.

Funnel Mates marketing tool hosts all of your pages and runs the autoresponder follow-up system for you at no additional cost.

  • Hosted email software and (optional) autoresponder integration

The subscribers you’ll gain are all added to a list created by Funnel Mates which will also deliver pre-written emails on autopilot.

If you want your subscribers on your own email sequence, you can choose to connect to any of many autoresponder integrations and choose a list for your subscribers to be added on.

You have a variety of autoresponder integration at your disposal, such as MailChimp, Zapier, Drip, AWeber, GetResponse, Sendlane, and ConvertKit.

  • Unlimited subscribers

With the Funnel Mates software growing your list is going to be quicker than you can say “I filled my subscriber list”. But the substantial part is, you don’t have to worry about going over your subscriber count and then having to pay extra for a bigger list. This is because Funnel Mates gives you a no subscriber limit.

Your subscriber list can grow as much as you want and that is what will establish your online presence and help you make crazy amounts of sales.

  • Unlimited professionally written follow up emails

Every subscriber is tagged to your affiliate ID forever and ever and will receive professionally written follow up emails that will include your affiliate link so you can get your commission anytime they decide to buy a product or a launch that’s promoted in the follow up emails.

  1. Automatically included email promotions for offers on multiple popular affiliate networks

When you make a sale, it will go straight to your account. 

Funnel Mates software integrates with some of the most popular affiliate choices such as JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon, WarriorPlus, Shopify, ThriveCart, PayKickstart, and many more.

  • 1-click automatically customized traffic toolkit

Every funnel you unlock has an affiliate toolkit with which you can just copy and paste content.

  • 100’s of niches and funnels by request

Funnel Mates software covers all types of niches and product types. Still, if you can’t find a funnel that suits your needs, you can fill out a funnel request in your member area.

Although, this is highly unlikely, as the niche coverage is truly thorough. It goes from cooking to event booking and all around.

 You can also create a funnel of your own and sell it within the platform, but more on that later.

  • Add your own scripts

You don’t have to do any page editing because of the Funnel Mates script integration that allows you to paste your code. You can add a messenger bot, re-targeting pixels, and more.

  • Use your own domain name

Your funnel can have a default Funnel Mates link, a shortened version of the link or a name of your own choosing. You can choose 5 unique domain names and add that lovely touch to your brand.

  • Click tracking and statistics

Every funnel you choose comes with a tracking system. Add a keyword at the end of your funnel link and discover your views, added emails, and conversions for every traffic source you have.

  • Peer-reviewed rating system

Funnel Mates has an internal rating system, this means that every member can share their experience and rate funnels as they go. This will help you find a perfect funnel for your needs much faster.

  • Mac, PC, and mobile-friendly

You can set up your Funnel Mates account from anywhere. Once you gain access to your member dashboard, you can start your Funnel Mates journey from any device that has an internet connection.

  • GDPR (general data protection regulation) compliant

Everything you need is in your member area, there’s no configuring anything, Funnel Mates hosts all of your pages and runs the autoresponder follow-up system.

Since we’ve covered the Funnel Mates software features in my Funnel Mates review, let me share the features I find to be pure gold.



The unlimited subscriber feature

This feature is very liberating because you’re just starting out and building an audience seems like a long process. But everything is so intertwined that your list grows no matter what you do.

Wide variety of niches and funnel requests

This feature is done top-notch as there are so many niches to choose from. There are so many funnel designs and it’s quite handy to have so many options. The thing that’s even better is that the niche collection constantly grows and there are more and more funnels to choose from.

And even if you don’t find a funnel that can do the trick for you, you can request it and it will be made in no time. Funnel Mates have got you covered either way.

The peer rating system

This is the best feature if you ask me because you don’t have to wander around through one endless funnel collection. People that use the Funnel Mates software rate funnels so you can actually have some kind of opinion and preference between all these funnels out there.

Funnel Mates members not only rate funnels but also create them as well, so maybe you stumble upon a perfect funnel from one designer, and end up using his funnels from that moment on.

Funnel Mates Review – Price

Let’s go through the pricing segment of the Funnel Mates review 2021. These are the Funnel Mates launch prices:

  1. Funnel Mates Access – $33.97
  2. Funnel Mates Deluxe – $46.95

The Funnel Mates Access gives you:

  • $10 FunnelMates spending money – you use this money to activate the funnels of your choice, of course, some funnels are free
  • Hosting and installation included
  • Complete funnel automation
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Full access to the Funnel Mates easy drag-and-drop funnel builder
  • Cloud-hosted, nothing to install
  • Step-by-step video training library
  • PC/MAC and iPhone/Android compatible

The Funnel Mates Deluxe gives you:

  • All features of the Funnel Mates Access + $10 of spending money ($20 total)
  • Bonus #1: VIP’s add on
  • Bonus #2: Limitless emails add on

Also, if you order the deluxe version of the Funnel Mates software now, you’ll get not $20 but $30 of spending money!

One key thing is that these prices for the Funnel Mates software are temporary, as they are launch prices. This is the best deal you’ll get because the prices will grow gradually after the launch.

And I can only imagine your curiosity about the bonuses that were mentioned, we’ll get to them in the Funnel Mates review and bonuses section.

There are 3 more one time options:

        1. One time option 1 – Platinum

The platinum option costs $27 per month, $297 per year or $997 as a one-time payment.

The platinum option gives you $30 credits that you can use to buy marketplace items, these credits expire each month, so don’t try collecting them.

This option gives you the ability to:

  • Create and publish an unlimited number of funnels (previously 3 funnels per month)
  • Activate as many free funnels from the marketplace (previously 2 free funnels per month)
  • Sell any kind of offer in your funnels. You can make Shopify, SamCart, Kartra, and ThriveCart funnels, MLM (multilevel marketing) funnels, funnels for coaches, funnels for offline businesses, and funnels for whatever the heck you’d like!
  • Create and publish premium Whitelabel funnels (sell the ownership of your funnel with all editing and publishing permissions to the new owner)
  • Clone your funnel so you can create and publish more funnels faster

        2. One-time option 2 – Source code bundle

The source code bundle costs $97. And with it you’ll get:

  • A collection of over 140+ done-for-you lead capture funnels with giveaway reports, landing and download pages, graphics, and follow up email sequences for each
  • You get word documents/PSD files for each funnel
  • Two new added for each month

Pay once and get access to the massive collection that constantly grows. This option is perfect for people that create Funnel Mates funnels for their own use and for people that sell their funnels.

          3. One-time option 3 – Agency license

The agency license option costs $67. This option allows members to create unlimited Funnel Mates accounts and transfer funnels to their clients. This is not a reseller account though, this account contains all the frontend features but will not give you any marketplace credits.

The bonus of this option is the fact that any affiliate links in the member’s area of new accounts you’ve created will contain your affiliate links so you can earn commissions on hundreds of affiliate offers by giving the Funnel Mates accounts.

Funnel Mates accounts can’t be given away for free, but they can be bundled with an offer of $47+ or they can be added as a bonus for a product with the sale price of $97+.

Funnel Mates Review (How to use it)

There are 3 easy steps to profit with the help of Funnel Mates software, let’s go through them in the Funnel Mates review.

  • Connect

Add your affiliate network of choice (JVZoo, ClickBank…) and your PayPal to your account settings. These networks are all free, and if you never used any of them before, you’ll get a walkthrough of the setup.

  • Select

Use the spending money Funnel Mates gives you to unlock your funnels. When you unlock your funnel, everything is instantly activated, branded, written, and set for taking off.

  • Profit

Every funnel contains a customized traffic toolkit. Activate your traffic toolkit and add leads to your fully automated email sequences.

Now, all this sounds pretty easy, and honestly, it is, but let’s deep dive into the core of the Funnel Mates software and this Funnel Mates review – the funnel builder!

Cloud-hosted funnel templates

You can choose the funnel type to capture leads (standard, video, webinar, quiz, review, or social) and choose the template for any of those types. Funnel Mates software automatically creates the landing thank-you, confirmation, and download pages you can customize to infinity and beyond.

  • Classic lead magnet funnels

These are the traditional style funnels where you give away a stimulus automatically deliver the offer with relevant affiliate promotions.

  • Video lead funnels

Embed your engaging video to catch the attention of your audience.

  • Webinar lead funnels

Use Funnel Mates’ webinar integrations to let affiliates promote your webinar and build up your list.

  • Review lead funnels

You can review products and link directly to the offer and let people subscribe to your list.

  • Quiz lead funnels

Skyrocket your website visitors with a quiz landing page funnel, where your visitors will opt-in to get their quiz results.

  • Social lead funnels

Create lead capturing pages for pure gold content that you can share.

  • Click and edit, drag and drop

Within the Funnel Mates funnel builder, you can add headlines, bullet points, videos, maps, icons, testimonial blocks, images, countdown timers, HTML blocks, slideshows, and much more.

Everything can be added from one drop-down menu. Customize funnels you’ve already activated, add or remove objects to your desire. Start with a blank template and create your own funnel from zero. The choice is yours and the builder is super easy to use.

  • Animate your elements

Animate certain objects on your page to catch the attention of your audience. You can be mysterious with fading in, out, left, or right. You can slide up, down, in, or out.

You can zoom, bounce, rotate, spin, shake, pulse, flash certain text, images, videos, or CTA buttons, hell maybe your page can do the macarena, or you’d probably want to go with something more professional.

  • Affiliate network integrations

You can choose an offer from any of Funnel Mates’ partner networks and the links will be coded so that when someone purchases your funnel you get their affiliate links added. Add a product, affiliate or not, Funnel Mates review will show you that the software will turn that into an affiliate link and the link of the members that activate your funnel will be added to the emails.

  • Done-for-you email sequence templates

Use the Funnel Mates email builder that has a collection of email templates for any approach you want to achieve.

  • Easy link management 

Within the Funnel Mates software, you’ll have access to the management dashboard where you can set up and download your affiliate links. If you want to make changes and update your links Funnel Mates will make the necessary changes on all of your pages and emails.

  • Funnel request board

Drop a funnel request in the members’ area. All Funnel Mates members can suggest niches and offer lead magnet giveaways for funnels they know someone will buy!

  • Buyers with money to burn

Within the Funnel Mates review, you’ll see that in the Funnel Mates community you have demands for some funnels, so if funnel building is something you’re good at and something you enjoy, make what people are asking for and earn money!

  • Connect with your buyers

You have the link to every person that activated your funnel within your sales history. You can connect with your buyers within the Funnel Mates software, you can message them in the chat groups, you can add them as friends, you can create a bond and provide them with more funnels and new funnel updates.

  • Get paid subscribers

You can sell your funnel to other members, or you can offer your funnel to them for free in exchange for them sharing their leads with you. Connect your autoresponder, offer the funnel for free, any leads your funnel activator captures will be automatically added to your own.

  • Set and forget leads and sales 

Every funnel you build and offer to give or sell will be displayed on your profile. This is great because people that liked your funnels can see what else you’ve got in stored.

Funnel Mates Review

Funnel Mates Bonuses 

Finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for, the Funnel Mates review and bonuses 2021!

VIP’s dashboard

Viral Intensifier Profits System – this bonus item can only be unlocked in your account during the Funnel Mates software launch. When you activate this bonus, you’ll get access to a hidden page full of secret techniques to add your affiliate links on hundreds of links inside the Funnel Mates dashboard.

When people buy Funnel Mates using your VIP link, all of their product recommendations, funnel previews, and promotional links will contain your affiliate links. This bonus will be available for anyone you bring to the Funnel Mates community.

Limitless emails

When the funnels are unlocked, you can activate the Funnel Mates Bonuses done-for-you list management services. When you activate this service, the Funnel Mates Bonuses system will automatically segment your list according to the interest areas.

Funnel Mates Bonuses shows that the software will send emails 2 or 3 times a week for high-converting offers, upcoming launches, etc. They will review products for you, create bonuses for your customers and create emails that convert.

And last but not least, the affiliate mastery bonus, 6 weeks of live training series begins on the 10th of June! Learn everything there is about affiliate marketing and how to successfully start making money as an affiliate.

The Funnel Mates review and bonuses section is done, so better hurry to get your bonuses.

Sincere Funnel Mates Bonuses (Pros & Cons)

Get ready for the pros and cons segment of my Funnel Mates Bonuses.


  • Software that’s super easy to use
  • Software that’s highly automated so you barely have to do a thing
  • Learn how to create funnels for your own use
  • Create funnels that are high in demand and sell them within the platform
  • Training on affiliate marketing, funnels and everything you need to know to make a profit no matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in the business area
  • Massive niche funnel collection in which you’ll find what you need for sure, but if you don’t you can submit a funnel request
  • Unlimited subscribers generated fast
  • You can customize your domain
  • Funnel Mates software is accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Get lost in the sea of features the Funnel Mates software provides
  • The Funnel Mates software is affordable with several pricing plans
  • No skills required whatsoever
  • You can make passive, or active income, it depends on you
  • Review funnels inside the Funnel Mates Bonuses community and gets your funnels reviewed. Contribute to the quality of the funnels and the community.
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


This is truly great software, and the only thing I can imagine being “not as good” is the comprehension of funnels and profiting with them for absolute beginners. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but that isn’t really a con, especially because Funnel Mates Bonuses provides the necessary training.

Who Benefits from Funnel Mates Software?

I think the shortest answer to this question is – everybody running any kind of business.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, you need funnels to generate an audience and gain recognition.

If you’re in an idle business, you still need funnels to capture more leads and give some valuable offers to gain trust and get some sales.

If you’re running a business for years now and you’re doing okay but you want to scale more, funnels are your way to expansion!

Also, why not learn how to build funnels rather than paying someone to do it? I guarantee it, with Funnel Mates Bonuses you can master the art of funnel making!

If you’re not even in the online business, or you don’t even have a business of your own and don’t intend to, you can still invest in Funnel Mates Bonuses as a profitable side gig. If you always wanted to find something you can do from home for a few hours after work, why not try creating funnels?

From musicians to eCommerce sellers, from bloggers to teachers; the range is wide, and the benefits enormous.



Funnel Mates Bonuses 2021 (Why To Buy It?)


Funnel Mates software can do you good in more than one way. I wrote this Funnel Mates Bonuses to share this amazing opportunity with you.

Every business needs a funnel. That’s just a fact. Yes, you can do without it, but not as good and probably not for long.

Build your list so you can have more potential buyers and that equals more potential sales, and that’s what we all want.

You can save money with the Funnel Mates Bonuses marketing tool by learning how to create your own funnels instead of paying someone to do it over and over again.

If you get good at creating funnels you can make money by selling them within the platform. Better yet, with funnel requests, you’ll always know what is high in demand, so you can build it, sell it, profit. Or offer it for free in exchange for additional traffic.

If you have a business and you start creating the funnels for it on your own, you can make yourself a sweet side hustle with the Funnel Mates software, create funnels in your spare time and sell them for passive income. Even if you don’t have a business, you can give this a try.

Make an audience of raving fans with the Funnel Mates’ funnels!

Funnel Mates Bonuses – FAQs

It’s time for the FAQ section of the Funnel Mates review, si let’s see what confuses you and sort it all out.

What do they mean when they say they pay you to use Funnel Mates software? 

Well, there are 2 parts to this. The first one being that you get Funnel Mates Bonuses spending money when you purchase the Funnel Mates software.

This is $10, $20, or $30 (depending on when you join and what version of Funnel Mates software you purchase) you can spend on unlocking funnels to use and customize.

The second part is the fact that if you start creating and selling funnels within the Funnel Mates platform, you’ll get money when someone activates your funnel.

Are the funnels free to use?

There are some funnels you can use for free and some that you can use for free by giving your leads to the creator of the funnel of your choosing.

How many funnels can I buy with the spending money? 

It all depends, there are free funnels, most of the nonfree funnels cost from $1-$5. And there are expensive ones, depends on what you’re looking for at the moment. But when you’re just starting out with Funnel Mates Bonuses your spending money will cover you just fine.

Can I join this with no marketing background? 

 Of course, there’s no background needed, no skills, nothing. The Funnel Mates software is beginner-friendly and really starts at zero, including the training you’ll receive.

What happens when I run out of spending money?

You can create a funnel in the drag-and-drop funnel builder, you can activate some of the free funnels (maximum 2 per month), spend the money you’ve earned from your funnel sales, or simply buy more Funnel Mates Bonuses cash in your member’s area.

What if I purchase this and realize it’s not for me?

Don’t worry you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you don’t see the Funnel Mates software working for you, contact the support team within 30 days and they refund you – no questions asked.

How do I get paid when someone activates a funnel I built?

You have your PayPal connected to your Funnel Mates Bonuses so as soon as someone purchases a funnel that you’ve made, Funnel Mates Bonuses sends you the money to your account (with a less than 20% processing fee).

SNM Funnel Mates Bonuses

Get ready for some action, because here is the Funnel Mates review and bonuses section again, but this time I offer the good stuff!

Bonus 1: Client Management Secrets (Value $1,997)

With ten years of high ticket client management under my belt, I know a thing or two about how things can go back when you make a mistake during the negotiation phase.

Avoid the mistakes that can kill your relationships and cost you thousands of dollars in addition to headaches. Open the door to scaling your business the right way and minimize the time you spend on the phone with your existing clients.

Bonus 2:  Money-Making Ads Swipe File ( Value $2,997)

Ads are the best way to introduce cold traffic to your business… but it’s not that easy to get their attention.

Browse through this killer swipe file of successful Facebook and Instagram ads to model your copy from and get a glimpse of what tricks and strategies catch your prospect’s attention AND get the click.

Bonus 3: Secret Vendor Blackbook (Value $1,997)

Offer other services to your new clients and maximize your profits with no extra work. Use our Blackbook of vetted vendors to offer social media, web design, SEO services, and more to your new clients.

These are Whitelabel services you can resell for three to four times what they cost you to deliver, with no extra effort.

Bonus 4: My Secret Niche Tools (Value $197 )

Finding the right niches to target is critical and finding the best offers isn’t easy when you are just starting out.

I’ll show you my top ten tools and resources for finding killer offers and maximizing your revenue. While ClickBank is awesome, it’s these private resources that will really cause your bank account to grow.

Bonus 5: Ultimate Copywriting Swipe File (Value $1,997)

My personal curated field of direct response sales pages from the 1880s through the 1960s. Learn from the ads that worked when you had to ask customers to go to the bank to pick up a cashier’s check before heading to the post office to mail their orders in.

Much harder than getting people to click a button! These sales letter templates will hone your sales pages to razor-sharpness.


We’ve reached the end of my Funnel Mates Bonuses, and as parting words, I want to emphasize how great of an investment this is. Whatever your career may be, funnels can only help you.

Every successful businessperson needs to grow their audience, needs to establish an online presence and trust, needs to market the business well, needs to be in constant contact with all the audience members, and offer golden products or services.

This is what funnels are for, and with Funnel Mates Bonuses almost every segment of making a success is automated so don’t give me excuses like it’s hard, and you’d rather pay someone to make them or not have them at all.

Get your own funnels, skyrocket your business, and your rainy day fund through passive income that Funnel Mates review provides you to have!

The Funnel Mates Bonuses shows that the software has a 30-day money-back guarantee so I advise you to take a bizzaro risk and see that this is easy to learn. And there are many ways you can benefit from the Funnel Mates software as we’ve talked about.


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